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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 126
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Year Produced: 2015
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When str8 military dudes are strapped for cash, it's not their guns that are shooting rounds - it's their cocks. And the safety locks are off. Three new recruits unload on the SpunkWorthy cameras for the first time, alongside four veterans who come back to discharge some ammo with the help of a guy. Ready, aim, fire!

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien

Nash loves being naked. He was stationed here in San Diego a few years ago and was all about the local nudist scene-- Blacks Beach being one of his faves.

He had wanted to make a trip back to town and a mutual friend of ours suggested he get in touch to make some cash while he was here. Nash isn't new to the cameras, either. He'd done a solo video a few years ago and likes showing off and the idea that people are getting off watching him.

After soaking up some rays at the nude beach, it was about time to head back to the studio. Nash had started getting a raging hard-on while hanging out there and we didn't think the lifeguards were going to be too happy about that.

He normally jacks off 2-3 times a day and had saved up for a couple days, so no wonder he was ready to go!

With Nash's thick build, I took him for a wrestler at first. But he was a football lineman. "A beast of one," as he put it. No doubt his massive legs helped there, and certainly made for one hell of a great ass.

Nash mentioned that he doesn't hold back when he cums, sometimes waking up his neighbors, he joked. I wouldn't be too surprised, though. It was intense and explosive, even hitting himself in the face, armpit, and coating his chest in jizz.

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Jake's Massage

Since his j/o video came out, Jake has acquired a few fans. Ones who really wanted to see this cuddly cub back for some more.

It took some convincing, to be sure. If Jake was nervous about his girlfriend finding out about his porn dabbling, you can bet he was going to be uncertain about taking things up a step and jumping on the massage table. Or so I thought. Jake was fidgety, but as I learned it might have been for other reasons.

This wasn't Jake's first happy-ending massage. His first one came as a surprise to him when he was just 17.
"I went in for a regular massage," he laughed, "and the girl started playing with my dick." It didn't stop him from going back for a 2nd or 3rd time, though.

Things started out normally when Jake lay on the table. Maybe even a little tamed down as I moved from his back and started massaging his ass; after all, I didn't want to send him running out the door too soon. But when Jake's rock hard dick poked through from between his legs it was becoming clear that he was enjoying the ride so far.

Front side: rubbed down Jake's chest, hands migrated toward his hard dick (it was hard to miss, standing at full attention.) And this is where things took a sharp turn into unexpected territory.

All of a sudden, Jake reached down and started spreading his ass cheeks. I mean, how could I say no to an invitation like that? I lubed up a finger, then two, and started finger fucking him. Jake moaned under his breath, "Oh, fuck. That feels so good."

Before long, Jake was gasping and saying that he's about to bust. And, wow, did he ever: all over his leg and onto the table.

Coming in for a close up of the cum afterward, I joked that I didn't know he was into ass play.
"Neither did I!" Jake replied with a sheepish grin.

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien

Chris is a construction worker who had just recently decided to supplement his income by doing porn. At 27 y/o, maybe a late bloomer for discovering his exhibitionist side, but seemed to like the idea of showing off.

"I'm just not very shy in general," he explained.

At the time this was shot, Chris was brand new to the cameras, but since then he's gotten around so you might recognize him from another site or two. And, yes, he has more than his fair share of tats. Still, I thought there was something kind of dirty-hot about Chris.

And he had no small surprise when he peeled off his shorts. Even when his dick was soft it looked like a mouthful!

It wasn't flaccid for long, though. Chris' cock was ready to go within seconds. Not shy, indeed. And for his first time, you might even think that he'd done some homework and watched a couple j/o videos to make sure he put on a good show.

He didn't hold back when he got the thumbs up for his cumshot, either. The build up was intense. Chris has a slow and deliberate stroking style that he used to work himself up to a sweaty climax.

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Koury: qwicky

Koury was just coming by to pick up his tax paperwork (yes, the guys do pay taxes on the money they make here). Beside the prospect of upcoming taxes, like every 20 year old, he was horned up. That is one thing you can count on reliably. Even more than taxes!

So when Koury asked if he could rub one out to relieve his built up tension... I'm sure you guys all know at this point that the answer is always, "YES!"

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien

A friend of mine and I spotted 22 y/o Clay when I was over at his place one day recently. We glanced at each other knowing exactly what the other was thinking: Someone has to give that guy a card. Well, luckily, Clay just happened to be looking for ways to make some extra money and two days later he showed up ready for his first porn shoot.

