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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 132
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Year Produced: 2014
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Military life leaves young Marines with plenty of pent-up sexual frustration. Lured with a pile of money, these str8 recruits go further with a dude than they ever imagined. Watch them squirm, shiver and seethe in ecstasy while being stroked, sucked and serviced on camera for the first time.

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Nicholas' Massage

Nicholas isn't a stranger to a happy ending massage, having enjoyed a few while stationed in Japan for six months. Still, he seemed eager and willing to try his first happy ending massage from another dude, which was evident when he took his clothes off and revealed his already growing meat.

Once he lay down, you could barely see the massage table anymore, because his broad 220 pounds of muscle practically covered the whole thing. This is a man with tree trunk legs and one of the hardest, roundest asses I've yet encountered.

I could feel the tension in his neck and shoulders slowly release as I dug into his knots, moving down his back and closer to the mound of Nicholas' perfect ass. I kneaded his sore legs, then oiled up his crack. I moved my hand through his crack, eventually pulling his stiff cock out from under him so I could stroke it as he lay on his stomach. He seemed to like it, repeating how "amazing" it was in his deep, sexy voice.

When he turned around onto his back, Nicholas rested his arms behind him, showing off his well-developed arms and exposing his ripe hairy pits at the same time. And no surprise, that beautiful Marine cock was stiff as a board, begging to be jacked and sucked.

Nicholas thought the massage oil was strawberry flavored. I proved to him it was vanilla by feeding him a little bit of it on my finger. But when it was my turn to sample the vanilla oil, I tasted it right from his cock, sucking him deep into my mouth, the flavor of sweet vanilla mixing with his musky cock scent. I sucked Nicholas faster and harder as I went along, playing with his sperm-filled balls and teasing his ass with my finger. And finally I was rewarded with a massive creamy load, which of course I had to taste as well.

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Sean's Surprise Handjob

Sean was referred to me by my buddy, "Major Wood." Sean had mentioned to him that he was looking for a way to make some money; the Major told him he knew a way!

Sean arrived a little tired from a night of partying, his jeans hugging his thick legs. "I'm awake," he said with a laugh. "Just barely." But as soon as he started talking about his sexual fantasy of having a threesome, Sean started to perk up.

He stripped his clothes off and revealed his smooth 18 y/o body, along with his own major wood, which was raring to go.

Sean leaned back and started jacking himself slowly, his big low-hanging balls filling up with cum. As his cock got harder and thicker, he stood up, showing off his meat. His bedroom eyes kept looking into the camera, as if he was daring me to help him out with the task at hand. I decided to roll the dice and see what happened if I reached in to help him out.
"How's that feel?" I asked as I grabbed his boner.

"Feels pretty good," he uttered with a hint of surprise in his voice.

After giving me a quick tease of his thick cock, Sean turned around on all fours for a perfect view of his bubble butt, covered with a dusting of blond hair. He stroked himself as he showed off his ass, once again tempting me to reach in and spread his cheeks, revealing a perfect pink hole. I asked if he'd be up for letting me jerk out his load for a little extra cash.
"Yeah. I'd be up for it," Sean slyly replied.

I milked his dick, measuring his cock, eventually working a finger up his tight ass to help him get over the edge. From the thick, creamy load of jizz that spurted out into my hand, I'd say this former football and baseball player had a pretty good first experience in porn. Sean definitely gave it a big thumbs up!

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Eli's Helping Hand

Eli seemed pretty nervous about getting stroked off by another dude. I've massaged the 6-foot, 190-pound stud before, but this time, he couldn't close his eyes and picture some hot chick. He was face to face with another man, and he seemed both nervous and turned on as I reached into his boxer briefs and pulled out his stiffening monster uncut cock.

He stared quietly as my hand ran up and down his hard shaft, as if entranced by the sight of it. His cock grew so big I had to use both hands to stroke it, sometimes moving the second hand onto his massive low-hangers or his strong, smooth chest.

"You ever use one of these?" I asked as I pulled out a Fleshjack.

"Something similar," he said with a shy smile.

The Fleshjack gobbled up his meat, his colossal cock disappearing into it. I decided to lube up his dick so he could fuck it like a pussy. He got up on his knees and starting sliding his dick in and out of the wet hole, fucking it with abandon.

When we took a break to measure his cock, Eli smiled proudly. "Five and a half inches around," he gushed when I measured its girth. "That is pretty damn thick."

Finally, I had him sit on the edge of the bed and stroked him faster, edging his thick cock for him as his breaths grew deeper and deeper. He made me work for his load, lasting much longer than I thought he would. "Here it comes," he finally announced as his cock erupted a hot load of jizz, cum dripping all over my hand. And luckily his load was as thick as his cock.

