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Starring two super stars, Ryan Fargo and Brian Bonds. Sadly not together! This mostly bareback feature is incredibly erotic packed full of masculinity and passion. There is great chemistry with passionate kissing and hard thrusting ass fucking with them flip fucking and lots of cock sucking and rimming in between. If you love to see hot guys just enjoying each others bodies this is a must see. Hairy bodies, beards, furry holes, full bushes and breeding are just some this films features.
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GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
Felix Martel and Ryan Fargo Flip Fuck

Site superstar Ryan Fargo and rising favorite Felix Martel join forces (and lots of body hair) to bring you this incredibly hot flip fuck scene! They had so many sparks, we ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

They start off on the bed, kissing sexily, their dark beards almost blending into one. Fargo’s magic tongue soon finds its way to Felix’s sensitive neck and as he licks that erotic zone, Felix’s legs twitch and spasm in ecstasy.

Shirts get pulled off to reveal two ridiculously furry chests. Brunette curlies running from neck to nipples to happy trail and exploding from armpits. Hair heaven. Ryan slides off his shorts and Felix drops down on his already rock hard pierced cock like it’s his job. Well, at this moment, it kind of was. It didn’t look like a chore, though, as Felix teased that stiff shaft with his ruby lips and wet tongue. He bobbed up and down on Fargo’s dick and instantly, I was hard.

The bi guy in Felix said he’d rather get head than give, so off came his pants and down went Fargo to suck some dick. Ryan’s talented mouth got Felix’s dick thick and firm in no time flat. Shortly after, I requested to see the guys 69 because it’s always more fun when everyone’s getting their dicks serviced. I love during a 69 session when the guy's balls fall against your nose. Getting to whiff those manly nuts while you suck a stiff dick is the best! And then getting to taste them! Fucking hot!

Fargo wanted to give Felix a stellar suck job, so he had Felix relax back on the bed while he blew him more. Watching Fargo deep throat that throbbing cock and tickle Felix’s balls with his tongue was almost too much for me. After he’d finished, he kicked back and let Felix work on his boner some more as well. Felix worked diligently, aggressively, ensuring Fargo’s dick enjoyed his blowjob, keeping that dick rock hard for the impending fuck. Ryan did the same for Felix’s dick, massaging and tugging on it while he received head. Both boners were big and hard. I was just as ready as they were to get to the screwing.

Bottoms up for Ryan. He knelt doggie style and Felix entered him from behind, slowly building to a nice rhythmic fuck. Damn, did Felix look masculine as fuck thrusting into Ryan’s tight, hairy hole. The grunting and moaning from both of them was making my dick dance in my shorts. Fargo reached back and massaged Felix’s balls as he thrust. Then he asked for some more SPUNK to lube his ass. I kept the camera rolling while they took a tiny break. When Ryan realized I was still filming, he assumed I’d edit this portion out. No such luck, Mr Fargo. I love hearing the guys interact when they think cameras are off. It’s real. It’s candid. It’s hot as fuck.

Then, Felix’s thick dick was back inside Ryan’s warm hole and they were fucking again. Every time Ryan said “oh, fuck” as Felix drove his cock deeper inside him, I wanted to cum. My dick was so hard. So on edge. These two were electric together. I know not all bottoms stay hard during a pounding and that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the sex. But it’s so reassuring and sexy to see a bottom totally boned up while getting screwed. Such a compliment to the top, telling him you are thoroughly enjoying the dick he’s driving into you.

For every minute of pleasure he received from Felix’s rod, Ryan was intent to give it back to his costar. Felix sat on Ryan’s erect shaft and told him to go slow at first. Again, more lube was requested. These hairy fuckers and their rapid absorption rate. Once his perfectly shaped dick was properly slicked, Ryan slid it in and out of Felix’s bi boy hole with ease. They switched to missionary so Ryan could brace himself on the bed with his knees and really fuck like the pro he is. As if returning the compliment, Felix’s cock was standing at attention and begging for Fargo to stroke it while he nailed him.

I honestly can’t decide which position I prefer both the guys in. They’re both masculine, dominant tops as much as they’re eager, accommodating bottoms. It was hot to watch both of them in both positions, which just tells me that they were a perfect combo for a flip fuck. And it was a double win with all the combined body hair. So sexy! Felix was first to cum, shooting a nice load up onto Ryan’s fuzzy tummy as he fucked him. Ryan pumped a few extra times to milk everything out of Felix, then he got on his back, jerked off, and blew a sticky load onto Felix’s beard while Felix ran his fingers through that jungle of dark hair on his chest. Great show, gentlemen!

GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
Damon Andros And Stephen Harte Flip Raw

I’d be hard pressed to find another couple with quite the level of chemistry that these two have. They’d worked together once before becoming GuyBone guys and then once with Dusty Williams for our Bareback Otter Romp. I knew I had to have them in a scene, just the two of them, to exploit their unbridled attraction to each other. The perfect daddy and boy pairing, Damon Andros and Stephen Harte are as sexy and hairy as can be, providing 5 extra minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck!

The bearded, bulging duo wasted no time getting to work. Or is it recreation? They were down to their jockstraps in seconds, Damon inviting Stephen to service his impressive cock. Fuck. Watching Stephen suck that big dick was something I could have done all day. And their verbal queues to one another were beyond stimulating. The moans, the groans, the praises and requests.

Stephen worshipped Damon’s long shaft, swallowing it balls deep down his talented throat. He sat against the headboard and let Damon face fuck him as he jerked his own rock hard cock. They laid down and Damon kissed him passionately from lips to furry armpits to fuzzy tummy and untamed hairy balls and bush. He sucked down Stephen’s otter cock and Stephen whimpered as his nutsack tightened. Damon made his way to Stephen’s eager hole. He spit on it, tapped it with his finger, and began devouring it. That hole was hungry and they both acknowledged it. Stephen cried for more. He begged for it. Such a good boy. Daddy Damon rimmed his ass amazingly as Stephen tossed his hairy legs up over his head. That perfect yoga body was bendy in all the right places and Damon was taking full advantage of his boy’s flexibility.

Ready for raw fucking, Damon grabbed the SPUNK Lube and doused Stephen’s furry back door. He drenched his curved, cut cock and slid it inside his costar slowly. Stephen makes THE best sex faces, hands down. Hands fucking down. I could watch that boy get plowed ALL day. His expressions tell the story you want to see and as Damon buried his daddy bone deep in that hole, Stephen’s face was worth a thousand words.

Their eyes aligned as they gave each other exactly what they needed. Damon wiggled them down the bed further and squatted over top of Stephen, thrusting hard and deep down into his perfectly tight tunnel. His big heavy nuts smashed into Stephen’s crack as he screwed him. Then Stephen sat on top of his uber masculine partner’s beautiful tool and told him his ass was his. Damon owned that hole and then relaxed back and let Stephen ride, in charge for a moment. Stephen slapped his stone stiff cock against Damon’s chest and relinquished control back to his daddy. Damon pounded his raw cock hard into that boy hole, his balls slapping those fuzzy butt cheeks. When Stephen sat up from kissing Damon, a strand of pre cum webbed from his piss slit to his happy trail. Damon cleaned it off with his wet mouth, a preview taste test of the sticky boy batter brewing in those balls.

He got Stephen on his knees in doggie, entering him from behind. That hairy daddy gym coach looking body of Damon’s was toned and so ridiculously sexy. Stephen bellowed as Damon ordered him to back up on his unsheathed cock. Then he took him back to pound town. He drilled his dick hard into that ass, pinning Stephen to the mattress. Their athletic thighs banged. Their body hair began to glisten. They’d started working up a sweat.

Damon pulled Stephen onto his lap and fucked him in reverse cowgirl for a moment. Do we call it cowboy if it’s two guys, by the way? I dunno. But it was hot. And then came the role reversal. They lubed up Stephen’s insanely steely cock and Damon straddled his young costar. I was super excited to see them flip positions. Damon had only bottomed a couple times on camera to my knowledge and the fact that we were getting to film him doing something so rare, with a guy he obviously had great adoration for, was so special for our site. It didn’t last long, but he gave it his all and I was so turned on seeing the boy top the dad.

Damon’s tight hole stretched just enough to let Stephen’s firm erection inside. He sat on his son’s dick and let Stephen pump up into him. Stephen’s raw cock, covered in hair and lube, was getting even harder inside Damon. It wasn’t long before Damon took charge again, even as the bottom. Daddy knows best, am I right? He bounced up and down on Stephen’s boner, showing his boy how he liked it, how he wanted him to do it when they switched back. It was one of the hottest moments I’ve ever filmed. And then they returned to what was really right in the world, Damon annihilating Stephen’s ass.

It was doggie style one last time to get them both to climax. Damon eased inside Stephen’s tatted ass and then pushed him down on the bed. He fucked fast and with intent. Stephen wailed his approval. The two studs sexed hard and Damon reached the finish line first. He pulled out, painted that beautiful boy hole white with cum, then stashed his swollen member back inside Stephen to breed him. Stephen soaked up every drop with his writhing ass, inviting that seed to flood his guts. He sat up and screwed Damon as he stroked out his own fruitful load, shooting it across the blanket. Damon wrapped his loving, protective arms around Stephen and tenderly kissed his neck. He congratulated him on a job nicely done and I was ready to pronounce these two “hottest porn couple (who aren't actually dating) ever.”