"I was a little nervous at first," he admitted with a coy grin, "but I'm feeling pretty good now. It's just different."

If his farmer's tan didn't already give it away, Clay's regular job is working outdoors; manual labor type of stuff. So he was definitely fired up by the prospect of getting paid just to take his clothes off and rub one out.

He might have been more excited about it than even he realized. As soon as he dropped his shorts, Clay's cock was already standing at half mast and, seconds later, fully erect. I love the closet exhibitionists I meet in this job!

Clay's jack off schedule varies quite a bit, from 2-3 times a day, to 1-2 times a week. He "kind of" saved up for the shoot, but it also just happened to be one of his slow weeks so he had a 4-day load ready to let out.

If Clay was a little reserved starting out, he had seemingly warmed up to the cameras by the end. He jumped up on the countertop and closed his eyes getting ready for his grand finale, rubbing one hand up and down his furry stomach. Suddenly, his heavy breathing signaled that he was close, as thick white cum flowed down his cock and puddled onto his pubes.

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Tory's massage

Tory was so excited after doing his first porn shoot, that he was the one who was asking me, "What else can I do?" Normally, I'm the one who's pushing the boundaries, but Tory sounded like he was gung-ho for just about anything I was ready to throw at him.

Massage video? "Hell, yeah," was Tory's response. But I had a few ideas of my own, just to see how far things would go.

Okay, so Tory has been a little curious about hooking up with guys. What I didn't realize was just how curious he was. He'd actually gotten a happy-ending massage before.
"Once from a girl," he explained. "And once from a guy."

When he lay down on the massage table I went through the normal motions from his back, to his feet, but always aiming my hands and fingers toward his ass. Tory didn't even flinch when I spread his cheeks to slide a finger up his hole. I pulled out a butt plug which only made his dick get harder, so I pulled out the big guns -- a thick 8-inch dildo.

It was like the magic button on steroids. Tory moaned with pure ecstasy as it plunged into his hole.

When he flipped over, Tory's dick started going flaccid so I knew what was going to push him over the edge. A massive dildo up his ass was just what he wanted and his whole body tensed up with it pushed deep inside, cum shooting all over the place.

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Tory: behind-the-scenes

Tory has one of those dicks that just will not quit. A few dozen "push ups" with a towel dangling off his cock was more than enough proof of how hard he was even 5-10 minutes after busting a nut.

My shower seems to loosen the tongue. Sometimes I'm never sure what to expect will come up during these behind-the-scenes clips. Tory was ready to spill it all. He'd made it clear that he was mostly into girls, but had told me that he'd played with guys a couple times. Turned out that it was a few more than he had let on earlier. You'll have to watch the video to find out how many and his favorite thing to do with them.

That, some very well-hydrated clear pee, a few under carriage shots, along with comments on Tory's love of Skype and performing on camera. It's all wrapped up in one download-able video (sorry, not available on Skype.)

Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Spunk Worthy LOCKED & LOADED: READY TO BLOW, , Nash, Jake, Chris, Koury, Clay, Tory, Damien
Blowing Damien

After his last couple shoots, Damien's girlfriend started shortening his leash a little, so it'd been a while since I'd heard from him. When he did finally get in touch asking about another video shoot, you can bet I was gonna be game. And you can bet I was going to test the boundaries with some ass play that he seemed to enjoy during his massage video.

Damien showed up already pitching a tent behind his jeans. It sounded like he hadn't been getting enough action lately and was more than ready to unload.

After peeling his clothes off, I got to work getting Damien's cock primed before pushing back his legs to give his virgin hole some attention. Damien's mouth fell open and eyes squeezed shut as if he'd just been handed a little slice of heaven. I know I had!

Damien stood up, grabbed the back of my head proceeded to slowly push his dick down my throat, then faster as he found his rhythm. This boy was rock hard and wasn't holding back any longer.

Even though he likes getting his dick sucked, Damien had told me that it's always been hard for girls to get him off from head. Not being one to back down from a challenge, I worked and worked and worked to try and be the first. (Hey, I ain't complaining about it, though.)

Eventually, Damien grabbed his cock and started jerking as I lubed up a finger and slid i
t up his ass while licking his balls. His whole body clenched up until he let out a series of moans and gasped that he was about to cum... three big squirts all the way up to his chest and shoulder!

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