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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 126
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Year Produced: 2017
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Everyone needs some release. And in times of need even str8 guys will cross into unchartered territory to get a load out. Sometimes, a pile of cash waiting at the end is just what's needed to get it all caught on camera. From jerking or even sucking themselves off, to having another guy do it for them for the first time, no bone will go unloaded by the end.

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy

Billy is a 22 y/o student at one of the local universities. On a whim, he decided that he should do porn. When we first met he seemed more fired-up than most of the guys I meet so I asked him why he wanted to get naked on camera.

"You know," he replied matter-of-factly, "I'm in college and you just have to do something crazy like this."

He described himself as being an adrenaline junkie: surfing, skating, and anything else he could do to get that rush. Billy said that he even surprised himself that he was taking this leap, though. As it would most of his friends; they don't know him as that guy who normally streaks the frat party, let alone the guy who jerks off for the world to see.

He did, however, put on an unanticipated jerk-off show at the nude beach for a random stranger once. Watch the full video to hear that hot little story.

Billy was motivated and wanted to do a good job for his porn debut. He usually jerks off 2-3 times a day, but saved up for, what he called, "a tough couple days." He put on a great show for the cameras, moaning and panting while jerking off and pulling back his foreskin to show off the throbbing head of his cock.

When cum time came, I have to say that this was one of the more intense finishes I'd seen in a while. It took Billy a few minutes to build himself up to the edge, so by the end he'd forgotten all about the porn playing in the background and was hammering away at his dick. At long last, he gave the word: "Fuck, yeah, I'm about to go." Billy's whole body spasmed for minutes as he spurted a load onto his stomach.

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Logan's massage

After his solo, as I do with most of the guys, I had told Logan about the happy-ending massage shoot. He was in town at the time for some military training and when a couple weeks had gone by I figured he'd decided against it before heading home.

Maybe it was curiosity; maybe just a chance to try something new while his wife was on the other side of the country. Lo and behold, the day before he was scheduled to leave, I got an email asking if the offer was still standing. Well, duh!

Logan's only other massage was a "couples" one with his wife. And despite being on overseas deployments to places that are known for their happy-ending rub-downs, he'd never gone to get one.

Besides popping his massage cherry, Logan had also never done anything with a guy before and seemed a little edgy about that when he showed up. Trying to break the ice, I asked how he was feeling about everything .

Logan grinned with a knowing look is his eye, saying simply, "Going with it. It's just a massage, right?"

After positioning himself on the massage table, I'd thought it might take some time until Logan started relaxing and enjoying the ride. It did: about 2 minutes, and then his uncut cock started getting hard from between his legs.

Rolling over onto his back, Logan's shaft stood at full attention and pulsated every time my hands ran down his body and came close to touching it. I teased him a while like that, giving his cock a few rubs, playing with his foreskin and balls.

Logan lay silently for most of the shoot, and I let him quietly indulge in whatever fantasy was running through his head. As I picked up the pace stroking him, he let out a deep gasp. Within a minute, Logan's body clenched up, saying aloud that he was about to cum, while massive streams shot out of his cock, leaving him soaked in jizz all the way up to his neck.

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Leigh: self-sucker

Leigh is a 21 y/o skater dude who'd been thinking about doing porn to make some extra money. One of his buddies convinced him to take the leap which is when he got in touch with me.

It took a few weeks until we were finally able to meet up; just to talk, or at least that's what I thought at first. That's when Leigh, out of the blue, mentioned he could suck himself off. And then cameras came out.

Leigh was fairly nervous about being on camera for the first time and seemed almost embarrassed about his special talent. That was until I reassured him that half of the male population wished they could do it!

Once he got hard, Leigh folded himself over and went at it. Not just licking the tip, but swallowing his cock halfway down the shaft, occasionally getting his balls in, too.

Leigh said that he finishes himself off by sucking his dick about 50% of the time when he masturbates. He'd never given himself a facial, though, usually just shooting into his mouth. With a little persuasion, he sucked himself right up to the edge and blew a massive load all over his face. And, to my surprise, kept on sucking to get the last few drops in his mouth.

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Thad's massage

After his solo shoot, Thad went home and told his roommates about it who all gave him a big thumbs up. It wasn't too long after that he got in touch asking what he could do next. Of course, I told him he could come back for a happy-ending massage. It took a couple days for him to reply, but the answer was obviously yes!

