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Studio: GuyBone
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Run Time: 113
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Year Produced: 2017
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From the backyard to the bedroom, these Guybone hotties are hung horny and taking matters into their own hands! Watch them stroke their beautiful cocks to completion one hot hard dick at a time. One of the nice things about Guybone, is that they feature such a wide variety guys and body styles. No shaming going on here! From tall and skinny to muscular to thick beefy, some furry, some smooth, some cut and some uncut and everything you can imagine in-between! These guys will jack and stroke and pound their poles just for you!

Product Scenes

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Dieter Red

Dieter had emailed the site directly, looking to get his dick wet in the adult industry. After a few chats, I knew he’d make a great GuyBone guy because he was laid back and chill, ready to kick it and have hot fun. He’s a sexy Latino guy next door whose hair is always perfect and whose voice will give you sex goosebumps. It’s deep and smooth and he’s a chatter, so once you get him talking, you’ll get to hear plenty of it.

He started on his knees on the bed, watching a GuyBone scene of all things. He loved Cord Tops Jay Raw so he watched it on his phone while he massaged his dick just under his jeans. He always goes commando, so literally there was only a skinny layer of denim between his hand and his growing cock.

He unzipped his fly and shoved his pants down to his ankles. His hard dick was ready to be played with as it bounced and jostled with his every move. His pubes were neatly trimmed and looked sexy as fuck around his handsome cut cock. His heavy balls hung below his shaft, eager to spill their seed.

Cord and Jay were busy on the mobile screen, sucking and fucking their hot hearts out. Dieter was horned up watching them. He tugged on his cock and stiffened it further.

He dropped onto his back, getting more comfortable as he continued his mission to rub one out. It’d been a few days since he last came, he said, and I was getting very interested in seeing how big his load was going to be. I had to get some shots of his Chucks because I found them irresistibly sexy on him. The fact that he kept his jeans and sneakers on gave me the impression he could have been anywhere, in a hurry, and was jerking quick as can be out of pure necessity to get off. Hot boy with his hot toy. Couldn’t be bothered to lose his pants and shoes. The need to seed was that great.

His heavy breathing and moaning began and it was evident he was working toward climax. He started teasing his dick, holding it with a lighter grasp, just fingertips, pushing it to the side, really letting it firm up and throb. His big dark balls jiggled with each stroke and I was a little hypnotized by them. He poured some SPUNK lube on his boner and reveled in the slickness of it. He moved to the edge of the bed, dropped his legs over, and planted his Chucks firm on the floor. This was how he preferred to cum, and I encouraged it. He rubbed it hard and fast, blasting a big load onto his inner thigh. It was bright white and looked delicious. One ribbon made it nearly to his knee. He milked the entire load from his cock and dropped a lot of F-Bombs, which made me smile behind the camera. It was clearly a fantastic feeling orgasm and it was obvious to both of us this was just the beginning of beautiful porn-ship.

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Jack Mills

Get ready for a Jack attack. What a sexy mother fucker. This str8 sk8r boi is totally my type, and probably yours, too! He kicked back in the chair, squeezing and tugging his junk through some board shorts and boxer briefs. He tossed his muscle tank aside and dropped trou. He looked so fucking cute in his snapback. His pierced lobes and tiny tight nipples got my engine revving. And before long, Jack was totally naked and stroking his chubbed up cock.

His handsome uncut dick aimed for the sky and his big balls were pulled up close to his body. He had just enough hair in all the right places and the scruff on his face drove me wild. His dick was a good eight inches and he worked that hard pole like a pro.

He poured some SPUNK lube on his erection and moved to the bed, getting into a top position he’s obviously familiar with. As he glided his swollen cock across the clean white sheets, all I could think was, who are the lucky chicks he’s been fucking with that massive tool, and this must be how he looks when doing so. Jack had only recently begun experimenting with dudes when he auditioned for us. I love getting curious straight guys on the site. Watching their transition into the bisexual world is beyond hot. He continued humping the bed with his hardon, then rolled to his side and jerked his cock more. He’d lost his hat and was now showing off his wavy hair. I just kept imagining he’d arrived to shoot his solo on a skate board, all sweaty and sexy.

