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Zack has been my roommate for a while now and although it's not always easy having a straight roommate who's always horny, it's often a feast for the eyes - and hands! This volume captures ''exhibitionist'' Zack jerking it in every room of the house and when I'm not at home he borrows the camera and films himself strokin' it! Zack lets his guard down in a couple scenes and lets me give him a hand job! Hot!! Zack's Marine friend Justin crashes one night and I catch him strokin' it thru a cracked door. when he later finds out what i did he wants to come back and do it again! note: justin's second scene has a 3 second glitch that is from the master tape - apologies!
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Product Scenes

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Helping hand?

Zack wants me to film him jerking off so I set up the camera in the guest room. As he starts watching his favorite porno he wants to make sure the camera's on before he pulls out his cock and starts strokin' it. Zack is pretty noisy when he jerks it, moaning and talking as the screams come from the television. All of a sudden he asks me if I want to help him so I grab his cock and start stroking it hard. In no time Zack's saying ''I'm gonna cum!'' and he spills his load in my hand as I squeeze out every last drop! He cleans up and throws me the towel.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Late night release

Zack comes home late after working on a friend's motorcycle and he's horny. I grab the camera and set it up on the kitchen table as he watches the ''boob'' tube. when he pulls down his pants and his erect cock pops out he lubes it up and starts strokin'. I love the sounds he makes when he's turned on! Soon he says ''I gotta cum so bad! It's unbelievable!'' as he moans and spurts a huge load on the kitchen table. Zack cleans up in the bathroom and heads off to bed.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Jackin' to the hilt(on)

While sitting at my computer, Zack finds the porno movie by that certain hotel heiress and gets right into it, jerkin' his lubed cock to it. He wants to finish off quick but I tell him to hold off and when he's ready to pop he stands and drops his load into his underwear. Zack lets me lick the head a little before he dresses.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Play boy

Zack has been riding his harley all afternoon and when he returns he finds the latest playboy magazine has been delivered. He drops his pants and starts ''reading'' the magazine at the kithen table. Zack lets me get real close while he strokes it and as he moans in pleasure he says ''oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!'' and explodes all over me and the floor!

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Toy story

Zack's girlfriend has been visiting her mother and he hasn't had it in a while. He picks out a porno in the guest room, gets totally naked and begins strokin' his huge cock as I watch off camera. Zack doesn't know it yet but I have a surprise for him! Zack turns around and sees the jelly masturbator sleeve that I'm lubing up so he knods me over and I start jerking him with the slippery sleeve. I can tell he's lovin' it 'cause his cock is so stiff in my hand! In no time zack says ''I'm gonna cum! harder!'' and as I jerk him hard and fast he spurts out a massive load all over my hand.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Cummin' from behind

Zack's back at my computer streaming a new porno by his favorite model. He uses his favorite lube on his cock and starts to stroke it in rhythm. I kneel behind his chair and begin touching his body as he plays and soon I'm taking his cock in my hand and jerking it for him. He drives me wild with the sounds he makes! When zack says ''I feel like I'm gonna cum. I'm trying to make it last but...'' he spills a huge creamy load in my hand and on his chest.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Just in time

I'm awakened by the sounds of moaning so I grab my camera quick and sneek into the living room to find Zack choking his squirrel. I just manage to capture his him busting his nut. ''fucking creamy load!'' he says, and ''it's still cummin'!'' as he squeezes out the last drop.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Home movies

Zack decides to film himself while I'm away from the house. In the first scene is in his bedroom he jerks off to a porno and busts in his hand and in the second scene he's in the bathroom strokin' it to a magazine and busts into the toilet. Zack holds the camera as he films so you get his point-of-view and hear him moaning and talkin' to the camera.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Justin: sneek peek

Zack's friend Justin stops by to visit once in a while and this time he needs a place to crash. Early in the morning I sneek out to the guest room and thru the cracked door I find him jerking off to a porno. This beefy bear works his cock long and hard with both hands and finishes by spilling a big load as he thrashes on the futon. He cleans up and dresses as I scoot away.

Manhandle Media MY ROOMMATE ZACK, ,
Justin: close up

Justin hears from Zack about the hidden camera incident and decides to return to do a another scene for me. He works his fat cock to the porn video as I film him up close and personal, getting every nook and cranny of his hot hairy body. When it comes time for the ''money shot'' though the tape jams and I miss it - but that gives me an excuse to have Justin come back again!

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