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Studio: Alternadudes
Product Code  
Run Time: 104
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Kolof
Cast: Kamrun, Timarrie Baker, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Adam Moon, Josh Bensan, Josh, Ricky
Year Produced: 2017
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Region 2: Europe, Japan, The Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland.
Region 3: Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong.
Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, South America, Carribbean, Central America.
Region 5: Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, North Korea.
Region 6: China.
UPC: 847046017612
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Alternadudes presents Black Cock, a celebration of interracial sex with BBC stuffing throats, stretching asses, and cumming buckets. You'll see white guys getting face fucked as they gag and cough on big black dick. You'll see black dudes bent over getting fucked up the ass by skinny white and mixed race tatted guys. We have horny hung black guys jacking their massive rods after work and in the office bathroom. Black Cock will leave you wanting a big black dick to take control and stretch every hole of your aching body!

Product Scenes

1 – Timarrie Baker & Christop

Christop is lying on the bed when Timarrie comes in to ask for a blowjob. Christop is more than happy for the opportunity to suck on Timarrie's big black cock. He starts off gentle and then things get wild! 

Before you know it, Timarrie is balls deep in the skater's throat and fucking his face full on. Christop is gagging and belching as ropes of spit run down his chin and onto the sheets. Christop gets on his back so Timarrie can ream his throat even harder while Christop gasps for breath and begs for more cock. 

Spit and precum and liquid is spilling everywhere as it runs down into the skater's eyes and drenches his hair. Christop needs to eat cum and Timarrie stands over Christop and blasts a massive load of jizz all over Christop's face. The cum mixes with the buckets of spit from the hardcore deepthroat pounding as Timarrie rubs it all over his hole's face and in his hair!

2 – Ricky

We found Ricky working construction in the street. We couldn't help but to slip him a card and cross our fingers that he'd give us a call. We couldn't believe our luck when he called and came in to jack off the very next day! 

Ricky came right from working a hard day. He needed to pound one out and could barely wait to get down to business. We put on some lesbian porn for this stud and when he whipped out his cock, we were thrilled to see that he was sporting a big thick 7 inch cock and massive balls. Ricky is part Puerto Rican and part African American and it shows with the size of his junk! 

His giant balls bounce in his big meat sack as he gets ready to finish off. Ricky stiffens up, points his toes and blasts a giant load all over his stomach. His cum is pure white and extra thick and dangles from his thumb as he waves goodbye with his big black cock!

3 – Kamrun & Adam Moon

Adam Moon and Kamrun are both back and horny as all fuck. Adam has a weakness for black guys and can’t wait to dig in! Kamrun’s weakness is skinny twink-like dudes with big dicks. They both got their dream guy this time and they both get to do what they do best – Kamrun takes it up the butt and Adam sticks his big thick dick inside a couple of nice warm holes. 

As these two start making out, you can feel their chemistry pop and it doesn’t take long before their clothes are off and flipped casually onto the floor. Kamrun gets to his knees to service the twink rocker. There’s no need to help get him hard because Adam is already there! His dick is long and throbbing and rock fucking hard as Kamrun opens up to chow down. He polishes the tip of Adam’s cock with his tongue and then goes deep and long taking it all the way down his throat, forcing it in and out as he sucks and slurps with expertise. The cocksucking feels great to Adam, who decides he needs to suck some dick as well. It’s a good thing, because Adam was so horny just looking at Kamrun that we thought he was going to blow his load before they even got started! 

Adam drops to his knees and gives Kamrun a nice long blowjob, sucking the uncut black cock and playing with the foreskin. Adam decides he needs more and bends Kamrun over the couch to go in and rim the living shit out of Kamrun. And he does just that. The rocker’s tongue is long and pointy and easily slips in and out of Kamrun’s asshole while working all around. There’s not an inch of that ass that isn’t touched by Adam’s sloppy tongue! To get that tight ass ready for his nice big cock, Adam sticks his fingers inside Kamrun and pumps and primes, fucking Kamrun with his fingers in and out, twisting back and forth. 

Neither one of them can take it any more. Kamrun is tired of fingers in his ass and needs the real deal. Adam needs to stick his dick in anything at all and Kamrun’s tight ass is ready and lubed up. Adam slips his dick inside the black hunk making him moan and grunt. He pumps away, on and on, no end in sight. Kamrun loves it. It’s been a while since he’s been fucked at all, let alone this long and hard! They switch it up a bit and Kamrun hops on top and rides Adam more and more and more! 

