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Studio: Alternadudes
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Run Time: 105
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Kolof
Cast: Tristan Mathews, Kris Anthony, Cody Cachet, Josh Bensan, Alec Grey, Ian Crash, Tanner Stark, Ace Kenny, Jizzy McBone, BOYTOY
Year Produced: 2015
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UPC: 847046012723
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Alternadudes presents “Skater Sex Volume 3”, another look at some hot young skater dudes and the cocks they're attached to! This edition brings you 10 guys who all like dick in their hands, their mouths, down their throats and up their butts. Sit back, unbuckle your bulging pants, reach down to your throbbing cock and enjoy watching these horny hung skaters suck, fuck, jack, and take handies all the way to the dripping sticky finish line!

Product Scenes

Tanner Stark & Ian Crash

Hung and uncut emo twink, Ian Crash, is back to get his dick wet. This is the first time Ian has actually ever had sex on camera. We’ve filmed him jacking off and giving a blowjob, but never before has he ever stuck his big uncut dick inside someone’s hole. Tanner Stark is the lucky guy!

They kiss and make out for a quick little time before both of them peel off their clothes. Tanner is quick to get on his knees. He knows what he wants when he sees it and he needs Ian’s cock hard for his ass. He gets Ian nice and full but the harder Ian gets, the more he wants to suck some dick. He flips Tanner over and trades positions with him. Tanner spreads his legs and Ian gets right down in the surfer’s fuzzy crotch with his face. Ian sucks a mean dick and soon Tanner’s cock is balls deep inside Ian’s face. With some good dick sucking like that, Tanner needs it in his ass.

Ian gets back on the couch and Tanner hops on top. The surfer twink rides it hard as Ian shoves his thick one in and out with ease. They change positions and Tanner gets on his back with his legs in the air. The emo pounds him hard and Tanner can’t help but moan and cry out. As if he needs it deeper in his ass, Tanner turns around and wants it doggie style. Ian is happy to oblige and pounds him hard from behind.

Their final moment comes when they both are hard as rocks, kissing hard and jacking their throbbing rods. They’re both on the edge and Ian is the first to blow. His cum oozes out fast. It pours out of his head and down his shaft. Tanner takes a quick lick and then goes back to beating his own hard dick. To say that Tanner blows his load would be an understatement. Have you ever seen a gas station blow up in the movies? Well that’s pretty close. Only instead of smoke and flames, you get wet white sticky juice everywhere! It’s such a thick load that a giant hunk of jizz that almost looks like a fake rubber toy dangles from Tanner’s thumb. It won’t drip, it won’t fall off…it just dangles and flips back and forth like rubber.

The cameraman tries to get Tanner to eat it. He won’t. The cameraman suggests he feed it to Ian…but Ian won’t touch the foreign matter either. They both giggle and kiss and we leave them sitting on the couch marinating in their own thick juices.

Tristan Mathews & Cody Cachet

Horny shaggy surfer, Cody Cachet, doesn’t even bother starting with his shirt on. He knows it will be off soon enough. He makes out hard with hairy tatted rocker, Tristan Mathews, while his hand goes down his own pants. Barely a minute goes by when Tristan needs to get out of his constricting pants. He eagerly pulls them down and his jeans barely hit the floor before Cody has his big pouty lips wrapped around the hairy thing dangling between Tristan’s legs. He sucks hard, getting Tristan to full mast and damn near ready to blow when he decides to unleash his own big beast. When the pants and underwear come off, Cody shows us all what he’s packin’.

Out pops a big thick pierced dick. It’s not quite hard yet but you can see by the way it lays on his leg that it’s heavy and it’s gonna be big. Tristan can’t help be get down there and suck it. He takes the shaft in and out and carefully slurps and sucks and tugs at Cody’s big full sack. When Tristan gets Cody to his full 9 inches, the hairy rocker turns submissive and rolls over on his back, spreads his asshole and puts his legs in the air. He’s ready for some dick up his ass and he’s not very patient about it.

