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Studio: GuyBone
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Run Time: 90
Audio: Live Sound
Director: McGinger
Cast: Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Year Produced: 2014
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UPC: 847046011399
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GuyBone, giving you something new in gay porn. The titles says it! Furry Guys Fucking! The video proves it! Check out these 12 hot amateur models in one furry fuck fest!

Product Scenes

GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Axel Tops Daniel

Talk about a blending of the old and the new. Daniel was one of the earlier models we cast on GuyBone and Axel is definitely part of the new crop. Getting the two of them together for this action scene was incredible. Not only are both guys extremely personable off camera, they're hot as fuck on!

The guys started off making out. Very sexy kissers, these two. Sweet, passionate, tender tongues flicking and licking each other. And the lip smacking turned me on so much. It did them as well, and as soon as shorts came off, hard dicks were bouncing around like mad. Axel took Daniel's long uncut cock in his mouth first, swallowing it to the base. Then some more hot kissing, Axel letting Daniel taste his own cock on his tongue.

Daniel got on his knees on the floor to suck Axel's erect dick. The looks Axel made with his face told me exactly how much he enjoyed his costars wet, spitty mouth on his boner. Daniel loves to get long slobber trails from his tongue to the tip of dicks, and he made no exception for Axel. My dick throbs when Daniel looks up at Axel, as if seeking approval for his blow job, and the two smile and share one helluva sexy laugh. Nothing needed to be spoken. That said it all.

Next came some wild 69ing. Daniel kept working Axel's stiff pole, but it was Axel who impressed here. Hands free, he gulped down Daniel's cock like a sword-swallower at the circus. Watching his bright red tongue slip out from his wet lips and tickle the under side of Daniel's erection was almost too much for me. These two definitely know how to give head!

Daniel sat on Axel's chest for some hot ass eating, stroking his gorgeous cock all the while. Then Axel got Daniel on his back, legs up over Axel's shoulders, and entered him fully. Daniel is an amazing bottom and practically begged for more. Axel obliged, filling his ass fully with raging hard dick. They fucked good and hard, then switched to a position that not only looked hot, but provided Axel with his daily workout.

Daniel sat on Axel's stiff rod, holding himself up on the headboard. Axel thrust upward, deep into Daniel's tight little ass, churning his hips and screwing Daniel slowly and seductively. The amount of heavy breathing and whimpering coming from these two during this position was unbelievably hot. They wanted each other bad and were enjoying every second of the fuck.

For the impending cumshots, the boys were all too eager to jerk their dicks to sticky finales. Axel bust his nut first, shooting a thick glob of jizz all over Daniel's thigh and pubes. Then he bent over, made out with Daniel and drove his costar to the the edge. At one crucial point, Axel stopped kissing but Daniel ordered him to keep going, no doubt incredibly turned on by Axel's talented tongue inside his mouth. Axel followed instruction and within seconds, Daniel was cumming a big load onto his stomach. The end of it dripped out of his piss slit slowly, forming a trail to his tummy.

Bringing old and new together has never worked so well. They might have even taught each other some tricks.

GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Duke Tops Jeremy

Probably the single scene that made me feel like I had the power to make dreams come true. Duke has been a fan of Jeremy Fox's since he started masturbating, and could hardly believe that Jeremy was interested in bottoming for him in Duke's very first action scene.

Talk about star struck, Duke told me after the shoot that he didn't care if he ever filmed again, his porn career was complete. I laughed, I hope this isn't the last we see of this hot, hairy cub. He's fucking sexy, as is one of our site favorites, Jeremy Fox, with his dark hair, beaming smile, and giant dick.

Duke was rock hard as soon as I said action and the guys quickly worked each others clothes off to reveal stiff cocks ready for the sucking. Jeremy swallowed Duke's dick first, balls deep. Slurping and stroking, I was hoping the excellent head from his favorite porn star wouldn't bring him to an early climax. Ever the pro, Duke maintained composure, then switched roles with Jeremy, taking that huge rod down his throat, Jeremy guiding his head.

Once both dicks had been sucked to satisfaction, the guys strapped a condom on Duke and he went to town. I can only imagine the thrill of the moment for him. Fucking someone he'd jerked off to dozens of times. Feeling Jeremy's tight ass squeeze around his manhood. Watching his face wrinkle in pleasure. Duke was on fucking fire, living the dream.

