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Gender Benders


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Studio: Alternadudes
Product Code  
Run Time: 103
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Koloff
Cast: St. Dillon, Ramses, Fievel, Ramone, Charlie Cherrybomb, Spungy Angel, Derrick Paul, Sean Michael Bradley, Keith Gordon, Joey Utah
Year Produced: 2016
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UPC: 847046015793
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Alternadudes presents Street Trash, a look at the some of the hottest dudes from off the streets. Watch as these guys with big attitudes and even bigger cocks get themselves and each other off. They jack, they suck, they share toys, and they fuck hard. The streets know no bounds and neither do these hot gutter punks who will stop at nothing to make sure they spread their seed all over any hot body they can find!

Product Scenes

Keith Gordon & Joey Utah

Joey is a hot little raver twink with a skinny body and an ass that needs filling. Keith was a DJ at the rave where they met on the night we caught them fucking for the first time. They're both still covered in glitter and they can't wait to get their hands on each other in the basement where Joey is squatting.

They make out hard, teasing each other through their tight pants. Joey is about to bust out of his jeans when Keith frees his dick and they start sucking each other off. Keith pulls out a Pyrex dildo and shoves it inside the twink, loosening his hole and getting it ready for the real deal.

Joey has a form of Tourette Syndrome that makes him lose control and spew out profanities whenever someone fucks him. Keith does a great job with his dick and makes Joey let loose with the cussing. Joey takes it hard but then takes control and rides Keith's dick until he cums all over the shaggy DJ. Keith runs his hand through Joey's cum, uses it like lube and adds to the pool of cum all over his hairy stomach with a load of his own. They cuddle and kiss and hold each other in the cold squatter basement they call home for now.


Ramone is a shaggy skater with a nice hairy uncut cock. His big blue eyes will draw you in and his smoky sexy voice will push you over the edge!

He makes quick work of his job. He gives a brief interview and describes how he had a bi orgie while watching a movie and talks a litte bit about his skating. The second he's done, his pants come off and his hand is down his pants. Ramone is a bit of a grower and his balls at first seem bigger than his dick. It's not long though after a bit of slapping and some rapid pumping that his big dick is up and at 'em in all its glory. He's got a quick hand too. His jacking off is a quick pace and his balls flip and flop back and forth, each one plump and snug in their hairy ball sack.

He switches positions a few times and as he does he get louder while he gets closer to blowing. He looks directly into the camera and tugs away, his uncut skin enveloping his pink head before pulling back and going back down his full shaft. His hand stays on his crotch and plays with his fuzzy patch of jungle between his legs. He gets up and turns around, showing the world his beautiful hairy ass. His balls dance and bounce as he spreads his checks, opening his hairy, tight, virgin asshole. He tugs a bit more then turns around and gives a raspy "Oh fuck yeah!" yell along with a warning to the cameraman that he's about to blow his load.

As promised, he does just that. He gets loud and as the cum blows out of his cock, it flies out and hits the chair, his fuzy legs and gets on the floor. He puts his head back and keeps jacking as if it never happened. He's spent, though, and that's it for this straight, sexy, scruffy, shaggy, hairy skater!

Charlie Cherrybomb & Spungy Angel

Charlie Cherrybomb is back. This time he needs cock in his ass and that's just what he gets. But Spungy Angel doesn't like to rush things. He needs to take things slow and get some service before he drives his cock home.

A heavy make-out session starts this romp off. It's not long before the shirts are off though and Charlie is licking Spungy's chest and armpit. It really gets the Latino snowboarder going too. When his pants come off, his uncut cock is hard as a rock and curved, looking like it's throbbing and ready to burst. Charlie wastes no time going down. He works Spungy's big dick and works his balls, sucking them into his mouth and rolling them around on his tongue before letting them back out into the open air, one by one.

Charlie is quite the aggressive bottom. He pulls Charlie up and puts their cocks together and jacks them for a nice frot session. It feels good to Spungy and after only so long, he pushes the bottom down onto the couch and shoves his schlong inside Charlies open asshole. The top plunges his dick in and out over and over making skin slap against skin. His balls swing back and forth as he fucks away doggie style. Charlie is hard as a rock and climbs on top of Spungy riding his dick like he's in heat!

Charlie's big hard dick swings in circles and slaps up and down as he fucks away. His fucking is so intense that he has several dry orgasms in a row just from having a cock in his ass! Spungy proclaims that he's about to cum and quickly gets up, sliding his ready to shoot cock out of the fucking machine that Charlie has become. He stands over the bottom and blasts his load all over Charlie's face. There's a massive amount of jizz to deal with here. It just keeps rolling and shooting out of the snowboarder and sticks to Charlie's face and oozes out of his mouth. It drips down onto the couch in big white, sticky drops. It's so thick that it stays put wherever it lands! Spungy loves the taste of his own cum and licks the gloppy mess off of Charlie and kisses the remaining amount out of his mouth.

Charlie needs to burst now! He rolls over and shoots a megaload onto Spungy, hitting his face, his mouth, his nipple and his armpit. Charlie follows suit and eats his own cum from Spungy's fuzzy bits and pieces. There's not much to clean up when these two are done…they've licked each other clean and swallowed away nearly all the evidence of their sticky, sweaty sex romp!

