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Studio: French Twinks
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Run Time: 125
Audio: In French
Director: Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand
Cast: Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
Year Produced: 2015
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UPC: 0634065726799
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Xavier, Baptiste and Thomas, three young students pass a medical examination with the Dr. Jordan Fox. A vicious doctor, hungry of tight twinks ass who will abuse of his authority to practice intrusive examinations and submit his patients to his perversions.

Product Scenes

French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
Prescription of Tiwnk Fucking

An 18 years twink examined by a nasty doctor

Dr. Jordan Fox, the school doctor at a high school in unconventional manners as an appointment today the cute & young Thomas, a boy of eighteen year of devastating charm. Dr. Fox examines his patient in underwear and with a vicious smile on his face as he starts to feel his abdomen. Dr Fox will push his examination to the limits while he takes the rectal temperature of Thomas, he can control the trepidation on face seeing this little pink hole, all naturally dilated.

The evil doctor's rectal examination develops promptly as he slips into a deep fingering with Thomas having much choice on what happens next, being a docile boy with his adorable face, dominated by the doctors abusive authority. The doctor takes out his monstrous manhood from his trousers and inserts it into the mouth of Thomas before arse fucking him with incredible power on the examining table. Our international star Jordan Fox who takes on the role of doctor with us for the first time ever takes on the part making an incredible performance that will end with a sublime facial.

French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
Jordan Fox Has a Reluctant Patient

A young patient subject to a vicious and manly doctor

In this second episode of the series "Doctor Jordan Fox", our gorgeous doctor will examine the cute & young Baptist, eighteen. The increasingly aggressive Jordan made suggestive comments throughout the appointment and will of course lead the patient to get naked to examine him in depth. Baptist protests and tries to resist but Jordan Fox's patient will be strapped to the table! Palpation of the testes, penis and observation of rectal examination are scheduled.

A cute and young sexy patient undergoing a vicious doctor. Hard pound , deep throat, slapping, spitting and sodomy plus hardcore scenes make this an exceptional instant for lovers of medical fetish and "man on twink" porn! Over 40 minutes of passionate sex, Not to be missed!

French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
Baptiste Always Wants More

Baptiste and Xavier enjoy the medical office

As the teen Baptiste has barely finished getting smashed by Dr. Jordan Fox, when Xavier Sibley alerted by noises enjoyment bursts into the doctor's office & directly understands how his buddy's kind of appointment was carried out. Very delighted by the situation, he will give time to his teen comrade to get dressed and jumps instantly on him.

Baptiste greedily blows the gorgeous Xavier's dick before, Xavier returning his his attentions to still dilated hole that he gives a quick to taste and play's with. Always so greedy Baptist is going to be asked to receive the Extra Large manhood into his butt he is roughly shagged. Xavier very comfortable in the role of assertive guy, and his full power is unleashed on the ass of Baptiste with everything coming to an end with a very thick facial on the heavenly face of the boy aged eighteen. A true duo met in a medical world that inspires fantasies.

French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
French Twinks THE PATIENTS OF DR. JORDAN FOX, Antoine Lebel, Jérôme Bondurand, Jordan Fox, Baptiste Garcia, Thomas Holly, Xavier Sibley
The Evil Doctors Horny Petient

When the Dr. Fox is teased by his young patient

Xavier has an understanding of what was going on in the office of Dr. Jordan Fox after the doctor pounded his classmate Baptiste he wants his turn on the examination table. The boy is terribly thrilled & it is he who will fan the sexual favors of the evil doctor, especially with the very explicit reply : "Why don't you take a rectal temperature instead is more accurate, right?"

Dr. Fox promptly understands the patient is coming from and although he has already solidly penetrated two of his comrades in the same day, he is still full of power and this little smooth bottom stimulates to the highest degree.

Jordan Fox takes unceremoniously Xavier hand and begins by getting sucked solidly before actually kiss her mouth . Slapping, spitting, domination and abundant cumshot will enhance this very hard bang shooting.

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