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Studio: GuyBone
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Run Time: 120
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
Year Produced: 2016
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Do you love hot guys? If so, we have a nice mix of guys for you! All are hot, some are furry, some bearded, some uncut, some bald, some have crew cuts but all have nice big dicks and all the sex is raw! A bonafide buffet of bare back butt fucking!

Product Scenes

GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
Bareback Otter Romp

appy 5 Year Anniversary!!! Thank YOU for the awesome support and love!!! We are incredibly proud to celebrate this milestone with you!!!

We knew we had to go big in honor of our 5th year, and what’s bigger than a bareback 3way with a trio of hot otters who have all worked for several studios and wanted to cum together for ours? Not much is bigger, that’s why this was the perfect anniversary scene! We got Damon Andros, Stephen Harte and Dusty Williams to have a raw romp for us and they clearly had just as much fun celebrating our milestone as we did! In fact, they were having so much fun together, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Damon took the hot top, dominant daddy role, standing up and schooling the other two with his sexy gym coach style. It didn’t take him long to finger both their hidden holes, testing the future waters he was excited to set sail in. They worshipped his swelling cock inside his jockstrap, showing off their oral skills and ability to please with tease. He urged them both to taste his long, cut cock and they did, at the same time, receiving a “good boys” praise from daddy Damon.

The beards, the hairy chests, the furry pits, the fuzzy asses, the masculine bushes of pubes nestled around rock hard erections… this was an otter lover’s dream. Stephen quickly became otter in the middle as he sat on Dusty’s face and let Damon blow his boner. They treated their younger costar quite nicely, servicing him from both sides. Damon hopped into the spotlight again and let the guys make out with his cock in between their lips and tongues. All three dicks were so fucking stiff. As was mine.

Damon found his way to Dusty’s neglected hole and spit on it, burying his tongue deep inside, eating that ass like the pro he is. Stephen rubbed Dusty’s incredibly tight pecs as Damon lubed his cock head with SPUNK and eased his hardon inside. Dusty opened right up for him, having wanted that dick all day. Stephen sat on Dusty’s face again, making out with Damon while Damon fucked Dusty bareback and Dusty rimmed Stephen. The pounding was perfect and their vocals were insanely arousing. Damon narrated how hot his cock looked fucking Dusty then asked Stephen if he was ready for his turn. Stephen very much was. He bent over doggie style next to Dusty, offered his hole to Damon, and moaned deliciously as Damon began to screw his sexcellent ass.

I loved seeing all their tattoos move as they humped back and forth. Those fucking furry bodies moving together in perfect harmony. The sex was beyond good for all of them. Damon gave Stephen a nice, deep pounding, then moved over to Dusty again. Damon’s cock was steel. He stabbed Dusty repeatedly with it while Stephen waited eagerly for his next ride. It came. Damon moved from one bottom to the other, railing them both, making them both whimper with delight. The noises Stephen made while getting hammered drove me crazy. They were so incredibly sexy.

Damon told the guys he wanted to see Stephen screw Dusty. They assumed a comfy position and Stephen became the hot top in training that Damon fantasized about. Before he got too used to being a total top, Damon was behind him, sliding his own dick back inside Stephen’s ass. He told Stephen to “fuck us both” and the young otter did just that, rocking his hips so that his ass worked Damon’s pole and his own cock fucked Dusty. He was once again otter in the middle, a place he seemed quite at home at. This train was headed to Pleasure Town and they were all definitely aboard.

They switched it up at Damon’s command and Dusty entered Stephen’s sweet hole. Toned, handsome Dusty hammered Stephen’s hole and then suddenly Damon was inside him and he got to enjoy the otter in the middle experience. He cried out in joy, his body feeling sensations so fantastic. Like three wildly horny animals in heat, they humped to their heart’s content. Next came the sweet surprise we’d not planned, but certainly hoped for - the double penetration. Dusty was the brave, bold bottom who wanted to try two dicks up his ass at the same time. Stephen lay flat on the bed, Dusty straddled him and sunk his dick balls deep into his ass. Damon squatted above them and gently eased his stiff tool into Dusty’s hole alongside Stephen’s. Together, the two tops masterfully maneuvered their cocks to bring all three men absolute gratification. I almost creamed myself when Stephen and Damon commented on how they could feel each other shaft to shaft inside Dusty’s asshole. Too hot. Fucking Dusty, what a champ!