Thad had only gotten sensual massages during foreplay; he'd gotten the "happy" part, just not the "ending." Being a guy who has been checking things off his bucket list, he said he was pretty excited about trying it. All those massages were from girls, too, so this shoot was checking another one off the list: getting off with the help of a guy for the first time.

Rubbing down his back, I made a few passes between Thad's ass cheeks and, immediately recognized the green light to rub his hole. Thad's thick cock was growing thicker by the minute after I dripped massage oil down his crack and slid my fingers across his magic button.

On his back, Thad must have been deep in some fantasy. I'd love to have known what he was thinking about, but whatever it was was working. I took a little extra time edging him and playing with his fat dick.

Thad hadn't jerked off for 3-4 days before coming over so he was ready to bust. I had taken note of his jerk off style, slowly stroking his cock downward, working the head. Once I started doing the same the game was over. Thad quietly said he was getting close and jizz erupted from his dick.

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Jayson's surprise handjob

Jayson and I met a few weeks back. He had gotten hit up about doing porn and was all for it. His pubes were basically non-existent so we held off to let them grow in, but in the mean time he'd told a couple other buddies about things and referred them over for some shoots; he's a budding entrepreneur in the porn biz.

Jayson is 25 y/o and a fairly thick guy. Not just in his torso, but also in the dick department. One of the first things I noticed when his jeans came off was his low-hanging balls, but even soft, he's got some bragging rights: a "show-er" and a grower it turned out.
He's one sexually charged guy, too. As we got to talking, something gave the impression Jayson might be a bit hetero-flexible. One of the stories he told was about when he and a guy from his wrestling team in high school jerked off together in the locker room after practice. It was a one-time thing, but a pretty hot story nonetheless.

He was curious to know the size of his cock. Not one to pass up the opportunity, I pulled out the ol' measuring tape.
"It's pretty hard." He held his dick out, "It's good time to measure it."

That seemed to be an open invitation to give him a grab. Official measurements done (7 1/2" by 5 1/2" for you score keepers), Jayson seemed to welcome the extra strokes I gave him, so out came the lube to finish the job.

It didn't take long before Jayson was ready to blow. Even though he'd hooked up with a girl the night before, the cumshot was amazing. He blasted a load that shot all the way up to his shoulder!

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Jayson: behind-the-scenes

If you didn't pick it up in Jayson's personality during his solo interview, he's a bit of a squirrelly one. Of course, much of the stop-and-go from the scene was edited out, but when he said he was ready to go for round two, I kept the cameras rolling. He wasn't kidding about blowing a 2nd load.

After, it was off to the shower to rinse off all the cum when all sorts of stuff came up. From his gay friend who was waiting downstairs (and was curious to see Jayson's video), to what it was like getting his first handjob from a guy.

I asked Jayson how awkward it was on a 1-to-10 scale, and later when I mentioned his big dick, he countered by asking how big it was on a 1-to-10 scale. You'll have to tune in to hear the answers.

After the shower and a battery of questions, it was time for Jayson to take a big piss. All the fun you normally miss in the edited scenes. Enjoy!

Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Spunk Worthy UNLOADING THE BONE, , Billy, Logan, Leigh, Thad, Jayson, Freddy
Freddy serviced

The stars aligned in a way that worked out pretty well. Just when Freddy got in touch to say that he was ready to take the next step and get blown by a dude for the first time, a fan and member of the site (we'll call him Myles) messaged me on Tumblr saying that he'd like to be part of action. And Freddy was at the top of his list!

After some brief introductions and tips on how the shoot was going to work, the guys went at it. Myles was practically on auto-pilot as he dove in, peeling back Freddy's shirt and sucking on his nipples before focusing his attention on Freddy's cock.

Freddy took a second to warm up, but quickly seemed to realize that this was going to be a blow job to remember. Especially when Myles had him bent over and went back and forth, licking Freddy's hole and sucking his cock from between his legs.

Things really heated up when Freddy stood up and grabbed Myles' head, cramming his dick down Myles' throat and slapping his cock on his tongue.

Myles had some work to do to get Freddy to cum. He sucked him just about up to the edge of busting, then jerked Freddy off, licking the tip of his cock, until Freddy exploded onto his stomach. Myles was quick to jump in a get a taste as the jizz poured out, making Freddy's whole body quiver.

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