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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 136
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Year Produced: 2015
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When str8 military dudes drop their cammies and brandish their weapons, it's a show of force that you won't want to miss. Four new recruits bare it all for the camera, along with three veterans who return to get stroked and sucked for the first time by a guy.

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase

Avery's a 23 y/o military stud who's been thinking about getting into porn for at least 2 years. That's about how long ago it was when he first got in touch, and then suddenly disappeared. As it goes with many of our fighting men, deployments happen and it took this long before finally getting naked for the world.

He was in great shape then and definitely someone I wanted in front of my cameras. But over the past couple years, he's packed on some muscle. He admitted to being kind of a "skinny kid" in high school, though.

"I tried playing football for a few months," he said, sheepishly, "but they walked all over me 'cos I was so small."
Not so much these days, I imagine. At 5' 8", he's a solid 210 lbs and hard to miss.

Also hard to miss when Avery's shorts came off were his balls-- he's got some serious low-hangers, and a thick downward-curved cock.
Avery never mentioned before that he's married, but, apparently, his wife gave him the full go-ahead to do porn. He even managed to save up a 2-day load for the shoot. It paid off, too. When cum time came, Avery blasted a stream of jizz all the way up to his nipples!

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Shane's massage

Shane was pretty nervous about doing a happy-ending massage. He took his time thinking about it and decided to give it a shot after a little convincing. His big concern was whether he'd be able to get it up.

He shrugged off his nerves, though, and made the leap into his first experience with a guy. It took a minute for him to relax; from the little pre-shoot "interview" to the first few minutes when my hands were rubbing down his back, the tension was running high.

And then Shane rolled over onto his back and the story changed. Once his cock got a few tugs, it was standing at full attention. He even had to stop me once because he was getting so close to cumming.

Shane's cumshot was a sneaker -- he must have been focused on something good while I brought him up to the edge. Without much of a peep leading up to the climax, he suddenly gasped. With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, cum dribbled down my hand and onto his pubes.

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Landon's surprise handjob

Landon is a 22 y/o southern boy who a buddy introduced to me. He (Landon) recently got out of the military and wanted to dabble in porn to make some cash before looking for a "real" job.

Landon is a pocket-sized guy, standing at 5' 7", with a a larger-than-life personality and a tight bod that came from years of wrestling in high school. It was interesting to hear that he was actually a little nervous about his first time doing a solo shoot.
He'd told a couple people about his new venture in front of the camera, including his dad and another buddy who Landon said was a little jealous about it. His girlfriend, though, does not know and he wasn't sure how she'd react if/when she found out.

Even with a gf, Landon still finds time to rub a couple out every day, depending on when he gets started: if the first time is early in the day, he'll jack off 3 or 4 times, saying that it just puts him in the mood all day. Being in the military, of course, he's snuck off to bust a nut just about everywhere; once even with a buddy.

"A close friend of mine," he said with a smirk. "We were sitting around, shooting the shit and talking about porn. One thing lead to another and kinda ended up watching the same flick."

Once the initial nerves wore off, Landon seemed to get into showing off his dick. He certainly didn't have any trouble keeping it hard. And since he told me he'd never measured it before, there was the opportunity I couldn't possibly pass up to pull out the measuring tape.

Landon didn't seem to mind at all when I held onto his cock and lubed him up. His gaze drifted back and forth from the porn playing in the background and down to his dick getting stroked. After a few minutes, Landon's eyes squeezed shut and he pressed his head into the pillow. Before I knew it, his cock was spewing cum all over my hand.

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase

Graham and a few of his military buddies had been talking with each other about trying to get into porn for a few months. Graham was the first among them to make the leap.

He sent in an application, recently, that caught my eye. How couldn't it? He's an 18 y/o redhead who stands 6-and-a-half feet tall! Hung, uncut, and doesn't shave all his ginger pubes off (all big plusses around here).

Graham actually showed up to the shoot with one of his friends who waited outside for him to finish; his wing-man. Graham played it off pretty well, but I think nerves were getting the best of him, at least starting out. About halfway through, he loosened up a bit and had some fun showing off for the cameras.

Graham's job keeps him out in "the field" quite a bit, doing military training operations. Once, he snuck away long enough to pull out his phone and rub one out on top of a mountain during training. The latest round in the field, though, left him with 4-5 days of cum stored up in his balls.

