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Tipo Sesso Under Wraps brings another film chuck full of beautiful butt banging cuties. Its boyz night at the sauna and they cum out in droves to drain each others cocks. Jocks and twinks alike are blowing and bending each other over throughout the bath house in two ways and three ways that will put your heart in overdrive! These boyz shoot load after load all over each others hot, hard bodies.
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Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,
Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,

Hook your towel around your waist and grab your locker key, director Robert Boggs goes to the bathhouse. And no doubt the models cruising the halls inside this private men's club have but one thing in mind: getting hard and getting off. Granted, this European bathhouse may not resemble anything in America. This bathhouse more closely resembles a well-maintained gym with some extra amenities, including a pool table. In fact, a small group of young guys is finishing a game of pool when they agree to put aside their cue sticks and go off in search of a massage.

First stop is the group showers where they indulge in some horseplay. Their voices echoing off the tiled walls, the scene is an instant throwback to gym class, complete with towel snapping and games of grab-ass. After a slow strip-down, they spend considerable time soaping their pits, asses and crotches, even reaching over to help each other with those hard-to-reach spots. Then it's off on a hunt for dick. Sebastian Stone and his bathhouse buddy Brock Wilder bitch about how they haven't had the opportunity to cum for several days while relaxing in their own personal bathtubs. Nearby, an unseen Michael Rocman eavesdrops from the comfort of his own tub.

Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,
Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,

And boy, does he get an earful. Sebastian, a ruddy class-clown type puts Brock's cocksucking skills to work, one leg propped up on Brock's tub. Brock switches between tender sucks and furious hand-jacking before the oral action turns into some heavy-duty butt-fucking. Michael can't keep his hand off his prick to the sounds of Sebastian pounding away at Brock. It's only after all three cum that Michael decides to come out of his hiding place and make it a three-way. Sebastian, wearing a devilish grin, stays hard and continues to bang Brock's backside. Michael slides his slender cock easily into Brock's mouth, then the tops switch, continuing to use Brock's open ass and mouth. All three have enough juice to spray a second time.

Daniel has gone in search of a legitimate massage, but his masseur, lanky Antonio, has other plans. The massage starts out harmlessly enough with chitchat about sports and girlfriends. But the minute Daniel rolls over, Antonio double-takes at the size of Daniel's cock, taking the professional massage in a new direction. His hands never losing rhythm, Antonio makes a dive for Daniel's erect cock, furtively looking up into Daniel's eyes to see whether he should continue. Getting the green-light, he continues slobbering over Daniel's big dong. Emboldened, he shucks his sweats. The two jack off together, Antonio spewing dirty-talk. The camera darts between shots of Antonio's face, the big gold chain wildly slapping against his ripped torso, and his prick, getting some reciprocal action from Daniel. Both guys put their trust in the craftsmanship of the massage table when Antonio climbs on top and rides cowboy-style. Check out the miniature Italian flag stamped on his lower back as Dan goes to town thrusting inside him. The scene concludes with one of the hottest mutual jack-offs I've seen in some time. Each stroking his own, Daniel blows with Antonio's tongue in his mouth. When Antonio bends down to lick up his own load off Daniel's hip joint, Daniel explodes.

Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,
Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,

Julian Benet, another young and lean hottie, joins a recuperated Michael Rocman in the sauna. With his towel open, Julian luxuriates in the dry heat, closing his eyes and drifting off. When he opens them again, a very stiff Michael tempts him with a fully erect cock. The two masturbate for a few moments, Julian teasing both himself and his new buddy by pinching and pulling on his considerable foreskin. Julian has the same sleepy and dopey expressions of classic American porn star Michael Christopher. And while his body is nothing like Christopher's, his sizeable cock comes close in size.

The heat gets too intense after a bit and the two take their lovemaking to the lounge. Julian does a slow exploration of Michael's body, kissing his nipples, his flawless stomach and eventually down to his dick. They eat each other up, kissing and rubbing against each other. An incredibly stiff Julian takes his partner on his back, pressing with his palms against the underside of Michael's thighs, dicking him deep. Every model in the film is smooth-chested, but during this fuck, we get some great close-ups of Michael's blond and fuzzy hole getting plowed.

Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,
Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,

Every bathhouse has one employee that is slutty enough to take full advantage. In this particular bathhouse, it's Antonio, the Italian masseur.

And he's working the tanning booth, sneaking up on an unsuspecting Adrian and gobbling him whole. Adrian, the cover model, is a beauty -- great face, hot pecs and a prick with just the hint of a bend at the top. Minus the thick gold chain, Antonio takes on the top role in this scene. He corners Adrian against a wall, commanding him to "bend over" and show him his "little hole." After abusing the cheeks of Adrian's ass with a few smacks from his erect cock, Michael takes what he wants, Adrian holding onto the wall for support. Michael dumps an even bigger load than before, thick gobs coating one of Adrian's asscheeks.

Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,
Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,

Fresh from the Jacuzzi, dark-haired Martin Noah waits patiently for his boyfriend, Julian Benet, to join him. Julian, only partially drained from playtime with new fuck bud Michael (well, it is a bathhouse after all) dutifully goes down on patient Martin. Never breaking their kiss, each lad grabs the other's prick and jerks to the point of breaking. Chad Driver, another athletic-looking bathhouse employee, soon joins them. Chad reshuffles things a bit, sitting between Julian and Martin, letting them fish around inside his shorts. They each take turns tasting Chad, keeping one tongue on his prick at all times and another inside his mouth. There's an excellent moment filmed from underneath -- Julian rolls a condom over his slick cock and then holds the head of it against Chad's warm and fuzzy pucker. He slowly eases inside and fucks with gusto, his smooth balls hugging close to his body. Chad gets tag-teamed: Martin taking Chad on his side. Lucky Chad gets coated with spunk, the young guys unloading on his nipples, belly and shoulder.

The flick ends with a short scene between Daniel and Martin, seemingly an add-on or bonus scene. After swapping oral, Daniel bends Martin over and spends several moments exploring Martin's hairy crack with this eager fingers. Here's an excellent opportunity to check out Daniel's muscular torso, one bicep pumping as he digitally stimulates Martin. Dan throws Martin a quick fuck before the two jack off together. Martin delivers a messy cum-shot, spewing trails of goo on Dan's muscular belly.

Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,
Tipo Sesso International BATHHOUSE BOYZ, ,

"Bathhouse Boyz" is a lot to take in at one sitting. Hell, I've had trips to the tubs that have only lasted half as long. The entire European cast appears to be under 25 and there's not a dud in the lot. Best of all, they take full advantage of the nasty bathhouse sex vibe, and watching this flick, I was instantly reminded of some of my own hot bathhouse experiences.

A DVD Review by Rick Forrent ( http://www.ManNet.com )

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