His face contorted into incredibly hot looks, his dark eyebrows ever so expressive. He threw a pillow behind his back and kept jerkin his dick. He cupped his nuts and pushed them up toward the base of his shaft. His legs couldn’t keep still. He curled and flexed his cute toes on his sexy feet. He was fucking driving himself wild, playing with that big dick.

He bit his bottom lip, warned me he was about to cum, and shot a fantastic load clear up to his neck. Hot boy batter covered his happy trail and sprinkled across his nipples. He exhaled heavily and I knew he must have felt marvelous. Definitely looking forward to watching Jack get more comfortable with his newfound sexuality on camera. My camera. Filmed for your eyes. Enjoy guys!

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Jacob Banks

There's no order too tall for this tall Texan. Jacob came to stay with us for a long weekend and had to shoot a lot of scenes in a very short amount of time. What a trooper! Not only did he accomplish what he came to do, he came big while doing it.

Guess it's true what they say, "everything is bigger in Texas." Jacob proved this when he lost his shorts and began rubbing his stiff cock through his boxers. Offering up teasing glimpses of it through the leg of his underwear, I could see his dick growing with excitement, the head glistening with pre cum. He flexed and curled his toes; I could tell he was enjoying getting himself hard, and enjoying giving me a show.

He pulled his hardon out of his boxers and I was even more impressed than I thought I'd be. Soon after came his big, beautiful balls and I knew I was in for a treat with this one. He jerked his enormous pole, getting it stiff as wood, stretched and squeezed his ball sack, churning up a hot load of boy batter.

He lost the boxers and began slowly sliding his hand up and down the shaft, making sure to collect and wrinkle up as much foreskin as a cut guy can. The head of his dick was so hard and swollen, it looked ready to burst. I was ready for it to. He snapped the behemoth rod against his stomach a couple times and I thought he'd injure himself. His dick was so big and his body so skinny, it must have felt like a punch to the gut from a stick of salami.

The Texan began to moan and writhe in pleasure on the bed and I knew it was time for him to cum. He shot far and plenty the first time, getting it into his own mouth, and then continued pumping out hot shots of jizz across his chest and stomach. It just kept coming, bucket loads of cum, just as hot as the cock it was rocketing out of. Just when I thought he was done, he'd shoot another giant streak. Cleaning himself up in proper fashion, he gathered cum up and licked the tasty load from his fingers.

Jacob had a lot to prove, coming all the way from Texas to shoot for us. But with a nice, tight body, a cute face, a gigantic cock, and a load that just won't quit, he proved he was worth every mile he traveled... and then some.

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Jeremy Fox

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. Fuck me, this guy is hot.

Gracing the GuyBone set with his presence, Jeremy Fox is just that - a fox. He's lean and toned, has beautiful jet black hair all over his body, and has a huge dick you just want him to smack you upside the head with.

For his solo, Jeremy watched some porn and got himself worked up, then pulled his fat boner out of his track pants. He rubbed it to its full, huge potential, using lube and a quick wrist. I loved watching his facial expressions as he worked toward blowing his load. Biting his lower lip, puckering, licking, raising eyebrows; I didn't want to take my eyes off his face, but there was so much more to study.

Following his dark happy trail down to just enough of a bush surrounding his meaty cock got me all riled up. Seeing his gigantic balls bouncing with every stroke of his cock about sent me over the edge. I definitely have a foot fetish and Jeremy's feet don't disappoint. I could suck on those toes for hours.

I loved seeing him bend over and show off his tight hole. I knew I had to find a top for this stud ASAP. In the meantime, I'd let him fuck all the bottoms he wanted to. And even solo, Jeremy proves he's got star power. He milked a thick, creamy load out of his shaft and then continued rubbing until his rock hard cock was covered in his own frothy cum.

Fuck, just writing this made me need to jerk off. Good thing I know the perfect scene to watch!