Damon wanted a nice view of Stephen’s ass while he fucked him, so he sat the otter pup on his lap, bone buried deep inside. Stephen worked up and down, showing off his tight hole as it stretched to accommodate Damon’s girth. The lubed and sweaty fur plastered to his butt cheeks was total eye candy, as was seeing this good boy take that daddy dick. These three guys knew sex and knew it well. Stephen rode that fucking dick as Damon spanked his beautiful butt. This was where Stephen got really loud and I got uber hard. Damon jackhammered his hole, balls flapping furiously, and Dusty sucked Stephen’s super stiff cock. It was only moments in this perfect position until Damon was ready to cum. He pulled out long enough to show off his creamy load then Stephen helped him tuck it back inside to breed his boy hole. He rode him til every last drop had been milked, then Dusty sucked the creampie from Stephen’s used hole. I don’t think I’ve ever filmed felching, but it was fucking hot to see one guy eat another guys load from yet another guys ass.

Dusty hopped on Stephen’s boner for one last hoorah. Stephen fucked him fantastically, working out of him THE most impressive cumshot on our site. We wanted fireworks for our anniversary scene and Dusty supplied them. He shot ten, count them TEN, huge ribbons of jizz onto Stephen’s face, head, chest, neck. You name it, Dusty painted it. Damon cheered him on as he continued to dump buckets of cum on Stephen, whose eyes were wide with wonderment as he dodged as many baby batter bullets as he could. He somehow STILL ended up absolutely soaked in Dusty’s seed. He never looked hotter than when nearly drowning in Dusty’s nut. Fucking hot! That guy packed a wallop!

Stephen had a tough act to follow, and yet provided his own fountain of cum as he jerked himself off to the sensation of Damon’s finger up his ass and Dusty’s fingers tweaking his nipple. Dusty got down and used his long tongue to clean up the mess and then they all collapsed into an otter pile and shared a sexy laugh as they (and we) celebrated a fucking successful five years of GuyBone.

GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
Dustin Tops Lance Raw

Starting off in their bulging briefs, Dustin and Lance rubbed and tugged on each others growing cocks just beneath the fabric as they made out. Lance got fingers full of Dustin’s thick, dark chest hair and Dustin docked their dicks together, Lance’s shroom head tucked neatly inside Dustin’s loose foreskin. Lance got on his knees first, taking Dustin’s thick uncut rod balls deep in his mouth. Dustin moved them to the bed and knelt over top of Lance so he could suck on his dick for a bit. It was clear from here that they had such intense chemistry, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Lance’s trademark growls began as Dustin worked his cock into a stiffened frenzy. They both stroked their boners madly and kissed and whispered dirty nothings into each others mouths. Suddenly, Lance’s legs were sky high and Dustin’s tongue was buried in that delicious furry hole. His nose smelled Lance’s masculine taint, exhaling hot air on his costars balls. He beat his thick meat against Lance’s hole then fingered it, loosening and readying it for the ride.

Dustin had mentioned nothing got him more turned on than eating Lance’s tight hole. Sure enough, the more he ate, the harder he got. He teased Lance’s ass with his throbbing cock, finally sliding it all the way in. Lance whimpered and smiled, this was what he’d been waiting for. That behemoth cock slid in and out of his hole with SPUNK lubed ease. They wanted to fuck bareback, feeling the natural raw skin to skin contact. I was not about to deny them that pleasure. These two had spectacular chemistry to begin with, and once they were fucking without condoms, it only heightened their senses and lust.

Dustin rammed his rod into Lance’s welcoming ass. Lance’s sexy knee highs were above his head, opening his hole for Dustin to pound it. He rolled to his side and Dustin entered him on his knees. He rocked his hips back and forth, fucking him hard, then he pulled out and fingered him and blew his cock. I love a top who is turned on by pleasing his bottom, not just in it for his own experience. Dustin was incredibly considerate, always making sure Lance was enjoying the screw. He rimmed him again, moaning loudly into his stretched hole. Then he climbed on top of his back and drove his hard dick down into Lance’s perfect milky white bubble butt.

