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What’s the first thing you think of as you are waking up in the morning? Work? Bills? The Gym? The only thing the studs of Southern Strokes think about is Breakfast & Boners!! These native sons know that a big cock and a good time are the only way to start your day and quench your thirst in the Texas heat. Join Sal, Rex and the rest of the guys as they suck, stroke and fuck each other into ecstasy.
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Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Sal & Haigan

Haigan seemed a bit agitated in the hot sticky Texas sun. He was really restless and he definitely needed to unload some pent up frustration. Quiet Sal could obviously sense this so he used it as an opportunity to live out a fantasy. Things finally exploded when we made a visit to a local park for some afternoon fun in the Texas heat.

It is so hot and sticky out that you can almost cut the air with a knife. Haigan suddenly flipped a switch and took complete control of our South American hottie. Haigan put Sal on his knees and made him suck his cock for what seemed like an eternity. It was so hot watching Haigan grab Sal by the back of his head and literally face fuck him deep with his 9 inch cock. Sal obeyed as a good boy should and did exactly what Haigan wanted

Haigan finally let Sal up for air and made him get on his knees so that he could fuck him good. Haigan didn't show any mercy as he drilled Sal's ass as hard as I have seen anyone fuck. Like I said, Haigan definitely needed to unload something so he decided to take it out on Sal's hole. At one point, Haigan fucked Sal with a 12" dildo and then double dicked him with his own huge piece of meat

Haigan finally let Sal up after he practically choked him into being unconscious. He then made Sal drink his hot thick load of cum. Haigan finally showed some compassion as he made Sal jerk himself off as he swallowed every bit of Haigan's 9 inch cock. I have been around quite a few hot scenes but this has to be one of the most erotic. There was just something in the hot thick Texas summer air that made rough sex seem appropriate.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Rex & Ricky

Rex and Ricky have one of the coolest relationships that I have witnessed in some time. They are obviously real good friends but they definitely are into each other sexually. They got along like they were married but they were completely uninhibited and genuinely out for a good time with whatever feels good. These two definitely made our trip more fun.

If you haven't fully experienced heat until you have spent some time in the heat of the summer in the middle of nowhere Texas. The boys spent most of their days in the pool. Rex and Ricky jumped in the pool naked and put on a show for us.

I talked about their special relationship and now everyone gets to see it for their selves. Watching Rex take Ricky's huge cock into his mouth over and over was hot. Then they traded places in the pool and Ricky sucked on Rex's rock hard cock. They were both eager and hungry as they ate ass like it was their last meal.

Rex decided that he was going to go first and he bent Ricky over the pool and fuck him good. After taking Rex's cock for a while, Ricky decided that it was his turn. Ricky put Rex on his back and fucked him deep with his huge tool. Rex almost immediately shot his load after Ricky started to drill him deep. Ricky then shot a huge load that covered Rex's face and mouth. Man they made this trip fun.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Sal & Everett

Looking back on the weekend, I wish that I would have seen more of Everett. He has a really hot body and a nice big fat cock. I wasn't the only one that thought Everett was hot. I knew that Sal was into Everett because he was flirting with him all weekend long. It was only a matter of time before Sal told us to bring the cameras upstairs to the bedroom. Sal had been doing a lot of fucking this weekend and I know that he enjoys a nice cock in his ass so I thought it only appropriate that Everett fucked Sal

Everett is quiet and reserved but h has a dirty streek in him that just makes you wonder what he is capable of. Sal as we all know is as sexual as a person can get. When I walked into the room and saw the two of them making out in the chair, I couldn't wait to watch this one unfold. I was anxious to watch Everett put that big cock of his to work and I couldn't think of a better bottom than Sal.

After some heavy kissing, Sal and Everett took turns sucking each other off until they finally ended up in in a 69 position. Everett turned Sal over and put him on all fours and slid his thick fat cock deep inside Sal's pink hole. It was hot to hear Sal moan with pleasure as Everett buries his tool into Sal. I watched Sal's cock pulsate with each thrust from Everett's meat.

