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When these guy get all hot and bothered they know exactly what to do to let off their steam and relax!
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American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
Latin Lust

After an afternoon of cruising at the local hot spot, Julio scores and picks up a hot blond boy named Clint. Julio takes Clint back to his place, and as soon as they walk in the door, Clint is all over Julio. A hot make out session ensues with both boys stripping each other down. When Clint notices how huge Julio 's cock is he goes right to work on it, swallowing every inch of this monstrous 9-inch uncut cock. Julio stands Clint up and starts sucking on his cock when Clint gets into it a little too much and grabs the back of Julio 's head and starts fucking Julio's face hard and deep. Julio then lays back and pulls Clint on top of him into a very hot 69 with both men moaning, groaning and taking each other's cocks deep into their throats. Julio, so turned on by the hot 69, sits up and pulls Clint on top of his 9-inch throbbing cock. Clint has a hard time taking it at first, but soon he is bouncing up and down on it like a pro, taking every inch of it deep in his cock-hungry ass. Julio then puts his butt boy on his hands and knees and continues to pound Clint like there is no tomorrow. So turned on by the pounding he is getting Clint screams out, "I'm going to cum" and before your very eyes this hot blonde boy erupts with a hot load without even touching himself. Clint grabs his cock, and all of a sudden he starts to cum again, and this load is bigger and thicker than the first one. Julio lays back to finish himself off when the scent of Clint's juices gets him to the point of no return, Julio 's body then begins to spasm and his hot creamy load comes shooting out of his huge uncut cock.

American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
Suck Me, Fuck Me Raw, Cum All Over Me #2

Andrew is 18 and Fernando is 21. They are lovers. When you see them together you know they are lovers. The scene begins with these two lovers making out in a pool room. The deep kisses and passionate touching are not directed. When the underwear comes off the dicks are already hard from the passionate foreplay. Andrew is extremely cute, light skinned and young with a fairly long cock. Fernando is darker, in very good shape and sports a thick uncut cock. Each of these guys pleasures the other in many ways. First, Fernando kneels as Andrew sits on the edge of the pool table and sucks his dick. Then the two switch…and as good as Fernando sucked Andrew, Andrew makes Fernando's eyes roll back in his head immediately. Close ups of Andrew working on Fernando's fat cock show that he is well rehearsed in the art of sucking dick. The two then mount the pool table and Fernando goes to work on Andrew, playing with his balls as he tongues his mouth and fingers his ass. The two suck away passionately in a 69 position for a while before they fuck. Andrew is on his back as Fernando shoves his fat, raw cock into Andrew's aroused hole. As big as Fernando's dick is, Andrew apparently enjoys it and wants more and more. Fernando jerks Andrew as he pounds his ass hard, and then Andrew sits on Fernando's fat cock so he can control the penetration. When Andrew leans backward to slide the cock up his ass further, his boner is pointing straight up to the ceiling. Then Fernando wants his lover to really feel a hard cock, so he pounds Andrew doggie style with a mean thrusting, and Andrew is out of control with pleasure. Fernando then puts Andrew on his back and sits on his naked dick, rubbing it with his ass ferociously. How Andrew can keep his ungloved cock from exploding is a wonder, and without warning he lets out a gushing load all over his stomach. Fernando wants that freshly milked cock up his ass, so he plunges it back in and strokes himself until a healthy load spurts all over Andrew. The camera fades as the two lay next to each other as they savor their extraordinary sexual encounter.

American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
American Made #2

This 25-year old army stud is all man. Attractive as hell, well-built with a deep masculine voice and carrying a fat whopper in his pants, Scott obliges the interviewer and shows us what an army guy look like…naked and hard as a rock. He strips down to his jock strap and shows off his fat tool, First he pulls it out of the jock sideways, then pulls the jock under his balls and rubs the shaft of his dick as it point to the ceiling. Scott like the feeling of a cock strap snuggled around his balls and dick. He likes the way it feels during orgasm. A bit reluctant to spread his cheeks and show us his asshole, he does turn around on his knees and poke his dick through…then humps the bench so we can see his dick and balls rubbing against the fabric. There’s no doubt what this cock would feel like sliding in and out of an ass! He does lift up and the camera get in underneath so you can see the head of his shaft rub against the fabric Here you get a very clear and tempting close up of Scott’s gorgeous cock. He plays with his precum a bit, and you can sense he is getting really worked up. To make the cum shot enjoyable Scott lets us know with his sounds when he gets close, and by the time he shoots he is screaming FUCK YEAH over and over until his thick creamy load pops out. It is so thick that a nice big bead of it remains right in the tip of his dick until he squeezes every last drop out of it.

