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You'll love these gorgeous straight studs jacking off and sucking each other's big and pretty cocks in front of the camera. They're having loads of cumtastic fun that leaves you and them filled with gay sexual pleasure.

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Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Shane and Matthew Matters

Defiant boys like to have fun. Shane and Matthew have shown them how. Here they are showing us again. There’s a lot we can learn from watching these two skinny, but hung, white boys. Matthew, dressed like a frat boy for this lesson, gets things rolling by suggesting that “maybe we should get rid of these clothes.” Down with boxers. Up with cocks. Matthew gets busy swallowing Shane’s dependably throbbing tool, while Shane favorably critiques their straight porn: “She’s pretty hot . . . I think she likes her job.” Back at ya, Shane: you’re always pretty hot and you always seem to like your job. Shane has found a good match in Matthew, whose cock seems at times to dwarf even Shane’s big tool. He even seems ready to take things to the next level here, getting within a few inches of Matthew’s monster and spitting on it, before stroking and polishing it. Matthew shows him how, spitting on Shane’s cock and then swallowing it, not backing away. Then he kneels to show off for us and give Shane better access. When Matthew drops some heavy spit onto Shane’s pole, he gets a compliment, “Nice shot,” and what Matthew calls an “awesome” hand job. Once again, Matthew dives onto Shane’s prodigious pole. Once again, Shane looks very, very closely at Matthew’s even more prodigious piece—and spits on it to lubricate the hand job. Still critiquing their straight porn, Matthew marvels at how “her ass is just getting pounded,” shortly before Shane disses the result of that pounding: “that was such an itty bitty load.” (Shane should know.) There’s too much spitting on and stroking of cocks to map it all out for you here. Trust me: it’s hot. But Shane’s not quite ready to follow through yet by actually sucking Matthew: “maybe next time.” He does do an especially effective spit and polish job on Matthew’s knob, getting some encouraging words: “That felt awesome.” “Glad I could help,” Shane replies. “Why don’t you lay down and I’ll straddle you,” Shane suggests, proceeding to fuck Matthew’s face pretty hard, while Matthew jacks himself off pretty hard. Straddling Matthew does the trick for Shane (or maybe it was all that spitting and flirting with Matthew’s monster cock), who soon gushes one of his best loads ever (and that’s saying a lot!) all over Matthew’s face. Spurts number 3 and 4 (of Shane’s 8-spurt power volley!) plaster Matthew’s face so thickly that Matthew says (not really complaining): “I can’t see.” O, and it’s in slo-mo, too. Maybe Matthew can’t see, but he soon manages to blast a power load of his own across Shane’s torso, leaving his spooge dripping from his buddy’s chin. Having fun yet?

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Brett Peter and Rock Lee

Brett explains that Shane introduced him to Rock. Hope Brett sent a “thank you” note. Rock is as tough looking as Brett is clean-cut, with a buzz cut and tight beard, and more words tattooed all over his body than you’ll be able to read. (You gotta wonder how long it would take Shane and Rock to compare tattoos and piercings.) One important tattoo is the word “FAITH” in big block letters up one of Rock’s arm. You gotta have faith that, although Brett notices that his new-found friend is a little “camera shy,” these boys will have some fun. Sure enough, when Brett invites Rock to “fuck my face,” Rock stands on the couch and gets over his shyness pretty fast. Before long, Rock is sucking Brett and getting his first compliment: “You suck good, too.” Then Brett makes an offer Rock can’t refuse: “Wanna jack off on me? I want you to cum in my face.” There’s some nice camera work when Rock shoots his street punk spunk all over Brock’s lips, chin, and chest. “Mmm. Warm. Warm,” coos Brett. Rock does some mopping up of all that spunk with his tongue. They sit side-by-side on the couch, while Brett tries to catch up and get his nut. We get great close-ups of Brett’s innocent, boyish face and blue eyes, along side Rock’s nastier, rougher face and surprisingly warm brown eyes. At last, just before they share a kiss, we can also read “G-E-R-O-N-I-M-O” in big block letters across Rock’s stomach. Both dudes spit on their cock and get back to business, demonstrating their preferences for contrasting styles: Brett patiently strokes his cock; Rock furiously fucks his fist. Rock turns out to be quite the stud, announcing that he “getting close to cumming again” before Brett has gotten off his first round. Unselfish and uncompetitive, Brett instructs Rock to “Shoot it in my mouth. Get up here.” He does and he does: pumping out a surprisingly big second load in Brett’s mouth and on his face. Geronimo! So much for shyness. Rock’s second load finally pushes Brett over the edge and he delivers a smallish but clumpy load in Rock’s mouth and face, which they lick up together. Then, after all this straight guy fun, they announce that it’s “time to go back to our girl friends,” and share a cum-filled laugh.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Matthew Matters and Brock Labelli

