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Sean Cody


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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 137
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Year Produced: 2015
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It's all hands on cock when str8 military men bare it all for the SpunkWorthy cameras. Three new recruits make their naked debuts, alongside veteran brothers in arms, getting their first taste of gay-for-pay porn!

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Hugh & Colt: JO Buddies

You know those days when you have things planned out and one slight change ends up affecting everything else after that? This shoot was one of those days.

Colt was scheduled to come over. An hour or so before that, though, Hugh stopped by to pick up tax paperwork and, being an inexhaustibly horny guy, wanted to try out a sex toy. No complaints here (and even got a video clip of it up on Twitter).

Enter Colt. Since they were both here it seemed like a no-brainer to get them to do a side-by-side JO and see what would happen. After a lot of convincing and some long, awkward silences, they both agreed.

A pocket pussy toy had started things out with Hugh, so I pulled out one for Colt to try, too. The guys got to work on themselves. Colt was fired up and was rock hard as soon as his jeans came off. It took a minute for Hugh but, like ol' faithful, he was already set for round two.

There were a couple more awkward moments, but it was hard not to miss the glances they were sneaking at each other. I decided to try and up the ante and offered them some more cash to help each other out. Before long, Colt reached over, with Hugh following suit, and they started jerking each other off.

"Are you flexing your dick?" Colt laughed. "It feels like it's fighting back."

As they started working each other up to the grand finale, Colt finished first, shooting a thick load all over his stomach. Since Hugh had just busted a nut an hour earlier, it took him some time, but where there's a will, there's a way. His whole body clenched up as he pushed himself over the edge, squirting a massive load that shot right into his mouth!

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory

22 y/o Dale recently told his buddy, Colt, that he wanted to make some extra cash. "Well," Colt told him, "I know this guy in San Diego..."

Dale's a brand new guy to porn. Had never even thought about it until a couple weeks earlier. He's a bit of a stoical guy and was a tough one to read-- somewhere between cocky and nervous. Certainly not shy about showing off his goods.

He was the captain of his high school football team and enjoyed many of the "perks" that came along with it, like having more than his fair share of lady-friends. These days, Dale jerks off only every couple of days, so he had a nice load saved up for his porn debut.

It's always a little iffy when you ask a str8 guy to bend over to show off their ass. Most are hesitant, to say the least. Dale didn't mind at all, spreading his cheeks to show off his virgin hole. He even started pre-cumming and made a show of the glistening strings that were leaking out. Yum!

When go-time came, Dale starting pounding his cock. It was an intense build-up as he worked himself up to the grand finale, coating his abs in thick streams of cum.

Asked how his first porn shoot went, Dale simply replied, "It was awesome!"

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Nash's massage

Nash is definitely not a stranger to happy-ending massages. After his last shoot we got to talking and when he mentioned he'd done them before I (of course) asked him about getting one on camera.

Nash is just one overall horny guy, so his answer didn't take a whole lot of time to think about. Rather than paying for one, getting paid to get one seemed like a no-brainer. Even if it was his first time getting one from a guy. I was curious how many he'd gotten.

"Oodles," he said with a smirk. "I use to pay $17 for them in port visits overseas."

"But this is your first time getting one from a guy. How are you feeling about that?" I asked.

Without missing a beat, Nash replied, "Ready for a massage."

And apparently he was telling the truth-- as his towel peeled off, Nash's cock was already standing at half-mast. As I oiled up his back and worked my way down to his furry bubble butt, I could see that his dick was getting even harder when his ass was getting some attention, too.

As much as I was loving Nash's back side, it was time to give his front some play time. A few rubs past his cock made him rock hard. Before long his nut sack started tightening up and I knew that this shoot would be ending soon. I picked up the pace, stroking him a little faster, but it was when I reached up and tweaked Nash's nipple that pushed him over the top. Nash's body clenched up in a super intense orgasm, leaving my hand and his pubes in a sticky mess.

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory

Chase posed for some photos done by a friend of mine and when the subject came up about getting naked on video, he was all about it. Every weekend, Chase has "naked day" with his girlfriend, so the idea of making money to strip off his clothes was kind of a no-brainer.

"I mean, I'm getting paid to jerk off," he laughed. "What's not to like?"

I couldn't agree with him more. The thing is, his girlfriend wasn't fully on board, or probably even fully aware, about him doing the shoot, so shhhh.

When Chase stripped down, I was impressed by the thick cock he was sporting. It was already standing at half-mast; he was raring to get started, and definitely knew how to have some fun while showing off.

