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Southern Strokers are sweet, fresh, and innocent-looking. You know the type: the guy next door. Adam Strong, Justin Stone, Chris Summers, Zack Love, Aiden Ward, Xavier Ryan, Timber Harvest, and Justin Cross definitely fit the mold. Goodness knows they look innocent but they’re anything but. They’re sex freaks of the highest order, eager and very willing to get off. But most importantly, their filthy in their lust for raw cock, tight hole and their quest for spooge. Southern Strokers are…Filthy Innocents!
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Product Scenes

Scene 1 - Adam Strong and Justin Stone

Adam Strong is playing a game of basketball with his buddies when he blocks a throw that lands the ball WAY out of bounds and onto someone's private patio. Luckily, Justin Stone is there to pick-up the ball when it stops rolling. Adam, who wants his ball, jumps the fence and what follows is perhaps one of the most awkwardly endearing moments between twinks. You can just hear them wondering, OMG, does he like me? Justin invites Adam to come inside and the two no longer have to wonder because they are instantly on each other, heavy into kissing and touching and making out. Turns out Justin is a major cock sucker and, while servicing Adam, gets his hole finger fucked by the handsome newcomer. Before long, Justin straddles Adam and rides him raw before getting on all fours. Adam fucks Justin bareback, eventually flipping the slender twink onto his back and pounding away until they both unload some of that fresh, creamy stuff. So...do you want to play a game?

Scene 2 - Chris Summers and Zack Love

While dark-haired Chris Summers is out for a run, Zack Love is at home playing a video game. Chris returns, eager for some skin-to-skin contact but Zack is way too into gaming to fall prey to his boyfriend's charms. But Chris is tenacious, if nothing else, and Zack eventually caves, taking great delight in the ass rimming Chris gives him. The handsome fucker eats ass as good as, if not better than a straight pussy hound! Then again, who wouldn't want to tongue and lap Zack's sweet hole with the same gusto? Eventually, Chris moves to Zack's cock, treating him to a wet blowjob that all but makes Zack's toes curl. Then he offers up his own cock for service. Zack works on Chris's cock with the same focus and determination as when he's gaming but soon ends up ass up in the air, legs spread, taking raw twink dick up his ass. It's fun to watch Chris fuck Zack bareback but it's even more fun to watch Zack fuck himself, riding Chris while jerking off. Chris fires off a good load, shooting long distance and bathing Zack, who comes all over himself soon after. Oh, the things we do for the guys we love!

Scene 3 - Aiden Ward, Xavier Ryan and Timber Harvest

After winning a game of lacrosse, Aiden Ward, Xavier Ryan and Timber Harvest get ready to blow off some steam with a night out on the town. They play tourist, checking out the sites in Vegas, especially the water show at the Bellagio. Then it's on to a bit of dancing at a local club. Except the rush of winning their game has left extra testosterone in their veins and pent-up cum in their balls. So what's a winning three to do when they get back home and still need to release more steam? A game as old as time -- cock-in-hole -- and there is none finer! Aiden and Timber start making out while Xavier looks on. But never fear. Timber doesn't leave Xavier to his own devices, making out with him as well, as Aiden rims Timber's ass. Then, while Aiden and Xavier make out, Timber drops to his knees and sucks them both. Timber ends up exactly where he wants to be, in the middle, spit-roasted and bareback fucked -- first by Aiden and then by Xavier -- and coated in three very large loads of fresh, young cum!

Scene 4 - Justin Cross and Zack Love

Zack Love has just finished working out with trainer Justin Cross. It went so well, in fact, that it's Justin who's exhausted! He plops down on Zack's bed for a rest but Zack, pumped with excitement from the rush of testosterone, is interested in a different sort of work out. One that consists of plenty of kissing, nipple teasing and feeling up the body of the man who just put him through the wringer. Undeterred by Justin's tiredness, Zack takes that huge fat cock in his mouth and gets it hard. Justin, no longer tired, kicks back and enjoys Zack's blowjob. He returns the oral favor while jerking himself off, but Zack really needs dick. He's soon on his knees again, taking down as much of Justin's cock as he can. After a while, Justin commands Zack to stand and turn around. Stroking himself, and getting harder by the second, Justin fingers Zack's hole. After impaling himself on Justin's meaty shaft, the twink fucks himself bareback, riding the big cock while jerking off. Justin then takes Zack on all fours, fucking him like a dog. Justin gets Zack out of bed, flips him over the desk, and goes to town, pounding and thrusting and stretching out the twink's hole. Back on the bed, with Zack face up, Justin slides home once more and screws like a madman, fucking the cum out of Zack before delivering a hefty load of his own, leaving Zack filthy and coated with all that sperm.

Scene 5 - Xavier Ryan Solo

Even alone, there's much fun to be had as long as it's sunny out and you have access to a pool, like Xavier Ryan. Under the heat of a blazing sun, Xavier squirts his super soaker. Unbeknownst to him, however, house mate Aiden watches from a distance. At the appropriate time, when Xavier is most off-guard, Aiden comes running out and pushes Xavier into the pool. Sopping wet, Xavier climbs out, rips off his tee-shirt, and heads to his room to dry off. Alas, he can't get even but that might have to wait for another day. Xavier will bide his time. Meanwhile, Xavier being Xavier, he ends up naked, hard cock in hand, and masturbating while watching porn. He strokes his meaty cock, building towards orgasm. When he gets close, Xavier throws his legs up in the air and gives himself a cum facial. You can just about feel the thick, creamy load as it splatters everywhere. But don't try this at home. Not unless you've got a strong back and are limber enough to get out of the position. Or, why not have a buddy there to spot you? We can guarantee the results will be explosive!

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