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Ethan Wolfe is back with a vengeance – and so is his thick massive cock (man, that meat is as fat as my wrist!). After hanging up his porn hat just 3 years ago, Ethan contacted us and said he was ready to fuck on camera again. We didn’t have to think twice! As a welcome back, we decided to give them man his own LEGENDARY STUD ETHAN WOLFE. This “best of” features all his hottest scenes plus three (yeah we said 3) brand new EXCLUSIVE scenes shot recently. Pax Dei - or the peace of God. Written across his chest, that’s exactly what versatile Ethan likes to give his bottoms, baptizing them bare with his thick, (un)holy cock. His fucks are intense and electrifying, emanating well beyond the screen. A former marine with serious cock-hunger, Wolfe brings his “honesty and personal code of honor” into the fuckroom with an epic drive for mansex - attributes which led director Paul Morris to describe him as “an embodiment of what Treasure Island is all about.” Already famous as a model before his BAREBACK DEBUT on TIMFUCK and in MANFUCK MANIFESTO, Wolfe became a TIM exclusive in 2012, enjoying a meteroic career before his retired from porn in 2015. This “sweet, polite, and charming ex-soldier” proudly obtained his TIM cred with his mesmerizing roles in TIM films, and sports a well-earned biohazard tat. Relive this legendary fucker’s best moments with his roles in FUCKTARDS, BAD SEED, BUGGERY and more…

  • Manufacturer: Treasure Island Media
  • Run Time: 127
  • Audio: Live Sound
  • Cast: Ace Era, Alex Hawk, Blake Daniels, Ethan Wolf, Jack Allen, Jackson Taylor, Lito Cruz, Luke Bennett, Mason Lear, Nick Moretti, Parker Logan, Ryan Powers
  • Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 WIDESCREEN
  • Regional Encoding: None
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JACKSON TAYLOR is a 20-year-old from Texas. When we told him he could get fucked by ETHAN WOLFE, he jumped at the chance: the kid is truly hungry for cock. But before we set anything up, I sent him a photo of ETHAN's brand-new tattoo: a big brazen biohazard right above his fat cock. "Just want you to know what you're getting into here," I said. JACKSON wrote back one word: "YES!"

The intensity is real in this rare shoot. ETHAN WOLFE, porn star and former exclusive for major mainstream studios, is just getting to know how we do things at T.I.M.

Little bottom-boy JACKSON was overwhelmed by ETHAN's magnetism and by the massiveness of his jizz-dripping phallus. When the time comes, ETHAN doesn't pull out but shoots hard and direct, delivering a hot load of living seed deep inside the boy's guts.


JACK ALLEN and ETHAN WOLFE have immediate chemistry and the eroticism only heats up as they kiss sensually. ETHAN is drawn to JACK's turgid, veiny cock, and JACK is happy to oblige, gently skull fucking ETHAN's eager mouth. Then it's the top man's turn to get what he wants--ETHAN's irresistible ass.

Spreading ETHAN's cheeks, he dives in tongue-first to prepare the hole for ETHAN's first on screen bareback fuck. ETHAN's a real pro, but even so, you'll see him wince as he gets opened up by JACK's thick meat. After a steady pounding, JACK flips the fuckslut onto his back and continues nailing him until gobs of JACK's cum escape out of ETHAN's ass.

This is the first load ETHAN WOLFE has ever taken on film! You can tell it's a special moment for both men and we're incredibly proud to show it to you.


When they showed up together, ETHAN WOLFE was quiet and bruised while young LUKE BENNETT was sullen and silent. They obviously have a history together and there was something going on, but we never found out what.

Whatever it was, the session turned into what felt like a grudge fuck. Late in the shoot, we almost stopped it when ETHAN put a pillow over LUKE's head—we didn't want the kid to be suffocated.


NICK MORETTI and ETHAN WOLFE are living proof that the sexual connection between two men can be both intense and fun at the same time. There's plenty of smiling and kissing between the two as NICK makes the pierced and tattooed former Marine his with a deep and thorough pounding in multiple positions.

