Friendly Fire - Spunk Worthy


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Studio: Alternadudes
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Run Time: 133
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Koloff
Cast: yler Tremallose, Spencer Kayne, Angel, Tarzan, Vance Ethan, Jelly, Red, Fitz, Hermes
Year Produced: 2015
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UPC: 847046012945
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Alternadudes presents Amateur Hour, a collection of homemade movies submitted by real fans! These guys are the real deal and their love of drove them to whip out their cocks and cum for the camera. You'll see long haired, tatted and pierced dudes from all walks of life. Whether they're twinks, trailer trash, musicians or college students, these Alternadudes love showing off their big hard dicks and some major skills with giant dildos. Sit back, grab your tissue, and bust a load with your favorite one!

Product Scenes

Spencer Kayne & Angel

Spencer Kayne is back after a long time away from Alternadudes. This time he decides to pick up the camera and make his own dirty movie in his bedroom. He invites Angel into his lair under the guise that Angel would be simply jacking his big 7 inch uncut pole. Angel has something else in mind, however, and when the long haired chub gets his cock hard he reaches in and gets his hands down Spencer's unsuspecting pants. Spencer doesn't argue and in fact says very little as Angel simply takes Spencer's limp dick out of its protective denim cover and starts working it with his mouth.

Within seconds Spencer is rock hard. He pulls away from Angel for a brief second and sticks his dick next to Angel's as they jack them together. Angel rolls over with his ass in the air, wanting the long haired surfer to stick his cock deep inside. Spencer chooses to tease Angel and rubs his dick along Angel's ass crack. Spencer is leaking pre-cum as his cock goes up and down along Angel's ass.

Spencer rolls the chub over and shoves his dick balls deep inside his mouth. Spencer pumps hard, making Angel gag with each thrust. Spencer pulls out and blasts his load then continues on as if it never happened. Angel keeps taking it down his throat then rolls over, and works his big uncut dick himself. He pumps away, foreskin flapping, as he busts his nut hard. The site of Angel's cum flying makes Spencer shoot a second load all over himself! These two are spent. Angel's throat is sore and used up and Spencer has shot his load twice. Time for a shower and some throat lozenges!

Keep in mind that Spencer shot this scene himself in his own bedroom. Lighting and camerawork are appropriate for an amateur cameraman and the size of the downloads are relevant to the actual size of what Spencer shot. All photos of Angel were also taken by Spencer. Congrats on his first shoot!


Fitz is a straight dude with a giant 8 inch cock. He was horny so had a friend film him jacking off one day in his dirty, messy squatter pad. He claims to be straight but with the amount of fingering he does on his own asshole and all of his talk about any tight hole, leads us to believe he's willing to do way more with men.

He's horny as all hell and he's got no issues showing off in front of the camera. He does a slow strip tease and when he finally takes off his dirty camouflage boxers, he reveals his nice thick cock and giant balls that hang down over his asshole. He starts rubbing and doesn't stop until his work is complete.

Fitz turns around and fingers his tight hairy hole while he fucks his lubed up fist. His balls dangle and jiggle in their huge sack of skin. He dirty talks, asking for anyone to please come and suck his dick and balls and begs for a nice tight hole to shove his hard cock into. He gets himself so riled up that he blows a hot load all over his hairy stomach. Once he's done, he keeps talking and says goodbye to anyone who he might have helped to shoot a load watching his sexy homemade movie!


Hermes is a college twink from Texas who wanted to show us what he's packin'. Hermes made his own movie in his classroom at night after everyone had left. He's a horny dude and the things he'll do in a public classroom are only a window to what he'll do behind closed doors!

Hermes wastes no time pulling down his pants. The thrill of getting caught by a fellow student or a hot professor makes him hard as a rock and he stays that way all the way through his homemade movie! He jacks his giant thick uncut rod hard, fingering himself and getting almost his whole fist inside his asshole (that's right...he says he's straight). After licking off his fingers, he pulls out the big guns and rides a big fat dildo balls deep inside his gaping hole.

When he's done stretching his hole with his rubber dong, he shoves the toy down his throat going ass to mouth without stopping or passing go. Hermes is a wild one! The idea of crawling up inside his own ass and eating it out makes him want to cum! He lays back, spreads his hairy legs, and lets the jizz flow. It's white, creamy, and in abundance as it drips down his balls and onto the classroom carpet. It's his little secret and from now on and he'll be the only one in class to know where the stain in the middle of the rug came from!

Please remember that Hermes shot this himself without any help. We were super impressed by the quality of the footage and the photos he took. We want to point out that somehow while he shot or transferred it to us, the sound got off a little near the end. We left it as is to keep it authentic with the nature of the amateur scene. We left this scene nearly uncut and did very little editing. The only editing we did was to take out a few places where he filmed the wall or the carpet by accident. Overall, only 4 minutes of original wall and carpet shots were removed, bringing this scene in at around 26 minutes long! It's worth the watch and we think all 26 minutes are fascinating, hot, and sexy as all fuck!

Vance Ethan

Vance is a shy tatted emo with big balls and a nice juicy cock. He's a man of few words yet he's an exhibitionist at heart.

Vance contacted us asking if he could make his own video for us. We were more than happy to accept his offer and within days he filmed his own movie and sent it in. He starts out in his hoodie in his messy bedroom. He's already getting hard just at the thought of what he's about to do in front of his laptop camera. Soon the hoodie comes off and his thick veiny cock is thrust front and center into the limelight.