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Mauled Roman

From the get go, Maulder presented himself as nothing shy of an absolute pro. He’s got porn star written all over him. One look from those dark bedroom eyes and you melt. One flash of that cocky but cool smile nestled inside a perfect scruffy beard and you’re hooked. I haven’t even got to his body yet! Broad shoulders and a barrel chest peaked out from under his sexy tank top. His biceps bulged as he flexed and then drove his hand into his shorts. He’s a master at the art of seduction, putting on one damn entertaining striptease. So entertaining, you get an extra 5 minutes of stroking pleasure! That's more spank for your bank!

His dick bulged incredibly in those dark shorts. On his knees, he gently rocked his hips back and forth, thrusting his growing package toward the camera. His fingers disappeared inside his open fly and I could just make out the stiffening shaft they were tracing with their tips. He squeezed his hardon from the outside of his shorts with both meaty palms. And then he started moaning. Fuck me, the moaning! Hearing that soft yet masculine voice escape his lips in little bursts of breath was giving me sexy goosebumps all over.

He fell back on the bed and pulled his tank up to expose hairy taught nipples that he rubbed and pinched ever so sexily. Suddenly his thick uncut cock was out of his shorts and I realized this beefcake had been going commando. It added an extra layer of hotness to him knowing that there wasn’t an extra layer of fabric between his shorts and his stiff dick. It was completely free before I knew it, his shorts having been discarded without my knowledge. He gently jerked on his handsome cock, teasing his piss slit, rubbing the underside of his head, twirling his shaft around and squeezing it softly to firm it up.

His hand slid slowly to his asshole and I do believe a fingertip my have pressed ever so shallowly inside his furry backdoor. Being a total top, Maulder probably isn’t one for much ass play. But being an expert at turning on a camera, he no doubt knew exactly where to put that finger to drive me wild. It only lasted a moment, but that was all the reference I needed.

His dick had grown to an impressively girthy seven inches. Veins galore were popping from all the constricted blood he kept in his dick with a cock ring. His boner must have felt so fucking warm in his fist as he lubed it with SPUNK and continued stroking. His breathing got heavier, his dick got harder, he was working his way toward the edge. His furry belly tightened with every clench of his abs and he worked the head of his dick feverishly. He placed a thumb inside his foreskin and rubbed the glistening head of his cock. His lips pursed and he grit his teeth and moaned an aching moan that spoke volumes about how much pressure he currently held back inside his balls. He was ready to erupt. And I couldn’t keep him from doing so any longer.

As he lay back and beat his wet meat, the chain around his neck fell to the bed, almost pinning this beast to the blanket. His cock was so fucking hard and he bit his tongue and whimpered with a longing to lose his nut. He milked that red and swollen dick, covering and uncovering the head with his foreskin. He dabbed out some precum and then went back to work, jerking like a madman. I could feel his hot breath on my face as he exhaled and again, there were the sexy goosebumps.

There was a moment I thought he’d lost it before he wanted to. A trickle of cum drizzled down the side of his shaft and he said “damn it.” He hadn’t cum completely though, as I was about to discover. That was just the result of an intense edging session. An overflow of what had been bubbling up just inside his piss slit this entire shoot. Shoot he did, a wallop of a load, oozy and thick and creamy. White and swallow worthy, his cum poured from his piss slit like an avalanche down the side of a mountain. He got out every last drop, exhaled deeply, and reveled in a job well done. It was obvious at that moment, as it had been from the very beginning, that Maulder was in it to win it. This fucking stocky muscle cub was going to dominate everything in his way.

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Miles Down

If you know anything about GuyBone, you know we are strictly no gimmicks. We don't do model interviews, we don't have our guys act, and we don't film story porn. Just real jerk sessions and hookups caught on camera.

But every once in awhile, it's fun to play outside the box, right? For his solo, I wanted to see Miles in his dorm room, doing some homework, getting distracted by doodles of dicks and the GuyBone porn he had on his laptop. That's as much story porn as we're gonna get. It was so hot, and this college kid edged so perfectly, that you get an extra 10 minutes of footage! That's more spank for your bank!

From there, King of the Nerds, Miles Down, lost his shirt, opened his fly, pulled out his boner and went to work jerking that stiff dick.

