About PornTeam.com

“PornTeam.com has raised the bar on amateur porn,”
 - GayInsider.com.

"PornTeam.com is the best thing to happen to amateur porn since the camcorder,"
 -UnZipped Magazine. 

About PornTeam.com
PornTeam.com is a gay owned and operated company with head office in the San Francisco Bay Area. PornTeam.com was founded in February of 2000.  Our vision is to create a boutique-style retail site that brings together the finest collection of Premium Amateur Videos for the discerning customer searching for more than the typical adult video.  With many mega porn sites out there selling thousands of adult videos, usually finding a quality amateur video is like looking for a piece of clean tile on the floor of a dark sex club.  What we have done is basically turned the lights on, mopped the floor, and kicked out those ugly bastards that tend to poke and slobber on others (and not in a good way).

PornTeam.com recently underwent a complete redesign that was several months in the making.  We headed up a team of local and international professional web developers that worked hand in hand to create a site that was beautiful to look at, functional, easy to navigate and that utilized new database technology.  The new PornTeam.com is one of the best video sites on the web with an excellent premium amateur video selection, awesome customer service, ultra-secure shopping cart, discreet shipping, and streaming video for those customers in need of instant gratification.

Are you interested in becoming a producer on PornTeam.com? We may be very interested in selling your video products.  Do you have a website or a listing somewhere that we could take a look at some samples of your work?  Please complete out online Producer Application.  The time it takes after signing the agreement to being on PornTeam.com and making sales depends on a few different things:

  1. Agreement is signed and faxed or express mailed to us in a timely manner

  2. All model releases and photo ID's for all models appearing in the videos you wish us to sell are sent with the masters and clearly labeled with the video name and models stage name. Pursuant to U.S. Code Section 2257 of Title 18. The Model Release Form must be completed in their legally given name. The models will most likely wish to use a stage name to protect their identity. The stage name can be entered on the Model Release Form.

  3. It speeds up time significantly if the producer sends us 5 frame grabs or digital stills of each scene for each video.

  4. It makes us very happy if a description for the video is provided. We do have people on staff that will happily grab a pen and paper, a bottle of lube, some paper towels and head to the back room to crank out a description of your dirty video. But it certainly speeds up the process of adding your videos to the new release list if you provide a brief description of each scene.

Standards For Content:
PornTeam does not distribute products that contain: serious bondage and discipline, sadomasochistic behavior of extreme nature, “water sports” (urinating on oneself or others), “scat” (excretory functions), blood, child pornography, bestiality, underage models, actual incest, stolen or unlicensed content, depictions of rape and other forms of non-consensual erotic behavior.  For more information on our producer Standards For Content visit our producer's area.

PornTeam.com is always looking for amateur models so they can have chance to get into the Adult Modeling Industry. We are currently looking for hot male models for the many different producers we work with plus for our very own productions.

If you are interested in becoming a model visit our MODEL APPLICATION.

Retail Distribution:
PornTeam.com teamed up with serval major national/international retail wholesale/distributors to market a new product line called "PornTeam Presents".  This product line was designed to distribute our producer’s videos into retail stores around the world.  The PornTeam Presents line has been very successful in getting our adult amateur producers videos on the same shelves as the major studio labels, which has dramatically increased our customer base.  If you are a retailer interested in buying the PornTeam Presents line of videos please contact us for more information visit Customer Service

For producers that do not have the equipment or time to complete their own video post-production we offer that service at a very affordable rate.  We offer two different ways to be compensated for our post-production services: Pay In Full or Pay Through Monthly Commission.  We will offer the producer more information about our rates after contact has been made. PornTeam will perform non-linear video editing using professional equipment and software of PornTeam’s choosing.  This will include the digitization of unedited footage, editing, title design, original opening music creation, exporting to DV-Cam, Mini-DV, or S-VHS, and multiple frame grabs of each scene contained on a completed project to be used by PornTeam for marketing purposes.  PornTeam will provide DVD authoring, compression, regionalization, menu design (DVD Mastering).  PornTeam may, at the producer’s request, design box cover for VHS or DVD, and DVD disc artwork. Please contact us for more information visit Customer Service.

Shipping & Privacy Policies, useful information:
We are committed to protecting your privacy online. Please take a moment to review our online Privacy Policies. PornTeam.com Privacy Policy.

We've created a "Policies and Information" section in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our shoppers. PornTeam.com Shipping and Fequently Asked Questions.

Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to. Customer Service