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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 138
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Year Produced: 2017
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Str8 military men are always ready to blow off some steam and get a nut. A happy-ending massage is just the fix they need, but the tables have turned. Rather than paying for a rub down from a girl, these horny servicemen blur their boundaries with the promise of cash to get a full-body servicing by a guy for the first time. SpunkWorthy presents four recruits, ready to bare it all on camera, jerking their cocks alone or getting some help, being stroked and sucked to completion. It's the happiest of endings that they never thought would happen!

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Wayne's massage

When Wayne hit me up about doing another shoot, he wasn't too sure about a happy-ending massage scene. He'd gotten one before when he and a buddy drove to L.A. together, but that, of course, was from a woman and the thought of getting one from a guy gave him some pause. That is, until a bunch of bills started piling up and suddenly the idea making some cash getting rubbed down didn't sound so bad.

One thing was sure, Wayne was obviously horny. From the minute he came through the door I could see the bulge in his shorts and he kept fidgeting with his cock (right up to when the cameras were turned on). He'd ended up hooking up with a girl the night before, but blue-balled it so he could save his load for the shoot.

Once he was face down on the massage table, I wasn't sure how Wayne was going to react to getting his ass played with. The first time my hands made their way down his back, his butt cheeks clenched up. The second time, he relaxed and the more I rubbed his hole and "taint," the more Wayne's cock swelled up from between his legs.

Wayne rolled over onto his back with a stiff boner that he kept stroking while the cameras were being rearranged. I didn't want him to cum too quickly, so I took it slow, making sure to not push him over the edge. Even so, Wayne would periodically thrust his hips into my fist.

With his eyes tightly shut and his face getting flushed red, it didn't seem like it was going to take much to get Wayne to cum. He had certainly drifted off to a very happy place in his head. I started stroking his cock a little faster, and Wayne recognized his cue. He joined in by picking up the pace of fucking my my hands and within seconds coated his stomach in a thick load of cum.

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Wayne: behind-the-scenes

Wayne headed to the shower off the massage oil after his happy-ending shoot. Not being one to pass up the chance to get some off-the-cuff chat with the guys, I trailed after him with camera in hand.

One of things I like most about Wayne was his bubble butt. Turns out that he gets comments from girls on it all the time, too.

"Yeah, it's from bull riding and all that other shit," he said. "They notice that and my eyes. And my dick after we have sex," he added with a laugh.

He's got a thick one. Even after busting a nut a few minutes earlier, he looked like he was ready to go for round two right there in the shower.

We also get into what his friends think about him doing porn, and which of them were thinking about taking the plunge. What he thought about getting his first handjob from a guy, and how the military, oddly enough, helped prepare him for it. And the story leading up to his buddy exclaiming, "Holy fuck, man. I'm glad to be your friend. Those are balls a bull would be proud to have."

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley

Kent is 24 y/o, recently out of the military and now going to college to be a fitness trainer. He played a handful of sports growing up (baseball, basketball and lacrosse). These days he has a hefty gym regimen, working out 6 days a week, usually twice a day.

Kent got hit up about doing porn a few months back and it took him a while to decide to make the leap. Even after showing up at the studio he seemed a little uncertain about things. I asked if he had told anyone about the shoot.

"Not a soul knows I'm here right now," he replied with a nervous smile, adding that most of his friends would be really surprised to hear he was getting naked on camera.

Once Kent's clothes were off, though, he tapped into his inner porn star and warmed right up to the experience. Sometimes it's those shy guys who have the burning desire inside to let loose and show off what they've got.

Kent usually jacks off 2-3 times a day, and made sure to hold off for a couple days before the shoot. He was rock hard and looked like he was ready to bust at any moment. And it turned out that he was. No sooner did he get the thumbs up for his grand finale than he ramped up to an explosive cumshot that flew clear up his chest and soaked his stomach.

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Bryson's massage

Bryson sent a text asking about doing another shoot. He knew that his buddy, Anthony, had done a massage video and figured that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for him, considering his previous scenes (getting a hand-job, jerking off and getting jerked off by Anthony).

Bryson showed up feeling cool and confident. He'd saved up a couple-day load and even "edged" himself with his wife earlier in the morning to help ramp up his horniness. But nerves may have gotten the better of him starting out -- first time jitters having a guy rub down his body with more intimacy wasn't quite getting his dick super hard. At least at first.

Seeing a chance to take things up a notch, I gave Bryson a little extra help and jump-started his dick with my mouth. That did the trick; Bryson got rock hard in no time. In fact, after a couple minutes his eyes suddenly popped open.

