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Ink And Jizz 2


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Studio: GuyBone
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Run Time: 169
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
Year Produced: 2017
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GuyBone brings you five firm cocks, five fit bodies, five incredibly horny young guys making each other feel fucking fantastic.

Product Scenes

GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
Avi & Hoytt Flip Raw

With a look and a pull in to kiss, Avi grabbed Hoytt and never let go. This was the first scene Hoytt filmed with us, even though it wasn't released first. And this was the first time I got to see Avi show off his topping skills. These two had magnetic, electric chemistry that I couldn't take my eyes off. So much of it, in fact, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

I was super stoked they wanted to flip fuck. Gave me the chance to see both of them in the top role. Avi had been nervous, I think, to top. I don't know why, he was magnificent! They both were. Rock hard and ready to go, they took turns rimming and sucking each other to really secure the need to fuck.

Hoytt ate out Avi's hairy hole while Avi's legs dangled in the air. Then Hoytt laid back and let Avi service his long, thick shaft. Their furry bodies, their ink, their hairy mugs - it was all too perfect to look at. Hoytt groaned and grumbled as Avi licked and sucked and kissed his cock. He moaned in satisfaction as Avi dove into his ass tongue first.

We'd decided to film in the living room where Avi had his solo. Something about sex on a couch. It's different and more adventurous than a bed. And this couch was the perfect size for these two studs to flip around on. When Avi went down on Hoytt's super stiff one a second time, I was ready to explode in my shorts. These two were on fire!

Avi stood up on the sofa so Hoytt could suck his raging hardon in a kneeling position. He gobbled his balls, sniffing and swallowing what seemed simultaneously. Avi's cock was throbbing, aching to disappear down Hoytt's throat. His sexy, tight body clenched as he flexed his fat dick. He got Hoytt on his back again so he could rim him this time. He devoured his hole and worked from ass to balls to boner. Hoytt was in Heaven. His thick dick looked ready to rupture, it was so hard and veiny and pulsing.

Before I knew it, Hoytt was lifting and spinning Avi around, tossing him back on the couch. Their new position switch came with the obvious intent that Hoytt would top Avi first. He lubed up with SPUNK and eased his giant cock into Avi's tight, but readyテδ「テつテつヲ and very willingテδ「テつテつヲ hole. They both murmured their delight and as Hoytt began to pound Avi's ass bareback, their murmurs became moans that became outright cries of bliss.

Hoytt spread Avi's legs and gave me a hot view of him entering his back door. Then he squeezed his legs tight and hugged them as he fucked raw and deep. Avi's pecs jiggled ever so slightly with the rhythm of the sex and my eyes darted between them and his incredibly sexy bare feet, flopping up near Hoytt's head.

Hoytt was an animal, fucking fast and natural. His own juicy ass looked divine as he worked Avi's hole. They began to work up a sweat and with the windows open on a hot summer day, I could only imagine the aural show the neighbors were being treated to. If I wasn't filming, I'd be listening from my window, jerking furiously to the sounds of two studs screwing hard nearby.

Next position was my favorite. Hoytt leaned forward off the couch and fucked down into Avi's ass as Avi lay on the ground on his shoulders, ass aimed up. Superb position. Gave me such a hot show of Hoytt's hairy hardon plundering Avi's beautiful back door. Avi's cock and balls danced as Hoytt nailed him to the floor. Fuck, it was dazzling!

Just when I thought Hoytt couldn't get Avi into any more of an impressive position, he put his legs up on the sofa and thrust down deep into his costar. He was doing pushups with just his hips and it was hot as fuck! Mini workout for the day completed, they returned to the seated fucking for a minute before Avi took his turn as top.

Before he got his dick inside Hoytt, Avi wanted to suck some more dick. And rim some more hole. He's such a pro at both, it's totally entertaining watching him service a hot dude like Hoytt. Avi got Hoytt's hole wet and readied and even smacked that bubble butt for good measure. Then he was inside, full length, sitting still and allowing Hoytt's tight ass to accommodate his girth.

Avi started pumping, fucking his bottom raw and hard. He was incredible to watch as a dominant top. His dick was steel. His abs rock. Hoytt bent over the couch doggystyle and gave himself to Avi. Usually you enjoy one guy as top over the other in a flip scene like this, but I honestly couldn't choose between them. They were both so fantastic in BOTH roles!