Matthew has a new friend to play with, too. Brock Labelli has a tight little body, packed into a wife beater and bulging boxer briefs early in the session. Matthew, looking more tousled than usual, is sharing the couch and some straight porn with his new friend, freeing his large and fully hard cock from his jeans. These dudes are pretty casual, exchanging hand jobs quickly. But when Matthew offers Brock his cock, Brock claims that he’s “never done this shit before.” Welcome to the real world, Brock. The world according to Defiant, where straight boys can learn to suck cock—and love it. Brock seems to be a quick study, because Matthew soon tells him, “That was pretty good for never having done it.” Taking the compliment well, Brock goes back for another try at Matt’s meat. After Brock helps himself out by lubricating his cock with one of his large goobers, the boys compare sizes. You’ll have to see who’s bigger for yourself, but you can probably guess. You’ll notice they both have killer trails. Sitting on the back of the couch, Matthew can give Brock easy access to his cock. After some more spitting and mutual jacking, Brock manages to jack a spurting load out of Matthew, some of which drops from his finger to his nose, provoking a laugh. Brock finishes himself off in the usual way, spurting an average load, while Matthew watches closely and keeps stroking himself, as if he might pull up another spurt or two. Not this time. When Matthew asks Brock, “So what did you think about your first time sucking?,” the new kid’s a sport about it all: “It was cool, man. I did it all for you guys.” Did you hear that, guys? Brock sucked his first cock just for us. How cool is that? Let’s just say that if you thought that was fun, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Tapper Blaze and Kieran

When I first got a look at Kieran sitting next to Tapper, my jaw dropped. This new Irish kid on the block is jaw-droppingly gorgeous (not in a prissy way) and hot (even with a farmer’s tan). And Tapper’s no slouch either. Where does Joe Serna find these guys? I want addresses. Tapper’s explaining his fresh hickeys to a curious Kieran, telling a story about how some girl got him all worked up last night, but he couldn’t cum. So now, after a hard day at work, he’s gonna watch some porn and do what a guys’ gotta do. Kieran seems to understand. He rips off his black wife beater, revealing a tight, lean torso. When Kieran remarks that Tapper is obviously enjoying himself, Tapper shrugs, “Of course. Why not, dude?” Turns out Kieran has a GREAT answer for that: “It’s weird,” he says, “as much as this makes me horny, I just need some physical attention, you know?” There’s a pause. Not a long one. Of course, Tapper knows. He’s a guy. He takes the hint: “You need a little help over there?” “Yeah,” says Kieran, already tugging down his pants. Kieran folds his hands behind his head, more than willing to let Tapper do the work. This Irish guy has a nifty trail, a trim bush, what looks at first like a smallish cock, and very nice balls. Tapper’s work bobbing up and down does not immediately have the expected effect on Kieran: “I think I’m nervous. First time I’ve ever been sucked by a guy.” That’s okay, dude. It sure as hell won’t be the last. Fair-minded, or maybe curious to find out what he can do, Kieran asks Tapper, “Can I try it on you?” Duh. Kieran turns out to have pretty good cock-sucking instincts—“Not bad for a first timer”—and responds well to the encouragement from Tapper. “This is funner than I thought,” Kieran says boyishly. “New things always are,” replies Tapper’s voice of experience. When Tapper scoots up to the back of the couch, Kiernan has easier access and, kneeling on the couch, slurps enthusiastically on his pal’s grateful piece. When Tapper asks, “Do you like my dick?” Kieran has an excuse to pause and catch his breath to reply: “Yeah.” But it’s Kieran’s turn for some attention: he leans back again and Tapper goes back to work, this time giving much more aggressive head. There are some wonderful close-ups of Kieran’s gorgeous and expressive face, while Tapper sucks and he tugs on his nipple rings. Kieran is totally believable as the straight boy top, but he wants another turn on Tapper’s tap, and this time looks just great while he taps the Tapper. Looking with obvious anticipation at Tapper’s cock while jacking it, Kieran explains, “I’m just excited. I want you to cum in my face.” The Irish always love their cream. Now we get some even better close-ups of Kieran’s blue eyes and inviting lips, while he waits for the tap to gush. Soon Tapper does indeed gush a very creamy load all over Kieran’s face (especially his nose) and shoulders. Licking his lips, Kieran gets off one of my favorite lines—“Doesn’t taste as bad as the girls always say”—before getting off one of my favorite cocks (his own). It seems rather selfish and stupid of Tapper to abandon his buddy just at this moment, but, again, Kieran is a good sport: “I’ll just stay here and finish up.” And he does. “Not too squirty today,” he candidly admits, “but good, it feels good.” Watching Kieran savor his own Irish boy cream, finger by finger, you can only agree. Not too squirty. But for once, who cares? Hello, gorgeous.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Tapper, Shane, and Nate