Cody slips his full 9 inches inside Tristan and starts getting rough. He pumps the hairy hole in front of him with no mercy. In and out, over and over, he plows away making Tristan grunt and groan. Cody wants more dick in his mouth so they flip over and Cody goes back down on Tristan. Cody asks if he’s doing it right and Tristan responds by telling the surfer that he’ll show him how to suck a proper dick. With that, Tristan bends over and sucks his own cock. They take turns working Tristan’s dick with their tongues and mouths. They make out around Tristan’s pole, slurping and sucking. Cody tries to get his own 9 inches in his mouth but he’s just a millimeter away and can’t quite make it. Tristan helps him out again with a quick suck before they beat off together, stiff cocks in hands. Cody’s balls flop up and down as Tristan works the big thick shaft.

Cody is the first to blow. Tristan gets his face down in Cody’s crotch and takes the full milky load on his face and in his mouth. Cody moans as it spills out all over Tristan. Tristan bends over and sucks his own cock one last time and shoots his hot jizz in his own mouth. Cody is quick to go in for the clean up and uses his tongue to wipe up any spillage that missed Tristan’s mouth and feeds it back to Tristan with a hot cum filled kiss.


BOYTOY is a horny Latino twink who likes to get a helping hand. He starts out talking with our cameraman about sex and a few embarrassing things that have happened to him over the years. This time around our cameraman doesn't wait for the invite and asks BOYTOY if he'd like a handjob. It isn't hard to get this twink to agree and after the cameraman makes him beg for his handjob, he's up on his feet and ready for his handie!

The cameraman plays with BOYTOY's foreskin while massaging his plump, full sack. Soon this twink is hard as a rock with his head thrown back. He's enjoying every second of this special service and is actually having a hard time keeping from cumming. With a consistent beat and method, the cameraman brings BOYTOY to his final moments as the twink whispers how great it feels. BOYTOY's cock is thick and hard and firm in the cameraman's hand and as BOYTOY lets out a quick gasp, his cock begins to throb as his body goes into climax and he finishes with a gusher of a cumshot! It goes everywhere and literally doesn't stop.

The camerman squeezes every last drop of thick white jizz out of the tip as it runs down his hand, warm and sticky. The floor is an absolute mess and while BOYTOY is still panting and recovering from his handjob, the cameraman tells him he needs to clean it up. BOYTOY obliges and grabs some handiwipes and a mop to get rid of the mess he made. He's a good little twink and does as he's told on his hands and knees to clean the floor. When the cameraman is convinced his floor is clean, BOYTOY waves goodbye with a giggle and a smile to go clean himself up.

Alec Grey & Josh Bensan

Alec Grey and Josh Bensan are two really horny twinks. Alec is a skater and Josh is a scene twink and go-go boy. They’ve both been on the site before (Alec as the hole he is and Josh beat off for us once). Josh has changed his look quite a bit. He’s gone from dark haired and shaggy to having a rainbow colored mohawk. We asked him in the interview if it was real. He was adamant that it was and that it took hours to get to look that way. We don’t really care because even if it is fake, it’s how he rolls in everyday life. Josh also came in with quite the nice little sunburn. It could have been worse, but you can definately see the size and shape of the shorts he was wearing at the beach. Note to white boys: You’re white! Embrace it and make it a sexy signature!

Anyway, these two suck face for the tiniest of bits before horny Alec goes in for the kill. He’s soon face down in Josh’s bush deepthroating his stiff cock all the way to his big plump perfectly separated balls. Alec has virtually no gag reflex and he can take the shaft all the way down his throat. And speaking of balls. Weeeeee Doggie! Alec has some of the nicest, biggest, plumpest lowhanin’ balls we’ve ever seen! He bends over, completely naked and sucks Josh. His tight asshole bobs up and down in the air while his big balls dangle and swing back and forth between his legs. Soon he’s standing over Josh shoving his cock into the scene twinks face making his big balls hit Josh’s face. Again, his balls are so big they hang down past Josh’s chin. Alec is getting ready for some cock up his ass. Notice how he fingers himself as he plows Josh’s face.

