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Studio: Alternadudes
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Run Time: 102
Audio: Live Sound
DVD Extras: Contains 7 full length scenes starring 8 alt dudes who like to jizz outside with exclusive behind the scenes footage
Cast: Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Year Produced: 2015
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UPC: 847046013072
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Alternadudes presents Outdoor Sperm, a look at some of our guys who get off on the idea of dropping a load in the great wide open. Whether it be in a public park, driving in the car, at a resort by the pool, or in their own backyards, these dudes jack, suck, fuck and spray their way all the way to the final sperm-soaked finish in the great outdoors!

Product Scenes

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Israel Oka & Kit Coda

Israel is always up to no good. Once again, he's horny and this time he has his eyes set on Kit. Israel lures Kit into the woods for a hike and when they get away from civilization, Israel makes his move. Kit is no stranger to sucking cock and is happy to finally get Israel alone and to himself. 

These two are rough bears in training. They both like their guys natural and like to talk dirty and grunt and gag while they get down to business. Israel is the first to take the lead and after kissing his target hard with tongue, reaches down into Kit's shorts, undoes his buckle and peels off the cumbersome cock covering fabric. Israel gets on his knees in the dirt and starts sucking Kit's thick dick. Kit loves the attention but to get him rock hard, he needs a dick of his own to suck. They switch it up and Kits gets below Israel to take his cock balls deep. 

Israel face fucks the young cub hard, grunting like an animal with each thrust of his hairy crotch. His full, fuzzy balls swing and bang on Kit's chin as he gags and spits from Israel's erect cock fucking his throat. 

They get down on the ground for some 69 action and soon their mouths and tongues find the tight, puckering, hairy assholes they crave. They rim each other hard, and after a long session of hot and hairy sucking and licking, Kit can't hold his sticky load in any longer. He pulls out and sprays Israel's beard and face with his warm, white semen. 

Israel is in heaven as he licks up the sticky treat while he grunts and groans even more. Once he's had his fill and licks up any remaining drops off of Kit's cock, Isreal leans back and pleasures himself until his jizz spurts up and out to slather his whole hairy and writhing body. They kiss some more and help each other up before they head for home and maybe more cock once they get there!

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider

Jace is driving through Hollywood when our cameraman asks if he has ever jacked off while driving. Jace says he’s tried a few times and without much of an invitation, he whips out his cock and starts rubbing one out. He drives up and down the city streets, trying not to be seen in traffic, by pedestrians, and a few hotties who actually do notice what’s going on.

Jace keeping plugging away and gets hot and heavy every time he hits a red light. At one point he’s almost ready to blow his load when the car behind him honks and takes him out of his happy place. Jace finally finds a not-so-deserted place in The Hills to finish the job. When this guy blows a load, he really blows a load. He slathers the steering wheel and driver’s seat of the car and even hits the radio! He wipes up his mess, pulls up his underwear and waves goodbye before he drives off satisfied and relaxed from a job well done!

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Tyler Hancock

Tyler is at a resort and is taking a break from the heat by floating in the pool when he notices Zack Randall walk by. Zack is one of his dream men and he can't help but give his crotch a rub and a tug when Zack throws a flirty glance his way. Zack walks on by but it gives Tyler a raging hard-on which he decides to take care of right in the pool. 

He starts by rubbing his cock but he soon realizes that the pesky wet swimming suit is a nuisance and he gets rid of it almost immediately. He throws it aside in the water and now has full easy access to his nice thick uncut cock and big hairy balls. He jacks it for a while longer then gets an idea and floats on over to the pool steps, gets out, and walks to hang out by his room. 

When Tyler gets to the couch on his patio, he whips out a fresh Fleshlight and wastes no time lubing up and shoving his dick inside. It feels like a man's warm wet lips wrapped around his shaft and Tyler throws his head back in ecstasy. His cock gets deeper with each thrust as he imagines it's Zack Randall's throat he's ramming. He writhes and moans, barely able to keep from cumming as he works it harder. We get a glimpse into the Fleshlight with the honor of watching his cock fuck it from the inside. Moaning and fucking and thrusting, Tyler takes one final gasp of air and pulls out to blast his load. 

Tyler has a 3 day load pent up inside his hairy sack and it shows. His cum is bountiful and thick and he slathers his stomach and chest with his creamy white twink juice. Still breathing heavily from his awesome cumfest, Tyler rubs his cum into his pubes making them a sticky, jizzy mess. He cleans up with the neighbor's towel then throws his head back to rest after a great and relaxing day in the sun!

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Jake Jammer & Tyler Hancock

Shaggy twink, Tyler Hancock is sitting by the pool when the tatted hairy stud of a poolboy, Jake Jammer, grabs his attention. Jake is working and minding his own business but Tyler can't concentrate on his magazine with Jake around. Tyler starts rubbing his bulging swimming suit, clearly wanting to get Jake's attention. The ploy works, and Jake makes his way around the pool and over to Tyler before he takes off his shirt and and pulls down his pants to reveal a forest of thick black pubes. 

The site of all that crotch hair makes Tyler even harder and unable to control himself any longer. He needs that big uncut hairy cock bad and nothing is gonna stop him now. He reaches down and puts Jakes big dick in his mouth. It tastes salty and musky. After all, Jake has been working in the hot sun all day long and this is his last in a long string of pools for the day. Tyler relishes the taste and smell of man and eagerly gobbles it down his throat. 

