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Studio: GuyBone
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Run Time: 135
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
Year Produced: 2014
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Tats and boners. Pretty much sums up this GuyBone fuck fest! Hot all natural studs, boners ready and cum everywhere.

Product Scenes

GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
irish and ryan blow

I swore to myself the next time I filmed Irish it would be him fucking an eager bottom. But, as fate would have it, before we could find said eager bottom, we found another top who wanted to film an oral scene with Irish.

That other top was new, fuzzy stud, Ryan Fargo, and after meeting at our kick-off underwear party, both guys had boners for one another. Who was I to stand in the way of these two sucking each other off?

They got each other naked pretty quick, dicks raging hard, and started the suck fest. Ryan couldn't seem to take Irish's cock deep enough down his throat. Talk about insatiable!

The guys were too horny to take turns, so they 69'd for a bit. There's little I love more than watching a hot blow job, let alone two in simultaneous progress. Two hot, wet mouths, licking and sucking on stiff, throbbing dicks. Yum.

I had Irish sit on the footboard and Ryan got on his knees to pleasure his costar orally. He brought out the big guns, his trademark move, in which he rubs the head of the cock along his scruffy beard. Irish was moaning in delight at the feeling of all those little hairs prickling his prick. Then Ryan went a little further, rubbing Irish's shaft in his nest of dark, soft chest hair. I'm surprised Irish didn't cum on the spot.

The two wanted to try a position we hadn't yet seen, so Ryan sat on the nightstand, legs spread, and Irish knelt on the bed, dangling over the edge to suck Ryan's rock hard cock and lick his hairy balls. I loved hearing Ryan direct his costar to "deep throat that" - very hot when models are vocal.

When the two studs had sucked enough, Irish lay flat on his back and Ryan straddled him. Ryan bust a hot, thick load all over Irish's chest and stomach, which Irish quickly scooped up and used as lube to get himself off. He bust an impressive nut as well and the two collapsed in ecstasy.

I promise to one day get Irish in an anal scene, not only because he wants to top, but because I want to see him top. We'll find that eager bottom yet, but until we do, I'm not complaining. As long as there are hotties like Ryan Fargo who want to swap head, Irish will just have to keep his blow job crown a little longer.

GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
quinn tops pedro

Quinn's a blonde! And Pedro's a bottom! Everything's new! Join these two studs for a hardcore romp in the sheets and never regret a second!

The scene starts off with Quinn already naked and boned, making out with Pedro and helping his costar's cock grow inside his jeans. After stripping him nude, they taste each others dicks and balls, slurping and gagging on big thick erections. Pedro stood beside the bed, feeding him is cock. Quinn beat the heavy meat against his tongue and face, getting Pedro even harder, the head of his dick swelling incredibly.

After plenty of oral fun, Quinn flipped up Pedro's legs and went to work eating his hairy asshole. The way Quinn rims should be studied. He's a fucking pro at pleasing his scene partners. I love watching guys rub their hard dicks together and was especially pleased to see Quinn and Pedro do it. They both have such handsome hardons, must have felt fucking amazing to rub them together, feeling the heat from the other boner against your own.

Quinn rubbered up his dick and lubed up Pedro's ass. From there it was smooth sailing as the two screwed to their heart's content. Quinn had already asked Pedro if he could pound him hard and Pedro was definitely on board. Quinn got the rough ball rolling when he spanked Pedro's ass during the rim job. Keep your eye on the hand print that gets more red and pronounced throughout the scene. He spanked him hard a second time and Pedro slapped him in the face and then choked him a bit. These two were fucking insane.

It's nice when you find two guys who are into the same things and can just go wild with each other. These two did just that, throwing inhibitions to the wind and banging like the animals we all are. So much so, that during sex, Quinn literally fucked the cum out of Pedro. Mid thrust, Pedro's cock started oozing out cum, then gushing. "That came outta nowhere" he laughed as he finished milking jizz from his piss slit. The guys laughed, but it was obvious where it had come from... a satisfied body that loved what the hard dick was giving it in the ass.

Quinn jerked himself off lying next to a very happy Pedro, then the two sealed the scene with a wet kiss. Talk about one hot fuck. You know it's good when one guy has a surprise cumshot!

GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
ruckus tops rheo

First, let me preface this scene with the following disclaimer: Rheo Stone is very much versatile. He was concerned viewers might think he's more bottom because two scenes of him bottoming came out back to back. I assured him, not the case. I just couldn't wait any longer to share this amazing scene with you all. So… you have my word… Rheo Stone is as versatile as they come! And it was such a fucking hot scene, we ended up with 20 extra minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck! First time ever having a 40 minute action scene! HOT MILESTONE!

We headed back to Renegades Bar, where we host our monthly men only underwear party, Trousers Down. It served as a great location for Jameson and Scotland, so why not introduce you to Ruckus in a fun, public, sexy setting? Never before have I got this close to fulfilling my fantasy of watching brothers fuck. Ruckus is a few years older than Rheo, they kinda look alike, and they are almost before and after versions of each other. Rheo has one tattoo that he hopes will multiply in time to the large collection of ink on Ruckus' body. They fit together so perfect on camera, I was hard from the get go.