Avi leaned over Hoytt's back to kiss him and nuzzle his neck. Then he grabbed his shoulders and pounded furiously. Hoytt's ass cheeks rippled and shook with each hump from Avi. Beautiful butt on that boy. Avi paid some more oral attention to Hoytt's hairy nuts before entering him again. He dipped his dick deep in Hoytt's oasis. It was warm, wet, enveloping. He screwed him relentlessly, huffing and bellowing. Hoytt had gone into a dazed puppy phase. He was literally dickmatized, his tongue hanging out, his eyes glossed over. He was in a sex trance. As he should be! Avi gave it to him just like he wanted then pulled out and sucked his dick some more. This guy could not get enough big dick down his throat. WOOF!

Then it was back to fucking. Avi fit his dick back inside Hoytt's wonderful ass and pounded away. Hoytt jerked his huge hardon until he was ready to bust. The feel of Avi's perfectly straight shaft inside his ass must have rubbed his prostate just right and he blew an amazing load onto his chest and stomach. Avi leaned in to taste some as it dripped from his piss slit.

To get himself off, Avi wanted to ride Hoytt's still erect dick one final time. He straddled his lap and rocked back and forth on the spent but still stiff prick. He rubbed his own dick, hard as ever, lubed with Hoytt's jizz he'd scooped up from his belly. He was begging to cum. He shot his seed across Hoytt's hairy neckline, onto his beard, and into his open, waiting mouth. They kissed, tasting a combo of their cum, and I was beyond satisfied with both of their performances. Top, bottom, versatile, these two can and HAVE done it allテδ「テつテつヲ extremely well.

GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
Back 2 Bareback Beach

Grab your swim trunks, even though you won't be wearing them for long! It's our 6 Year Anniversary and we're celebrating by going Back 2 Bareback Beach! We've been here a few times, but most recently and notably for our 4 Year Anniversary's Bareback Beach Gangbang. The scene was so much fun to film AND watch, we figured it was high tide time we poured ourselves a refill of sex on the beach.

This time, we've got an all new cast of beach babes and changed the scene up a bit with one extra GuyBone Guy and two bottoms! It was a sexy day in the sand and sun. So much so, we ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck and one helluva anniversary scene! Thank you for coming along on this adventure with us!

You've met Dieter, Lance and Topher. They were perfect for this group scene because they always bring the sexy. To shake up the mix, we sprinkled in two NEW GuyBone Guys, Brayden and Hyden. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect dream team. And everyone was horned up for some raw action. Sexcellent.

Topher was on his knees immediately, servicing the stiff dicks of both Hyden and Lance, while Dieter worked on undoing Brayden's trunks in order to slurp down his giant cock. The guys were adorned in snapbacks at my request. Not only are they hot, they protected their heads from the sun. Lance moved to his knees and began rimming Dieter while Brayden continued to receive stellar head from him. Hyden worked on Topher's thick, cut cock. Everyone was boned for the beach. Brayden's trunks slid off and he was finally naked with the rest of them. Lance joined Dieter sucking that beautiful boner while Topher and Hyden exchanged places on each other's dicks. Dieter even managed to sneak a rimming session in on Brayden's straight dude ass. Lucky boy!

Five firm cocks, five fit bodies, five incredibly horny young guys making each other feel fucking fantastic. Hyden dropped down on Lance's ever stiff shaft. He was a natural on camera from the get go. He and Brayden got orally acquainted as the other three shuffled around with slobber jobs behind them. The view was spectacular, albeit a tad windier than usual. Whatever, it might sound rough but I'm sure the breeze felt great on their bare balls and buttocks.

Lance is a pro cocksucker and it was evident that he and Hyden shared some extra chemistry with one another. Their bodies responded best to each other as they sucked and kissed their way to extreme erections. Hyden's hardon bounced on Lance's tongue and they made out softly and sweetly while Topher went down on Brayden and Dieter over on the driftwood bench. Then the two sweethearts joined the trio for some additional sucking and rimming. Lance licked Topher's hole, was he the official rimming / bottom readying party? Hyden took turns gobbling Brayden's throbbing cock down with Dieter. The five guys became a cluster of one. Arms, legs, asses, and dicks protruding from the sex circle.

Lance was lubed up with SPUNK and inside Topher before I realized they were fucking. His raw, rock hard cock thrust deep into his costar, filling him nicely. Dieter was ready to join in on the bottoming fun and he bent over doggystyle first for Hyden. The versatile otter may be new to us, but he was clearly not new to topping. He got his dick inside Dieter and began railing him. I loved watching Dieter's bubble butt ripple with the rhythm of Hyden's humping. Nearby, Lance was still balls deep in Topher's ass. The fucking had begun so swiftly and they never looked back. Fucking hot!