Soon, Alec is on all fours and Josh is down for some rimming action. He slobbers and rims and toungue fucks the skater twink hard. Alec moans as his slighly hairy butt-hole gets the royal treatment. Josh moves in and starts fingering the hole in front of him. It’s open and ready for some nice thick cock. Alec turns around, takes a condom in his mouth, and puts it on Josh’s waiting dick – all completely hands free – before he hops on and rides Josh hard.

Josh’s pubes are truly beautiful. His big bush pounds against Alec’s ass with every thrust of his giant shaft. Alec keeps riding and moaning and jacking. Before long, the skater twink is bent over the back of the couch as Josh pounds him doggie style. The big cock goes in and out and everyone’s balls slap and swing away. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Alec just gets up and says that he’s gotta pee. And he does. He pisses a good long one and then goes back to getting fucked. He hops on and rides it again, going deeper and deeper with every downward thrust.

Alec lets his cum burst out. It spills out of his cock like drool as he continues to get fucked. It rolls out onto his pubes and forms a big white pool around the base of his cock that waterfalls down his beefy balls. He goes in for more of Josh’s crotch in his face. He deepthroats again until Josh is ready to blow. When Josh declares that he’s ready to cum, Alec gets down and ready for a facial. What no one told the skater is that Josh is quite the cummer. Josh’s jizz goes in the air, over Alec’s head, on his face, in his eye, in his mouth and up his nose! Alec had even specified earlier and behind the scenes not to get it in his eye. That’s one thing about Josh Bensan. Don’t ever tell him what he can’t do because he’ll do exactly that anyway….Come to think of it…Hey Josh! Whatever you do, do NOT stick your dick down our throats and let us play with your bush and balls!

Jizzy McBone

Jizzy is just getting home from work and he's horny as he rolls up on his skateboard and heads inside his apartment. It's a mess, but he's only got one thing on his mind - to blow a load. He gets settled in, takes off his shirt and and shorts and rubs his bulge through his tighty whities. He can't control himself for very long and soon the underwear comes off and gets tossed aside to blend in with the left over drinks, dirty ashtrays and old food on his coffee table. His crotch is hairy and his asshole is covered in fuzz. The muscled up stud reaches behind a chair and grabs an old used up fleshjack that he can't wait to destroy for the 100th time. Jizzy is so dirty he's never even washed it out. He just uses it over and over and throws it in the corner after each use, which he says happens at least twice a day. 

Jizzy takes the casing off the toy and just uses the skin for this session. He covers his still growing cock and lets it grow inside. He gets off on seeing his own cock go in and out of the clear toy. The opening sticks to his nutsack as he plows it over and over and over. 

After working his rod just the way he likes it, Jizzy is hard as a rock and throbbing, ready to cum. He pulls the sleeve off his dick and works it by hand, barely able to touch it without blasting his load. He teases himself, rubbing harder and harder until his grand finale where he grips his dick like a vice and jacks up a frenzy. He moans and breaths out hard as he finally delivers himself the treat he's been looking forward to all day long. His jizz is pure white and extra thick. It rolls out of the tip of his still throbbing cock and lands on his ripped abs and trimmed jet black pubes. Jizzy is satisfied for the moment and will keep his fleshjack nice and dirty to use again later.

Kris Anthony & Ace Kenny

Kris Anthony comes back for some hardcore sucking, fucking, and gymnastic action with newcummer Ace Kenny. These two have that rare attraction that makes them pop on screen. They just want to feel each other’s bodies and make out while getting hard and ready for the action.

It doesn’t take long. They both pop raging hard-ons within seconds and proceed to go right into the cocksucking! After taking turns deepthroating each other, the stud moves in for a game of rim the twink as he stands on his hands and spreads his legs up in the air. Always on the move and looking for something interesting to do, they move to a workout set, where they take turns rimming and blowing each other while hanging suspended from the handles.

Once they get their fill of eating ass and gagging on cock, they move to the rug, where Kris pounds the shit out of Ace’s tight hole. Finally, Kris pulls out to blow his load. After lots of grunting and groaning and hardcore moaning, the cum flies. What a reward for all that hard work!

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