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We all know that finding a good fuck buddy is like finding gold in a sea of brass. Someone you can call over when you require mind-blowing, dependable sex. Not just the average piece of ass, but the person that can make your toes curl, make your dick harder than even you imagined, and the one that makes you cum like a fucking geyser. The type of orgasm that starts at the feet and rushes out your cock. The load that releases the animal deep inside of you that you didn't know existed. The type that you want over and over again but then can kick them out when you're finished, and it's mutual. Corey Law, Jacob Dolce, Justin Cross, Justin Stone, Luke Geer, Luky Cole, Timber Harvest, and Billy Saint have those kinds of relationships and prove it on Teen Fuck Buddies. Watch these fuck buddies go at it with no strings attached. From sucking cock and getting fucked on the stairs out in public, to having to prove that you are the best fuck buddy ever while taking cock on the couch. Getting a hot and messy facial in an abandoned building or looking into your fuck buddies eyes as he pile drives you into the ground with his big dick. You get all of that and more on Teen Fuck Buddies. Don't believe me? Just watch.

  • Manufacturer: Southern Strokes
  • Run Time: 68
  • Audio: Live Sound
  • Director: Joel Knight
  • Cast: Billy Saint, Corey Law, Jacob Dolce, Justin Cross, Justin Stone, Lucky Cole, Luke Geer, Timber Harvest
  • Year Produced: 2020
  • Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 WIDESCREEN
  • Regional Encoding: None
  • UPC: 744678115917
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Scene 1 - Corey Law and Jacob Dolce

Ever have a secret that just you and another friend share? What if fucking each other was that secret? Corey and Jacob have been fucking in private since the summer started. After every training run, they stop off on the stairs near the school and have a little fun. This day was no different. They never have a lot of time so without many words, Corey begins rubbing his hands all over Jacobs's cock through his spandex shorts, which gets both of them hard. Corey loves watching his buddies dick print grow bigger and bigger. Jacob then pulls the shorts down while Corey gets on his knees, ready to suck some cock. Jacobs grabs the back of Corey's head and fills his mouth with his beautiful dick. Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Jacob taste his hard cock in return. He then bends Jacob over the rail and slips his cock slowly into his hole. Corey doesn't fuck hard, but makes sure Jacob feels every inch. Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Corey control the ride for a little before they both stand up and stroke out their loads, leaving cum all over the stairs.

Scene 2 - Justin Cross and Justin Stone

After training with a client, Justin Cross comes home to Justin Stone, who wants to know how the session went. "Nothing special," replies Cross. Then, when Stone asks what he wants to do, the dark-haired, swarthy young man decides he wants to see who's better... his roomie and fuck buddy Stone or his last client. The two strip down and Stone soon finds himself with Cross's huge cock in his mouth and down his throat. But the slender twink wants more than a dick in his mouth. He wants a thick, throbbing shaft up his tight ass! Stone rides Cross bareback, taking him deep. After a while, though, Cross takes the reins. He flips Stone onto his back, slides home, and pounds the hell out of the power bottom. Cross shoots a big load all over Stone's face, giving him a cum facial. Then, after the twink spews on himself, the two Justin's share a sticky, cum-filled kiss. This is Justin's "something special," the moment he enjoys most after sex. You decide which Justin.

Scene 3 - Luke Geer and Luky Cole

Bad boys don't always do bad things. Especially when those bad boys fuck so good! Luke and Luky cut class to hang out in the old abandoned building. And when I say hang out, I'm talking about their dicks. When they get there Luke pushes Luky against the wall and kisses him all over while they undress. He then sits him down on the stairs and starts to work his mouth all over Luky's big, hard cock, making sure to lick his balls and taint. Not to be outdone, Luky switches places with Luke and shows him his tricks with a cock. But that doesn't last long as Luke bends Luky over the stairs and pushes his dick inside his buddies ass. Moans of sex bounce off the concrete walls as Luke bangs Luky from behind. Luky then gets knees down doggy on the steps where Luke mounts him like a bitch and fills his hole with cock. He then gets on his back and strokes out a huge load all over his stomach, while Luke fucks him before getting a full cum facial.

Scene 4 - Timber Harvest and Billy Saint

Southern Strokes asked Timber Harvest and Billy Saint questions about money, clothing and, naturally, sex. Both were upfront with their replies as they got to know each other and WE got to know more about them. But twinks being twinks, they're soon horny, and everything comes off. Buck naked, they make out and take turns sucking cock. Soon, however, Timber makes a meal out of Billy's sweet ass. He rims the bottom twink then slides that huge honker of an uncut cock inside Billy. In fact, there are moments when it looks like Timber is so enormous, compared to Billy's petite ass, you'll swear the smaller twink will split! But rest assured, Billy is still in one piece… despite Timber wrecking his hole. If you get off on smaller guys getting fucked by a big dick, you'll lose your mind -- and your nutt -- watching Billy take Timber's massive meat. And just wait until you see them unload!

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    • Audio
      Live Sound
    • Pay Per View
    • Director
      Joel Knight
    • Cast
      Billy Saint, Corey Law, Jacob Dolce, Justin Cross, Justin Stone, Lucky Cole, Luke Geer, Timber Harvest
    • Year Produced
    • Shipping Time
      3 to 5 days
    • Aspect Ratio
      16:9 WIDESCREEN
    • Regional Encoding
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    • Manufacturer
      Southern Strokes
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