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Do you remember what it was like to be young? The stress of the world wasn’t weighing you down. You had no bills to pay and no serious relationship to worry about. Just video games, being outside and running the streets with your dick in your hand. Maybe you were the rebel type, out cutting class with your friends. Smoking cigs and sucking on one another's hard cocks. Or maybe, you were a heart breaker who fucked whatever hole was available. I know, you were the sporty type who hung out with your friends on the basketball court, but those weren’t the only balls you were taking to the hole. Perhaps you were a little bit of everything. A well-rounded cum whore and are proud of it. We are too. You might not be young or dumb, but I bet you're still full of cum. And if you are ready to take a trip down memory lane while stroking your cock, let Curtis Cameron, Robbie Dane, Seth Knight, Grayson Lange, Kaleb Cross, Roman Capellini, Xavier Ryan, and Timber Harvest be your guides on Young Twinks Fuck.

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Scene 1 - Curtis Cameron and Robbie Dane

Cutting class is a right of passage when you are a rebel teen. So is fucking your best friend up the ass.Curtis and Robbie are doing what young men do. Cutting class, smoking cigs, and fucking each other out at the old Mill. Robbie starts it off by pulling down Curtis's pants, grabbing his beautiful cock, and getting it wet with his hot mouth. He then gets on his knees to get Curtis's cock really hard by working the shaft and balls with his tongue before taking it down his throat. Curtis loves Robbie's mouth but soon takes a turn sucking on his friends pretty cock before laying him down on a wall, with his legs up, and fucking his ass deep. Curtis chokes him a little to let him know who is boss and Robbie loves it, giving his hole up to Curtis as he strokes his stiff cock while being filled up. Curtis then bends Robbie face down over the wall and continues to punish his ass, before putting him back on his back and fucking him till Robbie comes all over his bottom boy tummy. Curtis then pulls out and shoots his wad all over Robbie's sloppy hole. To be young again!

ene 2 - Seth Knight and Grayson Lange

Beefed up and inked super hottie Seth Knight is having a bit of trouble. Not only is he horny, he can't get the one thing he wants most...his boyfriend to bottom. "But why? Why not? Why can't you bottom for me?" Seth asks repeatedly, unable to comprehend why he can't get his boyfriend to give up his ass. Frankly, we can't either. Hell, who wouldn't want to bottom for scruffy, hunky bad boy Seth? Luckily, buddy Grayson Lange is more than ready, willing and able to jump in and fulfill Seth's every wish. Grayson offers up his mouth and ass, and Seth uses them both, first shoving his hard cock down Grayson's throat, then eating out that most luscious of morsels, the puckered entrance that is the gateway to the most exquisite pleasure known to tops. Seth, who looks like he might pass for a James Franco relation, bareback fucks Grayson before blowing a huge load all over the twink's ass. And that, gents, is how you make a boyfriend happy and keep him from roaming.

Scene 3 - Kaleb Cross and Roman Capellini

Ever have a stranger help you out by giving you a hand? Was that hand on your hard dick? Roman is out cruising the old mill and comes across Kaleb stroking his dick on the wall. He has no choice but to go over and give him a hand. Which then leads to his mouth taking in as much of Kaleb's cock as possible. Roman gets on his knees so Kaleb can fuck his face. It's now time for Kaleb to give Roman's dick some attention as he gets off his knees and sits down on the wall. Roman loves the feeling of Kaleb's lips on his meat, but he'd prefer to be plowed against the wall. Kaleb likes that idea and slides his dick deep inside Roman's hot and ready hole. His moans lets Kaleb know how much he enjoys cock up his ass. Roman then sits on the wall with his leg's up and lets Kaleb fuck him as hard and long as he wants while he strokes his cock, until Kaleb is ready to come, pulls out and finishes all over his chest.

Scene 4 - Xavier Ryan and Timber Harvest

You know that guy next door? The one who became your best friend? From the moment you met you did everything together. In fact, there isn't a time when you remember him not being there. Xavier Ryan and Timber Harvest are the best friends we speak of. The BFF's have been through much together, even discovering their own sexual awareness. After shooting hoops, getting sweaty and admiring each others shirtless torsos, they take one last shot in the bedroom. After making out, Timber eagerly gets on his knees and makes love to Xavier's big cock with his mouth, teasing the serpent to full erection. But it's Xavier who surprises -- and pleases Timber -- by taking charge. The hung young stud gets Timber on all fours, ass up in the air and proceeds to eat his ass, licking the tender hole and priming it full of spit. Xavier then slides his throbbing shaft home, balls deep, bareback fucking his BFF towards orgasmic pleasure. But not before some ass-to-mouth, with Timber tasting his own ass juices on Xavier's cock before impaling himself and going for a raw ride, each eventually showering the other with their cum.

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      Curtis Cameron, Grayson Lange, Kaleb Cross, Robbie Dane, Roman Capellini, Seth Knight, Timber Harvest, Xavier Ryan
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