Everett then laid on his back and told Sal to climb on top and ride it like a champ. Sal did exactly that. He didn't waste any time mounting Everett's cock and swallowing it up in his hole. All the while as he was getting fucked, Sal was stroking his throbbing dick. Everett turned Sal back over and fucked him good and hard doggie style. He fucked him long and hard until he pulled out and shot a thick load of warm cum all over Sal's ass. Sal then pumped out a nick load of his own.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Haigan & Ricky

I couldn't wait to get Haigan and Ricky together for a shoot. They both have amazing bodies not to mention huge cocks. I watched Ricky get fucked a couple of times so I knew he could take it and Haigan seems to get nastier with every film. Haigan started giving shit well before it was time for the shoot. He started the day by telling Ricky that he had better make sure that he had an empty stomach so that he could feel Haigan's cock deep inside of him.

Haigan and Ricky are both pretty cocky as well as dirty. They were both so turned on by the time the cameras were on that they didn't waste any time getting down to business. Ricky spent most of the morning rubbing his amazing muscle ass up against Haigan's crotch and running off. THere were a couple of times during the day that I thought we were going to have to start the filming earlier than anticipated. By the time we were ready to start, we were all turned on and ready for action.

Haigan and Ricky stripped naked and Haigan gave Ricky's ass a nice massage and inspection. Ricky was already moaning when turned over and swallowed Hiagan's cock down his throat. Haigan then climbed up onto the bed and face fucked Ricky making him gag on his rod. I think that watching Ricky suck Haigan's cock until it got rock hard, was some of the hottest oral action I have seen. Haigan loves a nice warm mouth on his manhood but his favorite pastime is fucking. He turned Ricky onto his stomach and stuck his hard cock into Ricky's meaty ass.

I didn't realize exactly how limber Ricky was until Haigan pushed him face down on the bed and then pulled his left leg up until Ricky was just about doing the splits. It was amazing watching Haigan drill Ricky so completely deep that you could hear his balls slapping against his muscle ass. Haigan put Ricky on his back and lifted up his legs spread eagle style and then drilled him until he was about to shoot. Haigan pulled out and showered Ricky's ripped abs as Ricky jerked out a nice creamy load of his own.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Sal & Rex

We had finally found our way to our destination, which was a large private estate in the middle of Texas. The boys had been hanging out for most of the day and the Texas heat was obviously making them all a little horny. I walked into the common area of the house and saw Rex flirting with Sal. I pulled up a table and put it in the middle of the room and grabbed the cameras and let them go at it.

As I was watching these to go at it, I kept thinking on what a great pairing this is going to make. Rex is mature and confident and loves to have sex and Sal just can't get fucked hard enough, deep enough, long enough or fast enough. Things started out sexy and quickly went into a nasty fuck session.

Rex put Sal on his back and climb up on top and fed him his cock. Sal loves to be dominated and took to Rex's cock like it was ice cream. Rex then returned the favor and got down on his knees and striped off Sal's pants and suck his cock good and long. At this point they were both covered in sweat and they need to fuck.

Rex put Sal on his knees and never let him up from there. Rex slapped Sal's ass as he drilled his cock deep into Sal's hole. Possibly the hottest part of this video is watching Sal completely surrender and take Rex's pounding. Sal was moaning with pleasure louder and louder with each thrust. Rex finally paints Sal's back with a fountain of cum and the teases Sal's puckered hole with it.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Haigan & Tanner

This might have been the most highly anticipated video of the trip. By the time Tanner had made it to the house, all the boys had a good look at his pictures and they couldn't wait to break this 18 year old in. Tanner told us that he really came on the trip so that he could expand his boundaries. Well I decided what better way to expand them than a 9 inch cock attached to a dominant top

Tanner jump in the pool one of the hot afternoons that we were there. Haigan saw him out there and called us so that we could take advantage of situation. Haigan threw off his shorts and jump in the pool and started to swim naked with Tanner. Tanner saw us follow him out with our cameras so he knew that the time had finally cum

After they played with each other for a while in the pool, they both stood up and started to kiss. Haigan just towered over Tanner and Haigan's muscles just totally engulfed Tanner's body. They were both immediately into it as Haigan took control and put Tanner on his knees so suck his cock. Tanner was rock hard as he swallowed Haigan's big fat 9 inch cock.

