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  • Manufacturer: Natural Born Breeders
  • Audio: Live Sound
  • Director: David Romero
  • Cast: Beau Bearden, Dale Savage, Alecto Vice, Vino Stone, Bubba Ryder, Tim Yankers, Dalton Hawg, Santi Vidal, Jake Marshall, Steve Sommers, Tony Sanchez
  • Year Produced: 2018
  • Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 WIDESCREEN
  • Regional Encoding: None
  • UPC: 847046020087
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Product Scenes


These two daddies have lots of fun bonding with each other (in a way only daddies can) in this hot scene from Natural Born Breeders.

In a hotel room in Denver, Colorado, these two dad-buds (Beau Bearden and Dale Savage) hide out to get away from their daily lives, fool around and blow off some steam together. Beau and Dale get right down to business. They admire each other's big muscular bodies, groping each other's muscles, playing with their big chests, and playful kiss each other with their scruffy faces while moaning and grunting with deep virile (bearish) sounds.

Dale gets Beau on his back in the bed, and sucks on his big daddy-bear dick, making Beau growl loudly.

Dale wants Beau's cock in him, eager for his big dick to hit those spots deep inside his ass. He can't wait for it to get inside his tight hole, and sits on Beau's cock, riding the bear, while grabbing onto his big body. After Dale rides Beau for a bit, Beau grabs onto Dale and pounds him, his balls bouncing and smacking against Dale's hard round ass, as he thrusts his dick up into it.

Beau and Dale fuck in all sorts of positions all over the hotel bed. The muscled daddy bear loves topping the horny silver daddy, and giving him exactly what he wants.
("Burry that thing in there," Dale grunts, as Beau has him on his back, complying with Dales" needs and burying his bone deep inside him.)

Beau pounds Dale, on his belly (Beau's big bubble butt flexing and bouncing as he fucks Dale's nice round, tight ass) until he's ready to cum, and breeds his buddy, sharing his seed with him. As one daddy breeds the other, both let out loud, satisfied moans ("Fuck yeah man!" Dale grunts as Beau releases his load on and in him).

These two dads will make you wish they met up to "bond " and fuck a load out of each other more often.


Muscled stallion Alecto Vice, and daddy Vino Stone play dirty in a sling.

Stone sucks on Vice's big thick cock, Vice face-fucking his hungry mouth, while Stone growls. Vice soon has the big daddy on his back in a sling, pounding away inside his big beefy ass. Vice shows off his own impressive muscled ass and big balls as he pumps his cock inside his "daddy". Vice's powerful thrusts makes the sling shake and Stone's thick, husky muscled body (and pecs) bounce. Stone takes it like a man, as Vice's big thick cock fucks a load out of the hot daddy. Afterward, Vice breeds his "daddy" good.



Big bears, hairy faces, leather harnesses, tank tops, and baseball caps is a recipe for a hot manly fantasy in Bubba's back yard, in this scene which shows you that every bear is a wild Natural Born Breeder.

Tennessee bear Bubba Ryder, sits in his back yard, smoking a cigar. With his thick cigar in his mouth, Bubba feels hot and starts playing with his chest, while fantasizing, stroking his hard rod, and tugging on his balls, longing for a nice thick juicy cock to replace the cigar in his mouth.

Husky country bear, Tim Yankee, soon arrives to fulfill his wish. Tim is the man of Bubba's dreams, thick, beefy, with an equally big thick cock, and nice big hefty balls. Bubba soon has Tim in the house, where he hungrily services his thick cock, sucking on his large thick rod, Tim's large round balls smacking against Bubba's bearded chin. (...and Bubba certainly is a hungry " bear, not wanting to let go of Tim's big dick, making his nice cock and balls all shiny with his drool).

Tim Yankee gets Bubba Ryder (still in his jock) on his back, legs up, in his sling, where he eats Bubba's nice thick ass, lapping away at it like a big, thirsty puppy.

