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Studio: Alternadudes
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Run Time: 94
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Koloff
Year Produced: 2016
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UPC: 847046016134
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Alternadudes presents AlternaTwinks 2, a second showcase of some our younger alt dudes! Alternadudes come in all shapes and ages but when they're young and naughty and into sex and Rock & Roll, they become AlternaTwinks and they're some of the horniest fuckers around! Sit back and let these guys get you off as they beat their meat, suck big hard cocks, plow ass, get their holes stretched, and take all the loads of cum they can possibly take!

Product Scenes

Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Charles Bronsin & Alec Grey

Hot hairy punk, Charles Bronsin, is hard and horny as fuck. He needs to tap into something and quick. Our gift to Charles is smooth skater twink, Alec Grey. Alec is soft spoken and a little on the feminine side. He'™s a bottom twink through and through who is still in braces. He likes the pain of getting a cock up his tight twink asshole.

"Charles and Alec are complete opposites " right down to their taste in music. But that doesn't matter. Alec has a tight smooth hole and Charles has a big hard hairy dick. One easily fits into another.

They make out briefly. Charles is too horny to wait very long. The shirts are off in no time and after rubbing each others cocks through the jeans, the pants are soon to hit the floor as well. Alec is the first to go down. He takes the punk’s big dick in his mouth and slides it in and out with ease. He’s used to big dicks and this one is no exception. He takes it all the way down the hatch. Charles likes his twink blowjob. He moans and swears and tells Alec to suck his dick. His instructions are clear and simple and the twink does what he’s told. Charles stands the Alec up. He needs a quick taste before he moves into working the tight twink ass. He sucks Alec’s dick until they’re both ready to burst. Finally, Charles turns Alec over, peels off his torn underwear and sticks his fingers inside.

Alec winces in pain as Charles shoves his fingers in without warning. He works the tight hole sticking one, then two fingers in and out, getting it loose enough to stick his hard cock inside. Alec is moaning and squirming as Charles continues the long and steady fingering session. Alec doesn’t know if he’s in pain or pleasure, but he likes it either way!

Charles gets up and sticks his cock inside the twink. Now Alec is truly in pain as Charles pumps away. It’s a sloppy, hardcore fuckfest with very little grace or tenderness. Charles simply has his way with the open-assed twink. Plowing and fucking and slapping skin on skin. They fuck and fuck and fuck until finally they are ready to blow some cum. Charles may be an aggressive top, but he loves loves loves the taste and feel of semen on his face and in his mouth! Alec quickly gets up off the top, turns Charles over, and blasts his face with what appears to be gallons of pure jizz. Charles follows suit and blows his sticky load all over his hairy stomach and his gorgeous pubes. He is a mess! He’s literally painted from hair to face to mouth to pubes in twink and punk semen!

Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,

Brandon is a glam rocker twink who was supposed to be washing up before our shoot. He was taking a little too long to come out of the bathroom so we went to check on him. We found him washing his hands and before you know it, his freshly cleaned hands were down his pants.

We just kept the cameras rolling as he played with his dick a bit before the pants came completely off and he hopped on the top of the toilet to rub one out. As the cameras keep recording and Brandon gets more and more horny, he starts to finger himself as he works his thick uncut cock up and down. His sexy, perfect body writhes as he lifts his legs to put them on the sink and the door as he continues to pound on. As Brandon’s tight foreskin flips back and forth over the tip of his cock, he closes his eyes, moans, and lets loose a gooey, thick, white load of jizz all over his leg, the toilet seat, and the floor.

Way to go Brandon! You’re the first one we actually caught playing with himself in the bathroom before a shoot, and what a load!

Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Austin Mitchell & Derrick Paul

Emo twink, Austin Mitchell, is back and this time he gets a big thick curved surprise from Derrick Paul. As you may remember, Derrick has a nice big dick with a downward curve. Austin is a little afraid of Derrick’s cock and is reluctant to let the alt stud near him. Once our emo gets in a makeout session with the stud, he changes his mind and he wastes no time unbuckling Derrick’s pants to get to the goods inside.

Austin loves to suck cock, but Derrick’s is a special treat. It’s thick and juicy and nestled in a nice big patch of black pubes, not to mention the big lowhanging hairy balls that dangle from the base of this Romanesque masterpiece. Derrick gets out of his pants and lets the twink service him in his dingy tighty whiteys for a while. He then grabs the back of Austin’s head and fucks his face before taking off Austin’s underwear and going down on the twink. Derrick is more about sticking his big pole inside holes, so he quickly rolls Austin over on his back and face fucks the twink. His big cock goes in and out, plunging Austin’s mouth and throat as the twink gags on the giant piece of meat. Derrick’s big hairy balls hit Austin’s forehead and nose, slapping a steady pace to go with the gagging.

After the face fucking, the stud throws on a Magnum condom and has the twink sit down on his big throbbing cock. It’s a tight squeeze, as Austin’s twink ass is super tight and doesn’t have that many miles on it! The big cock finally slips into the cramped quarters. The emo’s ass isn’t particularly thrilled with his new found roommate. It hurts and burns as his throbbing asshole gets impaled by the big dick. Derrick pulls out and fucks Austin from behind, doing it doggy style while Austin gets loud with his groaning and grunting. Austin has finally hit the wall with his ability to fuck and at the height of his breathy moans tells Derrick to go slow before he squeals in pain and tells him to stop.