Haigan was rock hard and wet from Tanner's mouth so he bent Tanner over the edge of the pool and shoved his cock into Tanner's virgin hole. Tanner let out an "oh fuck" as he moaned with painful pleasure. At one point, Haigan can't hold it together from the painful moans of Tanner and he starts laughing. That wasn't the end of it though. Haigan goes to town on Tanners tight hairy hole. He fucked little Tanner for so long that Tanner's hole was stretched to its' max. Haigan finishes this off by shooting a huge load of cum about 3 feet into the pool and all over Tanner's ripped abs..

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Sal & Ricky

It had to be the hottest day of the summer when we decided to venture back outside and explore another part of the property. Once again our horny boy Sal was hot and ready to go. There is something about the heat that turns him on. They say that in order to be a good top, you need to be a good bottom first. Well our boy Sal decided to prove that to me out in the grass.

I really thought that I was going outside to watch Ricky fuck Sal but that wasn't exactly how it happened. At some point early on in the outdoor romp, Sal got fired up and he took control. I think that it surprised Ricky as much as it did the rest of us. Trust me we weren't complaing; who doesn't wan't to see that think ass of Ricky's get stuffed

They both shedded their clothes quickly and started sucking each other off. They both have nice big cocks but Ricky is definitely bigger than Sals. Sal then put Ricky on all fours like a dog and started fucking the moaning Ricky slow and deep. Ricky was moaning with the rythem of Sal's hips slapping Ricky's meaty ass. Ricky seemed to struggle with in for a couple of minutes but he let loose and started enjoying Sal's hard cock.

Sal turned it up a couple of notches and started to fuck Ricky fast and hard. Ricky was loving being dominated by Sal and he took it like this wasn't his first rodeo. Sal seemed to fuck harder and harder with every change in position. He finally started humping Ricky so that he could make sure that Ricky was taking every inch. Sal then unloaded one of the hottest cum shots I've seen as he sprayed Ricky's back.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Rex & Tanner

We were coming to the end of our trip and I had realized that Rex hadn’t had his turn fucking our hot 18 year old Tanner. We were packing up the cars when I noticed Tanner and Rex out by the side of the house fooling around. Rex had his eyes on Tanner from the moment he arrived so I knew that we were going to have to capture this one on film. Our boy Tanner might be small but he sure does know how to take a hard cock in his tight hole. Tanner just loved the Texas heat and he took full advantage of the opportunity to be outside naked. Tanner spent most of his time either naked in the pool or just hanging out with next to nothing on.

Rex and Tanner started kissing as they helped each other out of what little clothes they had on. Tanner immediate started to kiss Rex’s body starting with his mouth and ending up engulfing his cock with his hungry lips. Tanner let Rex suck him off for a bit before he turned around and held onto the tree for support as Rex fucked him doggie style. Tanner took it like and champ and then got down on all fours on the ground so that Rex could continue to pound away at his hot hole.

Tanner’s body looks just amazing as he tenses up with each thrust coming from Rex. Rex had worked himself up to frenzy before he pulled out and shot his hot creamy load all over Tanner’s ass. Tanner then laid back and immediately shot a huge load himself all over his ripped abs.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Haigan, Rex & Everett

Everett and Rex were hanging out alone in the yard when one thing led to another and they started making out. We were all checking them out so the crew grabbed their cameras so that we could memorialize this romp. Next thing that I know, Haigan walks into view holding his behinds the scene camera in one hand and a hard dick in the other.

