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Seed Pumpers II


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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 123
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Year Produced: 2014
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Curiosity and a pile of cash got them in the door the first time. But once they cross the line, str8 guys begin to rethink their options the next time they're horny. Five dudes sample the goods and realize that guys do it best when it comes to blowing, rubbing and even fucking, making it hard for any str8 guy to resist going astray.

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Jordan's surprise handjob

Jordan is a 23 y/o college baseball player who was introduced to me through a mutual friend. He (Jordan) mentioned wanting to give porn a shot to help pay some bills, as well as check it off his bucket list, so our friend told him he knew someone who could probably help him out.
Even though he came across a little on the quiet side, Jordan told me he liked the idea of people watching him. He once had sex with a girlfriend while a handful of his buddies sat along the sidelines, cheering him on and recording the whole thing.

Once my cameras were pointed at him there was some initial hesitation, but before long Jordan began letting out his inner porn-star. There was even a hint of flirtatiousness that made me wonder if he had other ideas for his solo.

Luckily, Jordan is one of those guys who keeps his body hair all natural. It's great to see a guy with a nice bush in the front, and his hairy ass was a real treat, too. Especially when he bent over to give us all a peek between his fuzzy cheeks.

I pulled out the ol' measuring tape to get the official measurement on Jordan's cock -- 7 inches by 5 around, fyi. Seeing a little smirk on his face as I had my hand around his shaft, I got the impression that Jordan wasn't going to complain if I helped finish him off.

Without a flinch, he closed his eyes as I grabbed the lube and started stroking him off. Before long, Jordan's breathing deepened and his cock exploded cum halfway up his chest.

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Lucas' massage

When I hit Lucas up with the massage idea he was all for it. He'd never gotten a massage, though, and hadn't done anything with a guy before so he was breaking new ground on two fronts. I was happy to be the one to take this 18 y/o str8 boy into new territory.

As I rubbed down Lucas' back and migrated toward his muscular ass, I could see right away that he was starting to get hard between his legs. I spread his thick thighs and pulled his cock through while oiling up and rubbing his hairy ass crack, letting my hands move across his stiffening shaft.

When Lucas turned over his 8-inch cock was at full attention. I oiled up his thick chest and ran my hands from his torso down to just graze past his cock, giving Lucas a little tease.

Lucas' eyes tightened shut as I eventually wrapped my hands around his dick. I could feel it swelling up and knew that with just a few strokes he would explode so I played slowly for a few minutes before ramping up the stroking.

Lucas' whole body began tightening. He raised his head briefly, looking down at his cock. Lucas then let out a series of deep moans while streams of cum shot up his chest and soaked his stomach.

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Blowing Preston

After Preston had taken the step to jerking off (and getting jerked off by) his buddy, Dakota, I was certain that he had reached his limit. But, luckily, this burly fur ball decided to go one step further and get his cock sucked by a guy for the first time.

Preston showed up in his workout clothes on the way to the gym. Even though he was quiet and clearly nervous as the cameras started, the bulge showing through his gym shorts told the truth -- he was horny and his cock was throbbing hard.

For the first minute when I had his cock in my mouth, I don't think he knew quite what to think. He glanced back and forth from the DVD playing in the background, to the show that was going on right in front of him. Eventually, Preston's head rolled back, he closed his eyes and started enjoying the ride.

Preston looked a little surprised when I lifted up his legs and started licking his ass, but the expression on his face quickly changed as his mouth dropped open in ecstasy. I couldn't resist flipping him over to his knees to get full access to his hot hole.

He stood up then, grabbing the back of my head with both hands, started fucking my mouth, thrusting his cock down my throat. By this point, I could tell Preston was starting to hold back the nut waiting to get released from his low-hangin' balls.

And I was right. He lay on the couch as I worked to finish him off. Preston got that "far away" look in his eyes and out of nowhere gasped, "Oh, fuck!" shooting a thick white load right into my mouth and onto his stomach.

Preston had told me that he'd never been able to get off from a blowjob before, so I think it came as a real surprise to him how quickly it snuck up on him. Another happy customer!

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy

Ginger alert!

25 y/o Perry was looking for ways to make some quick cash when his girlfriend suggested that he give porn a try. He certainly seemed to have some great assets for it-- he's quite the powerhouse with a solid build and piercing blue eyes. And that was just what I saw before he dropped his pants.

Perry had an interesting introduction to jerking off when his two buddies showed him how to do it while on a camping trip.

"We were in a tent; there were three of us in there," he explained. "I'd never done it before and we went all night."

These days, Perry said he doesn't have much need for jerking off since he's normally hooking it up with his girlfriend a couple times a day. But since he wanted to make a good impression he had saved up a 3-day load.

