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Studio: GuyBone
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Run Time: 118
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Year Produced: 2017
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Furry, beareded, smooth, tattooed, clipped, bushy, average, hung, young, daddy type and so many variations in between is what makes Guy Bone such an amazing studio! These guys just love sex. Not much story line in these films but the chemistry is explosive. Watch these guys suck cock and mean it! Lots of kissing and passion coupled with explosive climax sure to help you blow your own load!

Product Scenes

GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Daniel and Ryan Blow

It'd been a while since I'd filmed with Daniel, so when Ryan told me he was in the mood to suck a nice dick, I knew who to call.

The two skinny studs started out with some very hot kissing and groping. That naturally led to dry humping, and before I knew it, Daniel had Ryan's shorts open and was tonguing the head of his dick that poked out from the leg of his underwear.

Ryan could barely stand the teasing of Daniel's mouth of the head of his cock. He moaned in delight and begged for the rest of his shaft to meet Daniel's wet throat. Daniel obliged and treated Ryan to an incredibly hot blow job.

Ryan next pulled out Daniel's fat uncut cock and rubbed the head along his scruffy beard. This seems to be Mr. Fargo's trademark move, since he's done it to all of his costars thus far. The sounds they utter, the faces they make, all display how amazing this move must feel on their dicks. Daniel was no exception, and although he definitely enjoyed the trick, you could tell the head of his cock was far more sensitive than others' - it was really hot to see him on the verge of being tickled.

After he'd had enough "torture", Daniel was right back to slurping on Ryan's tall, stiff rod. I requested a spit strand, or a "clothes line" as Daniel calls it, during this round of cock-sucking. Daniel did me proud, creating a clothes line so frothy and sticky that it not only stayed on the head of Ryan's cock and dripped down his shaft, but also followed Daniel's mouth to Ryan's for a sloppy kiss, and concluded by running down Ryan's chin. Now that's a spit strand!

These two hotties finished up the scene with some mutual masturbation, busting nuts all over their chests, while watching each other jerk off. The twinkle in their eyes from seeing the sexy guy beside them stroking his cock, was enough to get me hard and keep me that way until long after they'd cum.

GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Daniel and Weston Blow

Originally, this scene was supposed to be Weston's debut as a top, but he just wasn't ready to dip his dick in an ass yet, so I settled for an oral scene between him and Daniel. Daniel told me after the shoot that he was slightly relieved the scene ended up being only oral because as good of a bottom as he is, Weston's enormous cock was incredibly intimidating for him.

Intimidating for his asshole, maybe, but definitely inviting for his wet mouth. Daniel sucked the fuck out of Weston's rock solid cock. He's been getting better at deep-throating, but still sheds the occasional tear when a hard dick tickles the back of his throat. I think it's safe to say that Weston's enormous erection reached much deeper than the back of Daniel's throat. The head of Weston's dick almost knocked boots with Daniel's sexy Adam's apple.

Weston returned the oral favor with a very wet, very noisy blow job. Who doesn't love the sound of a good BJ? The two also 69'd and made out and jerked each other off, but in the end, they proved no one knows how to get you off quite as well as yourself by stroking their stiff dicks to shoot loads of cum across their tummies.

I vow to film Weston sticking his gargantuan rod inside a hot ass, but until that time, enjoy these two sucking each other's dicks as a very nice consolation prize.

GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Irish and Jacob Blow

Poor Irish. The guy has yet to film an anal scene and all he wants to do is top a hot bottom. But, he either chooses other tops to film with or timing only allows for an oral scene, so he's become the King of Blow Jobs. Not a bad thing, but not what he's really after.

In the case of Jacob, we filmed the morning he flew home, when another shoot was cancelled, Irish had time before work at 8am, and swung by to get off with the hung Texan. Only enough time for oral, though. Of course.