Topher wiggled around on Lance's lap, feeling that epically stiff dick in his tight hole. Then Lance moved over to suck on Brayden's cock a bit. He lapped at his balls and swallowed his shaft and sexily kissed his happy trail and mouth. Enough to make anyone incredibly hard. They'd need those incredibly hard cocks for what was next. The three tops lined up on their backs while Dieter and Topher rode them cowboy. Dieter started on top of Lance, Topher on Hyden. They fucked hard and bareback, feeling the full length of the tops inside them. Then they switched, Dieter moving over to Brayden and Topher taking the vacated seat on Lance's pole.

An assembly line of ass pounding action, we'll call it. Brayden owned Dieter's hole as Topher took charge and bucked back and forth on Lance's boner. His dick helicoptered hotly and it was obvious he was having a helluva good time. They switched again, this time Dieter moving over to Hyden's raging hardon and Topher scooting over to sit on Brayden's boner. All this raw dick hopping was getting me super turned on.

Hyden's ridiculously firm cock looked fantastic railing Dieter's ass. His balls pulled tight against his body and the smile on his face couldn't be bigger. He tweaked Dieter's nipples as he fucked him. Dieter snuck a finger inside his versatile costar's ass as he rode his cock. Meanwhile, Brayden was pummeling Topher in doggystyle, their bare feet covered in sweat and sand, gripping together to get the best footing in the slippery terrain.

Dieter jerked his cock fast and furious as he rode Hyden's hard cock. He cried out and exploded a hot load across Hyden's torso. Lance was up to bat next. He made out with his scene partner in crime, Hyden, while he fucked his way to climax, doggystyle with Topher. One knee on the ground, one raised so I could see their hot penetration, Lance screwed Topher hard and with ball slapping intensity. It momentarily seemed as if Topher would beat Lance to the punch, but hearing him say he was nearly there must have got Lance all the way there. He pulled out mid jizz and erupted an enormous nut all over Topher's hairy hole and the towel underneath them. Then Lance proudly spread Topher's buttcheeks and showed off his seed. Woof!

Now it was Topher's turn for real. Hyden grabbed the sex baton and finished the race that Lance had started. He beat Topher's hole into submission with his own sex baton and forced a bountiful amount of boy batter from his bottom's piss slit. Topher was all bellows as he ejaculated on top of Lance's blanket sperm sample. That meant, technically, Hyden was the top responsible for getting both of our bottoms off that day. Not bad for a newbie!

He'd get to showcase his talents again at the end of the scene, but next up was Brayden. He'd had a rough day of sand sticking to his dick. That's the last place anyone needs exfoliation. But he was a trooper and hung in there and while sitting next to Hyden, stroking himself madly, occasionally getting sucked by Dieter, he shot a delicious looking nut. He painted Dieter's grinning mug with his cum and I was instantly jealous of the happy recipient. Dieter finished cleaning off Brayden's glistening, huge dick and then shared the taste sensation with Topher.

Last but definitely not least, Hyden was ready to cum. Everyone but Brayden had taken a stroll along the beach. He wanted to hang back with Hyden, help fluff him, and get his first facial. That he did. Hyden shot so many cum rockets from his cock. They splattered against Brayden's face, in his mouth, on his hat, his back, his thighs, it flew everywhere! What a release! Brayden tasted Hyden's load and sucked the remainder from his cock. Fucking hell, that was so hot to see!

To wrap up the scene, the Fab Five raced toward the water, dropping towels as they ran. Lance stopped short, not wanting to brave the icy Pacific Ocean, but the other four ran straight in, feeling the rush of the water as waves crashed to shore. They didn't stay in long, obviously, and with dicks swinging, they came back to the beach.

Back 2 Bareback Beach.

GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
Jack Tops Alex Raw

I had one wild request for Jack and Alex - fuck in a stairwell. That's all. Do any positions you like, take as long as you want, just give me all that bareback action in a stairwell. Too many times I feel stuck in a bedroom. It's nice to branch out once in a while when you have chill guys willing to try new things. One of my fondest filming memories was in a closet with Ruckus Tops Jacob. Because why not? Jack and Alex got half way up the stairs before turning and beginning to kiss one another. Tops came off and junk got rubbed through their bottoms. This stairwell was about to get very steamy. And we were all ready. So ready, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Alex undid Jack's belt and dropped his jeans to the floor. His str8 sk8r cock was already plumping up inside his boxer briefs and Alex was decidedly ready to taste it. He freed the uncut beast and plopped it into his mouth. He took a seat on the steps so he could tongue bathe Jack's hefty ballsack. Jack exhaled his enthusiasm as Alex sucked on his schlong.

