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Studio: You Love Jack
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Run Time: 74
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer
Year Produced: 2014
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You doesn't love to Jack? This first installment of You Love Jack's solo series of hot twinks doing "Handy Work" on their hard big ass cocks for your viewing pleasure! Check out Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens and Mike Bauer bust a nut!

Product Scenes

You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer
You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer

The first thing Matt did when he checked into his hotel room was to set up his brand new HD video camera and whip out his rock hard cock!

He kicks off his pants and wags his perfect 7 inch cock at the camera before stuffing two fingers deep inside his ass. The whole thing is shot in beautiful hd video and the camera captures every detail as this handsome little twink shoots his load all over his own face then licks up that mess with a smile!

Matt sets up the camera then sits back on the edge of the king size bed in his hotel room. He stuff his hand inside the wasteband of his jeans and gropes his cock a couple of times before standing up and pushing off his jeans. His movements are gentle and tentative but his cock is rock hard and alread poking at the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

He continues to play with his 7 inch cock inside his underwear for a bit - taking time to tease the camera by stretching his underwear over the thick shaft and smirking as he watches himself in the HD camera's lcd monitor. His cock is begging to be free and eventually slips out of the wasteband so Matt pushes his boxers off and sits bare-ass on the bed.

He gives himself a couple of strokes before sliding back on the bed so he can get more comfortable. He grabs the camera and positions it on the bed rigth between his legs as he continues work his pole. Staring down at the camera and smirking with desire as he shows off his delicious cock and balls.

He puts the camera back on the tv stand and lays back on the bed while he jacks himself off. His toes wiggle and stretch as the pleasure begins to mount. He puts his arm behind his head and just relaxes - totally natural and unrehearsed! This young man is fucking beautiful!

Matt is all horned up now so he scoots to the front of the bed and pulls his legs up to reveal his perfect puckered asshole to the camera. He pulls his hips up and examines himself in the hd camera's lcd monitor as he spreads his cheeks wide. Grinning as he grabs the bottle of lube and coats his fingers in the slippery stuff before driving his finger easily inside his asshole.

His eyes roll back in his head as he prods his finger around deep inside his hole and explores his body from the inside! He checks the hd camera one more time and pulls it in for a close-up as he spreads his cheeks wide one more time to show off that hole.

With the camera right up in his guts he slowly works a finger back inside his body and digs deep to maximize the pleasure. He pulls his finger out slowly and spreads his hole wide for the camera before pushing two fingers inside his body and stretching his hole wide. He slides his fingers in and out and works his asshole like a pro. Stroking his rock hard cock with his free hand as he drifts off to erotic paradise.

He slides back on the bed again and puts his HD camera on the side table while he gives his cock a couple of tugs before hopping up on his knees and sticking his asshole right up in the camera. He bends around and checks out the action as he spreads his cheeks wide and slides two fingers back inside his body.

Matt flips on over on his back and grabs the camera and points it at his own cock as he lays back and enjoys the ride. His 7 inch cut cock is super thick at the base and the shaft curves gracefully up to a perfectly proportioned head. He glides his hand over the sensitive skin as he holds the camera and you're seeing his cock from his own perspective - and it's an amazing sight!

He's getting close to he puts the camera back on the side table and settles in for his orgasm. Once he's got the shot set up the way he likes it he turns his attention back to his own cock and before you know it this gorgeous little twink is bucking back and forth on the bed and gasping for air as his orgasm slams his body hard.

The first shot hits him square in the right eye socket. This is a bit of a shock so he squeezes his eye closed to avoid the inevitable sting as the second blast hits him square on the chin. The sperm is dripping off his face in gobs as the third and fourth shots coat his black t-shirt in a glistening mess of delicious twink juice.

He takes a second to catch his breath before he chuckles with a gasp as is to say "I can't fucking believe how good that felt!" He sits up and shows off the sticky mess on his t-shirt and the glistening reminder of the cum that coated his face. He looks up and to the right as he considers something for a moment then centers his mouth in the frame then pulls down his bottom lip to reveal a secret message...

He's got a tattoo on the inside of his lip that reads: "BITE ME!"

I don't mind if I do...

You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer
You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer

Mike wants us to know that he's 100% straight and he'll do a video but he's not gay so he doesn't want to do anything gay. He'll stick his fingers in his ass but that's it. Well, okay then!

For some reason he decided to wear his soccer kit to the shoot and by the time he pulls down his shorts his 7 inch cock is already rock hard and sticking out the side of his jock strap. He slowly strokes his cock as he grinds his fingers deep inside his asshole then splatters a load all over his t-shirt. Nothing gay about that!