Tim slams Bubba's big ol' bubble butt with his monster cock, and big balls slapping on the sweaty bear's shiny ass cheeks. Bubba leans back for the ride, on this magnificent beast, smoking his thick cigar, while getting a good pounding from another thick one. (Tim's thick bear cock makes a nice juicy wet sound as he fuck's Bubba's big bear butt.)

All this manliness is too much even for these big country men to handle, as Tim, after vigorously thrusting and fucking Bubba's big butt, pulls his big meat out of his tight hole and blows a big load, stuffing it back in the big boy for a good breedin'.


Sweaty naked, bearded men in a room. A dom looking for a sub, and a sub looking for a dom, Dalton Hawg and Santi Vidal are pieces waiting to be linked together.

When the two bearded tattooed men get together, they start making out immediately, rubbing their big bulges in their jockstraps (their beards brushing together as they kiss). Dalton takes the dom role, leading the way, and Santi, the sub, all ready to be commanded and obey, with his "pup" chain around his neck. Dalton pats Santi's big balls in his jock, before unwrapping the big thick package and tugging on his cock. Dalton then has Santi turn around for him, and show his firm, round, tattooed ass. (“I want to see your ass, boy," says Dalton. "Yes, sir," Santi responds eagerly.)

Dalton smack Santi's muscled bubble butt before licking and eating it like a hog. Santi groans, his muscles in his back and tattoos rippling. After a good ass eating and fingering, Santi's hole is ready for Dalton's cock (Santi seizes the opportunity to suck on his Dom's cock and balls first). Dalton continues smacking Santi’s ass with his thick and wet dick, before pushing it in and plowing him.

Dalton fucks Santi hard, his muscles bulging the more he fucks him, Santi arching his back like a good boy, until he cums and breeds him, leaving his nice creamy white fertile seed, dripping from his hole. ("Thank you, sir," Santi moans in approval.)
But Dalton isn't done with his boy yet. Having already bred him once, Dalton flips Santi over on his back and fucks him again, until Santi cums, shooting his load all over his hairy belly.

The two beasts kiss hungrily, growling, as their hairy, sweaty bodies and cum rub all over each other.


Jake Marshall and Steve Sommers are together for some good daddy breeding, in this raw Natural Born Breeders scene.

The two hot daddies chill out on the couch, Jake sucking Steve's cock, getting it nice and lubed up .

The two dads take turns banging each other, bareback, getting rough with each other's tight holes and bodies. Jake takes his turn topping (playing daddy) first, bending Steve over like a good boy and pounding his ass good with his rod (making it shake with every "slap"). Steve soon gets his turn to assume the "daddy" role, and gets Jake bent over on the couch, and fucks him doggy-style.

After a lot of hot and heavy humping and moaning, Jake rides Steve's cock, wanting his "boy" to breed his nice round ass and tight daddy hole. "I'm getting ready to cum, daddy," Steve moans, really in to their "daddy power play" as he gets to shoot his load and breed Daddy Jake. Jake's nice plump muscled ass milks a good load out of Steve's nice thick cock and full throbbing balls.

Daddy Jake rides Daddy Steve's cock, Steve playing with Jakes' muscled chest, as he groans loudly, jacking off his own big dick and shoots a thick creamy load all over Steve's thick furry chest.


Tattooed, and muscular, Tony Sanchez strokes his cock, and shows off his ass in this SOLO scene from Natural Born Breeders. He loves feeling his muscular body, and moaning loudly while stroking himself, before blowing his load all over himself.

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    • Audio
      Live Sound
    • Director
      David Romero
    • Cast
      Beau Bearden, Dale Savage, Alecto Vice, Vino Stone, Bubba Ryder, Tim Yankers, Dalton Hawg, Santi Vidal, Jake Marshall, Steve Sommers, Tony Sanchez
    • Year Produced
    • Shipping Time
      3 to 5 days
    • Aspect Ratio
      16:9 WIDESCREEN
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      Natural Born Breeders
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