When cum time came, he didn't hold back, really ramping up the moaning as he shot a well-earned load onto his stomach.

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Cliff's massage

It's not uncommon for me to get emails from members asking if a certain guy will be coming back for more scenes. The answer to that question can vary, but even when things don't look promising, there's always the possibility that they'll pop up again later. Case in point:

Cliff made his porn debut here and, at that time, was fairly reluctant to do any guy-guy stuff. Well, that was just about five years ago and out of blue he recently got in touch saying he was ready to make the leap. Talk about foreplay!

Cliff has never done anything with a guy before, and never gotten a massage before -- happy-ending or otherwise, so he was checking two things off his bucket list. Luckily, he prepped for the occasion by not jacking off that day; it might not sound like much, but he normally rubs one out 2-3 times a day. Needless to say, he was pretty horned up.

Before the cameras were rolling, he made an off-hand comment about discovering (through an ex-girlfriend) that he liked his ass played with. Mental note made. And one worth making, apparently. As soon as my hands made their way in that direction, Cliff's cock was getting rock hard from between his legs.

Once he rolled over onto his back, Cliff's cock looked like it was about to explode at the slightest touch. I was careful not to push him over the edge too quickly. Not that it mattered much. After blowing one load, without even taking a break for a clean-up, Cliff's cock sprang back into action for a second cumshot!

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase

Micah and I met a couple months ago, socially, and as much as I wanted to hand him a card, it would have been an awkward situation. Turned out, he'd been thinking about getting into porn on his own and, recently, sent in an application not realizing that it was me on the other end receiving it. True story!

Micah is 26 y/o and made his way to San Diego courtesy of the military. He's a bit of a firecracker; the kind of guy who is willing to try anything once. He didn't tell any of his friends about coming over for a shoot, but admitted that he will probably end up telling them, if for no other reason to see their reaction.

In the course of setting up a time for a shoot, I told him to "save up" beforehand which made him chuckle under his breath. I asked what was funny.

"Well," he explained, "I like to edge myself, sometimes for days on end. I'll jack off every day, but I won't cum. It's been three days so far."

That's some self control.

Like most of the first-timers, Micah said he was a little nervous starting out. You'd never guess it, though. He clearly liked showing off, especially for the close-ups when he got to look down and see himself stroking his dick in the camera's viewfinder.

When he got the thumbs up to let out his 3-day load, Micah's whole body started twitching as he worked himself up to the finish line. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum," he said in one final gasp, letting gobs of thick jizz pool onto his stomach.

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Micah: behind-the-scenes

Micah headed off to the shower after his j/o shoot, still sporting a raging hard-on.

"Isn't that just a great sight," he laughed, "a 'cummy' dick?"

Micah made a few jokes about things that happened in boot camp including one story about the very first day that involved 98 Marines "nut-to-butt" in the showers. Sounds like a party!

Nude beaches, the local swinger's club, and how much Micah is turned on by showing off -- just a few of the things touched on in this behind-the-scenes moment.

Scene 8: Blowing Chase
Chase loves getting head. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the perspective), his girlfriend isn't that good at getting him off with blow-jobs. After his massage scene, though, he realized that guys really do know how to get the job done. So, when Chase's GF went out of town, recently, he sent a text asking about "getting together" again.

Once the cameras were fired up, Chase almost laughed at how hard his dick was getting before his jeans came off. The bulge of his cock was pretty evident even when he first walked in the door.

Chase mostly closed his eyes at first, going to his happy space and just enjoying the ride. But when I took his dick all the way in my mouth, he looked down with fascination at his 8-incher being deep-throated.

Last time, I discovered that Chase really liked getting his ass played with. I pushed back his legs and rimmed his hole while he squirmed in ecstasy, jerking his cock. Up on all fours, bent over, the look on his face was priceless as my tongue worked its magic on his tight hole.

After Chase stood up and slowly face-fucked me for a few minutes, I could tell he was getting ready to explode. He lay back on the sofa and got ready for the finale. I glanced up while working him up to the finish and saw Chase tweaking his nipples which seemed to push him right up to the edge. Within seconds he gasped that he was getting close and a monster load flew out of his cock, landing on the floor, the side of the couch, and all over his stomach.

Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
Spunk Worthy COCK & AWE, , Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase

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