"Stop! Stop!" he said, looking down at his cock. It was a close call to him cumming too quickly.

Now that he'd been edged one more time that morning, it was time to go for the gold. Bryson's breathing got heavier as I picked up the pace of stroking him. Then, going in for the kill, I wrapped my lips around his shaft to finish him off. Bryson gasped deeply, then reaching down, grabbed the back of my head, giving it a quick tap letting me know he was about to cum. It was just barely enough to time to pull off as globs of jizz splattered onto his pubes.

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley

Brantley is a southern boy who was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He (Brantley) recently got out of the military and thought he'd do some traveling; California was on the top of his list, so our friend suggested that he get in touch while he was out this way. And I'm glad he did!

He was a wrestler in high school and still has the tight body of a guy who looks like he could hold his own on the mat. Football was the sport he liked better, but being a smaller guy, he laughed, "I was always getting hit by someone twice my size."

Brantley's done a couple videos already and seemed excited about getting in front of the cameras again. Even though none of his friends know he's doing porn now, he said most of them wouldn't be too surprised. He explained that he's "that guy at the party who gets drunk and ends up naked."

He's got a wild side and is a bit of a prankster. Once, his barracks roommate pulled a joke on Brantley by intentionally "getting caught" jerking off; just to see if he could freak him out. Brantley, without missing a beat, dropped his pants and, telling his roommate, "Two dicks are better than one," challenged him to a jerk off race.

When it comes to jacking off, Brantley said he goes, on average, about three times a day. He saved up for about a day before the shoot and made a couple comments as we were getting things started how horny he was ("God, I can't wait to bust a nut!") When he got the go-ahead, it didn't take long before Brantley worked himself up to a moaning finish onto his stomach.

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Kent's massage

Kent was one tough nut to crack. I'd asked him about coming back for a happy-ending massage, but weeks went by before enough cash was negotiated to tip the balance.

Needless to say, Kent was nervous about his first experience with a guy. Not that he's a stranger to getting erotic rub downs. He's a regular at one of the local parlors. Of course, those are all with women.

If he was tense at first, Kent relaxed almost immediately once he shut his eyes and my hands found their way across his body. Before long, there was a growing boner between his legs when he was face down on the massage table.

On his back, Kent was fully enjoying the experience. As one of my hands rubbed his cock, the other reached down to rub his fuzzy ass, while he subtly adjusted his legs to give me access to his hole.

Since he'd saved up for 3 days, and seeing his throbbing cock leading up to the finish line, you can guess how ready Kent was to bust. Once I started stroking him just the slightest bit faster, Kent was ready to blow in no time. He let loose with a huge shot that flew over his shoulder and continued shooting to soak his stomach in a thick puddle of cum.

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Brantley's massage

When I hit Brantley up about doing a happy-ending massage shoot, he took a few weeks to, as he put it, "weigh the pluses and minuses." Along with the wad of cash waiting at the finish line, it seemed that curiosity finally won him over. His closest experiences so far were limited to foreplay with girlfriends and a regular massage he and a buddy got after a hard day training with the military.

With two days saved up in his balls, Brantley was horny as hell. Nervous, for sure. But nothing that some massage oil couldn't help, I thought. As my hands slowly rubbed Brantley's back, legs, and feet, he loosened right up. His tight hole looked like it could use some special attention, so I dove in for a taste.

It was hot to see Brantley's cock was grow harder and harder when he rolled over to his back. For a guy who wasn't sure if he'd be able to get an erection with a guy stroking him, in no time he was sporting some serious wood.

What was the trick to get Brantley up to edge? You guessed it: some dick sucking got him going.

"Right there," he whispered as I went down on him. "Don't stop."

It didn't take long before Brantley's eyes were squeezed shut and he gave the word that he was about to bust. A few tugs were all it took to milk the thick load from his cock as it ran down my hand onto his pubes.

Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Spunk Worthy MILITARY MASSAGES, , Wayne, Kent, Bryson, Brantley
Brantley: behind-the-scenes

Brantley jumped up from the massage table with a "Whew!" and headed to wash off all the oil from his body.

"I gotta pee before I shower, though."

His bladder relieved, all sorts of stuff started coming up while the camera was rolling. From his experience in the military showers, to what he considered the gayest thing he's ever done. Who'd have thought that a kissing challenge/dare with his best buddy would rank at the top?

Getting sucked off by a guy a few minutes earlier only kind of made the radar. The reasoning was ... well... you watch the video and make a decision.

After the shower, Brantley showed off the "Bend and Receive" exercise he learned in boot camp, along with an ever-so-close attempt to sucking his own dick, and showing off those cum gutters that line his abs.

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