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Four hot scenes with young, and smooth guys strokin’ their cocks fuckin’ ass and makin’ each other squirt!
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American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
After Hours at Home

After an afternoon of cruising at the local hot spot, Julio scores and picks up a hot blond boy named Cory. Julio takes Cory back to his place, and as soon as they walk in the door, Cory is all over him.. A hot make out session ensues with both boys stripping each other down. When Cory notices how huge Julio's cock is, he goes right to work on it, swallowing every inch of this monstrous 9-inch uncut cock. Julio stands Cory up and starts sucking on his cock when Cory gets into it big time and grabs the back of Julio's head and starts fucking Julio's face hard and deep. Julio then lays back and pulls Cory on top of him into a very hot 69 with both men moaning, groaning and taking each other's cocks deep into their throats. Julio is so turned on by the hot 69 that he sits up and pulls Cory on top of his 9-inch throbbing cock. Cory has a hard time taking it at first, but soon he is bouncing up and down on it like a pro, taking every inch of it deep in his cock-hungry ass. Julio then puts his butt boy on his hands and knees and continues to pound Cory like there is no tomorrow. So turned on by the pounding he is getting, Cory screams out, "Oh Fuck I&Mac226;m going to cum" and before your very eyes this hot blonde boy erupts with a hot load without even touching himself. Cory grabs his cock, and the touch gets him to cum a second time, and this load is bigger and thicker than the first one. Julio lays back to finish himself off when the scent of Cory's juices gets him to the point of no return, Julio's body then begins to spasm, and a hot creamy load comes shooting out of his huge uncut cock.

American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
Dance floor Pounding

Wes Roberts can't take his eyes off of Tully. He lusts after him and wants to suck his dick and get fucked by him. When Tully catches Wes checking him out as he is cleaning up at the bar where they both work, he decided to give Wes what he wants. Wes is down on his knees with Tully's fat cock in his mouth in two seconds. Tully then directs Wes to do whatever he wants, and Wes is more than happy to oblige. Suck that dick "lick those balls" as corny as those lines sound, to Wes they are sheer poetry! When the two sixty nine, Wes gets Tully's ample sack full of nuts on his face. After sucking cock in several positions, the two get down to anal sex. Wes has a little trouble getting Tully's fat cock up his tight hole, but nothing is going to stop him. And nothing does. He works it in and wiggles his ass like a pro until Tully is firm and erect inside of him. Tully gets up and pounds his little Latin luster's ass with meaning. Wes pops out his load of cum first while Tully jerks off standing over him. Just the touch of Tully's hand on his chest is enough to get Wes's juices shooting. Then Tully squeezes out a healthy helping of man juice on Wes's chest and pounds his still thick and hard cock all over Wes's chest, rubbing cum all over.

American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
Closing Time at the Bar

Wasting no time after the bar closes, Fernando Montoya locks the doors and goes right for Christian Cox, saying, "Now we can get busy" and boy do they! The clothes come off fast, and before you know it Christian has a big fat uncut Latino cock in his mouth and is taking it like a champ! Fernando quickly puts him on his side so he can get a taste of the white dude's cock. Fernando gets hot and bothered so much that he wants a piece of that boy butt and shoves his fat uncut cock in as deep as he can get it into Cox's ass. The butt banging goes on for quite a while, and the two decide they would rather go someplace more comfortable and continue. Fernando takes Christian back to his friend's place where they continue their fuck fest. Fernando says his friend is not there and they can use his apartment, but the friend is none other than Tully, and guess who peeks around the corner as Christian has a fat Latino cock down his throat? Yep, there stands Tully watching the action and stroking his cock. Fernando liked the hot ass so much that he pops his load first. To keep the excitement going, Fernando starts some hot dildo action on boy toy Christian, who gets jack hammered by a huge monstrous dildo. Fernando then explodes his load all over Christian's stomach and chest like a cannon. Once he feels the load hitting him, Christian's body begins to tremble, and he erupts with a huge creamy load of cum squirting all over his tight stomach.

American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
American Male Studios LATIN LUST, ,
Tully beats his pud

No sooner does the door slam shut and Tully is ripping off his clothes and jerking his dick in his room. In his mind, Tully relives what he saw outside his room. As he thinks of first a dick and then a dildo penetrating the ass of the cute young boy he just saw, he begins stroking harder. He feels his well-defined masculine chest, arms and stomach with one hand as he manhandles his cock with the other. He pours a good helping of lube on his dick and shakes his raging hard cock back and forth, then pushes it down and rubs it all around. While lying on his back with his eyes closed and thinking of Fernando's big fat uncut cock, Tully pumps and pumps his large cock until it gives up a healthy, rich, thick and juicy load.

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