Who knows. Maybe someday they’ll make it official. Until then, I hope they keep having this kind of intense sex because they need it in their lives.

And, by God, so do we.

GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
Grayson Kent And Mike Gaite Flip

Jumping right into the action, site favorite Greyson Kent welcomed porn star Mike Gaite to the GuyBone family with some tongue flicking kissing, washboard ab licking, and beer can thick dick sucking. When I told Greyson that Mike wanted to film with him, he geeked out hardcore and promised he'd lick Mike from head to toe. He covered almost every inch of this ripped stud. He worshipped him so well, in fact, that we ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Greyson was nearly gagging on Mike's incredibly fat cock. And you could tell Mike was getting harder with every choke. He was turned on knowing Greyson was having trouble deepthroating. What a compliment to his cock! He squatted to return the favor and gave one of the wettest blowjobs on GuyBone. There was so much of his magical sticky spit running down Greyson's shaft and nut sack that it almost looked like white, frothy cum. It dripped from Greyson's balls onto the carpet. Mike looks like a dick sucking god.

Greyson made sure to pay extra attention to Mike's low hanging balls, licking them attentively, bathing them in his saliva. Then Mike bent Greyson over the ottoman and used that talented tongue to rim his hairy hole. The way he lapped at that ass and rubbed his beard across that butt got my dick super stiff behind the camera. Mike is such a fucking beefcake. A masculine dude. A total sexpot. And Greyson was having the time of his life.

Originally this scene was just supposed to feature Mike topping Greyson. But after meeting and getting really turned on by each other, it was suggested they flip fuck. Both guys were on board so we went for it. Mike sat on Greyson's unbelievably hard dick on the couch, riding that rod like a maniac. Greyson pushed him to the floor and fucked him doggie style. Mike moaned and grunted his approval, encouraging Greyson to pound him harder, faster, deeper. Greyson obliged.

I think they might have just kept on fucking had I not reminded them this was now a flip scene. After several scintillating positions as a SPUNK lubed top, Greyson got on his back on the floor, tossed his legs to the heavens, and slowly but surely accepted Mike's fat fucking cock into his tight, warm hole. Greyson identifies as a blue moon bottom, meaning he rarely does it. And when he does, it's not usually for behemoth boners like Mike's. But he took it like a champ regardless, and turned out a few hot positions in his new position. My favorite being standing doggie, where Mike once again bent him over that trusty ottoman. Greyson seemed unsure at first, wincing at the circumference of that massive hardon. But then suddenly a switch flipped and he realized how good it felt. "There ya go" he repeated a few times, beginning to buck backward into the giant cock. He was actually enjoying the ride. And how could you not when it comes from a slice of perfection like Mike?

They finished on the couch, stroking their equally impressive cocks side by side. Greyson shot his load first, triggering one of his classic body spasm and bellowing orgasms. His entire being shook and he cried out in intense pleasure. Mike wasn't far behind, rubbing out a creamy nut as thick as his magic spit. Both guys were beyond exhausted, having screwed for so long and hard.

I gotta hand it to them, they made one helluva hot scene. Here's to Mike for being an awesome guy who didn't have to film with us but wanted to. And to Greyson for being the ever sexy welcome wagon he is, ushering in who we can officially deem Best Body on GuyBone, Mike and all his packs of abs.

GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
Brian Bonds And Parker Allen Flip Raw

We join this broadcast already in progress. That’s what you get when you put two pros together on set, non-stop action from the onset. Brian Bonds needs no introduction. He’s an outright porn star. And we’re blessed to have him on board! Joining him is the ever hot, on the rise Parker Allen, who had been directed by Brian before but never costarred with. Until now. Lucky us to get to view it first!

Before I could even get my camera on, Parker was swallowing Brian’s fully stiff sword. They swapped spots so Brian could suck Parker to the same stiffness he was at while Parker tasted his former director’s delicious hole. They were both rock hard in moments, slobbered up and horny for a hardcore pounding. Brian grabbed the SPUNK and sat on Parker’s boner, taking it fully inside him. His dick was suddenly even harder, as was mine watching them begin to bareback fuck. Parker thrust up into his costar’s hairy hole, giving Brian a wonderful workplace ride. I was beside myself seeing his big, thick dick bouncing around as he bounced on Parker’s boner.