The smile only gets bigger as NICK finishes things off by eating the cum he's just deposited out of ETHAN's well-used ass.


You probably know about BLAKE DANIELS. He's maybe the best-known raw bottom in San Francisco, and that keeps him very busy indeed. Among other things, he's a local whore, selling his beautiful perfect ass to anyone who has a hankering to use and abuse him. You'll find him on all the man-whore sites, offering up his ass for a couple hundred bucks a pop.

The life of a whore, though, isn't all cum and roses. They have their tough clients, their rough days. And one Sunday afternoon BLAKE contacted me after a series of hard-to-take customers (hint: they all insisted on using condoms).

So BLAKE needed a true, balls-to-the-wall man-fuck. He said "I'll pay you for it. I'll pay the top. I just need a good old-fashioned raw fuck. And listen, I really need a fucking dirty load up my ass."

That got me hard: he wanted a toxic heavy-duty sperm-load. No pulling out, no pretense. Just fill the whore up with spurt after spurt of radioactive manhood. So I called ETHAN WOLFE and told him the story. Needless to say, he was up for the task. "I'll fill the fucker up," was what ETHAN said.

ETHAN bones the whore's ass deep and dumps every drop of his juice in him. When BLAKE jerks off onto the bed, ETHAN scoops it up and adds it to the mix.

Mission accomplished: a certified, guaranteed toxic dump.


If you’ve met ETHAN WOLFE in person, you know what a sweet, polite and charming ex-soldier he is. He’s also a solid, courageous guy who proudly took the step of getting a toxic tattoo just above his fat veiny cock.

I paired him up with LITO CRUZ and gave them both a porn newbie with a very fine fat faceable ass. They all got along fine, even though ETHAN was a little in awe of LITO -- who wouldn’t be? LITO’s the only man I know who can convincingly sport a Superman tattoo.


This was ACE ERA'S first time shooting with Treasure Island and ETHAN WOLFE'S first time back in front of the camera. ACE is a man with a hungry hole, he even has “Fuck Me” tatted on his sweet ass. ETHAN was excited to stick his thick meat up inside him and fill up the kid’s hole with his load.

ETHAN starts off by getting his dick sucked and then eating ACE’s ass. Then comes the main event. Our top man is eager to breed and fucks, pounds, rams and slams his dick into ACE's hole until it's dripping with cum.


Hard to believe that ETHAN WOLFE only appeared in 1-on-1 scenes before. He told DICE he always wanted to fuck a hot bottom with a couple guys and use their cum as lube. RYAN POWERS is no stranger to getting fucked and fucking with a group of tops.

DICE lined up ETHAN, PARKER LOGAN, and DEREK NORTH to stretch open America’s sweetheart boy hole. The guys take turns making sure both of RYAN’s holes are filled at all time. You know in the end, three big loads of sloppy sperm end up in his butt.


ALEX HAWK has been a fan of ETHAN WOLFE'S cock for quite some time. When he got the chance, he didn’t hesitate to say “Yes please. Fuck me”.

You can almost see his eyes glaze over when he starts off worshiping the big dick with his mouth first. The bottom man worships ETHAN’s cock and balls with his throat, tongue and lips.

ETHAN came to fuck. He tosses ALEX up on all fours, gets his hole wet, and then pretty much drills him into the bed. There’s nothing like ETHAN WOLFE's blessed slab stretching open a tight hole.


As a special bonus, we’ve included ETHAN's original TIMJACK solo jerk off scene. We get up close and personal with the man’s big pierced dick and watch as he rubs a precious load out.

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      Live Sound
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      Ace Era, Alex Hawk, Blake Daniels, Ethan Wolf, Jack Allen, Jackson Taylor, Lito Cruz, Luke Bennett, Mason Lear, Nick Moretti, Parker Logan, Ryan Powers
    • Shipping Time
      3 to 5 days
    • Aspect Ratio
      16:9 WIDESCREEN
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      Treasure Island Media
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