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Rocker Sex


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Studio: Alternadudes
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Run Time: 100
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Koloff
Cast: Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Year Produced: 2014
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Alternadudes brings you Rocker Sex 2, a look at a few more of the tatted up, long haired and shaggy rockers trying to make it big in the L.A. rock scene. This edition showcases Murphy Maxwell getting plowed by both shaggy bad boy Christop and tatted rocker stud Jace; Long haired blondie drummer, Angel Spheres, showing off his hairy pits and pubes as he drums his own beat; punk twink, Alexi, fucking fellow well-hung tatted punk, Lucius; super tatted hard rockers Ruckus & B Nefarious fucking like they'll never get to fuck again; and hot goth god, Rave, sucking the hard cock of straight tatted rocker, AJ Addams. Sit back and enjoy the concert while these drummers, singers, bassists and keyboardists play you an encore you won't soon forget!

Product Scenes

Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Murphy & Christop

Murphy Maxwell is writing music at his keyboard when Christop walks in to find out what he's doing. Murphy is happy for the distraction and immediately starts making out with the shaggy dude. It's not long before Christop is on his knees servicing the long haired tatted musician. He rubs Murphy's hardening cock and carefully removes it from its cloth vault. He sucks and slurps until Murphy is at full mast. Christop removes his own clothes and they take it to the couch for easier access to each others bits and pieces.

Once they're on the couch, Christop continues his cocksucking session and quickly moves down to Murphy's harry asshole. He tongue-fucks the rocker and sucks his balls hard. They switch it up and Christop bends over the couch to let Murphy work his own magic on the shaggy dude's butt. They sit up and make out some more as they jack off and get each other even more worked up. When Christop is at his full 7.5 inches, Murphy rolls over on his back to take the monster full on.

Christop goes balls deep inside the rocker and Murphy loves every second of it. Christop's balls are huge and they swing and bounce as he fucks Murphy harder eventually allowing Murphy to become the dominant power bottom he can be. Christop sits up and Murphy hops on to ride him reverse cowboy. He bounces and groans and tells Christop that his big cock is hitting his spot right where it needs to be. Murphy's cock swings and flops with every thrust of Christop's big cock.

Murphy turns around to face Christop and the fucking is so good that he releases his gooey white jizz all over Christop's chest. They make out a bit more before Christop finishes off with a load of his own all over his own pubes!

Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Ruckus & B Nefarious

Ruckus and B Nefarious are back and ready to fuck. What a match made in heaven with these two tatted and horny rockers!

The guys start making out hard and as their bodies press against each other, their instincts kick in and the need for cock takes over. Ruckus helps B out of his clothes and gives B's armpit a quick once-over before he moves onto his crotch. Once B is out of his pants, Ruckus starts sucking his cock. Both of these guys enjoy cock in their face so it's not long before B decides he needs a bit of Ruckus and helps himself to a taste. The metal dude gets Ruckus nice and hard sucking his cock and rolling his balls around in his mouth. B asks Ruckus if he wants to fuck him and Ruckus replies with a quick yes!

B bends over and sticks his hairy asshole in the air. Before Ruckus shoves his cock inside, however, he decides to open B up a bit with his tongue. He rims him up and down, working the hole in front of him, loosening it and getting it wet for what's about to come. Ruckus loves licking ass and he takes his time with it, showing off his skills for B, who's writhing in heat, needing cock bad!

Ruckus finally gives in and plants his cock deep inside B. He rides his conquest hard, slapping his pelvis hard onto B's ass with each deep thrust of his shaft. Ruckus' balls dangle down and drape over B's stuffed hole almost knocking against B's sack. They plow on, making sure every inch of Ruckus' big shaft enters B's asshole. B wants more and they switch positions until Ruckus is ready to bust a nut.

Ruckus pulls out and the two of them jack each other off, cock near cock, as they stare each other down. Ruckus blows his giant load all over B's hard dick. The jizz covers his tip and runs down B's shaft and onto his pubes and big full sack. B uses the freshly squeezed cum as lube and jacks himself off until he can't go any longer!

Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Angel Spheres

Angel Spheres is a white trash, mullet sportin’, dirty jean wearin’ fucking hot as hell dude with a birds nest of a hairy crotch and tats splattered around his body. He’s a techno singer in a band and likes both the men and the women. He starts off by peeling off his dirty jeans and getting down to business. He runs his fingers through his thick pubes and starts massaging his nestled in dick. When his jeans are off, he lifts his arms above his head and start sniffing his pits. He plays with his pit hair and loves flirting with both the camera and the cameraman.

”Do you like this?” He asks the cameraman at one point? We’re pretty sure the cameraman was vying for a better position on his knees or with his zipper open but the invite never came from this hot young thing. Angel rubs and gets hard and continues to play with his pits and pubes. His balls are a hairy mess and he rubs and tugs them, complaining how he likes his balls pulled hard but how no one has ever been able to pull them hard enough during sex. He looks into the camera and stretches them to the breaking point, getting harder with each second his nutsack is in his vice-like grip.

Finally, Angel can’t hold off any longer. His session ends with his heavy breathing and his thick white jizz rolling out of the tip of his throbbing cock and down onto his hands and hairy balls. Angel tastes his semen, rubs it into his pubes, gives it a taste and rubs the leftovers in his hair. This hottie is spent and he’s off to a rave in the desert in the van he lives in with three of his current vanmates.

Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Lucius Cross & Alexi Vladof

Lucius and Alexi are two tatted punks who need to fuck. Alexi is a twink with a nice big dick and Lucius is a guy with a nice tight asshole. These two take it slow to start by making out hard. The shirts come off and they rub their dicks with hard pelvis thrusts through their tightening jeans. When the pants drop to the floor, Lucius follows suit and drops to his knees.

Lucius blows Alexi getting his cock to grow. Alexi loves the bj and throws his head back, barely able to take the pleasure. Once Lucius has the twink all revved up, he bends over to take what the twink has to offer.

Alexi gets on his tiptoes and shoves his dick deep inside the punk in front of him. He plows his tight ass while his balls swing back and forth, dangling between both of their legs. Alexi pushes Lucius down onto a bar stool and fucks him harder until he's ready to blow his load.

Alexi pulls out, rips his condom off and shoots his wad all over Lucius' ass. It's a nice thick load and Alexi isn't going to let it go to waste. He gets on his knees and licks his own jizz off of the butt in front of him. When he gets every last drop, he looks at the camera, swallows hard and smiles, always wanting more!

Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Rave & AJ Addams

AJ is walking through the rain to get to his girlfriend, Katie's, house. He's just been kicked out of his apartment and doesn't have anywhere else to go. When he gets to her place, he finds out she's gone and asks her roommate, Rave, if he can come in to wait and dry off from the rain. Rave is practicing the keyboard and finds AJ is a huge distraction. He feels like sucking cock and he sets to work trying to get AJ out of his pants.

Rave is relentless and keeps asking to see AJ's cock. AJ doesn't want to give in because he claims to be straight and also doesn't know when his girlfriend will walk in the door. After a bit more coaxing, AJ is out of his soaking wet pants and finally lets Rave do the deed.

Rave is eager to get all of AJ into his throat. It only takes a few seconds for AJ to get fully hard and soon Rave is taking AJ's cock balls deep in his face. They move to the couch where the rocker dude opens up his legs to give Rave full access to all his bits and pieces. Rave is hardcore with his sucking with coughing and slurping and even manages a few gagging tears as he continues on.

AJ wants to get deeper inside the emo and stands up to face fuck Rave from above. Rave happily lies down on his back with his mouth open giving AJ full access to his warm tight throat. AJ plows Rave's face hard making his balls slap on his hole's forehead. They switch it up one more time and Rave works his magic with AJ on his back. That's all it takes to make the rocker blast his giant white load all over his stomach. Rave keeps pumping AJ's spent cock using his fresh semen as lube and while playing with his cum.

Both of these emo/rocker dudes got what they want and are basking in their afterglow when AJ's girlfriend comes walking through the door. You've never seen two emos scramble so fast to wipe up and grab their clothes!

Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Alternadudes ROCKER SEX 2, Koloff, Murphy Maxwell, Christop, Jace, Angel Spheres, Alexi, Lucius, B Nefarious, Rave, AJ Addams
Murphy Maxwell & Jace

Jace and Murphy seem like they’re both in heat. They start by gently kissing and caressing each other lightly but it quickly devolves into full on pure animalistic grunty sex. After their shirts and pants come off they stay in their underwear (Jace in his pristine tighty whities and Murphy in wild jungle print speedos). Murphy hops on top and they start dry humping each other through their underwear. It gets intense but Murphy needs more. He whips Jace’s cock out and gets down and dirty taking it pubes deep down his throat. Jace takes control and grabs Murphy by the hair to give him a good face fucking. Murphy loves getting his face plowed but now Jace needs a turn at sucking dick.

Jace lays the rocker down and goes to town on Murphy’s nice cock and balls. Once he’s had his fill, Murphy takes one last turn at getting the circus stud hard as a rock. Murphy blows him a bit more, gets on his hands and knees and sticks his ass in the air for Jace to work on with his pierced tongue. Jace is good at what he does and it doesn’t take long before Murphy’s asshole is open wide and wet for Jace’s nice thick dick. Jace slides his fully erect cock inside of Murphy. Murphy winces as the stud starts pumping harder and harder. Jace slaps Murphy’s ass as he plows him. They switch positions. Murphy takes it missionary, doggie, cowboy and reverse cowboy. His dick flops around as he rides Jace up and down. Murphy is getting thirsty and it’s hard for him to hold off shooting his load all over the place.

Murphy hops off of Jace and gets on his knees underneath the horny stud. Murphy licks Jace’s balls as Jace jacks his rod, summoning a huge load to appear. He groans hard and shoots his wad all over Murphy. It’s a big load by anyone’s standards but then says “Let me try to get a little more for you.” He jacks off for a few seconds more and an even bigger gusher of cum flies out and everywhere. He slathers Murphy’s face and tongue, it lands on his pubes, on his body, on Murphy’s shoulder and in his hair. It’s almost as if something broke in Jace’s pipes and there was no way to get him to stop spraying everywhere! Covered in cum, Murphy stands up and blows his white hot load all over Jace’s perfect chest. It’s thick and pure white as snow. It pools up on Jace as he giggles and kisses Murphy, telling him that his kisses taste like his own cum.

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