Lance pulled up into doggie style and this allowed both guys to move like bucking broncs. About that time, Dustin’s insanely hairy body began to sweat. Boy, did it sweat. He dripped all over Lance, the sheets, himself. I think it got both of them going even more, having his hot masculine body melting all over them. I couldn’t take my eyes off his sexy legs and hot feet as he fucked Lance. So fine. Lance’s ass shook and rippled with each thrust Dustin made. These two were a treat to watch. They took a little make out break to cool down, but it didn’t last long because making out just got them hornier. Before I knew it, Dustin’s dick was back inside Lance and he was thrusting hard, creating one of the sexiest faces I’ve ever seen Lance make. Pure pleasure but also total awe and submission. Their dirty talk and grunts resumed and I was so fucking stiff inside my shorts.

Even stretched, Lance was still gasping every time Dustin entered him. That cock was so big and hard, he was getting the fucking of a lifetime. He encouraged his top to continue, praising his cock size, shouting expletives every time Dustin stabbed his hole with his shaft. When Dustin got on his side and fucked Lance in the spooning position, he had a front row seat to Lance’s furry pits. He licked and sucked as he screwed. The bed was getting as much of a workout as these two were.

Then, as his hole was being pounded into next week, Lance felt his seed bubbling. Dustin pulled out so he could finger him to completion. Lance busted his load all over his furry tummy while Dustin had his thumb up his ass knuckle deep. Dustin followed close behind, shooting his own cum all over Lance’s thigh, a nice jizz strand connecting the two guys. They kissed and collapsed, Dustin having some final after shock body tremors. Anyone could see, it was that good of a time!

GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
Jon Tops Jay Raw

Two very woofy pups snarl and growl and lick and nibble their way into each others pants in this new scene from Jay Davis and our first with Jon Shield. It took literally no time for these two hairy studs to get down to business. Jon got Jay’s pants off and started rimming his tight, hairy hole. Jay got Jon’s pants off and started sucking that behemoth of a boner. Hard dicks and hairy bodies and plenty of hot bareback sex in store for these two horndogs.

Jay gave Jon one of his signature amazing blowjobs, gagging on that big fat cock to earn the “good boy” recognition Jon would throw his way. His own meaty, beautiful dick hard and bouncing down below, Jay sucked Jon’s huge hardon balls deep. Two bearded boys rubbing boners and body fur together got my dick hard as rock.

Jon sucked on Jay’s cock while he lubed his own with SPUNK and prepared to fuck. The steel firmness of both their dicks was intense and a testament to how badly they craved each other. Jon thumbed Jay’s tight hole while he sucked his dick, loosening him as much as possible before hammering him with his big cock. Then Jay sat back on Jon’s giant rod and let it slowly slide inside him. They both bellowed and exclaimed how tight Jay’s hole was, then tried again to everyones delight. It went in steadily and incredibly. Jay’s tight ass wrapped around Jon’s massive cock and they sat for a moment, feeling the closeness of one another.

Then the fucking began. Jon wasted no time slamming his unwrapped dick into Jay’s stunning hole. Those hairy butt cheeks created a nice cushion for his slapping balls. Those big, hot, cum filled balls. Jon held Jay’s ass cheeks in his manly paws and fucked him deep. Then he flipped him onto his back and drove that dick home. They both kept their socks on and it was sexy as hell. The chemistry between them was undeniable and I never wanted this show to end.

They moved into doggie style on the couch and as Jon pumped his hot, throbbing cock in and out of Jay’s supple ass, I could hear his collar jingling and it reminded me that these two were just animals, fucking in the rawest, purest form possible. Bareback is so incredibly hot and these two showcased it so well. Their bodies truly feeling the other, connecting, engaging. Sparks flew as they screwed. Jon pulled Jay back and they sat down together, Jay on Jon’s lap essentially, riding his cock reverse.