"You like that?" he asked about his hard dick, blowing a kiss at the camera.

Between a couple comical moments of flirting with the camera, Chase was all about putting on a good show. As well as leaving pre-cum all over the bedspread-- he's a bit of a leaker.

When cum time came, even Chase was surprised at the distance he shot, landing dabs clear up his chest and covering his stomach and hand. He didn't hesitate a second when I asked him to lick it off.

"Wow," he said. "My girlfriend lied to me. It tastes great."

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Jake: qwicky

Sometimes it's hard to tell what's really the motivating factor when the guys get in touch to ask about doing another shoot. Usually it's money. A lot of times the guys just get turned on by being in front of the camera and want another adrenaline dose.

In Jake's case, he got in touch (I'm pretty sure) because he was horny at work and wanted to bust a nut before going home to his GF. He works close enough to drop by without her getting suspicious. So, that's what happened-- Jake sent a text message and showed up, still in his cammies, ready to rub out a quick one.

I pressed the record buttons and let him get to business on his own. Even so, he glanced over his shoulder a few times, probably being used to the possibility of getting caught.

After peeling off his clothes and finding a few videos to watch, Jake was off like a mad dash to the finish line. Of course, I didn't see how things went until afterward, but from the looks on his face he was definitely enjoying himself, finally spraying jizz all over the place. Even landing a few dabs on his dog tags.

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory

Owen moved to San Diego from a small town in the mid-west courtesy of the military. A bit of a late-bloomer, he recently turned 21 and is just starting to explore some of his wilder sides. And while he was at it, thought he'd try getting naked on camera for the first time.

Curiosity seemed to be Owen's main motivating factor for wanting to do porn.

"The money is nice," he admitted, "but mostly I wanted to see what it was about and if I'd like it."

I think he even surprised himself. Owen said he was nervous going into it, but once his clothes came off and the cameras were pointed at him, there was an ear-to-ear grin on his face, as if he was slightly in disbelief at how much fun he was having showing off.

Normally, Owen jacks off at least once a day, but, luckily, he'd been too busy so he'd saved up for a full week before the shoot. And it definitely showed. When he got the thumbs up, Owen blasted a massive load that shot all the way across the bed.

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Hugh fucks Tory: bareback

Our first bareback scene!

After his massage video, when he tried a couple dildos, Tory said he wanted to try the real thing next. I had just the guy in mind for him: Hugh. He's got a thick dick and I had a feeling he'd jump in there and fuck Tory like a jackrabbit.

At first, Hugh was a little edgy about making this next step, but Tory's excitement was enough to put him at ease. And apparently enough to get Hugh fired up, too. When Tory pulled Hugh's shorts down, his dick was already hard!

Tory immediately started sucking him, wincing as he took it all the way down to the base, to the point that tears were running down his face. Not that it seemed to slow him down at all.

Hugh sat on the couch and guided Tory's ass onto his cock. Tory rode it like a champ, moaning in pleasure. But the fun really started when Hugh stood up and started going to town with Tory on his knees-- I was right about Hugh being a little fuck machine.

Tory rolled over onto his back. Seeing how much Tory was enjoying the ride, Hugh grabbed Tory's cock and started jerking him off while fucking him. It didn't take long before Tory busted onto his stomach with Hugh stroking him in rhythm with his dick plowing Tory's ass.

When Hugh's turn came, he stood up over Tory and shot one of his classic loads, spraying cum all the way up to Tory's face and drenching his entire torso.

Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Spunk Worthy COCKY COMMANDOS, , Colt, Hugh, Dale, Nash, Chase, Jake, Owen, Tory
Hugh & Tory: behind-the-scenes

A lot of people (I think) probably don't realize the amount of editing that goes into the 20-something-minute videos they watch on porn sites. I certainly didn't before I started shooting porn and found out quickly that it's usually not very straight-forward.

If you want to keep thinking that it's all a smooth movement from start to finish, then you might want to skip the behind-the-scenes moments from Hugh and Tory's bareback scene, 'cos it'll wreck the fantasy.

If, however, you opt in for this one, you'll see some of the sometimes hilarious out-takes that happened between the edits. Including Tory's way of helping clean up the puddle of cum Hugh left on the couch.

Plus, an unexpected duo shower afterward where the guys wash each other up, show off their skills at taking a dildo (or not), and Hugh talks about the possibility of taking a cock up his virgin ass... and just how much $$ it'll take to make it happen.

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