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A NOTE FROM VINNIE: When I first came upon this straight 5'11'', 180 pound ''Devil-Pup'' I had a feeling he would turn into one of my favorite playthings... These scenes were filmed when furry young Marine C.J. was just 18 years old and had just begun his ''training''. He looks fresh and innocent and good enough to eat! Check out C.J.'s uniform scenes in SPP20 GRUNT SPUNK and SPP37 AWOL SPUNK.
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Product Scenes

Sneek Peek Productions CJ AT EASE, Vinnie Russo,

C.J. comes by my pad to chill with Vinnie and to find out what my ''business'' is all about. He strips to his boxers then lets me take them off while checking out the porno flick. I oil up his cock and he watches as I stroke it till it's hard. When I see my chance to move I go down on him, taking his cock all the way down my throat. C.J. leans back and enjoys the feeling til he busts his nut on my lips. ''That your first blowjob?'' I ask. ''No!'' C.J. says defensively. I mean from another guy!

Sneek Peek Productions CJ AT EASE, Vinnie Russo,

On this visit C.J. is not in the best mood having just had a fight with his girlfriend. I try to take his mind off that by getting down on my knees, lubin' up his cock and taking it deep in my throat. He's a little non-responsive this time so I leave him alone to let him finish off. C.J. spills his load on the towel and screws...

Sneek Peek Productions CJ AT EASE, Vinnie Russo,

C.J. is in better spirits today, he made up with his girlfriend and she gave him a dragon pendant to wear (bitch!). I have him strip down and as he watches the new porno flick I massage his meat til it's ready to eat! I suck and stroke for a while, bringing him close several times before he shoots a load in my mouth. ''How was that?'' I ask. C.J. just smiles.

Sneek Peek Productions CJ AT EASE, Vinnie Russo,

It seems C.J.'s been cheating on his girlfriend with another girl, and I thought I was the only one! He gets down to his tiger boxers and starts pulling his pud to the porno on the tv. After he strokes it hard I settle between his legs and swallow his cock. After a long, sweet blowjob, C.J. is ready and pops a nut on my lips and in my mouth. He's a little self-conscious as the camera watches him dress.

Sneek Peek Productions CJ AT EASE, Vinnie Russo,

C.J.'s mad at his girlfriend for not givin' it up, so he heads to Vinnie's to work it off. He strips down to his ''bear cub'' body and I waste no time in chowin' down on his cock. I work it for a while and make it last before he gives me the nod and spills a huge load on my face. ''Your girlfriend ever give you a blowjob like that?'' I ask. ''Unfortunately, no.'' C.J. responds. Duh!

Sneek Peek Productions CJ AT EASE, Vinnie Russo,

This time his girlfriend threw him out of the house (did she learn about the other girl?) so C.J. wants to sleep over. He sets up his bedding on the living room floor, gets naked and sprawls out. I get down between his legs and start blowing him, stroking and sucking as some funk blasts on the stereo. C.J. spews a load on my lips and I eat it up. My little Marine is spent...Sleep tight!

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