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Studio: Alternadudes
Product Code  
Run Time: 98
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Kolof
Cast: Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Year Produced: 2014
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UPC: 847046011450
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Alternadudes presents Cameraman POV!, a look at a few horny dudes who couldn't get off without the help of the cameraman. The Alternadudes cameraman is supposed to be doing his job behind the camera, but sometimes his will is weak and he gladly opens his pants for anyone who wants to suck him dry. When guys jack off, many of them want what's right in front of them and reach for the nearest cock they see. Others come in knowing they want dick and tip the cameraman off before they start. We've never heard any complaints from him about doing his job and we do know that every Alternadude who's sucked his dick has asked to do it. This edition from Alternadudes showcases the men who need cock in their mouths to help them blast their way past the finish line!

Product Scenes

Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Merdoc & Cameraman

Merdoc is all about dick in his face. This guy is literally obsessed with sucking cock. One day, he came in to do a shoot with Ramses and did a fucking hot deepthroat scene. He drank all the cum that Ramses had to offer in one load and was so horny he kept begging for more. Ramses was spent and had to admit that Merdoc stole the Alternadudes cocksucking title from him that day.

In Merdoc’s quest for cum, he went for the next and only other guy in the room…the poor unsuspecting cameraman. Not only was he eager to demonstrate his skills, but he was excited to get the cameraman’s dick in his mouth. He’d seen that a few other guys were able to coax the cameraman into a bj or two and thought he’d try it too. Well, our cameraman is weak willed and that guy has never put up any sort of fight that we know of (which is why his job is still on the chopping block). He sits down on the couch and lets Merdoc do the rest. And oh what a hot mouth our shaggy rocker has.

There’s no beginning, middle or end to this one. There’s no foreplay and there’s no kissing. Merdoc just simply goes in for the cock. He gets that thick cock down his throat and doesn’t stop. He gags and sucks and licks up and down, balls deep. He’s frenzied and addicted to cum. If there would have been 40 men in the room, he would have swallowed every dick and all the cum they could muster!

After all the deepthroating and gagging, our cameraman finally blows his load. As usual, Cameraman delivers a great geyser of cum. He moans a bit and then blasts the shit out of Merdoc’s face and hair. It flies into his mouth and Merdoc keeps on blowing cock and eating cum even after the hairy cameraman finishes dumping his load.

As a side note, since the cameraman was busy getting his dick sucked by someone he was paid to film, he neglected to take any stills. Cameraman worked for nothing more than a blowjob that day. You can’t very well come back from a shoot with no photos and a sticky dick and expect to get paid. We had to pull a few stills from this one. There aren’t that many because frankly, Merdoc’s long hot sucking session doesn’t change positions much at all…but that’s what makes it fucking hot as hell!

Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alexi Vladof & Cameraman

Alexi showed up for his shoot ready to get fucked hard but the other model never showed up. This time around the cameraman decided Alexi could still do a scene but the only other guy around was the cameraman.

We've stopped scolding him for occasionally getting a bj from the models. After all, usually the guys are the ones asking to blow him. We were just surprised that he was so bold this time around and that Alexi was happy to jump in and give it his all!

Alexi gets right to it and gets on his knees. He unzips the cameraman's pants and is happy to find a thick girthy dick. The cameraman moans as Alexi's soft warm mouth envelops his dick and starts pumping for his prize. He goes balls deep with very little gag reflex. The cameraman gets a little bossy and everything he demands, Alexi does.

Alexi stands up and they rub their dicks together, jacking and frotting and playing swords. The cameraman licks Alexi's neck and all bets are off. Alexi turns into putty and gets hard as a rock. The cameraman gets on his knees and gags on Alexi's big twink dick, slobbering and choking with every thrust into his throat.

Alexi wants cum bad and he gets back on his knees and opens his mouth wide. The cameraman lets loose and slathers the twink's face with burst after burst of cum getting all over Alexi's face, mouth and hair. Alexi is dripping with jizz and lies on the floor to finish himself off, cumming pure white thick juice all over his black shirt! As Alexi finishes, our asshole cameraman tells Alexi to get his shit and get out. They're both done with the job at hand and it's time to get on with the rest of the day!

Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Kurt Rogers & Cameraman

Kurt has one of the most amazing dicks on this planet! He’s tattooed, perfectly buff, and has a face and eyes that could melt steel. This dude comes in at nine inches, and oh, what a girthy nine inches it is!

He starts off beating his meat like any ordinary horny guy would, but without warning, he leans over, dick in hand, and starts sucking himself off. His tongue handily works its way around his huge, uncut mushroom tip, licking it over and over like a shark circling its prey.

At one point Kurt reaches up and lets his fingers find a hole in our cameraman’s jeans. Before you know it, the camera guy’s dick is getting the royal treatment from our hung stallion. He sucks and works the cock so hard that our guy didn’t have a choice but to spray a nice load all over Kurt’s cut and writhing body. Kurt’s response is to bend himself over, give himself a tongue-job, and then dump his super-thick, super-white, pure tasty cum into his own mouth. After savoring it for a few seconds, he spits it out and lets it run down his chin and neck.

In the end, Kurt has to shower to get the buckets of cum off himself, so luckily our sexually satisfied cameraman is there to capture dirty Kurt getting clean!

Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Charles Bronsin & Cameraman

Charles Bronsin is one of the horniest dudes to ever walk through our doors. He’s a thin twink scene punk who’s into his music hardcore. He plays guitar, bass and keyboards and is currently starting up two separate bands. He’s very open about what he likes and has no problem asking for what he wants (as our cameraman soon found out).