Brian hopped off and flipped Parker’s legs sky high. He drove his dick deep into his ass and they both bellowed in pleasure. Manly, deep grunts and groans. These were two insanely sexy guys fucking raw and hard right in front of me. Sometimes I forget how much I love my job and how lucky I am. They fucked furiously in a hot seated position, Parker working just as hard as Brian to get the best sex out of each other. Brian laid back and let Parker engulf his cock with that hungry hole. Then he drilled him deep again, this time Parker’s prick bouncing to and fro like some sort of haywire meter.

The flip fucking had officially begun. Brian was back on bottom, taking Parker’s steely rod completely up his ass in doggy. Parker plowed him so hard his butt cheeks rippled and shook. They were entirely in tune and when they locked arms and basically became one sex machine, I about fainted. The sweat began to pour off their bodies in our tiny, warm room. It became a sauna. A very sexy sauna.

They took a blowjob break and Brian deep throated Parker’s raging erection as he stroked his own throbbing cock. He fingered Parker’s slightly used hole with the hopes of using it even more. And he would, believe you, me! He rimmed him again, spitting and nibbling all over his ass. Face buried cheeks deep in butt cheeks, Brian ate out Parker like the pro he is. How hot it must have been for both of them, having worked together prior but never fucking each other, all that pent up sexual tension, now getting to explode in front of my camera. Fucking woof! Brian climbed on top of Parker and got what he wanted, another go at topping his handsome costar. He fucked harder than ever here, absolutely dominating Parker. And they both fucking loved it.

Before I realized, they’d flipped again and Parker was railing Brian in my favorite spooning position. He “beat that hole up” according to Brian and I was enjoying every thrust as much as they were. Their hairy bodies, their big dicks, their tight asses and bearded faces were all so fucking perfect. So. Fucking. Perfect.

They were standing on the bed then, Parker bent over in doggy against the brick wall. Brian destroyed his sweet hole with his enormous dick. Both their ballsacks were drawn tight, no doubt ready to blow. But they weren’t giving in to orgasms just yet. The fucking felt too good to quit. Brian slid his cock in and out slowly, then tasted Parker’s wet hole, then put his dick back in again and complimented him on his frothy ass, hoping he was the second to screw Parker that day. The idea of it, planting his seed on top of some other guy’s already inside Parker’s hole, was enough to send him over the edge. He bred Parker, deep and juicy. He pulled out to show off a wee bit of his cum, then continued fucking his content costar. Brian’s sex cries were phenomenal, and the more sensitive his post orgasm cock became, the harder he slapped his nuts against Parker’s ass to work it out.

All that was left was Parker’s cumshot. And Brian and I wanted to see it as badly as Parker wanted to blow it. He got on his back in missionary and had the still hard Mr Bonds bone him one final time, fucking that big load from his balls. He jerked his cock as Brian hammered his hole, shooting a nice, creamy, white load of salty sprinkles all over his stomach. Brian bent over and cleaned his cock with a very hungry mouth, then tasted the pearl droplets on his furry torso. They concluded the superb scene with a cummy kiss that left me longing for more action from the two of them as long as the trail of cum between their lips.

GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
Axel Flint And Scotland Grey Flip

Scotland is a fuzzy little fucker. Axel has just the right amount of fur. Put them together and you have one of the hottest, hairy from the waist down rolls in the hay ever! Dark, curly nests of hair at the entrance to both their assholes. Masculine, hairy legs and stomachs. Fuck. Watching these two screw was almost more than I could handle.

They started off sucking tongues and dicks on the dresser, then moved to the bed for some interesting 69ing. While Scotland used his big flat tongue to lick Axel's hairy hole, Axel used his warm mouth and curved tongue to swallow Scotland's rock hard cock.

The two studs took turns fucking, but I suspect Axel felt more at home as bottom in this scene because he only took his turn as top once. I imagine Scotland's perfectly long and thick cock feels more than incredible buried between your butt cheeks, slathered in SPUNK Lube. And those fuzzy nuts slapping against your ass as he thrusts only add to the arousal.

I've seen plenty of on screen chemistry between GuyBone guys, but these two are toward the top of the list. Not only do they look fucking hot together, you can tell there's an intense passion erupting between them as they fuck. And then, of course, there's also the huge eruption of cum from both their cocks that's a good indicator of their sexual compatibility.

When I told Axel that Scotland was looking for his first costar, I should have known I was in for something fantastic. Axel told me not to let Scotland film with anyone else before he got the chance to "break him in." Break him in he did, and I think Scotland did his fair share of breaking in as well... into Axel's tight hole.

GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
GuyBone FLIP FUCK GUYS, , Felix Martel, Ryan Fargo, Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, Greyson Kent, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Parker Allen, Axel Flint, Scotland Grey, Edison Garett, Lance Bennett
Edison Garett And Lance Bennett Flip Raw

When I met Edison for the first time, I knew I had to have him on the site. He was adorable and sexy and one helluva hot otter in the making. He already felt quite comfortable on camera as he was an amateur exhibitionist. He’d shared several homemade vids he’d made of his sexual encounters and I was all worked up knowing how worked up being watched got him. It was an obvious next step from him filming himself at home to me filming him with other GuyBone Guys. And I knew the perfect first costar to welcome him to the family.

Lance is a dream come true when it comes to performers. He’s 100% versatile and molds himself into whichever role he assumes. If he’s topping, he’s aggressive and dominant. If he’s bottoming, he’s always ready for whatever the top delivers. Getting these two together was Heaven for me. They had similar dark beards and fuzzy bodies. Seeing all that dark fur on their pale skin got me extremely turned on. And just being next to each other on the same bed was enough to get them extremely turned on. So much so, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

Making out and getting handsy got dicks rock hard under their clothes. They worked rapidly to strip each other down to their naked, naturally hairy states. Lance was already emitting his signature groans and growls as bespectacled Edison nibbled and licked his way across the furry landscape that was Lance’s torso. As expected, Edison needed no direction, no assistance whatsoever. A born pro, he was made for this. Also 100% versatile, he brought his A Game to the bedroom. His moans matched Lance’s and I was throbbing inside my shorts as Edison removed his costar’s cock from his jockstrap and swallowed it. His juicy lips wrapped around Lance’s shaft so perfectly. I always marvel at how incredibly stiff Lance’s dick gets. It’s so hard he can snap it so fiercely. Woof!

Edison’s eager to please mouth made its way from Lance’s bushy cock and balls to his hairy hole. He sampled the ass platter and then moved back up top to kiss and dry hump some more. The lust cup runneth over with these two and as Lance took his turn satisfying Edison orally, I got those wonderful sex shivers all over my body.

Lance seems especially skilled at sucking uncut cocks like Edison’s. He pays special attention to their extra sensitive skin and the way he laps at their shafts with his outstretched tongue drives me wild. Edison was equally erect, his handsome hardon snapping against his toned stomach whenever Lance let it slip from his lips.

It would be Edison who bottomed first, right after Lance got his hole nice and wet with some scintillating rimming. He gasped and panted as Lance licked his tight pucker. His hairy hole was ready to be filled. Lance moved forward and made out with the young stud as he worked his rock hard cock inside of him. It was a perfect fit. Edison relaxed and opened his ass for the frisky pup on top of him. The sounds resonating from both of them were splendidly sexy. Lance started thrusting harder and soon they were in full fuck mode. He drove his dick in and out of Edison’s tight ass, making both of them cry out in ecstasy.

Armed with spit and SPUNK Lube, Lance dominated Edison’s hairy hole with his raw, rock solid rod. They switched to doggy style and Edison gave his hole willingly to Lance while on all fours. Lance was harder than ever, on his knees, thrusting his beautiful boner into his costar's hole. His hefty ballsack swung against Edison’s taint as they screwed. His cock filled him completely and I think I enjoyed watching them fuck as much as they enjoyed doing it.

The time to flip had arrived and Edison became the power top I’d been so eager to see. He ate Lance’s hairy ass some more and then slid his raging uncut stiff one inside his beautiful butt. They were both so talented at switching roles, going from dominant to submissive, top to bottom, effortlessly. Lance complimented the curve in Edison’s cock as Edison railed him from behind. It was beyond hot watching Lance’s bubble butt bounce against Edison’s groin as they humped.

Lance sat on Edison’s delicious dick next, riding him cowboy. It was a perfect shot of Edison’s elegant erection entering and exiting Lance’s dark and fuzzy cave of wonders. The two screwed themselves silly in this position, thoroughly consuming each other's bodies. Then they moved to the side of the bed and Lance took top bunk again. I was underneath them, enjoying every second of being so close to the sex. Lance fucked Edison hard with his bareback boner just inches above my face. Edison cried out in enjoyment. Lance pulled out and jerked his dick feverishly. When he shot his bountiful load all over Edison’s asshole, some obviously dripped on me. Work perk.

Edison fucked Lance for just a few more seconds so he could get himself off. He pulled out and dribbled one helluva sexy load all over the floor and Lance’s furry ass and then pushed his leaking cock back inside his bareback bud. They were spent and so incredibly satisfied. They kissed and the sound of their lips smacking sexily told me their electric chemistry had translated to the screen flawlessly. There’s no way you won’t enjoy this scene as much as they did!

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