That’s okay. It’s enough for our stud. He’s ready to blow anyway so he straddles Austin’s face and jacks his thick cock until he sprays our emo twink all over the face. Austin loves to eat cum and opens his mouth to take it as the jizz flies and splashes on his face and in his mouth. One last lick of Derrick’s sensitive post-cum cock sends the stud into ecstasy as the emo pounds to his release and sprays his own stomach. The gentle stud tells the emo twink what a good job he did and scoops up the cum to feed it to Austin. The twink says no and shakes his head in disgust as the stud convincingly sticks the warm semen in Austin’s mouth, making him eat his own cum despite the protest. Austin seems to like it and they kiss, each tasting and licking Austin’s warm twink cum!

Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Charlie Cherrybomb & Ethan

Charlie Cherrybomb is a hot skater with a tiny frame and a big uncut dick. He’s got a shaved head with a full beard and various tats around his body. His most notable are the cherrybomb tattoos he’s got on his neck and hip. He’s a bottom and thinks he’s here to get fucked. We paired him up with Ethan. Ethan is a real life surfer who also likes to take it up the ass. We took a gamble with putting these two together. Usually when guys are horny, they’ll do anything regardless of claiming to only be a top or strictly a bottom. It took a little while but the end results are fantastic!

Charlie and Ethan start with a long and amazing make-out session. They’re literally all over each other, biting, pulling tongue, licking, and doing everything to get each other wound up. They take off their shirts and pants and stay in their tiny underwear while they dry hump each other. Charlie takes the lead and starts becoming the dominant top. He humps away at our surfer until he decides the underwear between them has got to go. He peels off Ethan’s sweaty underwear and discovers a forest of unshaved pubes just ready to be licked and eaten. And that’s just what he does. He dives down into Ethan’s hairy crotch and sucks and slurps his way around, covering the surfer’s cock with saliva and pulling his balls into his mouth.

After getting a nice servicing, Ethan gets up and decides that he wants to be the cocksucker that he is. He removes Charlie’s big uncut dick from his bulging underwear and starts out slow. It’s a passionate and delicate affair at first, but as the seconds tick by, Charlie grabs Ethan by the hair and starts taking over. He’s no longer getting a dainty blowjob - he’s now face fucking Ethan! Ethan loves it and starts gagging and choking on the big piece of meat hanging from between Charlie’s legs. Charlie plows on, taking command. He finally rolls Ethan over onto his back and fucks his skull from above. It’s truly an amazing sight watching Charlie’s big dangling ball sack slap Ethan’s face while he drills away. His nuts slap Ethan’s nose and cover his nostrils over and over as they slap away!

Ethan is the first to cum. With a moan and a groan in between gags and coughs, he shoots his milky load all over his hairy stomach and thick pubes. Charlies sees the manload fly and pulls out to cover the cum hungry surfer in his own special sauce. He douses Ethan with thick, white, gooey sperm that covers his entire face. It’s so thick that it stays where it lands and barely a drop misses Ethan’s face! Ethan is a hot mess at the end of this skull fucking session. We’re guessing he also had a sore throat!

Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,

Teddy is a hot little emo twink with a cock and balls that just won’t stop! He’s a bottom who reluctantly agreed to go solo for the day. He usually needs a cock to satisfy and you can tell by the way he fingers his hairy hole!

With three fingers up his tight ass, he plows himself to a near finish before sitting back down and revealing the pre-cum dripping from the tip of his throbbing snake. He dry-humps our couch for a bit, plays with his fuzzy, unshaved, low-hanging sack, and finally drops his load of oozing, creamy juice!

He still can’t get enough because as he wipes the fresh jizz off his cock and his hands, he promptly laps it up with his begging tongue. Teddy is truly a hot and horny, cum hungry, emo twink bottom!

Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Alternadudes ALTERNATWINKS 2, Koloff,
Adam Moon & Brandon

Glam rocker, Brandon, and blues rocker, Adam Moon, are back and this time they get to rock each other!

Adam demonstrates his abilities as a cocksucker with finesse and ease. Brandon’s big uncut dick slides easily in and out of Adam’s wet mouth and down his throat while he works it with his luscious lips and eager-to-please tongue. There’s something about watching Adam suck a dick that is absolutely fascinating. You can almost feel it yourself â€" he looks that good at it!

Brandon feels the need for some dick too and before you know it, Adam’s hard, hairy cock is fucking Brandon’s twink face. All the dick sucking is more than Brandon can handle as he bends Adam over and fucks the shit out of him. The smooth blond pumping away at our hairy dark haired rocker is sexy sight as hips slap ass and dick pounds raw hole!

Brandon continues to pump away until he gets the urge to finish up. Finally, he pulls his uncut cock out of Adam’s throbbing asshole to spray his wet load all over Adam’s face. Adam takes the whole thing before getting up and dumping his own sperm on Brandon’s tight thin body. These two are an awesome sight covered in cum and looking like they want more!

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