By the end of the shoot, it's no surprise that both guys shot huge loads. Jeremy had just received an incredible pounding and Duke had topped his dream costar. The amount of dark hair in this scene drove me wild and the chemistry between these two will do the same to you!

GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Mano Tops Kyle

Lucky stud #2 to bottom for Mano was Kyle. And he was completely ready!

The guys quickly moved from hard kissing to hard sucking, with Mano even doing some push-ups over top of Kyle, face fucking him. Sucking led to Mano's trademark rimming/fingering, where he left behind strings of spit on Kyle's hairy hole.

Loosened up and ever limber, Kyle bent over and took Mano's thick dick up his ass. Mano pulled back on Kyle's arms, giving him the full experience of his cock. Kyle loved every inch of it.

They moved to the bed for some fun positions, then to a chair for some more hardcore fucking. Before I knew it, they were asking if they could cum, both ready to nut all over the place.

Mano shot first, all over Kyle's ass, then he bent over and let Kyle spray hot jizz all over his face, on his shaved head, and in his mouth.

These two... fucking yum.

GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Nick Tops Rowdy Raw

Holy fucking hot! That's the most accurate description I can use for this scene. Hairy, chiseled bodied muscle daddy Nick Moretti tops his sexy, pierced and tatted, good ole country pup Rowdy McBeal in one of's best bareback scenes!

These two are partners off camera and the intense amount of chemistry they brought to set was nothing less than absolutely amazing. Rowdy is totally my type: the straight-acting stud who you'd love to kick back and drink a beer with, talk about cars, then before you know it, he's letting you slide his rock hard cock in and out of your mouth. I love the way he moans, begging for more cock from his partner.

And why wouldn't you beg for more when your partner is Nick Moretti and his cock is enormous? When Rowdy pulled Nick's dick from his jeans, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was huge! I shuddered with anticipation, ready to see Rowdy take it down his throat. He got to work quickly, showing how he likes to suck dick. He uses lots of spit, often letting it trail from his lips. My dick was stiff as soon as Rowdy pulled his wet mouth away from Nick's hard rod, spit trailing, and Nick wiped it off his chin and put it back in his mouth, then kissed him hard. Fucking hot!

Nick got to work on Rowdy's pierced pole, blowing him with expertise. Then he moved to Rowdy's balls, slurping them into his mouth and rolling them around. Rowdy hit the roof. He later told me his balls are extremely sensitive, and Nick knows it, but wanted to get away with it on camera. That's the kind of fun chemistry I was thrilled to see these two have. They know what turns the other one on, they know what buttons to push and what body parts to touch, they aren't afraid to laugh during sex, and when they look into each other's eyes, you can literally see the spark between them.

Nick ate out and fingered Rowdy's ready hole, then shoved his mammoth cock inside his pup's ass. He humped the fuck out of him, starting with doggie style (how fitting). The way these two communicate while screwing sends goosebumps up my neck, tempting me to rip off my own clothes and join them. One will moan and kind of whimper, the other answers with a similar sound. It's like their own language, and it's fucking hot!

Rowdy got flipped all around the bed; drilled from above, slammed from below, and pounded from the side. Nick is a top to be reckoned with. He knows how to please his bottom without sacrificing his own pleasure. These two were on fire, fucking with such passion and raw intensity.

Nick was first to bust, shooting a bullet of cum across the room (that has yet to be found), making Rowdy light up with laughter, then sticking his ever-erect cock back in Rowdy's ass after having Rowdy lick it clean.

Rowdy came soon after, yelling in ecstasy, soaking himself in jizz. Nick followed suit and cleaned off his partner's cock, then licked the cum from his stomach, and finished with a sticky, creamy kiss where the two enjoyed a tongue-rolling snowball.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed filming this scene, and how much I continue to enjoy watching it. It's got everything you could ask for and then some. Guess that's what I should have expected from two fucking hot pros like Nick and Rowdy.

GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Ryan Tops Lance

This marks Ryan Fargo's debut action scene, for which his costar, Lance Bennett, was more than hard-dicked to oblige.

Ryan is absolutely covered in hair, from head to toe, in the best, sexiest, fuzziest, scruffiest way possible. Lance has a bit of hair, too, but nothing like Ryan. However, pairing these two fuzzy guys up was a match made in porn heaven, as rock hard cocks soon proved.