Adam is done. He pulls out and blasts shot after shot after shot of white syrupy semen all over Kamrun’s face. The cum doesn’t seem to stop! It just keeps blasting and rolling out of Adam’s cock, which is still hard and looks like it could go another two hours! Kamrun is up next and returns the favor by shoving Adam down onto the couch, standing over him, and blasting his big uncut black cock all over Adam’s body! Again, the cum just keeps cumming! With a grunt and some groans, Kamrun shakes it off and takes pride in the thick creamy jizz he just sprayed on our rocker dude. Both these guys deserve a standing ovation for all the buckets of cum they left behind!

4 – Timarrie Baker

Timarrie is a hot blonde dude with a big 8 inch black cock. He's at work and he's horny as fuck, so he heads to the bathroom to take care of business. He's a little afraid that he could get caught by a coworker but he powers through and whips out his giant uncut dick. 

He lifts his shirt to show off his heavily sculpted body and gets to work pumping his throbbing rod. He talks dirty to you and flips his dick around as it gets bigger and thicker and harder in his hand. Timarrie desperately wants you to suck it as he shows you his beautiful mocha ass with blonde tufts of hair coming out of his perfect little crack. 

Timarrie turns around and kicks his jacking up a notch getting faster and more frantic as he gets closer to his goal. Timarrie breaths a heavy sigh and erupts with a fountain of white jizz that splashes onto the public bathroom floor at his work. Just as he lets loose, a coworker comes in and damn near catches him in the act!

5 – Josh Bensan & Josh

Josh is a tatted black hipster with an appetite for cock that’s nearly unmatched on our site. He doesn’t care what size, shape or color it is as long as it’s hard and will slip into his asshole. Josh hooks up with Josh Bensan, a shaggy horny scene twink with a nice big white dick who loves to tap ass. It seems to be a perfect match as these two start by making out and rubbing crotches through jeans.

Josh Bensan is the first to crack. He can’t go very long without a dick in his face and soon he’s sucking down Josh’s big black 7 incher. Josh loves getting his dick sucked and he’s hard as a rock in no time. Josh returns the favor on white Twink Josh who lays back and enjoys the attention his crotch is getting from his hipster counterpart. When white Josh is throbbing hard, he announces that he’s going to fuck black Josh. He rolls him over and goes into doggie style. Josh happily bends over and can’t seem to get the twink’s big cock deep enough into his ass. The white twink plows balls deep and keeps pumping hard.

They flip over and Josh rides the twink in reverse cowboy, bouncing up and down as his cock goes in circles. He loves to ride cock and he does it like a rodeo champ all the way to the end. Black Josh hops off, turns around and blows a super thick and creamy load all over his thick pubes. His cum is white as snow and like a gel. The sight of his jizz makes Josh Bensan lose control and he unleashes his cum without restraint onto Josh’s waiting face. It’s a facial to beat all facials! Josh blasts the other Josh with squirt after squirt of white liquid heat, slathering his face and completely drenching the hipster in cum. Josh is a sloppy, dripping mess as he looks at the camera, giggles and basks in the glory of being covered in cum for as long as he can possibly get away with it!

6 – Timarrie Baker & Murphy Maxwell

Murphy's sink has a leak and when his plumber shows up to fix it, they both soon forget about the work at hand as Murphy reaches into Timarrie's bulging jumpsuit and pulls out a big black cock. Murphy gets on his knees and takes the big dick down his throat as Timarrie face fucks the long haired rocker dude. Murphy gags as Timarrie's cock grows bigger and fatter in his mouth. Timarrie can't keep his hands off of Murphy's tight asshole and bends down to eat him out. His tongue plunges in and out of Murphy's tasty ass, opening him up and getting him loose for what it's about to receive. 

Timarrie slowly slides his long and girthy big black cock inside Murphy's tight hole. He goes slowly at first, making sure Murphy can handle his massive meat. When it's clear that Murphy can take whatever you throw up his ass, Timarrie goes to town, and like every good plumber, he plunges Murphy deep. At one point, Murphy goes ass to mouth when he sucks on Timarrie's dirty cock! 

These two hotties fuck hard until Murphy begs for Timarrie to cum in his mouth. Timarrie has different plans, however, and bends Murphy over to jack off on his freshly used and stretched out asshole. Timarrie dumps a massive creamy load all over Murphy's hole and then fucks it deep into the rocker. The sensation of getting another man's cum fucked into him makes Murphy blast his own load. The two of them swap cum as they kiss and feed it to each other. 

All would be well in the universe except that Murphy still has a broken sink. Timarrie happily gets on his hands and knees and starts fixing the sink in the nude. Hey Timarrie, you can snake an Alternadude drain any time you want to come back!

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