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Corbin Fisher's studs know how to put on a show - for us, and for the lucky girls that get a front row seat as two ripped young men suck and fuck their way to explosive orgasms. In CF's signature teasing episodes, the girls help get the action started, then sit back and watch as the guys put on a show for them. Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Connor, and Brody show the girls what two guys can do with and to one another in Bi Fraternity Teasing Volume 2!

  • Manufacturer: Corbin Fisher
  • Run Time: 84
  • Audio: Live Sound
  • Director: Corbin Fisher
  • Cast: Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody
  • Year Produced: 2015
  • Shipping Time: 3 to 5 days
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  • Regional Encoding: None
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Product Scenes

Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody
Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody

Getting the guys into action with a girl right there along with them really makes for a hot dynamic, and often spurs the guys on to have even more fun, fuck harder, and do all they can to put on as hot a show for the girl as possible. Even though they could be playing with another stud's cock, sucking dick, or even getting fucked, the straight guy in them can't help but want to get that girl turned on as much as possible and put on a show for her! That's precisely the case here, as Connor and Brody get into a thoroughly hot and intense fuck session with Ashley right there watching and enjoying the show!

Connor makes the perfect top for Brody. If there's anyone who can get Brody to open up, it's Connor, as he was once a quiet and reserved guy during his first times with another guy here at CF but we've certainly seen that change since! True to form, he does a masterful job of getting Brody to let loose and get into things, all of it culminating with Connor's big dick slamming Brody's tight hole!

Early on and with Ashley encouraging the boys to go at it, Brody gets his lips wrapped around Connor's cock and sucks it hard, getting Connor stiffer and stiffer and ready for what's in store.

What happens next, though, really makes things take off! Brody is soon lowering his ass down on to Connor's dick, getting it buried up inside him all the way to the balls before Connor begins to slide it in and out. Brody looks like he's absolutely loving it, that hot face of his thrown back, his mouth hanging open, his own dick swinging around while Connor pumps his hole! Connor really fucks Brody deep and hard, and we get a great view of it all as Brody takes it!

Connor then gets Brody on to his back so he can resume fucking him hard, Brody's grunts, moans and gasps coming with each thrust.

"You're gonna make me cum!", Connor gasps.

At that, Brody whispers back that he wants Connor to cum and stares intently down at Connor's cock so he can see it happen. Connor has more in mind, though, and moves up so that his dick is right in Brody's face as he begins to shoot! Brody opens his mouth and takes as much of Connor's load as he can, his tongue totally coated, cum spraying his lips and face, and then leaning into lick off more cum as Connor mouths words of encouragement! It's a fast-paced, furious and intensely hot fuck!

Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody
Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody

Oh sure, there's kind of a girl in this one. But she's off to the side, watching and getting teased while CF super stars Connor and Trey go at it! And do they ever go at it!

In an episode previously only available at CFSelect.com, Connor and Trey show Tina that two ripped studs can have more than enough fun together, and Trey can take a pounding better than most anyone else. Connor rails Trey hard and long, Trey's wails and moans bouncing off the walls.

Trey takes it from Connor on all fours, rides Connor's dick, then gets fucked with his legs in the air as he fires a huge load all over. His own load doesn't match up to the one he greedily sucks and swallows from Connor's cock, though.

Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody
Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody

t's been almost a year since we've seen Austin. So we set up an extra-special CF "welcome back." It was Dawson that took Austin's cherry in the first place, so it seemed fitting to pair them up again to tease Delila. I knew it would be hot. But nobody expected how hot it would make Connor!

Delila is excited to get a show, and I told her to just shout out anything she wanted to see. Dawson asked her to get her shirt off for some visual stimulation, and then the guys got to it. I told Dawson to remind Austin who was in charge … and boy, did he!

Dawson kissed Austin aggressively, then threw him down on the bed. Austin responded just as aggressively. He kisses Dawson's ripped abs and big pecs. He gets Dawson's underwear off and kisses his dick and thighs, worshipping that hot body.