St. Dillon & Ramses

Saint Dillon and Ramses are real life best friends who have never done anything dirty together before. Ramses tried bringing up giving head in the past but nothing ever happened. Today is the day they explore that side of their friendship! They're both a little embarrassed and the whole situation is a bit awkward. These are not shy guys, but this time our cameraman had to loosen them up with a few jokes and lots of direction.

They start by grabbing and jacking each others dicks. Ramses is instantly hard but Saint Dillon is taking a little longer. He's nervous, awkward and oddly enough, a bit shy around Ramses. Once Saint Dillon has his boner, though, he's good to go for the rest of the time! Ramses grabs a flesh-type toy with a hole on each end made to insert two nice hard cocks. They both stick their big hard dicks inside and start bumping heads. Their dicks are so big that they soon overlap and they fuck the jack off sleeve as their thick poles slide around on the inside. Ramses has leaked so much precum that he doesn't even need lube!

Ramses pulls out and leaves Saint Dillon to his own devices. He fucks the shit out of the sleeve and we even got footage from the inside of the toy as he fucks it! It's hot as hell as you see his dick punch in and out of its moist tight hole. They pass the toy back and forth before Ramses decides to blow his load as he's using the sleeve. It felt so good he forgot he was on camera! We get to see his cum, but the actual shot got lost in the lucky toy. As his cum oozes out of the used up toy, Saint Dillon explodes all over his giant bush. He cums….and cums….and cums as only Saint Dillon can – about enough for 3 men! They relax in near exhaustion, as they laugh and joke about the strange day their friendship took a bizarre turn to the dark side!


Fievel is a hottie rocker with lots of tats and a nice selection of piercings on his face. His favorite number is 37 (which tattooed on his shoulder), his balls are nice and snug in their hairy ballsack, and he likes to get fucked by men.

Fievel starts out with a nice long session of rubbing through his jeans. He's a flirty one when he gets horny. As soon as he's hard as a rock, the jeans come off and he keeps teasing us by jacking through his colorful underwear. His bulge is nice and thick and you can see the outline of his full cock just under the fabric. He removes his undies and we can finally see his thick cock. It lays against his thin milky white body completed by his nice hairy sack just below. He plays with his nuts and keeps rubbing away.

He's a quiet one when he beats off. There's no messing around. He's on a mission and he wants satisfaction now! But before he gets it, he's got some more work to do. He continues on, never faltering. He bends over and shows his hairy hole. It's a nice asshole. It's tight and hairy and oh so pink! He plays with it a little more before he turns back over. He's ready to pop.

As he gets closer, he starts to breath heavier. His breath turns into faint whispers of "Oh fuck!" and as he nears the finish line, he finally yells out with one big breathy moan. He's blowing and he's blowing hard. It rolls out of the tip of his cock and pools up in a single giant puddle right above his pubes. He takes a lick and describes the taste. "It's sweet, not salty," he explains. He eats a lot of fruit to keep his cum tasting the best it can be! It also takes on a tinge of the color of pineapple. If you ever get the chance to eat Fievel's cum, let us know if he's right about the taste!

Derrick Paul & Sean Michael Bradley

Derrick Paul is back and he brought a puppy named Sean Michael Bradley with him. Sean is a submissive sloppy bottom who really likes to be dominated and degraded. Derrick is the perfect match. He's dominant, he's a hardcore top, and he loves his twinks.

These two start out like most others with an intense make-out session. Sean needs cock in his face so he unbuckles Derrick's jeans and goes down. Derrick begins commanding Sean with a series of demands such as "suck that big cock", "harder" and "all the way down", to which the dirtbiker does as he's told. He also answers Derrick's questions with a military style "YES!" which shows his submissive side.

Derrick starts playing with Sean's tight little asshole as he gets his dick sucked. They switch it up and Derrick gives Sean some pleasure by sucking his dick right back. Sean doesn't like his balls sucked but goes along with it and submits to Derrick's whims and desires as Derrick stretches and pulls and sucks Sean's tight sack. Sean flips over again and as Derrick commands him to suck his nuts, he does so with eager pleasure. He gets Derrick rock fucking hard and then begs for it in his ass. The dominant top performs a quick rimjob before he pulls a condom out of his big leather boots and shoves his thick curvy cock inside the twink.

Sean moans and takes it hard up the butt. Derrick comments about how nice and tight Sean is. As Derrick fucks the hole, Sean starts screaming "thank you!" and "fuck that hole!". Derrick tells the bottom exactly what to do. More "thank yous" get thrown around as Derrick starts pounding harder. Sean says that Derrick makes him "feel like such a bitch", to which Derrick starts calling him bitch over and over.

Watching Derrick's big thick cock slide in and out of Sean is really truly something amazing to see and it must be even better to feel judging by the sex face on Sean. They flip over and Derrick keeps pounding as Sean begs his master to cum. Derrick tells his bitch that it's okay to spray. Sean thanks him before he commences with his jizzification. He shoots his load all over his stomach. Derrick bends down and scoops some of it up in his hand and makes Sean ask nicely for a taste before he shoves it in his face. Sean loves the taste of cum and Derrick rewards him for a job will done with a giant white load all over his cheek and in his mouth.

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