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Director's Note Yes, we are now inventing words! We chose to name this video "Enlusted Soldiers" knowing full well that "Enlusted" was not a word you'll find in any dictionary. It's one of those fabulous creations that result when two hot Enlisted soldiers become "Enlusted." So, before you go throwing the Websters Dicktionary (oops there I go again) at us, we thought we'd explain ourselves first.
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Active Duty ENLUSTED SOLDIERS 1, Dink Flamingo, Corrin, Parker,

While on a trip to a local store with a friend who wanted me to help him choose a camera to start his own amateur porn company, I was bored with waiting on him to make his choice so I started roaming the store in search of anything more interesting. I went to the printer section and spyed our man Corrin. He was wearing a name tag and a bright colored shirt. The first thing I noticed though was his sexy blue eyes. We struck up a conversation and I quickly found out that he was very serious about his part time job. Almost too serious for my taste, but those eyes and that smile kept me listening. I knew this guy was either a soldier just working weekends at this establishment or he was fresh out of the military. Never one to leave anything unanswered, I asked. Yes, he was in fact a soldier and this was just his part time gig. At first, I walked away and thanked him for his help and returned to find my friend still haggling with his camera choice. Finding this scene going straight to the non-productive phase I asked one of the uneducated camera salesmen if he had a pen and a piece of paper. I started scribbling down my information for our newfound soldier. I went back to his section and gave him my info. Suprisingly later that evening I got a voice message from Corrin that said, "Hi, we spoke today while I was at work. I think I'm interested in your modeling offer whatever it may involve. Please give me a call back and we can talk more about what you are looking for." It took me every bit of five minutes to return his call. We set up a time for him to come over and did this solo scene that kicks off our latest release.

Active Duty ENLUSTED SOLDIERS 1, Dink Flamingo, Corrin, Parker,
Parker and Corrin become

I've gotten tons and tons of emails about our sexy man, Parker who first appeared in "Live Ammo 1." Parker and I had been friends long before he appeared in any videos. He's just the type of soldier that you want to keep locked up in your bedroom. Well, our new star Corrin had been on me to put him in a video with another guy. He was very anxious to try something different than just spanking the monkey on camera. So, I invited him over one afternoon (knowing that Parker was supposed to make an appearance that day as well) and told him I had someone in mind but that he would have to help me persuade the other guy. This was just the challenge that Corrin had been looking for. We talk for a bit on video as we await Parker's arrival and I give Corrin the scoop. ÊParker arrives shortly afterwards in full uniform! The sight of this strapping GI in those sexy BDU's is more than most can handle and our friend Corrin was eyeing the goods. Corrin just happened to be sitting in the living room watching a porn (wink) and invited Parker to join him. Slowly, Corrin starts chatting Parker up as he pulls out his own cock to Parkers suprise.
Parker asks, "What are you doing?." Corrin replies, "It's a fucking porno, I'm going to enjoy it! Parker just laughs and looks at me (with the camera rolling) and says "So are we doing a double jerk off video or what?" I mumbled "Mmm hmmm" and just kept filming -- depending on Corrin to break the ice and move in on Parker. Then, no sooner than you can whistle "Dixie," Corrin has Parker's cock in his hand and is jerking him along with himself. This leads quickly to the two of them getting on the living room floor and giving each other some great head. Seeing full well that this is heading for some hotter action I move them into the bedroom to get more acquainted and comfortable.

Active Duty ENLUSTED SOLDIERS 1, Dink Flamingo, Corrin, Parker,
Getting to know you

And do they ever get aqainted! Absolutely no direction was needed from me to keep these two boys going. They keep exchanging deep head and talking shit to each other. Parker takes Corrin's cock in his mouth as he gets down nestled between his thighs. You can tell that Parker is determined to give as good as he gets. He works on Corrin's cock until it explodes a nice big juicy load right into Parkers face. Parker just keeps sucking and enjoying the moment. Corrin then takes our studly GI and returns the favor. Parker is moaning as Corrin handles his cock like a professional. It isnt long before Parker's cock is gushing hot, thick cum all over Corrin's hungry mouth.

Active Duty ENLUSTED SOLDIERS 1, Dink Flamingo, Corrin, Parker,
They shoot! They score!

By this time, Parker (never having been one to go soft after shooting his wad) decides that just head isnt enough for him. He wants more and so does Corrin. I give them some lube and Corrin lubes up his tight asshole for Parker. What happens next is one of the most intense fuck scenes I've ever shot. Parker puts his willing partner in three or four positions as his hot fat cock pounds the soldiers tight ass. Eventually, like all good things it comes to an explosive end with Parker blowing his wad all over Corrin's cock. The momentum is great and the action is well paced as we watch these two Enlisted soldiers become "Enlusted."

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      At the end of this hot tape there are scenes from six other Active Duty video releases. Enjoy!
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