Delila tells him, "Do not forget to suck the toes." Austin sucks Dawson's toes while Dawson moans in pleasure. She tells him to get the soles of his feet as well. Dawson tells Austin it's time to get that mouth on his dick.

Austin spits on it and starts sucking. He jerks Dawson's dick, then sucks it some more. Then, Dawson makes him eat his ass. Austin buries his scruffy face between Dawson's ass cheeks while he bathes that hole with his tongue.

He takes a break to suck on Dawson's cock again. Austin is told to put his tongue back in that hole. He gets back to eating more ass. Dawson shoves Austin's head down even deeper to get that tongue in farther.

Delila comes over and lubes Dawson's dick up. She tells Austin "It's time to ride it like I would." Austin jumps on and does her proud. Dawson tells him what a sweet fuck it is, and how tight Austin's ass is. Austin pushes against Dawson's muscled chest to sit back even deeper onto his hot cock.

Austin gets on his stomach so Dawson can fuck him from behind. From her expression, Delila is clearly loving the show. And a sudden camera drop reveals that Connor, who is filming with the handheld, is sporting a big boner!

Delila asks "Why don't you jump in, Connor?" And why not? He does, and brings the handheld camera with him. Dawson tells Connor that Austin's ass is sweet and he'll like it. As Connor films and slides his big cock into Austin, Dawson stands up and sticks his cock into Austin's mouth.

As they spitroast Austin. Dawson takes the camera off Connor's hands so he can concentrate on pounding Austin's ass. Dawson tells Connor to fuck the shit out of him. Connor does! He pulls his cock out and slaps it against Austin's ass.

There's so many great close-ups of Austin getting plowed and sucking dick, it's amazing. And the odd intimacy of having the handheld camera in the middle of the action, seems to turn all three guys on even more.

They never stop owning Austin. They call him a little "bottom bitch," and fill him up from both sides. When Connor starts pulling all the way out and then plugging his dick back in, Austin looks like he is in heat. He can't stop himself and shoots an insane fountain of cum all over the bed.

He keeps on backing up against Connor, and keeps sucking Dawson's dick as he comes. Dawson says he loves to see Austin come while "being fucked like a girl." He's definitely showing Austin who's in charge!

Delila wants them both to come in Austin's mouth. He sucks them both, and then focuses on Connor. Connor comes, and then puts his dick deep into Austin's throat and exclaims, "I'm still coming!" Dawson tells Austin to get every last drop.

Austin does the same for Dawson. He sucks his dick dry, as Connor captures it on the handheld. They call Austin a "fucking cum whore" and "cum guzzler." And he is â€" Austin squeezes the last bit of juice from Dawson's dick and Dawson even feeds him the last drop that fell on his finger.

Delila gives the whole experience an A-plus, and says she's a little jealous. Connor promises to catch her next time. The guys kiss and I think Austin had a great … and fitting … welcome back!

Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody
Corbin Fisher BI FRATERNITY TEASING 2, Corbin Fisher, Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody

This insanely hot video had previously only been available on CF Select, but we're releasing it as a bonus update on ACS now! Travis & Trey Teasing Delila has to be one of the finest examples of how our "Teasing" videos - where two go at it and put on a show for a third - led to some of the hottest action we've captured on camera.

Granted, it's hard to go wrong when you team up Travis and Trey - these two are completely insatiable, and among the horniest, most eager to fuck guys we've ever had at CF. The only question that arises when pairing these two up is who gets to bottom, as each one is so darn good at that!

It ended up being Trey who was on the receiving end of Travis' big dick, in no small part thanks to Delila's encouragement and suggestions, and both of these studs were obviously completely happy with that outcome! Trey goes wild with Travis' dick in him, and Travis shows he can give as good as he gets as he mercilessly assault's Trey's hole!

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      Connor, Trey, Travis, Dawson, Austin, Brody
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