We filmed two sessions, the first getting postponed because Miles' dorm room was just too damn hot. He couldn't perform, I was sweating my balls off. The second shoot was much cooler and quicker. But regardless of the temperature in the room, Miles was a sweaty boy. He's got the sexiest patch of hair on his chest, armpits full of thick, dark hair and a happy trail that leads to an incredibly hot bush of pubes. He's so hairy from the waist down, in fact, it's hard for him to keep cool. Sweaty is hot. I'd lick every inch of this skinny nerd. He's got that thing about him that will drive you wild. Like he oozes sex appeal.

He's a kinky fucker, too. Like he fantasizes about frat boys tying him down and having their way with him. Hard. Rough. Hot. Here's hoping we can help that become a reality for Miles soon! In the meantime, I'm more than happy to watch him stroke that ridiculously stiff dick to a crazy impressive cumshot. He blasted up to his neck, painted his chest and left a pool on his stomach. This guy had a huge nut to bust! And like a good boy, scooped some up on his finger and tasted it.

If you're looking for a thin, hairy bottom nerd with a love for toys (and big dicks) up his ass, look no further than Miles Down. He's everything we've all been waiting for.

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
River Reed

Twink, punk, whatever label you want to attach to River, it doesn't change how incredibly sexy and in love with the camera this kid is.

Baby-faced and smooth-skinned, I like em pale with pink dicks and River has exactly what I like. A natural redhead, you can see a tinge of ginger in his pubes, but I find the bottle blonde look incredibly sexy on him.

He wasted absolutely no time getting naked. Maybe the fastest stripper on GuyBone so far. Although, I have to say, those black jeans made his legs look very hot. After breaking his rock hard cock free of its boxer brief prison, he sprawled out on the bed and started stroking. A constant glisten of pre cum teased at the entrance to his piss slit. His moaning and heavy breathing was enough to give me a permanent boner, but it was when he slid the dildo into his ass that I got wicked hard.

One of his perfectly little round ass cheeks would fit into the palm of my hand. He spread them apart and showed off his impeccable hole, then drove the dildo deep, feeling every inch of it turn him on more and more. He started grinding against the bed, humping while he fucked himself with the sex toy. His long legs, just hairy enough, and his sexy feet stretched out toward me as he found a rhythm riding the dildo. I wished it was me inside him so bad at the moment.

He got on his knees, still driving the dildo into his ass, his dick harder than I'd seen it yet. He snapped it against his stomach and jerked faster and harder. Maybe the sexiest thing I saw him do, was when he licked his own armpit, the hair brushing across his nose. He said it really turned him on to do it and I agreed wholeheartedly.

To finish his solo, River settled on his back, shooting a nice load of hot cum up his stomach. Young, sexy and confident, this GuyBone guy is a welcomed addition to the gang. Now, to find a hot top to pound that perfect ass!

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Scotty Damon

Scotty. Woof. What a stud. This bearded, brooding bi guy is incredibly hot. Toned body and a huge, thick dick, he knows exactly how to work his tool for the camera.

I hadn’t had a guy jerk off for his audition solo in the pool yet, and Scotty was into semi-public play, so he threw on a sexy pair of swim trunks, hopped on a raft, and started rubbing his junk. It was just seconds before I could tell he was already getting hard, turned on by the open air backyard and me watching from behind my lens. He worked his stiffening cock into a totally firm erection and then untied his trunks.

Splashing water on his tight body to cool himself from the setting summer sun, Scotty knew his dark hair looked incredibly hot when dripping wet. Those masculine pits, chest and legs, all coated with dark hair to match his beard, dripped with almost as much water as my dick did with excitement. He had me turned on immediately, and I couldn’t take my eyes off that body and those feet. His long toes bending and flexing as he tugged at the titan in his trunks.

His hand slipped inside his shorts and I was instantly jealous that it got to wrap around his tentpole and mine did not. To feel the heat of his manhood throbbing in my palm would have been heaven. But he was doing the job just fine, so I continued to watch. Then he opened his trunks and released his rock hard piece of meat. What a fucking beautiful dick. Damn, Scotty! Grr! He stroked it up and down, feeling its wet surface slide inside his clenched fist.