Jay stroked his rock hard dick and he rode up and down on Jon’s cock. Quite the workout, both hairy men were getting sweaty in all the right places. Very vocal, they kept egging each other on, like when Jon told Jay to pull on his nuts while he was balls deep inside him. Love when dudes talk to each other and tell their costar what they want and like and need. Jon got Jay on his back on the coffee table and went to town. Legs splayed, Jay shook with the rhythm of Jon railing his ass. They both had bated breath and kissed through the fucking, making hot moaning whimpers and sex cries. Jay grabbed a handful of Jon’s chest fur and I nearly shot a load in my pants, seeing these two men turn each other on beyond belief.

Next I got on the floor and begged for an up close and personal shot. They obliged, fucking over top of me, Jon’s balls slapping Jay’s hairy ass as he rode him. I love this shot so much, feeling like I’m right in there, part of the action. Such a great view of that incredibly thick dick filling that tight ass. There was no doubt these two were loving every fucking second of this scene.

It was time for someone to cum, but it wasn’t me. That would happen during editing this scene. Gotta test the product, right? It was time for Jay to bust, so he sat on the top of the couch, stroking, Jon below him, licking his nuts with that juicy red tongue, helping edge him closer to eruption. Jay got there, blowing his load on Jon’s bearded face, mostly in his warm, waiting mouth. I’ve never seen a model so cum hungry as Jon. He fucking lapped up that load, loving the warm salty taste on his tongue. He sucked Jay’s still stiff cock after the cumshot, helping himself get nearer climax. Then what drove it home? Jay kneeling down to make out with Jon as he jerked himself off. Jay tasting his own nut on Jon’s lips, them sharing the cum in their passionate kiss, was enough to send Jon over the edge, as it would have anyone. He rubbed furiously, milking out a gooey seed across Jay’s hairy knee. The room phone rang right as he exploded, not ruining the scene, just signaling that he’d finished right in the nick of time. He gave Jay a taste of his from his thumb and they kissed again, mixing both their loads together on their tongues. These two are seriously pros and I couldn’t have been happier, or hornier, to get them on camera together. Woof!

GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
Roy Tops Charles Raw Part 1

“Ready to work your mouth?” Simple question, hot start to a sexy two part scene shot in a swanky suite in Vegas. Roy and Charles were in their underwear in the jacuzzi, wet and rock hard. Charles asked the question of Roy and with a heavy flop, Charles’ thick cut cock was exposed and being slurped down by eager to please bi guy Roy. He may not have a ton of experience with dudes, but he aims to please with his ever curious ways. He used Ryan Fargo’s trademark blowjob move (rubbing a hard dick across his beard) on Charles because he remembered how good it felt when Fargo did it to him. Things like that, attention to detail, wanting to satisfy your costar, all make Roy an incredibly hot asset to GuyBone.

And Charles, well, just look at him. The guy oozes sex appeal and knows exactly what to do in every situation. He dropped to his knees in the tub and pulled Roy’s long erection from his tight, wet shorts. He worked diligently on that dick, gulping its full length to the back of his throat. Roy face fucked him, his glistening wet pubes and tummy triangle of fur looking hotter than ever. Charles stuffed Roy’s stiff cock back inside his soaked boxer briefs and licked and nibbled on it through the cotton. His pink throbbing shaft flexed and jumped from the sensation, trying desperately to rip through the fabric.

They moved to the bed, losing towels immediately, Roy diving down to blow Charles some more. He slobbed his veiny knob and choked its curvy girth down his throat. Then Roy leaned back on his knees, offering his towering rod to Charles’ hungry mouth. He guided the back of his neck and encouraged him to go balls deep. Charles had Roy incredibly stiff and decided it was time to lube him up with SPUNK and slip it in his ass. He sat on the big dick, accepting it fully, instantly beginning to ride. Roy’s perfect nuts bounced up and down with each hump and Charles reached back to give them a squeeze. Roy stroked Charles’ hard dick from the front side while they gyrated. Then he reached back and spread his bottoms’ butt cheeks to show off the tight hole he was tapping.

He spooned Charles and drove his dick deep into the vocal bottom. They kissed sexily, their lips making an irresistible smacking. Roy gave Charles a reach around and praised the tightness of his asshole. They worked in sync, thrusting raw cock in and out of hairy hole. They were devouring each other’s bodies, madly aroused. Charles noticed his dick was leaking precum. Roy dabbed the clear fluid with his thumb and tasted it, then offered Charles a taste. They kissed, their tongues rubbing the precum around their mouths. My dick nearly exploded.