Vance is extremely animated with his facial expressions. You can tell how awesome his own hands feel just by watching the expressions of ecstasy on his face. Vance works his cock hard squeezing and rubbing and cupping his balls. He shows off his hot hairy pits and freshly shaved pubes as he continues rubbing one out. This is an extremely pleasurable thing for Vance and he takes his time to prolong the fun that he's having.

Finally, after his selfish session of sin, Vance lets all his pent up passion flow out and into his hand. His passion is milky white and extra thick as ropes of it leak out onto his open fist. Vance gobbles it all up, lick after lick with his eager tongue. He happily shows off that swallowed every last drop of his own jizz and when he finds one last bit in his pubes, he picks it off and rubs it into his skin.

Thanks, Vance! You're just what we needed!

Tyler Tremallose

Tyler has been a fan of Alternadudes for a while and finally contacted us with his own home movie. We were in love with Tyler from the second we saw his tight little body, pouty dick suckin' lips, and oh so perfect rocker dude hair. Keep in mind that Tyler made the movie himself and took all of his own pictures. Like with all home movies, not everything is perfect but that's what made us love this movie in the first place! 

Tyler starts by teasing the camera and batting his big hazel eyes while slowly feeling himself up until he peels his pants off. His body is a slice of pure perfection and when the underwear come off, he reveals a nice big thick cock. Tyler is 23 so he's always hard and horny and the thought of two men inside his round twink ass is more than he can stand! 

Tyler pulls out a double ended flexible dildo and inserts one end into his ass. His eyes roll back as he plunges it deeper. He doesn't waste any time getting the other end inside as he fucks himself harder. It's not quite doing the job though, so he flips it around and puts the handle in! After a nice long fuck session with the handle, he reaches down and grabs a giant 9 inch rubber cock to add to the mix. Just when you think he's going to take the other double dong out of his ass, he shoves the big one in along with everything else! 

Tyler has quite the talent for cramming things up his butt. He's filled to capacity as he fucks himself with all his hardware while continuing to milk his thick rod. He's leaking precum now and he's ready to burst. He pulls all of his toys out of his loosened asshole, flips himself over with his legs in the air, and blasts a giant fresh load of twink juice all over his hard abs. He collapses, panting, and smiles at the camera with a sly "wish it were you" look. He's finished for now, and reaches up to turn the camera off leaving us wanting more of his cock and ass.


Jelly is a cute little skater dude who is such a fan of Alternadudes that he sent us his own video. He starts out doing his own interview and we get to know him and what he likes to do in bed and in his spare time before he peels off his clothes and gets down to business.

Jelly has a nice big set of balls and he keeps them plump and ready to pump by keeping them just on the outside of the elastic of his underwear. They bounce around as he jacks his stiff dick and stares into the camera.

Jelly bends over and shows us his nice big ass and hairy hole before he plunges his finger deep inside to help get himself get off. He loves to bottom and fingers up his hole help to get the job done. He shows off his jacking and fingering skills a bit longer before he decides it's time to let his rocket launch.

Jelly oozes cum all over his pubes and gets some on his cubbish stomach. He smiles coyly as he grabs a towel and wipes up his mess. He politely signs off with a wave goodbye knowing that everyone watching wishes they could be his towel!


Tarzan is a hot young rocker dude who can't wait to show off what he's got. He decided to make his own movie for Alternadudes and we were happy to get what he gave us! Tarzan starts by locking himself in the bathroom and begins his strip tease. The shower curtain is his stage and the camera is every man who's ever wanted to get into his pants (and Tarzan is eager to please).

Tarzan is a tease and he takes his time. Watch him and savor him, because that's how he'd want you to do it. Every time you think you get to see his cock, he turns around and withholds the goods. He flashes his tight hairy ass several times; lifts his arms up over his head to show off his hairy, sexy pits; and flips his sexy-as-all-fuck hair around just to drive you crazy! Finally his big hairy uncut cock comes out to play and he moves his act to the bedroom. 

Tarzan comes into the frame and lies down on his side on an air mattress. He doesn't say a word. He just gets to work pounding his meat. His big hairy balls bounce as he rubs it out and goes for the finish. He watches porn and films himself as his big thick nut pops out and lands in his trimmed pubes and on his tight tummy. He comes closer to the camera for you to get a better look, wipes up a little spillage on the air mattress and clicks off the camera.

What a find! Thanks, Tarzan for sharing. We hope you'll give us more down the road and even though we know you're straight, we'd love to see you getting your dick sucked or fucking another tight ass!


Red is a straight tatted and pierced up skater dude with a fantasy for getting things shoved up his ass. He's a dirty talker too and takes to the camera like a natural. He starts off telling us that he's going to tease us, telling us how great his cock is and that we have to wait to see it. He pulls it out revealing more piercings and a nice nutsack.

Red continues to talk, telling us how he likes it and how he wishes we could be there with him. Next, our rough-trade skater flips over and sticks his fingers in his butt. He fucks himself hard, moaning with each thrust of his fingers. He gets his hole loosened up before he pulls out a big glass dildo and stretches his ass even further.

Red stares into the camera and keeps us involved in his hot self-pleasing session. He can't have a man tonight, but he's going to pretend really hard that's got one with the dildo and the camera! Red flips back over and keeps fucking himself with his toy. He hits just the right spot and with a sigh of relief, nuts all over himself. His cum is thick and swirled with sperm that you can almost see swimming in his liquid. Red is happy and relaxed after his happy almost-fuck session. He can't wait to try his talents on a man for the first time ever!

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