By the time Haigan reached the action, Rex was on his knees sucking on Everett's big cock. Haigan dropped his shorts and grabbed the back of Rex's head and shoved his cock in his mouth. It wasn't to long before Everett wanted to taste Haigan's manhood so he got down on his knees and both boys worshiped Haigan's swollen cock.

Haigan bent Rex over the chair and shoved his fat cock deep into Rex's hole. While he was being pounded at one end, Rex had a mouth full of Everett's cock at the same time. Haigan gave Rex's hole a good thrashing before he told Everett to come over and trade places with Rex so that Haigan could fuck him too.

Everett couldn't wait to get Haigan's huge hard cock into his tight hole. He returned the favor and suck off Rex as Haigan pounded his ass. Haigan and Rex decided it was time to trade places so Rex then took his turn on Everett's hole while Everett suck off Haigan. Haigan couldn't hold it back any more when he shot a huge load of thick creamy cum all over Everett's face so that Everett could enjoy a snack. At the same time. Rex pulled out and shot his load all over Everett's beaten ass.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Sal & Tanner

I was really looking forward to watching these two hook up. Sal had been our resident bottom boy for use for the weekend, but when Tanner showed up, Sal took on a bit of a protector role. I could tell that Sal was going to have his way with Tanner before the weekend was up.

It was a gorgeous morning and Sal and Tanner were both hanging out in the kitchen. Sal was eyeing Tanner and giving him that "I need to fuck you" look. I am a firm believer that there is no better time than the present so I told the two of them to grab a blanket and follow me outside.

The two hot boys started kissing and Sal gently took control on the front lawn. These two were completely into each other so it was hot watching Tanner just lay back and melt under Sal's kisses. Tanner finally worked his mouth down Sal's olive skin and started to suck on Sal's hard cock. Tanner suck on Sal's cock while he was on all fours revealing his eager tight hole

Sal finally fuck Tanner doggie taking his hole deeper and deeper with every thrust. Sal turned him over and put him on his back and grabbed Tanner's legs and drilled him until he was ready to explode. Sal pulled out and finished himself off combining his cum with Tanner's sweat. These two are as hot as the Texas heat.

Southern Strokes BREAKFAST & BONERS, , Sal, Haigan, Rex, Ricky, Everett, Tanner
Fuck Fest

It was our last night in Texas and the boys were all pumped up for a little going away orgy. Rex was the first one to bring it up and before I knew it, there were naked bodies everywhere. I can't begin to tell you how hot it was that Texas night. The crickets were loud, the bugs were huge and sweat was dripping from every pore. It definitely set the stage for some of the nastiest sex we have produced here at Southern Strokes.

Rex was the ringleader of the group egging the rest of them on to join him. We set up a bench in the middle of the yard and surrounded it with lights and cameras and let the boys go at it. They had been partying all day so all inhibitions (I'm not sure they had any to begin with) were thrown out the window and anything and everything was fair game.

Sal was the first one to strip down to a jock strap and lay on his back on the bench. Ricky and Sal got into some hot 69 action while Rex was mounting Haigan's huge package right next to them. They were so close that sweat was spraying them down as they pumped and sucked. Sal started to suck off beefy Haigan as Rex worked his magic on Ricky's huge cock.

Everybody got fucked accept our total top Haigan. Believe me we all tried to get him to go there but he just wasn't ready to turn the corner. One of the highlights (and there are many) is a train where Ricky is getting pounded by Sal who is getting pounded by Rex who is getting pounded by Haigan's monster meat. Sal made sure that he was in the right place when it came time for the boys to shoot their loads. Haigan went first and sprayed down Sal's face as he made him eat it. Then Rex and Ricky proceeded to drency Sal's face with two huge loads. This one is hot in more ways than one.

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