Mike's sitting on the couch when the video start and he's quick to dig his hands inside his soccer shorts and pull out his 7 inch cock. He's rock hard out of the gate and after giving himself a couple of tugs he stands up and drops his shorts. He sits back down with his cock sticking out the side of his jockstrap. Beautiful.

He pulls the camera in close and starts to play with his cock inside his jockstrap. Well, half in and half out - no way a jockstrap can contain his 7 inch cock and balls! He pulls the pouch to the side to releas his beautiful member and he holds hit nice and still so the camera can get a good look at things.

Mike kicks back and relaxes on the couch as he continues to stroke his cock. His legs are stretched out in front of him and are thick with muscles from years of playing soccer and even though he's still wearing his knee high socks and cleats this straight dude is sexy as hell!

He grabs the lube and pours a liberal amount along the shaft of his boner then works that slippery mess all over his cock and balls. His movements are slow and deliberate - years of practice have told him to take it easy with the lube or he'll cum faster than he wants! Slow and steady wins the race and I'm not complaining!

He turns his body towards the camera and continues to work on his cock as his free hand trails down to his ass. Yup, straight guys do play with their asses. In fact, they do it quite a bit and Mike is no exception! He pokes his finger around his ass a bit until he finds the right spot then slowly pushes it inside his ass.

He looks up at the camera with a look of guilty pleasure as he feels finger slip inside his body and grabs his cock and holds it up for a second as he adjusts to the overwhelming sensation of ass love. He wiggles his finger in and out of his hole and gives his cock a couple of quick jerks then decides he needs a better angle from the camera so he pulls it in for a close-up.

Mike scoots his ass forward on the couch and throws his legs in the air to expose his straight asshole. It's clear it doesn't get much action and that puppy looks as tight as can be! He grabs the lube and coats his fingers real good before pushing one finger back inside himself. His expression is determined as he begins the slow fucking motion that he needs.

He pulls his fingers out and spreads his cheeks wide for the camera as a dribble of lube leaks out of his puckered asshole. He looks down at himself and enjoys the unique perspective on his sexuality before driving his fingers back into his ass one more time.

Fucking himself is doing the trick and he's getting close so he pulls his fingers out of his ass and sits up on the couch. He's still got a bit of endurance left and he takes a couple of minutes to defiantly caress his rod as edges closer to his orgasm. His expression tells the story as he brings himself close to the edge then backs off - maximizing the pleasure while teasing himself into a frenzy.

He settles in and his hand becomes a blur on his cock as his balls bounce up and down in perfect unison. It only takes a couple of seconds before his body tenses and freezes for an instant as the cum starts to fly.

The first blast rains down on his t-shirt leaving tiny globs as evidence of his release. The second blast is the largest and paints a path up his t-shirt as it catches him on the upper lip. The third blast delivers another coat of cum to his t-shirt and after a spine-tingling shutter Mike is left breathless.

His head falls backwards on the couch and it takes a minute for him to catch his breath and collect himself. He sits up and examines the mess on his belly as a proud and satisfied look spreads across his face - Hey Mikey, he likes it!

You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer
You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer

The video opens with a close-up of Emanuel's beautiful blue eyes. There's a sweet expression of dirty satisfaction on his face as his head bobs back and forth - an involuntary response to the lusty action that's happening off-camera.

The camera pulls away from his beautiful face and slowly pans down his chiseled torso and perfect abs to reveal his rock hard 8 inch cock in his hand. This dude is so into pleasuring himself that the world seems to disappear - it's a beautiful sight!

The camera man takes a position under his beautiful piece of meat and Emanuel looks down on the camera as he swirls the glistening precum around his sensitive cock head. His expression is cocky and you're aware that this latin stud is completetly in control - just he way he likes it!

He takes a seat on the couch and directs the camera between his legs. His rock hard cock is right up in the camera lens as he just sits there looking down on the camera and carelessly stroking his cock.

The camera swings around behind this beautiful young man and gives you a shot of his rock hard cock from Emanue's perspective. It's up close and personal as Emanuel holds his cock up to the camera and shows off the size. It's about 8 inches long with a massive 6 inch circumference - set above a pair of purfect furry balls and topped off by a perfectly proportioned head. It's a beautiful piece of meat!

He sits back and lazily strokes that rod for a couple minutes before hopping up and standing on the couch to show off his cock and balls a little more. His perfect chiseled body is hilited beautifully against the windows as he slowly tugs on his shaft and coaxes a delicious river of precum out of his piss slit. His cock is so hard it arches gracefully towared the ceiling as his hand slides its magic touch back and forth on his shaft.