American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
American Made #2

Corporal Keys is filmed at home. He wakes up to the camera and wastes no time at all showing us his goods. The covers come down and he is stroking his military man meat in an instant. Oh, those morning woodies are terrific! As he stroked you notice how thick the head of his cock is. His shaft is really wide, and an even fatter head makes it a pleasure to behold! On his knees, on his back, sitting or in any position, this guy’s dick is eternally hard. And he is not afraid to show his ass at all. He gladly sticks it in your face, pulls his cheeks back for you to get inside and fingers his hole like a man. On his back, legs in the air, Corporal Keys breathes deep as he fingers his hole with his long fingers. When he pounds his cock onto his tight stomach you realize just how ample his cock really is…imagine the fattest sausage you’ve seen slamming on a table and thudding with force. His load of cum is quite impressive. When he is done, there is hardly a space from his neck to his crotch that isn’t covered in cum. After seeing it again in slow motion we get to see him rub the love juices all over before he enters the shower (and he needs one after all that cum). Watching a nice, slender and toned body rinse off is not a bad way to end!

American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
My Birthday Present

Devon's phone rings and he gets an assignment. He is to be Michael's birthday present. Devon jots down the address and dons his uniform--a leather harness and pants with arm bands as accents, then heads out to make Michael's birthday a happy one. Devon arrives and he and Michael are immediately hot for each other. They kiss and neck in a rough sort of way before their clothes start to fall away. Devon begins by attacking Michael's brief-covered cock then stuffs his own cock down Michael's throat. Michael drives Devon crazy by rimming his ass and then Devon returns the favor. Now it's time for Michael to claim his present. He slips a rubber onto his uncut cock, lubes it up and slides it home into Devon's ass. Devon gets fucks hard by the birthday boy then they separate and jerk themselves to powerful, noisy, thrashing orgasms.

American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
Military Twinks 3

Tim Reynolds arrives home from his motorcycle ride, jumps into the pool, finds a strange note telling him his dreams are about to come true…and before you know it there are two other hot and hung young studs next to him ready for action. This three-way of cute twinkies features Tim Reynolds, a very cute dark haired spunk; Bret Nielson, a blonde/blue All-American type with a slim body and fat cock; and Julio Lopez. a nicely toned Latino with a monster dick. Tim is the bottom, and he enjoys the hell out of the two guys fucking his ass with their big cocks. He loves to suck one while the other goes up his hole, and he is insatiable as the two take turns pounding Tim's ass over and over. Bret is absolutely gorgeous when he sucks cock. His cute All-American boy next door face sucking cock is erotic as hell. When his dick is really hard it looks like an iron pipe that could bruise your face easily. There is plenty of sucking and fucking going on here, and the three are so comfortable with each other that their sex is not only fun to watch; it is also fresh, hot and exciting. All three have generous cum shots, but the two boys with the big dicks have extra thick and creamy loads.

American Male Studios HOT & BOTHERED, ,
Meat Beaters

Zack Sexton is 27 years old. He is not faking a thing; he is really making love to his own dick, which is a hefty and thick one that is never anything less than fully erect. Sprawled out on his comforter, he jerks, rubs, fondles, fingers and finally shoots a creamy load of hot cum. His asshole is very clean and tight, and when he wets his fingers and inserts them, you will be tempted to let your load go right then and there so he shoots his for you, But hold on; on load isn't enough for him so he starts to pull his hard dick through his legs, squishing his balls and try to stick his dick in his own ass. He is dripping with sweat, and you will want to lick it off this boy's body. He then starts to finger fuck himself till he erupts with an even bigger load of cum A good 5 spurts of cum pop out to cover him with a manly layer of frosting ready for licking.

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