Tapper may have been more-or-less in charge with the inexperienced Kieran, but when he hooks up with Defiant veterans Shane and Nate, you just know this is gonna be a different kind of fun for him. Sure, enough, Shane sets the tone, asking, “Tapper, you like to give head?” “Occasionally. Why not?” comes the measured reply, followed by an obedient demonstration. Shane is grateful and polite: “That was pretty good. Thank you.” Tapper is matter-of-fact: “No problem then, buddy.” And it’s no problem for Tapper to drop to his knees to give equal time to Nate. Prompting the still grateful and polite Shane to ask, “What do you think, Nate? Think you can do the same for him?” Nate can and he does. When Nate keeps sucking Tapper, Tapper sucks Shane. Nobody’s left out of the fun. Tapper appreciates Shane’s tendency to leak early and often: “ a little pre-cum, there, huh?” And he surprises his new friends when he slides a small dildo halfway up his own ass, saying simply (and rather oddly), “It’s all gravy.” “He’s a trooper, remarks Shane, with respect. During some side-by-side-by-side, Tapper is conveniently between Nate and Shane, a little torn, until Shane points out, “Damn, here we go again with the pre-cum.” “Give me a little of that,” Tapper insists, teasing out a glistening thread with his tongue: “Tastes like honey.” Without prompting, Nate goes down on Tapper, pausing only to say, “One good turn deserves another.” But just to remind each other and us that these guys are straight, Tapper comments on the porno playing in the background, “ Damn, that girl is hella hot.” I just bet she is, Tapper. Before long, with every body helping everybody, Tapper is ready: “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting’ pretty close to cummin’.” Shane goads him on by pointing out that his “pre-cum just keeps flowin’ and flowin’.” Tapper looks hotter and hotter as he gets closer and closer: “I’m gonna cum, I think.” And he does, busting a healthy nut. Now he’s ready to help Shane: “Little help over there?” Hearing no resistance, Tapper goes a little crazy on Shane’s big cock, alternately licking the shaft and running his mouth up and down its length as if it were a cob of corn and then swallowing the whole damn thing. When Shane warns that he’s “getting so close,” Tapper just gets more aggressive with his noisy blow job. Meanwhile Nate is obviously getting himself poised to shoot. Shane is now jacking himself, while Tapper continues to use his lips and tongue on his cock. Nate kneels over Tapper (“Here I go”) and cums generously on his stomach. It’s all good fun. All good.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Bradley Shaw and Ryan Shaw