The camera moves in for another closeup of his handsome face and eyes as he surrenders to the pleasure of his own touch and his expression is an open book. His mouth opens slightly as he gasps for air and his breathing falls in rythm with his hand on his cock. The camera can't get enough of this red hot latin stud!

He's getting close to busting his nut so he sits back on the couch and invites the camera between his legs one more time. His hand picks up speed and his expression changes to determination as he brings himself closer and closer.

He just sits there looking directly into the camera with those beautiful blue eyes as his rock hard cock strains against the rapid motion of his hand. His expression passes from determined to dreamy to surrender as he brings himself to the edge before spilling his seed on his perfect chiseled abs.

The camera is right there with a super close-up of his orgasm as gob after gob of hot latin cum shoots out of his cock and glazes his belly. Before he's done his pubes are coated with 6 thick ropes of hot sticky jizz as he continues to stroke his rock hard member. This stud is spent!

This is an amazing video that celebrates the simple acts of self pleasure that one man can give himself. This stud is completely lost in the show he's putting on and his determined cocky attitude is hotter than fuck!

You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer
You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer

This cute little hipster twink is a total bottom and he needs to get fucked like there's no tomorrow! So get to it, hipster!

Andy rips a hole in his underwear so he can fuck himself with two fingers before shoving a butt plug up his hungry hipster hole. He shudders and whimpers with delight as he pounds that thing in and out of his hole before shooting a big load all over his belly. He scoops up that mess and slurps down every delicious drop - there's a good little hipster!

Andy's fiddling with the camera when the video starts and once he's happy with the shot he steps back to the couch and grabs his cock inside his pants before dropping his skinny jeans around his ankles. His rock cock strains against the thin fabric of his underwear and creates a perfect little pup tent.

He's eager to get things rolling so he sits back on the couch with his jeans still around his ankles. This is the first time you get a real good look at this handsome young hipster and you can't help but be reminded of Andy Samberg from SNL with his big flumpy hair and charming smile... This hipster is super cute!

He pulls the camera in closer before pulling his aching cock out of his shorts. His perfect uncut dick is glad to be free and reaches for the sky before Andy grabs onto it and gives it a couple of quick strokes. Stopping to show that puppy off as he gets comfortable on the little blue couch.

As he works his rod you can't help but notice there's a hole in his underwear (dear liza, dear liza!) and as he pushes his hips forward you realize that hole is there for a reason - easy access! He reaches down and tears that hole a little larger to epose his puckered hole to the camera. He spreads his cheeks and really shows off his ass to the camera before reaching for a bottle of lube.

He slicks up his fingers and drives them deep inside his body with one thrust and in an instant his body becomes an electric mass of twitching desire. Oh ya, Andy likes getting fucked!

One finger is replaced by two. Then two are replaced by three and finally four fingers are shoved in his hole as he stretches himself wide open. He pops his fingers out and reaches for his transparent butt plug and smears a generous amount of lube all over its shaft. He aims the tapered end at his hole and easily pushes it inside.

This sets him off and his legs start kicking back and forth as he clentches his ass muscles around his new best friend as it hits all the right spots. His wild eyes are locked on the camera as he starts making little whimpering noises to show how good it feels. He fucking loves it!

He stands up with that plug still in his ass and kneels on the couch to show off his prize. The transparent plug glistens in the in light and reveals a vision right inside his asshole as he grinds his ass back and forth. His toes flex and wriggle with delight as he totally gets off on having that plug buried in his ass.

He flips back on his back and pulls the camera right up close to his asshole with that plug still buried deep inside his body. Andy grabs his perfect uncut cock and holds it up to the camera as he watches himself in the LCD monitor. Amazed at the wonderful site and lost in how good it feels! As he slowly strokes his uncut cock it's clear this little hipster is ready to get off.

He positions the camera so it can see the coming storm and settles back on the couch. He grabs his cock with one hand while his free hand starts to slide that plug in and out of his asshole. He matches the pace of both hands and hangs there for a second as he enjoys the overwhelming sensation before racing toward his release.

His hand becomes a quick blur on his perfect uncut cock and he turns his head towards the camera with a shocked look as the cum start to rain down on his belly. Shot after shot of that gooey mess spew out of his cock and coat his belly in a glistening but delicious mess of hipster love juice. A few more shuddering jerks and he collapses back on the couch to catch his breath.

He considers his situation for a second then sits up to have a look at his cum glazed t-shirt. He swirls one glob around with this finger then lifts his shirt to his mouth tastes his own seed. What starts as a tentative taste turns into greedy lapping as Andy gobbles up every drop then looks around for more! I guess his hole isn't the only thing that was hungry today!