Irish is a champ, though, and always makes the most of whatever scene he finds himself in. When he arrived for this scene, Jacob was fresh out of the shower, and the two guys hopped on the bed and started making out. I think Jacob was secretly glad that they didn't have much time, because 1) Irish was wearing a tie for his day job and 2) the rushed feeling made it all that much hotter, like a lunch time quickie. He made quick work of getting that tie off, not to mention Irish's dress pants. Getting a feel for Irish's cock from inside his underwear, Jacob stroked his scene partner to full erection and then the guys disrobed.

Irish couldn't wait to deep throat the Texan's behemoth schlong, and got to work right away. Jacob returned the wet favor by sucking on Irish's extremely hard cock - so hard you can barely bend it to get it in your mouth at times.

The guys took turns back and forth; Jacob fed his huge rod down Irish's throat from above, like he was snaking a drain. Irish loved it, his own hard cock twitching and bouncing out of focus to the side. Irish on his knees at the edge of the bed, Jacob on the floor, licking and kissing the head of Irish's dick, gently teasing the piss slit with his serpent-like tongue, then taking the whole shaft in his warm, wet mouth, balls deep.

When the boys had sucked as much as they could (time crunch, remember), they cozied up next to each other and made out hard and passionately until Jacob shot his impressive load all over Irish's chest and stomach. Mere seconds later, having been pushed to the brink of ecstasy by seeing Jacob ejaculate, Irish bust his own huge nut onto his chest as well, combining his cum with the pool of Jacob's in his belly button.

One of my favorite things to have happen during sex is one guy being so turned on by seeing the other cum that he cums immediately after. It gets me rock hard every time, knowing they both felt the same rush of orgasm simultaneously.

So, while Irish keeps his crown as King of Blow Jobs, I think Jacob (and Irish's other costars) would agree with me: if it ain't broke, have Irish suck it.

GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Irish and JB blow

Remember when I said I had a little crush on new GuyBone guy JP? Shooting this scene didn't help the matter any. I was stiff as wood watching Irish take JP's impressive boner all the way down his throat.

Irish loves sucking dick, so who better to pair him with than JP, who has one of the nicest on the site. The two guys got started with some kissing and heavy petting. Quickly tossing shirts aside, they undid each other's belts and flies and took peeks inside underwear to find already erect cocks.

Irish climbed aboard the love ship JP, who is considerably taller than our lucky little stud. There he found himself at home, grinding his boner into JP's, rubbing the two dicks together through their underwear while the guys kissed hard. Soon, underwear came off, and Irish couldn't wait to swallow JP's rod. He deep-throated like a pro, taking JP's long shaft balls-deep into his warm, wet mouth. JP responded accordingly, smiling, moaning, showing some O-Face, and my favorite part of this shoot, licking his lips and flicking his tongue around as if directing Irish through some sort of voodoo. It almost looked like JP wanted to help Irish suck his own dick, and who can blame him, it's a handsome cock.

JP returned oral service on Irish's incredibly stiff dick, taking time to massage the inside of Irish's piss slit with his wide, flat tongue. Just thinking about it, I'm hard again. I have to note JP's talent - he's a wiz at sucking cock freehanded. I loved watching him go all the way down on Irish's pole, then come back up to the head, rearrange the cock in his mouth with his tongue, swallow spit, and go back down again.

The boys got into the 69 position and we realized it wasn't going to work because of their height difference. If JP was blowing Irish, Irish's mouth would be at JP's kneecap. Sucking on knee, not exactly what we had in mind for this scene, so we skipped it and let JP teabag Irish's eager face. I loved seeing Irish's glistening tongue dart up and lick from the tip of JP's cock head to the base, taking in and rolling around his low-hanging nuts.

After plenty of dick sucking, these two were ready to cum, so I said shoot. JP jerked Irish off, pumping out a thick, creamy load of cum that oozed down JP's hand like lotion. Irish helped his new blow buddy ejaculate by sucking his dick some more, then letting JP shoot up onto his nose.

These two reminded me why it's sometimes fun to just suck dick and cum. Sure, fucking is great, but who doesn't love just worshipping a cock with your mouth once in a while? Clearly, these two love sucking dick, and you'll love watching them do it!

GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Ritter and Sutter Blow

420 is a pretty perfect release date for these two stoners in their debut scene. Hot and horny as they come, Ritter and Sutter are two very fun finds for GuyBone. Sutter is a club kid who attracts straight and bicurious guys like a magnet. Not sure what his power is, but I like it. It drew in Ritter. The two are off camera buds who jerk, suck and fuck each other occasionally, but Ritter is definitely straight. Okay, Ritter is definitely bicurious. But on the straighter side.

From the mechanics grease and grime under Ritter's fingernails to his ever so sneaky peeks at Sutter's thick cock, I couldn't get enough of this guy. He was straight up thug and it turned me on hardcore. Seemed to work on Sutter as well. As soon as they got comfy on the couch, Sutter was chubbed up and ready to stroke. He pulled his dick out first and showed it off. I love that Ritter pretended not to notice or care. All the while, his own handsome boner stiffened at the site of his bud's hard cock.

Chests were exposed revealing two very sexy sets of nipples. Sutter took the initiative and reached over to help jerk his buddy. Ritter followed suit and grabbed Sutter's raging erection with his dirty fist. They stroked each other to complete hardons, playing with balls and smiling and breathing heavy. After tasting a long trail of his own precum, Sutter was ready to suck his bro's dick.

He blew Ritter in a couple different positions while Ritter watched chicks getting banged on his phone. A mouth is a mouth, they say, so he was hard and enjoying what gay for pay had to offer. Then Sutter gripped both boners in his palm and simultaneously stroked both guys. Their cocks swelled and Ritter took another peek at what must have felt incredibly good on his shaft.

If at this point you don't believe Ritter is straight, get ready for your proof. He takes his turn sucking Sutter's girthy rod and his poor, unpracticed jaw just can't handle it. He rubs it, stretches it, takes a couple quick breaks, but manages to give pretty decent head... just not deeper than the head. Still, it's hot as fuck watching this straight dude go from getting his own cock serviced to sucking off his bud. Just seeing a hard dick in his mouth got me all sorts of excited.

It must have turned him on, too, because Ritter was the first to cum. He stood up and shot a rocket of cum across Sutter's face, directly into his eye. It burns! The rest Sutter managed to catch on his tongue, tasting and swallowing that salty straight boy load. He licked his bud's cock clean and they switched positions so Sutter could bust, too. Ritter jerked his buddy off again, sucked a little, and finally when his arm gave in, Sutter took over and got himself to climax. He blasted ribbons of cum all over Ritter's chest. So much nut! He painted that straight boy chest and then rubbed his cock head across Ritter's taught nipple. Fucking hot! To finish the scene, he rubbed his cum covered palm across Ritter's unsuspecting face. What a dick move. Funny to everyone except the straight dude.

This scene was not just their first for GuyBone, but also a first for the site. We'd never had a dual audition before. It's always a solo jerk off. I thought it would be crazy hot to have these two friends jerk off together, maybe get a little wandering handsy with each other, but they took it to the next level with the hot oral. Couldn't be happier to have had these two be my first dual audition. You're gonna love it!

GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
GuyBone GUYS GIVING HEAD, , Daniel Brand, Irish, Jacob Banks, JP, Parker, Ritter, Ryan Fargo, Seth, Sutter Coxson, Weston
Seth Blows Parker

I knew as soon as I paired these guys up that they'd deliver an unbelievably hot scene - they blew my expectations out of the water!

Seth still hasn't had anal sex with another dude, and he's pretty new at giving head (even though, as you'll see, he sucks Parker's fat dick like a pro - but really, if that thing was in front of you, you'd learn quick, too).

The shoot started out very quiet - Seth is really shy and was nervous to make the first move. Parker didn't waste much time, and the guys soon started making out, losing clothes, and rubbing each others dicks to full erections.

Once naked, Seth teased Parker's cock with his tongue and in the end both guys shot satisfying loads all over each other.

I definitely want to see these two together again, and I think you will, too!

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