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A NOTE FROM VINNIE: Scheduled to go into the Marine Corp in a few months as a condition of his probation for being a thug, 18 year old Adam is content right now to audition for a famous porn producer! Only 5 foot 6 inches and 145 pounds, this French-Italian skaterboy is a sexy, diesel package with a cool attitude. Adam is a friend of Sneek Peek star "Buzz", so let's keep our fingers crossed that Adam has similar interests.
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Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #11: ADAM, Vinnie Russio,

Buzz arranges the interview and Adam show up on time at my front door. I set him up in the bedroom and after some Q&A I leave him alone with the porno. Adam's rod stirs in his boxers and as soon he releases the beast he works it to full attention. When I return I ask him how big his cock is - he's not quite sure so I measure a rock hard 8'' as he continues with a determined stroke. I grab his cock to show him how to squeeze out the pre-cum but he's not quite ready to let go. As the vampire porn flick gets weirder, Adam gets into it more and more and soon he's spurting high and proud all over the bed. ''Yeah, I think I can work with you,'' I say. ''I wasn't nervous at all,'' he says. Draw up the contracts!

Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #11: ADAM, Vinnie Russio,

When Adam comes by to 'chill with Vinnie, I make him strip off his boxers and 'beater to start the ball rolling. As his cock grows before my eyes I grab the oil and start to stroke him up very cautiously...mustn't move too fast! He looks mean tonight and I m not quite sure what he s thinking, so I let him pleasure himself for a while. I return to find him laying back, arms behind his head so I start to stroke him again and this time he spills right in my hand. No problem, there's plenty more where that came from!

Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #11: ADAM, Vinnie Russio,

I'm tired of seeing the same old blue silk boxers, so I start this session by having Adam try on some underwear. He settles on a pair of Champions and after massaging his pole thru the briefs he strips and starts some serious strokin'. I try to ask him some questions but he's too into the porno to respond, so I break the spell by moving in to re-measure his cock...Yep, still 8''...and while I'm in the area I grab and oil up his cock. Adam puts his hands behind his head and lets me play with his balls and manhandle his throbbing piece, squeezing out every drop of pre-cum. ''You like that?'' I ask. ''Yeah,'' he grunts. I can t stand it any longer and before he has a chance to react, I chow down on it, taking every last inch of his cock in my mouth. Alas! After only 30 seconds of bliss Adam begins a barrage of high-flying cumshots and I try to catch as much as I can for myself! ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Very good,'' he mumbles.

Sneek Peek Productions STR8 LOADS #11: ADAM, Vinnie Russio,

In the few times I spoke with Adam since the last interview, he seemed cool with everything and in fact wanted to continue the process. Adam shows up in his favorite blue boxers and while I talk about the cock-sucking sluts in the porno flick and take a few photos, he rises to the occasion and stands with his cock pointing straight out. I can't resist an invitation so I dive down on it, playing with his balls and licking the shaft. It doesn't take long before Adam lets me know he's gonna release and then pumps a huge creamy load down my throat. Adam's epilogue about the girl he had fucked in the back of a van that day ends with ''...and I'm glad it was dark out so I didn't really have to see her!?!'' You gotta love em!

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