He was ready to rock n' roll once the denim hit the floor. Even before he started getting hard, it was obvious he had a thick cock. At full mast, it was an easy 6 inches around with a slight downward curve.

Perry has a back and forth stroking style, switching it up to go backhand while wrapping the other around his balls like a cock ring. He said he preferred standing up while cumming so he straddled the chair and fucked his fist, cranking out a seemingly endless river of cum.

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Jordan's Massage

College baseball player, Jordan, enjoyed his "surprise handjob" so much that he thought he'd be up for trying a happy-ending massage. In fact, in his words he was looking forward to it. There was certainly no doubt that I couldn't wait to give his bod a rub down.

Jordan had only gotten a happy-ending massage once before from a girlfriend. "Nothing professional, though" he said with a laugh. Thankfully, Jordan had saved up a load for the past couple days, so I had a feeling this was going to be a hot one for both (or all) of us.

He lay on the table and got his back oiled up. By the time I made my way from rubbing his back and shoulders, down to his hairy butt, Jordan's cock was already swollen and poking between his legs. As I spread his cheeks and gave his tight hole some special attention, he let out a quiet moan. Hearing that, you can bet my tongue wasn't far behind to rim his furry ass.
Jordan flipped over and was throbbing hard. As I rubbed his chest and nipples, just grazing his shaft with my hands and softly rubbing his balls, his cock only got harder.

Once I started stroking him, Jordan's moaning got louder. I leaned down to tease the head of his cock with my tongue. Jordan let out an "Oh, fuck" under his breath and he grabbed the back of my head, letting me know he was enjoying the ride.

I could tell that having his cock sucked was going to push him over the edge quickly, so I teased him by licking his balls and slowly working the head in my mouth. Jordan opened his eyes and said he was getting close. With a few more strokes, Jordan panted as a thick rope of cum shot clear up to his shoulder and covered his stomach in a puddle of jizz.

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Blowing Lucas

After his happy-ending massage, Lucas was ready to forge on and try the next step in his guy-guy experiences. But it didn't come without a challenge or two for me. For starters, Lucas had never gotten off by a blowjob before. Ever. And judging by the size of his dick, there was definitely going be some testing done to my gag reflex.

After sucking on Lucas' cock and getting it nice and hard, I pushed back his legs, giving his muscular ass some attention with my tongue. He responded by squeezing his eyes shut, grabbing the back of my head and pushing it deeper between his cheeks.

I'll say this about Lucas: he has a dirty mind and wanted to try make this shoot extra hot. About halfway through the shoot, he suggested getting some POV shots mixed in. I handed him a camera and let him get some front-row angles to his own blowjob.

Lucas had even saved up for a few days to make sure his load was an extra big one. And it was! I wasn't totally sure if I'd be able to finish him off, but as I worked toward the goal his whole body tensed up until he let out a moan and squirted out shots of jizz that flew past his stomach and off the side of the chair.

Of course, I had to ask him what he thought of getting head from a guy for the first time.
"I definitely approve," he said with an ear-to-ear grin. Another satisfied customer.

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Lucas: behind-the-scenes

Shower time with Lucas where I asked him about who he's told about doing porn, and find out that he's "the wild one" among his friends.

Also a little chit-chat about measuring his dick, his workout regimen, picking up girls at the gym (or not), and getting hit on by guys.

And, of course, a post-shower piss and some naked flexing.

Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Spunk Worthy WHEN STR8 GUYS STRAY (SPUNK WORTHY), , Jordan, Lucas, Preston, Perry, Cy
Preston fucks Cy

Preston has been making his progression since first showing up on the site last year, but the next step was a big one for him!

Preston admitted that he was going to be nervous about fucking a guy for the first time. Cy, on the other hand, has "dabbled" in guy-guy sex, and seemed like a natural choice to break in Preston. Not to mention how hot it promised to be, seeing their hairy bods bumpin' and grindin' against each other.

Cy peeled Preston's clothes off and started sucking his already half-hard cock. Laying back on the couch, Preston reached over and started stroking Cy while he continued priming Preston with his mouth.

Cy jumped up on his knees, ready for action. Preston took it slow at first, trying not to be too rough right out of the gate. Cy made it clear after a minute that Preston could ramp it up: "Oh, yeah. Fuck me harder!" he moaned.

Preston sat down and Cy straddled his cock, setting the pace himself. Preston was starting to really get into as the sweat began glistening all over their bodies.

Finally, Cy lay back and threw his legs up for Preston. Both were deeply in "the zone" as Cy told Preston to keep fucking him harder until he suddenly said he was going to cum. Preston grabbed Cy's cock and finished him off. Preston fucked Cy for another few seconds before pulling out and unloading a pool of cum all over Cy's stomach.

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