Ryan got Lance's stiff rod loose from his jeans and bent over, taking it deep down his throat. The hottest thing about watching Ryan suck dick is when he pulls the head out of his mouth and rubs it across his beard. The feeling of his stubble prickling, grinding across the shaft of your dick, must be mind-blowing. At least, that's the expression that was on Lance's face.

Lance got busy taking Ryan's 8.5 inches down his throat next. Slurping his shaft, sucking his balls, loving every inch of Ryan's body. Then, Lance hopped on top of Ryan, ready for his ride.

Ryan gave it to him, hard and deep, his balls slapping against his own taint with each thrust. Lance got on his back before long, inviting even more of Ryan's impressive length inside his hot and hairy hole.

Straight on, I don't see it, but from the side, I can't help see Colin Farrell when Ryan is fucking. Damn hot, regardless, that's what Ryan Fargo is. The way he looks intensely at his partner, beautiful blue eyes sparkling in the light, his hair waving in the breeze created by his screwing rhythm.

By the final position, Lance had one leg up on the footboard, giving Ryan easy access up and at an angle into his ass. Ryan fucked him like there was no tomorrow, giving me a very nice view. I loved seeing Ryan reach down and gently play with Lance's balls while he slammed his ass.

The boys got comfy on the bed for their cumshots and Lance sucked on Ryan's nuts until he bust a hot, thick load across his chest, his cum nestling on the bed of hair. Lance followed by blowing a huge load across Ryan's chest, adding to the mess of cum in his dark, curly hair. Then Ryan licked clean Lance's dripping cock, they kissed, and Ryan sealed the deal on his first action scene.

Job. Fucking. Well. Done.

GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
GuyBone FURRY GUYS FUCKING, McGinger, Axel, Daniel, Duke, Jeremy, Nick, Rowdy, Ryan, Lance, Scotland, Knox, Mano, Kyle
Scotland Tops Knox

As a redhead, I've always enjoyed brunette guys because they're pretty much the opposite of me. Their hair is dark brown and it shows up so nicely on their pale skin, covering their entire bodies. Scotland and Knox are both incredibly sexy brunettes and they both have just the right amount of body hair. And the matching scruff on their faces made them pass for brothers at a glance. This definitely aided in the fantasy department, imagining these two as brothers experimenting with each others bodies for the first time. Their dicks are also huge and their balls bountiful, so you know, that doesn't hurt.

These two were a lot of fun to film with. Aside from me getting to see all of that brown hair rubbing up against more brown hair, they had a sexy spark that was evident from the get go. Tongues twirling erotically, Scotland's hand gripping Knox's boner through his boxier briefs. It was almost too hot.

Once clothes came off, it was blow job city. Scotland swallowed Knox's thick dick first, then Knox gagged down Scotland's stiff rod. Oral fun soon turned into a 69ing session that got my dick rock hard. The slurping these two made while sucking each others cocks was fucking hot. Deepthroating balls deep, fists pumping shafts as they sucked, it was so hot. I love sitting back and watching two sexy (brunette) guys suck each other. These two were doing a great job of entertaining me!

Knox sat on Scotland's pole first to get accustomed to it. Didn't take long to make its acquaintance, because he was riding that thing as fast and as hard as he could within seconds. Their balls tightened with each trip up and down. Next came some doggie style with animalistic panting and neck-biting, licking, sucking. Then Scotland bent Knox over and gave it to him quick and rough. Knox seemed to be enjoying every fucking thrust. Probably didn't hurt that Scotland was giving him a reach around hand job as well.

To finish, the guys got into missionary and screwed til they came. Scotland was up first, ripping his condom off as he pulled out of his costar's tight ass. A frothy mix of lube and ass juice escaped from Knox's hole as he spread his butt cheeks for Scotland to cum inside him. Scotland's nut flew out of his piss slit and doused the bed, Knox's plump butt cheeks, and his hairy hole. Knox beamed as he felt the warm jizz splatter on his asshole. Got my dick stiff again to see a man empty his sack on another man's asshole. Fucking hot.

Knox jerked furiously to join his costar in orgasm. He reached climax and warned Scotland of his fast-approaching cumshot. Scotland knelt and planted his face on top of Knox's ejaculating cock. Cum blasted up the side of his face, all over his lips, and onto the bed. Quite the impressive cumshots from both guys. They definitely had a hot, fun fuck and I was more than happy to catch all that beautiful brown hair on camera.

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