They moved to the chaise at my request and fucked in a couple quick positions, notably a scissoring one that showed off both their toned bodies and big dicks. They traded it in for a return to the bed, though, as that was a much more comfortable workspace. Eh, I tried.

Roy got Charles on his back and fucked his bareback hole deep and slow. Charles jerked his own boner and they moaned together as they built toward climax. Charles blew his load across his stomach as Roy continued nailing him. They traded places and as Roy neared his own cumshot, Charles declared “I’m not done with you yet. Let’s move this shit to the couch.”

They walked with each other to the living room, dicks swinging, taking in that grand Vegas view. Roy sat on the sofa and started sucking Charles' cum soaked cock again. His cum was brewing even stronger in his sack as his bottom took charge and kissed him hard on the lips.

GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
GuyBone BEARDED GUYS BUTT FUCKING BARE, , Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte, Dusty Cross, Lance Bennett, Jay Davis, Jon Shield, Charles Grey, Roy Gardner
Roy Tops Charles Raw Part 2

Roy had bareback fucked the cum right out of Charles, but when it was Roy’s turn to jizz, Charles ordered him to the living room for more raw sex. This bossy bottom hadn’t had his fill and he wanted to ride more. And more. And more.

Roy was even harder now, having been forced to hold his seed inside longer. His dick was so fucking stiff, it felt like the first time all over again for Charles. He eased down on it then opened up and bounced full throttle. His beautiful butt rocketed up and down on that intensely firm boner as he smooched his costar. Roy picked Charles up and swung him around, dropping his sexy ass on the sofa. He thrust his raw cock completely inside Charles, driving the bottom utterly wild. Watching Charles squeeze Roy’s furry ass from behind, seeing Charles’ toes curl as he got pounded, sent sexy goosebumps up my spine.

They got into reverse cowgirl and Roy smacked that juicy ass, shoving his dick deep between Charles’ butt cheeks. His abs clenched as he thrust up into his costar’s perfect ass. I was still in wonder of how hard his cock was. Charles’ own beefy cock was bopping to and fro as he took it condom free up his tight hole.

They took a blowjob break and Roy read his comic like the fucking hot nerd he is while Charles serviced his super hard shaft orally. Then it was back to business as Charles climbed on top of that flagpole cock drenched in SPUNK lube. He sat back on it, holding himself still while Roy did the humping. He worked his hips up and down, drilling his big, stiff dick into Charles’ tight but willing asshole.

Next they tried doggie with a view. Charles bent over in front of the giant panoramic window and offered his back door to “Roy Boy” who was more than ready to take it. Charles exclaimed, “Fuck! You’re stuffin’ my ass!” Roy continued to do just that as they moved into the kitchen, bent over the counter, standing and screwing. Roy’s long, thick cock slid in and out of that hairy ass of Charles’ and they both praised the awesome way their bodies felt.

I had to get in some last minute slot play, so I headed down to the casino floor to gamble a bit while they finished up. Roy sat back comfy on the couch, Charles jerked and sucked him. Charles played cameraman and Roy watched some porn on his phone while rubbing his sexy fuzzy tummy. Before long, he was ready to blow his long-awaited load that Charles had made him save up. As Charles jerked faster, Roy began to feel the build up aching inside his cock. Then he finally got his release, spilling a fantastic nut of white hot cum out of his piss slit. It ran down his cock head and over Charles’ fist, pooling on Roy’s dark pubes. God damn, that looked delicious! Nothing like a first person experience, and that’s exactly what Charles gave when he grabbed the camera and showed you that creamy load up close.

I came back long enough to film Charles getting out his second seed of the two part scene. Roy wanted to receive his first facial and Charles was more than willing to be his first sperm donor. Roy crouched under Charles’ balls and flicked his tongue against the shaft while Charles jacked off. He came hard. He came on Roy’s eye, cheek, beard and tongue. Perfection. They shared a final cummy kiss and brought our Vegas adventure to an end.

Viva Las Fucking Vegas, baby!

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