Jake wants a piece of the action and goes down on the twink. Tyler's cock is thick and uncut and tapered at the tip. Jake goes balls deep, taking it all the way down his throat and forcing his nose deep into Tyler's patch of black curly hair covering the base of his cock. It feels good and they service each other well. 

Jake loves armpits and they do a sort of 69 style armpit lickin', gobbling up each others scents and hair while they lick and suck and swallow the goodness. The touch and feel of Tyler's silky skin and course pubic hair drives Jake crazy. He stands up, pounds his meat as hard and fast as he can and drops his thick white load all over Tyler's happy face. Tyler sucks up what he can, savoring the pent up load, and gets himself ready to burst. Jake is sweating from all the hard work and doesn't want to miss a drop. He positions himself on top of Tyler's pubes with his mouth wide open. Tyler moans and shutters and then blasts his load of sperm all over Jake's face. Jake licks it up and lets some run down his his chin and onto Tyler's hairy crotch. They're both spent and they make out, relieved of the burden of their throbbing hard-ons!

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Willy Wiggles

Skater dude Willy is back by popular demand! The fans of Alternadudes have made Willy our current most popular dude so we asked him back for more. 

Willy is married to a woman and he hasn't been with a man in really long time. But that doesn't stop him from loving large things shoved up his butt! Willy always stops by with a big collection of toys. He starts out small (most guys would find his starter dong a bit big) and works his way up. He has grand plans for getting the largest one in, but before he can get there he pops a load with his favorite one! 

Willy keeps the big rubber toy up his ass as he rubs his freshly pumped jizz on the biggest toy. He's determined not to let anyone down and proudly shoves the big glass dildo up his ass using his cum as lube. Willy looks into the camera and proclaims that we're lucky because he doesn't even play with his own jizz for his wife. Well done, Willy, and thanks for another fine show!

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Jesse Rider

Jesse is an 18 year old Latino twink with long black hair, an uncut dick, and giant lowhanging balls. Jesse leads our cameraman back behind his garage where he likes to go to get away from the world and let the juices flow. He's only a mere few feet from his hot neighbors who are out swimming in the pool behind a fence in their own backyard and even closer to the back alley, where another neighbor is driving by just getting home.

Jesse is soft-spoken and a bit shy. He starts by getting naked and showing off his big balls. The cameraman asks if he can touch them and Jesse is more than happy to let the cameraman feel his big silky sack. The cameraman gets a woody and when he asks Jesse what he likes to think about when he's beating off, Jesse replies that he wouldn't mind thinking of the cameraman. Our camera guy never misses a beat, and he takes the cue to give Jesse a helping hand.

Jesse sits back and lets the cameraman take over pulling the twink's long foreskin up and down over his hard shaft. Jesse likes it fast and hard and he instructs the cameraman how to do it just right. The cameraman makes the appropriate adjustments and that's all it takes for this twink to blow his milky load of jizz all over his stomach. It runs down his body and onto his balls and pools up in his bunched up foreskin. The cameraman is more than happy to have been involved in giving this twink a handie and we leave them thanking each other as they both got to do what they love best!

Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Alternadudes OUTDOOR SPERM, , Israel Oka, Jake Jammer, Jace, Kit Coda, Tyler Hancock, Christian Blu, Willy Wiggles, Jesse Rider
Christian Blu, Tyler Hancock & Jesse Rider

Christian, Tyler and Jesse are swimming in the pool floating and splashing each other when one thing leads to another and Christian and Tyler start to make out. Jesse doesn't want to be left out so he makes his way over to the action and joins in. They grope each other as they make out in the public resort before they take it over to a nearby cabana where most of the resort can see them all in action.

Tyler sits in the middle and starts jacking each of his friends as he compliments them on their best attributes. Christian can't take the anticipation and is the first to get on his knees to service Tyler, who in turn leans down to suck off Jesse. All of this is happening as the men of the resort are nearby talking and maybe even watching.

Always the horny cocksucker, Christian gets under both of the uncut long-haired hotties to take turns with their dicks. He goes back and forth sucking and gagging on each of them before he takes them both in his mouth at the same time!

When Christian has had his fill of dick in his face, he bends Tyler over and shoves his thick cock up Tyler's tight little bubble butt. Tyler takes every inch of Christian deep inside his ass while he takes Jesse's dick in his mouth. He gobbles cock and gets fucked like a pro and just when he's getting into the groove of it, Jesse takes his rightful place on the cabana lounge and puts his ass in the air to take his turn with Christian.

Christian slides his cock inside the twink and Jesse gets his turn getting spit-roasted with Tyler's hard dick in his mouth. Tyler and Christian pump away on the twink hard before they all end up in a line on the couch jacking off and staring each other down. Jesse is the youngest and most inexperienced and all the cock and action has put him at this limit. He's the first to blow and lets his cock erupt all over Tyler's chest. Tyler rubs it in and the sight of all that jizz all over the long-haired hottie makes Christian the second one to go.

Christian bellies up to Tyler and lets his creamy white load of semen ooze out onto Tyler's lips and face. Tyler laps it up and eats nearly every drop before he gives himself permission to squirt. He cums all over his own thick bushy pubes and rubs every drop into the thick dark jungle that surrounds his cock and balls. When it's all done, the three of them sit together on the couch and agree that they all had fun in the hot summer sun!

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