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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 124
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Year Produced: 2014
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Str8 guys cheating on their girlfriends is one thing, but hooking up with another dude is a whole different ballgame. When money is tight, all bets are off. Five guys drop their shorts on camera for some quick cash, breaking the rules and going further with another dude than they ever have before. Just don't let their girlfriends find out!

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie

If, like me, you love a big rugged man, then get ready 'cause this former high school football player is a fantasy come to life. 21 years old. 6 feet tall. 225 pounds. This guy is a beast with the smile of a boy.

While he may have been a little nervous at first, Preston warmed up pretty quickly once we got started. He was already hard when he took his clothes off, and revealed his colossal, hairy body. Everything about this dude is huge: his biceps, his legs, his size 12 feet, his broad shoulders. I could go on, but I'll let you see for yourself.

Preston started out by kicking back on the leather chair and stroking his beautiful piece of meat. Then he stood up, his body towering over the camera. But I think the highlight of the video came when he turned around and gave us a peek at his ass as he continued to stroke his stiff cock. This is an ass for the books: smooth and muscular with a hairy crack. Didn't hurt that he has some big low-hanging balls as well.

When it came time to give us his load, Preston sprawled himself out, massive legs dangling off the side of the chair, and stroked himself faster and faster.

"I'm gonna cum," he gasped before shooting a thick stream of jizz all over his hairy chest and stomach.

You might need to watch this cum shot twice: once to focus on his cock spewing cum, and once more to watch his enormous forearms flex as he tightens the grip on his rock hard boner. I'm hoping Preston doesn't hibernate for another two years before getting back in front of our cameras!

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Blowing Tommy

When Tommy got in touch recently asking if there was a way he could make some more money, you just know I had something in mind. It took some finessing and, of course, a pile of cash, but he eventually agreed to let me blow him.

The first thing I noticed when Tommy showed up for his BJ scene was how sexy this guy is. The second thing I noticed was the outline of his cock behind his shorts. It was hard, and huge, and thick as a beer can, and I couldn't believe he had agreed to let me suck it. Kind of makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world!

I got Tommy undressed, revealing every inch of his toned smooth frame, then went right to work on his dense piece of meat. I had to take short breaks from sucking that monster, but luckily licking his tight ball-sack gave me something to do when my throat needed some rest.

Tommy seemed nervous and excited about letting a dude blow him. He stared at the porn playing in the background much of the time, but, as you'll see, those sexy eyes kept wandering back to the front row action he was getting. Maybe he liked staring at another dude working him over. Or maybe he just liked staring at his own cock. Who wouldn't when their cock looks like his?

I told Tommy to stand up so he could tower over me as I continued to suck him, showing how defined his body is. And when he stood, he grabbed my head and pounded my mouth like a pussy, thrusting in and out of my mouth hard.

I started using my hand to get him off, stroking him and sucking him at the same time. With my other hand, I cupped his balls. I could feel them tensing up with hot jizz and could tell he was about to erupt.

"Ah, I'm gonna cum," he suddenly said, and grabbed my head to shoot in my mouth. Tommy came so much and so hard that he hit my eye, with an orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Just when I thought he was drained, Tommy spouted out more jizz, leaving my face covered in his hot spunk.

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie

If Cy looks familiar to you, it's not because you went to college with him. He's actually one of the rare guys on the site who has done porn before. We'd been talking for over a year before finally getting him in front of my cameras. I usually like being a guy's first and popping their "porn cherry," but hey, sometimes I make exceptions in exceptional cases, and Cy is an exceptional guy.

Handsome and playful, Cy immediately charmed me by describing himself as "a ninja" when recounting how he has never been caught jerking off.

But if a sense of humor isn't what you're after, there's always his body: tall, toned, and hairy. That's right, Cy likes to let his body hair grow au naturel and wild. I think you guys are going to love the happy trail leading down to his untrimmed bush and hairy legs. I know I did!

Cy made himself comfortable, stroking his dick like the jerk-off ninja he is. Maybe the best part of watching Cy beat off is the come hither looks he gives to the camera. This guy loves showing off, and seemed to get off knowing others would be getting off to him.

If you're an ass man like me, just wait until he turns over and shows off his hairy hole. You'll be in butt bliss. And if your preference is to see a hot load of jizz erupting from a hot young cock, then you'll probably erupt yourself when you see Cy work himself up to a frenzy and coat his pubes in thick, creamy cum.

Cy says he's open to going further, so keep your fingers crossed he comes back for more. Something tells me this ninja has more tricks up his sleeve, and down his pants.

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Preston's Massage

It took two years for Preston to bare his beefy, hairy bod to the world, so I wasn't expecting him to come back for a massage scene so soon. He was nervous and, like most of the straight guys, unsure whether he could get off with the help of another guy. But lucky for us, he needed the cash and was willing to blur some boundaries.

It's kind of hot seeing such a burly beast of a guy get so nervous. He must also have been a little excited, though, since his cock was already at half-mast when he took his towel off.

There are times when I realize what a lucky guy I am. Getting Preston face down on my massage table was one of them. This 21-year old is just a perfect slab of beef, with 225 pounds of muscle for me to massage. Thick hairy legs and a juicy ass. Yeah, my job is kind of tough sometimes. (wink)

And when he flipped over, I still had the other half to enjoy! I could've spent days just massaging this dude's thick, hairy chest, but then I'd be ignoring his massive legs and his cock, and I couldn't do that.