You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer
You Love Jack YOU LOVE JACK VOL 1: HANDY WORK, , Charlie Jack, Emanuel Ax, Andy Castle, Matt Evens, Mike Bauer

Charlie Jack is back! This cocky little straight dude loves the camera and the camera loves his huge-ass cock!

A sly little grin spreads across his face as soon as he sees himself on the camera's LCD monitor and the attitude doesn't stop until he's satisfied and a messy load of straight guy jizz is splattered all over his furry belly!

Charlie is only wearing his boxers and a black t-shirt and after making some quick adjustments to the camera he flops back on the couch and grabs his cock. His rock hard cock is already pitching a tent inside his underwear so he grabs the camera and pulls it in for a close-up.

His dick is perfectly outlined beneath the thin fabric of his shorts and Charlie watches himself intently as he pushes his rod back and forth and really teases the camera with that cocky grin on his face.

He pulls one nut out of the leg of his pants and lets it hang free while he keeps playing with his cock inside his shorts. He has his fun teasing the camera like this then pulls back the leg of his shorts and shows off his rock hard shaft for a second before popping his cock out and showing that beautiful monster off once and for all!

Charlie Jack's cock is a 7" long and cut but it's freaking beautiful. Long thick shaft and a perfectly proportion mushroom head on top of a heavy set of man-balls make this a crotch to remember. Charlie leans forward and let's a big gob of spit drip out of his mouth and onto his rock hard member. The best lube is man made!

Once he's got his dick slicked up he gives it a couple quick strokes then sticks his cock right up in the camera for some beautiful close-ups. Perfect shots of a perfect rod as he gives himself a couple of rough strokes before sitting back and slipping his underwear off.

He pushes the camera back a bit and chills on the couch as he works on his cock and balls. Nothing put on and no acting - just a vibrant young straight dude pleasuring himself in private. After a couple minutes of playing with himself he pulls his leg up on the sofa and brings the camera in for a better view.

Once he has the shot the way he likes it he starts to work it with both hands. It's an interesting technique with each hand twisting in a different direction as they both pump his shaft - a kind of corkscrew jack! Charlie needs a bit more lube so he leans forward and let's another long gob of straight dude spit dribble all over his head and shaft. A glistening mess of delicious straight dude cock!

He pushes the camera back a bit and stretches out as he repeats the corkscrew action on his cock. Stopping every so often to wag his amazing rock hard shaft at the camera. Smirking as he shows off his meat then back to the corkscrew action.

His hand drifts down to his ass and Charlie decides he's gonna show off his butt. He throws his legs in the air and exposes his straight asshole to the camera while he continues to work his cock. It's a nice shot but he's got other things in mind and grabs a bottle of lube and slicks up a finger real good before bringing it to his hole.

Charlie's looking right in the camera as he pokes his finger inside his body for the first time. It's amazing to see his expression change in an instant from cocky control to vulnerable exploration as the sensation of being fucked flows through his body. He spreads his butt cheeks wide with his free hand as he pokes around inside himself and slides that finger in and out of his asshole.

He slides his finger back out of his ass and spreads his cheeks one more time to show off his newly penetrated hole. His face is filled with cheeky fun as he imagines all the guys checking out his butthole. That cocky expression returns as he drops his legs and grabs his cock.

Charlie pulls the camera in for a nice close up of his glistening cock. Twisting and turning his meat before sliding his hand roughly along the length of his shaft. After a couple tugs a beautiful bead of precum forms at his piss slit and drips deliciously down his rock hard shaft. This is a site rarely seen on video as his cock naturally responds to all the attention he's providing.

Of course the precum means he's getting close but Charlie slows it down and enjoys the ride for a little longer. He pushes the camera back and we're treated to a full body shot as he stretches out on the couch and slowly works on his cock. His movements are delicate and gentle now as he tries to make the feeling last a little longer... His eyes are locked on his own cock and his expression is one of wide eyed wonder and he tries his best to hold off as long as possible.

But he's just too close and this straight dude has got to get off. He stops working on his cock long enough to set up the camera for his cum shot and settles back on the couch to finish this puppy off. He takes a final look at himself in the camera's LCD monitor then turns his attention entirely to getting off.

His hand becomes a blur on his beautiful cock as his breath becomes desperate gasps that seem to beg for release. A couple seconds of this and he freezes as his stomach muscles tense and his cock let's fly a beautiful shower of straight cum that lands in gentle drops on his black t-shirt. The second shot follows the first and the third and fourth add to the mess that's growing on his belly.

Once his orgasm comes to an end Charlie takes a second to examine the mess he created before experely squeezing the last few drops of cum from his still hard shaft. He looks up at the camera, covered in cum with his rock hard cock still in his hand and the video is over. Job well done for a cocky little straight dude!

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