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Cody is 20 years old, 5'6'', and 145lbs of Czech/Italian sex appeal. He was up to Rhode Island from Tennessee to visit family when I saw him pounding the pavement.

  • Manufacturer: Sneek Peek Productions
  • Run Time: 96
  • Audio: Live Sound
  • Director: Vinnie Russo
  • Cast: Cody, Vinnie Russo
  • Year Produced: 2002
  • Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 FULLSCREEN
  • Regional Encoding: None
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Product Scenes

Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #2: CODY, Vinnie Russo, Cody, Vinnie Russo

I pulled right over to the curb and found out he was a straight soon-to-be dad looking to make some money to bring his girlfriend up from the south. I asked him if he wanted to be a porn star and he said "Hell Yes!" In scene 1 you can see Cody is a "grow-er not a show-er", but with his easy going southern attitude it didn't take long to get him growing. I asked him "how do you want me to suck it?" and he replied "you're doin' pretty good." You can tell he likes it long, slow, and deep! He gives up a nice nut.

Vinnie throws a fresh pair of boxers to Cody and has this very handsome straight dude try them on, but they don't last long because Vinnie wants to get Cody's meat in his hands. Cody's cock starts off small but soon it's a nice sized rod that Vinnie is only too happy to suck. Cody's dick continues to grow in Vinnie's talented mouth until he's sporting a good 7" prick and Cody's face is glowing with pleasure right up to the moment when he pumps his load deep into Vinnie's throat.
Later that same afternoon I got Cody to let me suck him again and he was just as hard or harder the second time around.

Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #2: CODY, Vinnie Russo, Cody, Vinnie Russo

Cody is near naked and ready to go as this session starts and Vinnie is just as eager to jump onto Cody's dick. When he's not sucking dick, Vinnie is down licking Cody's balls. Vinnie comments on Cody's sensitive balls and hairy ass crack and asks if he plays with his ass when he jerks off...typically for a str8 guy, Cody shakes his head no. On his second visit Cody's up for a shower and to bust a nut. He's a little more relaxed this time around and he begins to caress my head while I'm blowing him. When he stands up you can see his beautiful bubble butt and prison tattoos. He shoots another "laid back" load on my face.

After a quick shower Cody is relaxed and ready to perform. Vinnie descends upon his cock and works it over good while Cody stares at a video playing off screen and smiles. Cody's hand holds onto Vinnie's head and makes sure he goes all the way down on his cock...like Vinnie would refuse to do that! Vinnie sucks harder and harder until Cody pushes his head away and cum oozes from his slit. After it stops flowing Vinnie is there to lick Cody's cock clean.

Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #2: CODY, Vinnie Russo, Cody, Vinnie Russo

On Cody's third visit I introduce him to a vacuum pump to make his dick rock hard. Watch how he likes to touch my head as I go down on him. I get a little bold and take out my dick while I'm blowing him and he's OK with it! He shoots a nice load on my face and down my throat. Cody left for Tennessee right after this last visit and I don't know if I'll ever run into him again...but I'll bet he remembers getting some of that good old New England hospitality. Vinnie flips the camera's view screen around so Cody can see himself and he gets a kick out of that, then, while Cody is smoking a cigarette, Vinnie introduces him to the pump. Cody's jaw drops wide as the suction builds around his boner, so he must be feeling good. After playing for a while Vinnie goes back to the old fashioned way and sucks Cody's dick. As the session nears the end, Vinnie pops out his own hard on and Cody's eyes go wide. We only see Vinnie's cock briefly, but he must be well equipped to get that reaction from a str8 guy.

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    • Audio
      Live Sound
    • Pay Per View
    • Director
      Vinnie Russo
    • Cast
      Cody, Vinnie Russo
    • Year Produced
    • Shipping Time
      3 to 5 days
    • Aspect Ratio
      4:3 FULLSCREEN
    • Regional Encoding
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      Sneek Peek Productions
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