Jack helped Alex out of his undies and tucked his own throbbing cock between the bottom's thighs. He stroked Alex's dick until it was also thick and firm, sliding his erection around between his legs, grazing his hairy taint with his stiff prick. Jack knelt and took Alex's impressive hardon in his mouth. For a straight boy, Jack sure looks like he knows how to service shaft. He teased the head, toyed with the veiny, pink shaft, and played with Alex's balls. Alex whimpered and groaned in satisfaction.

They stood before each other and jerked the other one's boner. Their hard cocks rubbed against each other and Jack even dry humped Alex's ass, getting himself even harder. Alex sucked him again, because wouldn't you? His dick looked huge as ever, raging outward from his thin, hairy torso, disappearing down Alex's talented throat.

Next, Jack had Alex bent over the stairs, his furry ass spread open and aimed right at the sk8r's bearded mug. Jack dove in, tongue first, and rimmed Alex's adorable ass. Alex gave Jack a reach-under, tugging at his cock and thumbing the precum out of his piss slit while getting his hole eaten by his straight costar. Jack seemed to enjoy the taste of warm, wet hole. He rimmed Alex sufficiently well, his cock throbbing all the while, and then switched positions so Alex could blow him from below.

Alex lapped at his tight balls and in this stance, I could see just a peek of Jack's forbidden asshole. Fuck. To someday see that get used. Until that day, Alex would have to settle for being the only bottom in the scene, and he was so incredibly ready. He straddled Jack's lap, allowing Jack to ease his SPUNK lubed cock inside him. They both vocally confirmed his entry and as Alex began bouncing on his giant-sized dick in reverse cowboy, I knew this was going to be a wild stairwell ride!

When Alex wasn't riding, Jack was thrusting up into him from his carpeted seat. Things started to heat up and they both glistened in the tiny stairwell. They stood up together, one connected body, Jack's cock never leaving Alex's ass, and began fucking against the wall. I climbed underneath them and beheld the spectacle that was their raw sex. Jack's fat cock fit neatly and tightly into Alex's hairy hole. He buried his bone balls deep and screwed away. Alex's tight hole occasionally pushed him out and he had to reenter, but it was always worth it to hear Alex clamor for his cock again like it was the first time.

Alex was splayed out against the wall, letting Jack pound his ass from behind in standing doggy. Jack railed his hole, destroying it with his mammoth manhood. He'd loosened up enough now to give himself completely to Jack, and Jack took every bit of him. Their bodies were in sync now and both exclaimed their enjoyment. They took a seat again, clearly enjoying the freedom to fuck this position allowed. Jack worked his aching cock deep into Alex's unshaven underside. The toned bottom jerked his own dick as his ass got owned and Jack pumped harder and faster than ever, rubbing his fingers across Alex's nuts at the same time.

Jack looked fucking great wearing a snapback, and I don't think Alex nor I could keep our eyes off his dashing face, sparkling eyes, and hatted head. Totally naked to the world save for a backwards cap. If that's not str8 sk8r boy, I don't know what is. Suddenly, they were back in doggy style, this time with Jack standing, fucking Alex as he bent over on the staircase. Jack's hairy legs danced back and forth as he fucked Alex's ass with his big boner. His balls pulled tight against his groin and his shaft was hard as rock. They both wailed their approval as they screwed.

Jack's dick pulled at Alex's hairy asshole as it fucked it. They were really working now, fucking like bunnies, as they say. Alex was getting the stuffing of his life. I could tell Jack was nearing the edge of climax, the way he carried himself. He was reaching his breaking point. He wanted to cum bad, it was so evident. He hammered that hole as hard as he could but wouldn't be rewarded with sweet ecstasy until he got Alex on his back in missionary.

He fucked him hard and then pulled out and jerked feverishly until he was ready to shoot. He came a perfect load all over Alex's hole, taint, and balls. His cum dripped down his costar's body and he leaned back against the wall and continued beating his meat. I thought he might cum a second time, but he never did. Alex was ready now, however. He blasted a ribbon of jizz up his furry abs before releasing his dick to Jack who was waiting to milk the last drops of cum out of it and also rub the ribbon into his happy trail. Both boys had blown their loads. Both guys had given the stairwell scene their all. And both men had made me extremely happy テδεつεδづつ「テδεつづδづつテδεつづδづつヲ and horny!

GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
Jay & Zack Flip Raw

Everyone's favorite ginger, Aussie muscle cub is back! And this time he's got resident GuyBone furball sextraordinaire Jay Davis in tow! Zack Acland had told me when I booked him that other studios primarily film him as a bottom, so I knew I wanted to see lots of him topping. But when it came time to costar with hairy pup Jay, they decided to flip fuck and I was all for seeing these two take turns screwing each other bareback! They were so into the idea, too, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They started naked on the bed, because who needs clothes? Both impressive cocks were already raging hard and ready to be sucked. The amount of body hair on these two was intoxicating. Zack with his red curls and bulging biceps. Jay with his dark fur and toned body. They were instantly into the puppy play factor and growled and woofed at each other as they went to work orally.

After some sexy dick sucking, Jay bent Zack over and ate his ass, rimming him ready for the raw fuck he was about to deliver. Lubed up with SPUNK, Jay eased his thick, curved cock inside beefy Zack's beautiful bubble butt. He began pounding pretty soon thereafter, filling his significantly larger costar's hole with his drool-worthy rod.

It was beyond hot watching smaller built Jay, horned up and covered in hair, fucking owning muscle pup Zack's ass. He was like a little mountain climber humping his way up that ginger hill. So sexy to see their reverse spooning action with little spoon on the outside. Jay may not be as burly as Zack, but that's fucking alright by me! He's a hot little pocket pup who knows exactly what he's doing in the bedroom. Zack was more than content to lay there like a good boy and let his pint-sized partner plow his down under.

Pups for life, Jay was on top of Zack doggystyle. He buried his bone balls deep repeatedly as Zack's bountiful ass bounced with the pounding. Then they switched so Jay's load could subside for a moment. Zack took charge like the top I knew he was capable of being. He licked and fingered Jay's tight, fuzzy hole before inching his pierced prick deep inside. Now the positions seemed traditional, bigger guy on top, wrapping his smaller costar up in his arms. But who needs tradition? These two were ridiculously hot in whatever position and role they chose.

With lube and precum from Jay's cock dripping from his broken-in ass, Zack thrust hard and mightily into his partner's pucker. Both sets of legs were spread eagle so I could see the full array of action. Once I brought the camera back up top, I was amazed to see how fantastically Jay's tight ass shook with the beating it was taking from Zack's steel cock. He couldn't believe how great Zack felt inside him, almost making him cum. His own cock was throbbing and firm, loving the attention his fellow pup was giving him.

Then it was Jay's turn back on top. He got Zack on his back in missionary and annihilated his auburn ass. Zack's facial expressions were such a turn on. He went from whimpering and begging to demanding and ordering in a flash. In this position, they definitely had a big dog / little pup vibe. Zack's toes curled as Jay fucked him senseless. His face grimaced in bliss. He panted, rolled his eyes back and threw his head against the bed that was rocking with their raw sex. Jay worked diligently, absolutely slamming Zack's sweet ass. His bareback bone looked hot as fuck thrusting into that hairy ginger hole. He got him into doggy against the edge of the bed as well, screwing him intently. From underneath, I could see their sex juices making the experience all the more slippery and enjoyable for them.

Then Jay was mounted for a Zack attack and wasn't going to stop stroking his dick until he emptied his sack that had been teased twice earlier. Now he would follow through with the eruption of cum. Zack nailed him to the bed with his pierced hammer. He worked it slow to start, letting Jay build up the attraction and load. Then the pumping came. He fucked him hard like he wanted and Jay jerked out a hot nut onto his insanely hairy happy trail. His big, hard boner pushed out pearl jam and Zack bent over to lick it up. He tasted it, shared it with Jay, then went back for seconds. I fucking love seeing guys eat jizz. Especially when it's messy and sloppy and all over their bodies and beards and tongues. Fuck yes!

Zack crashed on the bed and let Jay finger fuck him while he beat his Aussie meat. Jay leaned in to lick that pierced cock just as Zack was about to explode. He shot out a healthy seed and then collapsed in satisfaction as Jay cleaned up his gravy. More cum on hairy tummies and in bushy beards and on wet, red tongues. Jay climbed on top of Zack for a final nuzzle and as the scene faded out and Zack's wandering hand found its way to Jay's hairy hole, I wondered if there would be more in store for these two insatiable pups. WOOF!

GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
GuyBone RAW PUP `N' OTTERY GUYS, , Zack Acland, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Alex Hawk, Avi Jacobs, Topher Michels, Jack Miles, Hyden O探oole, Ryan Powers, Dieter Red, Hoytt Walker, West, Brayden Wolf
Ryan Tops West Raw

We absolutely love Ryan Powers! He always brings his A game. And does he know how to pick perfect costars or what? Delighted and boned up from each of his choices, we were not only ecstatic that he'd chosen West to film a bareback scene with, but elated that it would be West's first time bottoming on camera! Score! Big score! West is a beefy muscle pup covered in dark, curly hair and tattoos and up to this point had only showed us his topping skills, which were magnificent. But we admit, we were curious to see what he'd look like with a big, hard dick like Ryan's up his tight asshole. We got everything we could have asked for with these two, including an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They wasted no time stripping each other out of their clothes. And once both boners were free of their fabric restraints, Ryan dove down on West's raging hardon. The sound of his wet mouth sucking that stiff dick was divine. He worked West's shaft over, making the playful pup moan and bellow his approval. He returned the favor by going down on Ryan, deepthroating his dashing costar and tugging gently on his big ball sack.

The veins in Ryan's tall, thick cock looked ready to burst, they were so full of blood and throbbing. West gobbled his cock like a hungry pup who'd just found his favorite bone. Then Ryan turned West around and had a meal of his own, West's deliciously furry and bubbled butt. His ass cheeks are juicy and meaty and perfect for burying your face in. Ryan pulled West's aching erection back while he ate, making it all that much harder. He spit in his ass and devoured his hole. West growled playfully and it was clear these two guys were thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

Ryan couldn't get his fill of eating West's tight hole. He lapped sexily with his wide, wet tongue, driving West wild. He made love to his hole with his tongue and I was throbbing as much as the two of them. It was evident everyone was ready for the main attraction, the spotlight event, West's first on camera bottoming.

He decided to sit on Ryan's rod first to ease the behemoth in. He pulled his furry butt cheeks apart so Ryan could slide in easily. Lubed with SPUNK, Ryan did just that. He inched his way inside that warm hole and then flexed, and then fucked. Their bodies fit together perfectly and it was everything I'd wanted to see, West taking a hot raw cock up his ass. He took it like a champ, too. Only moaning in satisfaction, never complaining. He was loving it. Ryan was loving it. The camera was loving it.

I loved seeing their hairy bodies, covered in tats, dicks rock hard, working to satisfy each other physically. Ryan got West into doggie style so he could take charge of the screw. He worked his big tool in and out of West's accommodating ass while he held onto his shoulders for balance. West's tantalizing butt cheeks bounced and wiggled with each thrust from Ryan's hips. I loved seeing them jiggle. Grr!

Next they wanted it up against the window so they could watch the bustling city down below while they had some of the best sex of their on camera careers. West was opened and accepting that fat cock easily now, totally relaxed and enjoying the slamming Ryan was serving him. Ryan was harder than ever, turned on by every little sound their sex made. I watched the action from underneath, loving the slippery penetration overhead. West's own hard dick flopped around his lap as he got hit from behind by Ryan's massive hammer. His dick slapped against his thighs and occasionally Ryan would give him a reach around. So hot!

For their next position they spooned, which always sends me into a frenzy. Such a hot shot of Ryan burying his big, bare bone inside West's hairy asshole. They kissed, their bearded faces scruffy against one another. Ryan pumped his cock in and out of West hurriedly, working himself closer and closer to orgasm. West's athletic leg was skyward, his sexy foot swinging in the air as Ryan plowed his hole. Ryan jumped to his knees and went at it hard, destroying West's ass with his powerful cock.

They ended the scene how they began it, with West riding Ryan's wooden stallion. It didn't take West long at all to cum while feeling that massive piece of meat pounding against his prostate. Ryan kept fucking after West exploded and then he met him in ecstasy. He pulled out just long enough to show me he was shooting his load, then he buried his hot cock back inside West's warm ass to finish breeding him. Bound together forever in the porn clouds in the sky, Ryan and West had created one helluva hot interaction for you to behold. Props to West for an awesome first bottom on camera and to Ryan, as always, for being the spectacular performer he is. Kudos, boys, that was superb sex!

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