By the time I started giving some special attention to his dick, Preston was throbbing and leaking pre-cum which mixed in with the massage oil to give my stroking some extra lubrication. Damn, if he hadn't been so nervous, I would've been bolder and just started sucking that pole. He kept his eyes closed as I stroked him faster and cupped his balls to feel the load building in there.

"I'm getting close," he moaned, and after a few seconds he gasped, "I'm gonna cum."

Preston spurted a warm load of jizz all over his hairy stomach. I kept stroking him after he came, enjoying the warmth of it in my hand. When we were done, he didn't seem all that nervous anymore. He flashed his million-dollar smile and admitted that he'd be back to see us again. I should be so lucky!

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie

"Ever thought about doing porn?" I asked Lucas when I saw him at one of the local college campuses. It took a minute for it to register with him, but his eyes suddenly lit up and answered with an enthusiastic yes. Turned out Lucas started watching porn when he was ten years old and has been waiting to turn eighteen so he could try it out.

I think you guys will agree this 6'2, 205 pound stud is a natural. Lucas has the face of a movie star, the body of a Greek God, and he's hung like a horse, to boot! He's a personal trainer who played water polo and hockey most of his life, and the results of all that hard work are on full display. Just wait until you see him flexing for the cameras.

Lucas took to shooting porn fast, seducing the camera with his deep blue eyes. He really seemed to enjoy showing off his dick to the world. And he didn't seem to have much problem with showing off his muscular ass, either. It's surprisingly hairy for a guy with such a naturally smooth body. He spent a good long time on all fours stroking his cock between his spread legs before turning back around to finish himself off.

"I'm gonna cum," Lucas warned, just before soaking the sheets with his massive load.

When he recovered from the explosion, he held up his hand, showing off the creamy cum on it.

"How does it taste?" I asked, and to my delight he brought his finger to his mouth and tasted it.

"Pineapple," he answered with a laugh.

Next time, I hope I get to taste it myself. And just in case he doesn't agree to a next time, I'm not washing those sheets anytime soon.

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Cy's Massage

I have to admit, I was excited to get Cy on the massage table to give his bod a thorough rub-down. Apparently, Cy was, too. He saved up a 2-day load for it!

Cy had gotten a massage before from a girlfriend which, he said, just turned into sex. And once from a guy, but, "just a regular one. Nothing sexual happened." When I asked him how he was feeling about getting his first happy-ending massage from a guy, Cy smiled broadly, saying he was "pumped up."

Laying face down, I oiled up Cy's back, slowly migrating toward his hairy ass. When I pulled his cock from under him it was already starting to get hard. I lubed up a finger and slipped it into his hole, causing Cy to let out a deep moan while his dick swelled up even more. Using my tongue, his moaning got even deeper as I rimmed his furry ass.

Cy flipped over and as my hands moved over his chest his hard-on got stiffer and stiffer. I licked the tip and a shiver ran through his body, tacitly giving me the go-ahead to suck his cock. He grabbed the back of my head, setting the rhythm as he got closer to cumming.

A finger up Cy's ass pushed him over the edge and a thick stream of cum erupted, running down my hand and onto his pubes. I went back down and sucked the last bit off the tip of his shaft, making Cy's whole body shake. Even Cy wanted a taste; I held my hand up to his mouth he licked the cum right off my finger.

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
behind the scenes

After Cy's massage, it was off to the shower for him, and me, camera in hand, following for some behind-the-scenes fun.

It's a little surprising to find out all the people who knew he was doing porn-- including his mom n' dad!

Check out the video and you'll find out Cy's favorite thing about sex, what he considers his "type," the kinkiest thing he'd done while having sex.

Along with a few jokes about "getting pummeled by a bunch of big sweaty men" playing his favorite sport, rugby, and when he first had hair on his balls.

Good times!

Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Spunk Worthy DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND... I'M DOING GAY PORN!, , Preston, Tommy, Cy, Lucas, Scottie
Tommy Fucks Scottie

It took some convincing to get Tommy to agree to fuck a dude for the first time. He was so resistant to it that I almost gave up, but then I finally hit upon the right price and he agreed. Trust me, the stack of cash was well worth it. If you've already seen Tommy, you probably know the reason why I wanted him to top Scottie: his monster cock. Seven inches long. Six inches around. A beer can cock if there ever was one, and a perfect size for Scottie's tight hole, if you ask me.

Tommy's dick is so thick that Scottie seemed a little worried about taking it, but he promised he would do his best, and lucky for us, his best was damn good! Scottie got right to work blowing Tommy, using his oral skills to get Tommy nice and hard. I was nervous Scottie would run away once he felt how thick Tommy got, but he stayed put.

Once he was done sucking, Scottie lubed up Tommy's dense pole and started the task of sitting on it. He struggled a little in the beginning, but soon he managed to swallow the whole thing into his hole, stroking himself in the process.

Then Scottie got on his back and the fun really began, as Tommy worked his shaft into Scottie's tight ass and recklessly pounded away. Scottie took it like a champ, grunting and moaning his way through it.

The intensity in Tommy's fucking grew when they moved into doggie. Scottie clutched onto a pillow for dear life as Tommy rammed himself in and out of him. Scottie even bit the pillow at one point. Guess it was getting to be a bit much for him.

Just when it looked like Scottie had had enough, Tommy flipped him around and shot a thick load of jizz all over Scottie's stomach. Moments later, Scottie shot his own load, which flew past his stomach, almost reaching his chest.

Scottie's hole was worked over, and his body was covered in cum. I asked how the experience was. Scottie just said, "A lot… but good."

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