Charles starts out slowly rubbing himself through his tight as hell jeans. They come off in no time (although not without struggle) and soon he’s showing off his hairy legs and his tight reddish underwear. By this time his shirt is long gone too and he’s also showcasing his sexy, bushy armpits. His big hairy pits are just a preview of what he’s about to reveal down under. As he peels off his shorts, a beautiful fairytale land of pubic delight comes into focus. His cock and balls are surrounded by a field of thick black pubes. It looks as if his balls and asshole have never been shaved once in his life. He continues working it, moaning here and there and flirting with the camera.

But wait. Is it the camera he’s flirting with or the man running it? He finally says “Hey you. Come here.” To which the camera guy responds “Me?” Charles declares “You got a dick, let me suck it”. And with that, our camera guy isn’t sure what to do. Now it’s true that this isn’t the first time this has happened to him, but he’s still a little reluctant to get involved. We’re not sure if he thinks we’re going to fire him or if he just wants to do his job and go home. At one point in this scene the cameraman says to Charles “Your gonna get me in trouble”. No, Mr. Camera Guy, that won’t happen. Apparently he thought the same, because it only takes a second or two before Charles is unzipping his pants and is balls deep on the somewhat reluctant recipient.

Charles chows down on the bushy camera guy until he’s super hard himself. Sometimes Charles just needs to suck some dick to get hard. He complains about having had to stop cocksucking and reluctantly gets back to jacking his rod. He pounds on while he fingers himself up the ass, legs wide open, still eying the cameraman whose pants are no doubt still around his ankles. It’s not long before Charles is back on the blowjob scene. This time he’s there to finish the job. He sucks the thick hard cock in front of him until we hear from behind the camera that he’s gonna cum. Cameraman blows his sticky, juicy load all over Charles’ face, mustache, and beard. Charles quickly lays back down, face still covered in cum, as he blows a geyser of his own. It pops out long and high and just keeps cumming! It’s thick and white and looks like it’s been pent up for days. By the end of this session, Charles is covered in warm, sticky cum from his head all the way down to his big bushy crotch!

Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Israel Oka & Cameraman

Israel was in town for a few days and wanted to shoot another scene. We asked him who he wanted to work with and his answer right away was the cameraman. We normally don't condone the cameraman getting down and dirty with the models even though he's done it several times and he's almost lost his job with us on more than one occasion.

This time was different though. We knew full well going into it that the cameraman was getting lucky and this time, he actually shows his face. He's a great cocksucker too and Israel seems to enjoy the attention his cock gets.

Israel starts out on his knees and gingerly pulls the cameraman's cock from his bulging shorts. He gets right to business and the cameraman is hard as a rock within seconds. Israel slurps and slobbers all over the thick dick in front of him and then looks up and tells the cameraman he wants to see how he does it. The cameraman gets on his knees and shows Israel his tricks of the trade. The hot tatted rocker moans and groans with each suck and they switch positions again.

After taking turns a few times, Israel is ready to blow. He blasts his sticky white load all over the cameraman's face as he grunts like a wounded animal. (A really hot & sexy wounded animal!) Israel assumes position to take his own facial and waits for the cameraman to bust his nut. Never a disappointment, the cameraman cums buckets and slathers Israel's pretty little face with juicy cum in burst after burst of flavor. The cameraman thanks the hottie rocker for the fun time as Israel waves goodbye and giggles about the great time that was just had by all!

Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Alternadudes CAMERAMAN POV, Kolof, Merdoc, Alexi Vladof, Kurt Rogers, Charles Bronsin, Israel Oka, Lucius Cross
Lucius Cross & Cameraman

Lucius is a tatted up punk style artist who loves to put on a good show for the camera. He’s a dancer in a club, and that’s initially where we found him. Lucius takes his time, doing a strip tease as he slowly removes his clothes and reveals a nice plump dick. He works it to get it hard, which takes virtually no time at all. Lucius likes to show off his tight little hole too. He bends over the couch, sticks his hard dick down the side and dry humps the couch, leaving his precum as evidence all along the side.

Lucius needs some interaction when he’s in front of the camera. He gets the cameraman to start asking questions and to be part of the scene. The cameraman starts telling Lucius what to do and Lucius happily goes along with the instructions. At one point, Lucius eats his precum and when the cameraman tells him to squeeze out more and eat it, he agrees…but only if the cameraman tastes it too. Our cameraman is a weak willed man, so it’s no surprise to us that he caved so easily. Lucius squeezes more out of the tip of his hard cock. When the cameraman goes in to try some with his finger, Lucius makes him try it with his tongue.

As they move on, Lucius asks if our cameraman likes his balls. Of course he does…so Lucius tells him to touch his balls. Our cameraman tugs and pulls his balls and reaches in to help him out with a few tugs on the big thick shaft in front of him. Lucius doesn’t think our cameraman is enjoying the show enough (never mind that he was supposed to be working) and again, Lucius gets the cameraman to do one last thing. The cameraman has to prove that he likes the show, so down come the cameraman’s pants and before you can say “Don’t drop the camera, asshole” his cock is planted firmly inside Lucius’ waiting and warm mouth. (We’ve given this cameraman hundreds of chances and he still can’t seem to keep his dipstick out of the oil.)

Lucius asks what else the cameraman wants. The cameraman wants to hop on Lucius’ big thick cock and take it for a spin. That does it for Lucius. He gives the cameraman an ultimatum. “You wanna fuck my ass or you wanna see me cum right now?” The cameraman wants to see the cum and Lucius immediately drops his big thick load all over his pubes and leg as it runs down his giant fat balls. He looks into the camera and waves a very cummy goodbye to all the lovely and hopefully satisfied folks at home.

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