We encounter everyone’s favorite half-brothers well into a jack off session. Grunting a “Mother fuck, man” Bradley surprises Ryan—and us—by offering up his ass. Not one to refuse a good offer, Ryan is soon fucking Bradley, or at least seriously trying. Did you ever think you’d see the day? When Ryan has some trouble penetrating the offered opening, his bro sensibly points out to him, “you gotta get hard first,” and to us, ‘He has to warm up . . . like an old dirt bike.” Just what I was thinking. Ryan doesn’t listen and doesn’t warm up. He just keeps trying to fuck Bradley without being hard. On the third or fourth try, he does manage to force a few inches inside Bradley, who moans and deadpans in his bro’s defense, “ I do got a tight ass.” It’s kinda fun to see Bradley direct the director at this point: “Joe, stop it real quick.” Like most good directors, Joe Serna listens to his stars. When the tape rolls again, the Shaw brothers have abandoned their surprising attempt to go where they haven’t gone before, returning to a more comfortable side-by-side. Later, Bradley explains that he let his bro try to fuck him “for the fans.” (On behalf of those fans, “Thanks, Bradley.”) But first there’s the matter of busting some nuts. And bust nuts they do. First, Bradley tries to cum in his own face. Not this time (too many distractions?), but he does splatter his chest with a rapid-fire and very messy load. Ryan cums, too, this time with more distance than Bradley (maybe he liked trying to fuck his big bro?), squirting well past his shoulder onto the pillow. Naturally, the boys compare cum shots, both their trajectories and their tastes. No winner is declared. It’s all for the fans.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN, Joe Serna, Shane, Matthew Matters, Brett Peters, Rock Lee, Brock LaBelli, Tap Her Blaz, Kleran, Nathan Daniels, Bradly Shaw, Ryan Shaw
Shane and Matthew Matters: The Re-match

Even after that, this fun-packed video still has one more surprising first for you. The twin towers of Shane and Matthew are back for another long and intense session watching straight porn. Matthew’s first to unpack his trouser trophy, boasting to Shane: “I’d have her screamin’ and yellin.” Shane, as usual, doesn’t need a lot of encouragement to get comfortable and into the spirit of the moment. He’s got his own ideas about their choice of porn: “You know what would be nice? One sittin’ on her lap and the other sittin’ on her face.” “Tasty,” Matthew agrees, “Tasty Treat.” The real tasty treat seems to be the string of pre-cum already leaking from Shane’s Tower. Matthew leans over to engulf it. Shane returns the favor, this time getting even closer than ever before to actually sucking cock, combining some spitting, some tongue, and a hand job. Matthew gets still more of Shane’s tasty pre-treat, while Shane casually jacks Matthew. But something about Matthew and his tower pulls Shane across that invisible line. He not only uses his tongue on Matthew’s mushroom cap, he actually takes it in his mouth, briefly. Knowing a good thing, Matthew offers encouragement (“feels awesome”), which seems to keep Shane going back for more sucking. Just in case you’ve missed the significance of this defining Defiant moment, Shane explains: “I’ve never done that before. I never thought I’d do it. It’s what you guys asked for. I like to give my fans what they want.” What a guy! And he’s just getting started here. Shane keeps going back and taking more and more cock in his mouth: “You like that? You guys like that?” Matthew jumps in to ask, “You guys having as much fun as we are?” before suggesting some 69 action on the floor. Who would have thought? But by now Shane seems absolutely captivated by Matthew’s massive cock, managing to take more than half of it down his throat. When Matthew sits back on the couch, Shane stays on his knees, blowing, tonguing, mouthing, sucking, jacking Matthew’s cock. “I did it all for you,” Shane says, meaning “the fans,” and sounding a lot like Bradley. “That was awesome,” gushes a happy Matthew, on behalf of his happier cock. After lubing up for the final side-by-side, Shane repeats his point: “You guys like what I did? I never pictured myself doing that, but I try to keep you happy, so . . .” Now it’s time to keep himself happy, so, with Matthew watching intently, Shane takes off his cap, and blasts several heavy squirts of skater juice into his own mouth. “Nice,” says Matthew. “Direct shot, huh?” says Shane. Direct, yes, but Shane’s torso is still covered with his juice. Spitting some excess from his mouth, he feeds it to an impressed and grateful Matthew: “That was a beautiful cum shot.” Looking down on Matthew’s still loaded tower of power, Shane helps out, spitting and stroking. With his head propped up against Shane, Matthew arches his back and spews a massive load onto his own face. Wow. So that’s how straight guys have fun. What was it Tapper told Kieran about new things always being funner than you thought? Now, there’s a good title for the sequel: “Funner Than You Thought.” Followed , of course, by “Straight Guys Having Fun 3: Doing It All For You.”

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