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Eight of the best & sexiest solo sessions from hot videos of American Male Studios are gathered together in this steamy ‘best of’ tape.
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American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Jake Archer

Jake has wanted to be in a gay porno ever since he knew he liked boys. He shows up for his audition eager to please the directors. Before you know it he has his clothes off and starts showing off his lean and defined body. Jake's long and fat cock is rock hard in seconds. The excitement of being in front of the camera gets Jake so hot he starts rubbing his ass crack, and then slips a finger in his ass. He likes it so much he then shoves in another finger till he can no longer handle it another second. Jakes body starts to jerk, and then he shoots his gushing load of cum all over his legs, stomach and chest.

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Jay Anthony

Jay Anthony is a bit of a hustler with a soft and harsh side. When he turns on the charm, you have no clue if it is real or not. He shows up for his audition wanting to start out in the shower. He slowly gets undressed and shows off his hot, lean and boyish body to the camera. It doesn't take Jay long to start stroking his cock and fondling his ass. After working himself up to a hot frenzy in the shower, he quickly dries off and jumps in the bed to finish what he started in the shower. Jay shows off his very hot thick cock for the camera until he works himself up to spurt out a gushing flow of cum that shoots all over his tight stomach and chest.

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Jake King

Jake King is 23 years old, has a tattoo around his navel, an earring in his right ear and is fondling his rock hard dick through his designer underwear. He is not faking a thing; he is really making love to his own dick, which is a hefty and thick one that is never anything less than fully erect. Sprawled out on his comforter, he jerks, rubs, fondles, fingers and finally shoots a creamy load of hot cum. His asshole is very clean and tight, and when he wets his fingers and inserts them, you will be tempted to let your load go right then and there. But hold on; wait until you've seen him stand up, pull his hard dick through his legs, squishing his balls and try to stick his dick in his own ass. He is dripping with sweat, and you will want to lick it off this boy's body. A good eight spurts of cum pop out to cover him with a manly layer of frosting ready for licking

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Rio Quentin

Rio is a hot, young and hung Brazilian boy. Yet he has an All-American look with freckles, beach boy body and messy hair. His smile will win you over in a second. As soon as the lights and camera go on he is ready to go. He pulls out some porn magazines to get himself in the mood, and then he whips out his fat uncut cock and starts jerking up a fucking storm. Watching the huge hunk of meat between his legs with its foreskin going up and down is a pure torture. Rio gets his nut and sprays his load of cum all over his smooth chest and lightly furred tummy.

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Devon Auston

Devon is a leather stud with a severe look to him thanks to his meticulously trimmed goatee and his chiseled facial features. He gets into the mood as he grunts and moans and bounces all over the bed for your pleasure. Then he decides to pull out a dildo and starts working it into his hot tight ass. Devon gets so into the audition that he starts shoving the dildo deeper into his ass with one hand and pumping his pulsating cock with the other. He cannot hide his intertwined pain and ecstasy, and when he can't take it any longer, he shoots a thick and creamy load of cum all over his stomach.

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Baron Long

Monster Latino cock is up next. This guy has to be close to 10 inches. He's tall, thin, toned and loves to show off. On top of it all, he smiles and lets you know he enjoys stroking his big fat cock for you. He is a cute young Latino boy who is tall and really hung. He knows how to move, and at one point he does a little dance, wiggling his big fat cock in your face. Lying down, standing up, sitting, you get to see his hefty sausage smacked around, stretched and rubbed until finally, as he is lying down on the bed, he milks it for you. A nice juicy load that drips onto his happy trail and tight stomach. He is really into the orgasm and contracts and releases with great power.

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,

The first thing you see in this scene is a gorgeous, well-built young man with a dick to die for. It is simply a very large cock with nice low hanging balls protruding from an athlete's body. One of the most erotic things about this guy is the ways his balls jump and down the entire time he strokes. He has a long sack for them to move around in, so when he contracts, you see the balls moving up and down, even to the point of encircling his enormous, fat shaft. Good-looking, in-shape, hung like a horse…can you ask for anything more? Watch him squeeze and twist his cock in ways you never knew could be done. Even when it is soft it is still two hands full. He gets up from bed and goes into the shower to finish him off. A bit shy about letting us see him squirt his load, he lets it ooze into his hand and rubs it on his dick, mixing with the warm water.

American Male Studios AMERICAN MADE VOL. 1, ,
Sgt Carl

This hot young Army boy gets off on showing off. He shows up for his shoot eager to “be all that he can be.” His cock resembles a rocket in seconds. Sgt Carl is so turned on by his chance to be on film that he lets loose of any inhibitions and starts rubbing his ass crack harder and harder until he finally pulls out a dildo and starts ramming it hard into is smooth tight hole. He enjoys the penetration and wiggles his ass to let the fake cock in as far as it can go. Sgt Carl’s body starts to jerk in uncontrollable pleasure, and then he shoots his gushing load of cum all over his rugged and substantial torso and legs.

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