Making out from the word action, their kissing was some of the hottest I've seen. And I love it when masculine guys like these two grab and hold each others' faces in order to kiss deeper. So hot. Shirts came off, junk got felt up and hardened through pants, and before I knew it, Ruckus was strapping Rheo to St. Andrew's Cross and running his tongue from armpit to happy trail. Then, Rheo's enormous fat cock was out and in Ruckus' wet mouth. I gotta give it up to Rheo. It takes a lot of trust and guts to let go of control and be tied up. He loved every second of it.

After he was set free, Rheo took a seat at the bar and ordered a tall, stiff drink of Ruckus' dick. Watching Rheo lick Ruckus' boxer briefs peeking out from his camo pants drove me wild. Watching Ruckus' boner jump inside those boxer briefs was even hotter. Then, out plopped his handsome cock with the incredible shroom head and Rheo swallowed it… literally. Deepthroating needs a new word because Rheo choked down that dick even further, a nice long spit string from his lips to that amazing shroom head when he came up for air. And Ruckus' perfect, loose, low hanging balls dangling over the elastic of his boxer briefs begged to be sucked. So Rheo did. Quite sexily.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think it's a little odd (but always hot) when the bottom wants to rim the top. But Rheo loves to eat ass, so I let him at it. And Ruckus didn't mind, lying on the bar top, rolling his head back and moaning in delight. He followed suit and ate Rheo's tight hole before fingering and eventually fucking him. He bent Rheo over the butcher's table and fucked hard and fast. Slapping his cute little bubble butt cheek, I couldn't notice how hot Ruckus' masculine, tan, dirty hand (from working on his motorcycle) was on Rheo's pale ass. Totally complimentary.

Next came the booth, where Ruckus fucked Rheo doggie style, kind of hovering between the two benches. Somehow these flexible guys managed to make out while humping in mid air. Ruckus looked more brut than ever, topping his younger brother wannabe. Rheo grunted in pleasure, his big dick swinging with the thrusting.

One more session on St. Andrew's Cross found Rheo sitting on a bar stool for support, taking Ruckus' stiff dick up his ass while his fists clenched, no doubt desiring to touch his ridiculously sexy costar. Ruckus took care of the touching, jerking and teasing his partner's big boner as Rheo bounced up and down on Ruckus' own erection. Finishing up on the GOGO box, Rheo blasted a big load onto his stomach and Ruckus stroked out a hot load on top of Rheo's existing mess. Seeing Rheo's happy trail doused in both guys cum got me hard all over again and as they finished the scene with a final, hot kiss, I knew it didn't matter who was top, bottom, or vers… or whether we filmed in a bed or bar… when it came to Ruckus and Rheo, it would be a perfect fuck every time.

GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
ruckus tops zeke

Tats and boners. Pretty much sums up these two sexpots. I'd been dying to film something in a car, so when the opportunity finally presented itself with Ruckus and Zeke, all of us were really excited to try it. We found a nice shady spot and parked the car. They were already boned in the backseat and I just had to start rolling. Heavy petting led to Zeke's rock hard dick being pulled out of his comfy shorts (in which he was going commando, of course). Ruckus wasted no time bending over and spitting on that stiff shaft. He licked Zeke's piss slit and swollen head, then swallowed his entire cock balls deep.

Zeke was eager to taste Ruckus' hardon, so he pulled it from his jeans, along with his loose, hairy balls, and plopped it in his wet mouth. He sucked and slurped and made Ruckus' head roll back in ecstasy.

When we realized the backseat might not be conducive enough for fucking and filming, we hopped the gate into a residential alleyway and dropped drawers. Ruckus spit into Zeke's ass and nibbled a little to loosen his costar up. Then it was condom on, dick in. Fucking Zeke against a chimney totally did it for Ruckus, who leaned back against a fence, shoving his shroom-headed cock deeper into that tight, dark, hairy hole.

Then he took a seat on a bench and let Zeke sit down on his stiff dick. He thrust hard and fast into that perfect ass, balls slapping as he pounded. Both guys moaned with delight and once they'd got their fill of fucking, sat next to each other on the bench and rubbed out two hot loads. Zeke shot first, a creamy load on Ruckus' thigh. He scooped it up with his hand and ate it, which pushed Ruckus over the edge and made him jizz all down his dick and balls and fist. Zeke hunched over and gobbled that cum up, too. Hungry piggy.

These two tatted, hung studs gave me my first taste of filming in a car. There will definitely be more to come, and more of these sexy fuckers as well.

GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
scotland tops holt

What a great, hot fuck! Scotland and Holt show us how it's done, position after steamy position.

This was Holt's second scene, on his first day of filming no less. He'd already been fucked by buddy Axel Flint. Now Axel stepped behind the camera and helped direct this incredibly intense screw. I'm all for another set of eyes setting up the scene, especially when they belong to one of our best guys. Axel knows what to do on camera, so it was easy for him to coach Scotland and Holt, both of whom he'd already had sex with himself. It was really hot listening to him tell them positions he wanted to see them in.