He pulled his shaft up a bit which made his balls plop out of his shorts as well. Those big, loose, yet somehow tight from the water balls. What a delicious mouthful those would be! He started jerking his cock fast, really fast, and for a second I thought he might ignore my direction to edge and just blow his load because he was so horny he couldn’t be stopped. But, no. He was just enjoying himself. A lot.

He slowed the pace and started teasing his cock for the camera. Holding it up straight with one thumb, releasing it so it’d snap with a meaty thud against his trim tummy. Splashing water on it, making it dance on his belly. Such a girthy dick. Looked hella fun to play with. He squeezed it from the base of the shaft to the head, pulling on his big nuts at the same time. His body bucked and writhed and I could tell he really wanted to be fucking someone right now. Dude, chick, probably didn’t matter as long as his fat cock was inside a warm hole.

Having made him hold his load for this long already, I knew it was time to let him cum. He propped his long legs and sexy feet up on the wall and began jerking toward the finish line. It was no time before he was ready to bust his boy batter. And that’s just what he did. With a whimper of an “I’m gonna cum,” he blasted hot, frothy white cum clear up to his underarm, then more spunk rockets onto his chest and side. What a yummy ton of cum! And what a shooter! He surprised himself, looking at his underarm in disbelief. He sank back on the raft after milking the last of his cum from his cock. Fun day at the pool, eh, Scotty?

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane

This yummy, young Latino is definitely one to watch. Tag (his name is just as sexy cute as he is) is incredibly horny and virile and has one of the most innocent and adorable faces on GuyBone. Don't let that fool you, though. He's just as eager as the other guys to get naked and get off.

It was late at night and I'd just got home from filming Miles' solo audition. Tag text me and said he was super horny and wanted to shoot a load for me if I had time to film. I find it incredibly difficult to turn away hot prospective models, so I said sure, come on over.

Tag turned on some porn and kicked back on my couch, slowly but aggressively rubbing the crotch of his jeans, working his dick up inside. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his chubby, uncut cock. Then he started stroking it, helping it firm up and grow.

He ditched his pants and very fun, hot boxer briefs. He tossed his sexy feet and athletic legs up on the coffee table and slid down into a more comfortable position. Once his dick was totally erect, he smacked it against his stomach and slid it across his leg, clearly enjoying the sensation. I really got into the view from across the coffee table. The camera got a great shot of Tag sitting spread eagle, the bottoms of those sexy feet exposed, his loose nut sack dangling on the couch, his big stiff uncut dick throbbing in his hand as he rubbed it. Tag has one helluva boner and loves to jerk it. He's pretty hairless, except for that delicious-looking dark patch of pubes surrounding his shaft. So hot.

He traded the tv porn for something he liked more on his phone. He got even more comfy on the couch and started working toward his cumshot. Once he reached it, he pumped out a thick, white load of boy batter onto his tummy. Definitely hot hearing and seeing this young stud get himself off.

Looking forward to seeing more from Tag. Keep your eyes on this one. He might just have a very sex-filled future with us!

GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
GuyBone SEXY SOLO GUYS, , Dieter Red, Jack Miles, Jacob Banks, Jeremy Fox, Maulder Roman, Miles Down, River Reed, Scotty Damon, Tag, Xander Kane
Xander Kane

Fresh out of the shower, wearing only a cotton towel, Xander was squeaky clean for his solo.

He got comfy on the bed and began working himself into a frenzy. Suddenly, his beautiful balls were playing peek-a-boo from under his towel. Then, before I knew it, he slipped out his very large, curved, uncut cock.

Xander jerked fast, no doubt in a hurry to bust the nut I'd made him save for a few days prior to the shoot. I told him to slow down, show off his amazing dick, and really work it for the camera.

By the end of the shoot, I'd made Xander milk his already ready-to-burst cock for an extra ten minutes and he exploded all over the bed, the floor, and the mirror across the room. Holy shit, this guy shot bucket loads all over the place! And then he had a good laugh, surely knowing he'd just won the title of "biggest load of cum" on

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