Scotland and Holt were very easy to direct. So easy, I probably could have just set the camera down and let them go at it and it would have been just as hot. They started off making out and dry humping on the bed. Clothes came off but tight white undies stayed on until dicks were rock hard and bulging through the cotton. Once dicks were set loose, there was no stopping the suck fest. Holt laid on his back and let Scotland face fuck him, balls slamming his face, cock banging his Adam's Apple. Scotland sat on the edge of the bed and deep throated Holt's massively stiff cock, almost gagging on it a couple times. The cock ring Holt wore got the job done. The veins in his dick looked ready to pop and Scotland's tongue running over them as he swallowed every inch of Holt's boner was a sight to be seen.

After the oral (including some dick-stiffening 69ing), Scotland dove into Holt's ass, face first. Holt pressed up against the head board, smiling and looking back in ecstasy, shoved his perfect butt into Scotland's scruffy face. Scotland's tongue worked overtime, licking and lapping that sweet hole. Once he was plenty wet, Scotland took Holt like a man and thrust his raging cock deep inside his ass. I'm usually an oral guy, I love watching dick sucking more than fucking. But these two brought the real show during anal. Scotland's immensely erect cock driving in and out of Holt's delicious butt cheeks, both of them moaning and writhing with joy, this was amazing.

Scotland let Holt ride his cock on the edge of the bed. He drilled it down deep inside Holt while having him bent in half. He plowed him from the side, squeezing his cute little ass cheek while he pumped. Holt buried his face in the pillow, clenching it in his fist as Scotland fucked him hard. Every position they switched to was somehow hotter than the previous. They were on fire.

Holt sat on Scotland's dick and rode it to completion, grabbing his costars head and pulling it close as he came a hot load all over his face. Scotland took Holt's cummy cock in his mouth and tasted the sweet, salty jizz. Then Scotland rolled Holt over, jerked furiously, and shot his own big load all over Holt's face. Holt tasted Scotland's cum as well, licking and kissing his piss slit clean.

Congrats to Axel Flint for co-directing one helluva hot scene. Congrats to Scotland for continuing to impress no matter the position. And congrats to Holt for having two fantastic fuck scenes on the same day. With winners like these on my team, I can't lose. I also can't get rid of my permanent boner.

GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
GuyBone INKED GUYS IN ACTION, , Holt Brogan, Irish, Pedro Roxy, Quinn Kartr, Rheo Stone, Rowdy McBeal, Ruckus, Ryan Fargo, Scotland Grey, Will Swagger, Zeke Johnson
will tops rowdy

Will Swagger = worth the wait! We'd been waiting months for this muscle stud's schedule to align with ours for a shoot and it finally happened, with hot pup Rowdy McBeal no less, for one incredibly steamy, masculine, spit-filled scene!

I've never filmed so much spit and sweat all in one scene before. It's so fucking hot to see two horny as fuck brut dudes going at it, dripping beads of sweat all over each others' bodies, spitting on all the right parts.

The guys started on the couch and it was immediately clear that pup Rowdy was game for whatever daddy Will ordered from him. The age difference, not to mention alpha dog position Rowdy placed Will in (which he gladly accepted), was so hot to watch in action. Rowdy practically begged Will to pull his fat cock out so he could swallow every inch of it.

After returning a blow job, Will commanded Rowdy to flip over for a rim job. He ate his ass like a pro, squeezing Rowdy's milky white butt cheeks with his manly hands. His stubble must have tickled like hell on Rowdy's hole, but he clearly loved it.

I asked to see Rowdy unroll a condom on Will's massively thick dick because it's something that usually goes unseen. It's there, but doesn't often get center stage. I wanted to see a dude sheath another dude's stiff cock in rubber, all that anticipation of a good fuck just moments away. Sure enough, that simple action got them even hotter and it was on to the main event as Will bent Rowdy in half, legs tossed up on his shoulders, burying his throbbing manhood completely in the pup's ass.

They fucked on the couch in a couple positions and then moved to the bed so they had some more room to maneuver. By this point, the spit had been flowing freely, in and out of each other's mouths, all over boners, and into assholes. But it was on the bed that the sweat really began dripping.

Able to fuck Rowdy's hole full force, Will was a sex machine that couldn't be stopped. He got so overheated, the windows fogged up, both guys were wringing wet, and the bed was soaked. Fucking hot! What's manlier than a chiseled dude dripping sweat onto another while he fucks him deep and fast with his stiff as rock cock? Not much, in my opinion.

Rowdy was more than happy to blow his load from his pierced cock, bellowing in ecstasy, as Will gave his dick a break and fingered Rowdy's loosened hole knuckle deep. I'd originally asked Will to coat Rowdy's face with his cum, but he was enjoying the feel of Rowdy's tight ass wrapped around his dick so much that he convinced me to let him cum while still inside him. Then, he pulled out, removed his condom, and made Rowdy drink the nut he'd deposited in the rubber. Rowdy seemed to enjoy the thick, creamy load, sucking every drop he could from the condom. The two finished with a salty and satisfied kiss and I knew I'd just witnessed one of the hottest fuck sessions on GuyBone yet.

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