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Dean's Toy

Dean's fans already know that he likes fingering his tight hole while jerking himself off. But this time, Dean wanted to give his fans an even bigger treat by taking his first dildo. Dean showed up ready for the challenge. He revealed his ripped body as he slid his shirt off, announcing that it had been five days since he nutted.

Dean started off by sucking on the dildo as he got himself hard, holding it in his mouth as he stripped his jeans off and gave us a peek at the sweet ass that was about to be pushed to its limits.

Once he had worked himself up, Dean lubed up the large toy, threw one leg in the air and pressed it against his hole, breathing deeply as he worked the toy deeper and deeper into his hairy ass.

I nearly dropped the camera when Dean pulled the toy out of his crack and put it straight into in his mouth, shoving it so far down his throat that he started gagging on it!

He then got on all fours with his butt up in the air, cheeks spread so we could get a real good view as he reached back and rammed the toy back into his hole, which was now loosened up and allowing Dean to fuck himself even deeper.

He still took breaks to suck the toy some more, going from ass to mouth, getting it lubed up with his spit before ramming it back inside. Lube and spit dripped out of his ass as it was invaded by the toy.

Dean lay on his back for the grand finale, stroking his throbbing boner as he pulled the dildo in and out faster and faster until a hot load burst out of his cock all over his six pack abs.

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Ty's Massage

Some of you may remember Ty from his first shoot. Ty still hasn't told any of his friends he's shooting porn now, which you can tell makes this 20-year old straight Marine a little nervous. But shit, this guy hasn't even gotten a happy ending massage yet, from a woman or a man, so you might expect him to be a little uneasy for his first time doing it on camera.

I asked Ty to take off his towel and close his eyes. He spread his 6'1 frame onto the massage table. I oiled up his smooth back, working my way down to his meaty ass and legs. I spread his legs wide and pulled his throbbing cock out from under him.

Remembering that Ty stuck a finger up his ass during his solo, I pulled his cheeks open and started fingering his hole, making him quietly moan. If you're an ass man like me, then you might just blow your load at this part of the video. This guy's smooth cheeks and hairy crack are perfect. It took all the willpower I had not to bury my face in it!

I flipped him over and oiled up his chest and arms. His cock was standing at full attention, begging for release, but he was here for a massage (wink, wink) so I made sure to give his legs, arms, and chest a good rubbing before turning my attention to the main event.

With his stiff cock in my hand, I mentioned that it looked like he was enjoying himself. "Oh, yeah," Ty replied with a smile.

"Is that alright?" I asked as I stroked faster and snuck a finger into his hole. He just nodded. Emboldened by the hardness of his cock, I put my lips on it and used my mouth and hand to stroke him. His breathing got faster, but I could tell that he was going to make me work for that load.

I lubed his cock up and massaged his prostate to push him over the edge. The intensity was so hot as Ty's body began to twitch. "Here it comes," he finally gasped before shooting a gigantic load all over his torso.

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy

Randy was a little unsure about doing porn at first, but since his best friend and fellow Marine Sean recently took the plunge, he figured maybe he'd give it a try. Marine buddies can get pretty competitive with each other and, lucky for us, this seems to apply to their porn shoots, as well! I'm not sure who did "better" though, since both guys are sexy as hell. I'll let you guys be the judge.

Randy must've wanted to outdo his buddy and shoot a bigger load 'cause he showed up with a 6-day load in him! And this from a guy who jerks off 2-3 times a day, even beating his meat in a Starbucks bathroom once.

This 19 y/o Marine's body is sick: tight abs, with a happy trail leading down to low-hanging balls and a meaty dick that got super hard and stayed that way the whole time. Randy wrestled, played football, and ran track and field, and it shows on every ripped muscle of his 5'9, 150 pound frame.

Randy oozes confidence. You can tell by the way he stared at the camera with a mischievous smile as he stroked his cock. But seriously, who wouldn't be confident with that beautiful piece of meat and those hairy runner's legs?

I loved watching his abs and his chest flex as he stroked his cock. Then he turned around, giving us an ample peek at his hairy crack as he continued to jerk his throbbing dick. He kept that ass up in the air for a good long time, definitely not shy about showing it off.

Randy turned back around and sped up his stroke. His breathing grew heavy. It was time for him to release that 6-day load.

"I'm getting close," he drawled as he tightened his grip.

The look on Randy's face was so intense as he shot a thick, creamy load all over his rock hard abs and happy trail. Guess that's what happens when you save up your load for a week.

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Dean's Massage

Dean is back by popular demand, ladies (if there are any of you watching) and gentlemen. His friends think he keeps coming back to shoot jerk-off videos; little do they know! Last time, Dean played with a big dildo, pulling it in and out of his ass and mouth. This time, after having to take some time to think about the cash he was being offered, he agreed to get his first happy ending massage from a guy.

Dean lay face down on the massage table and I started by oiling his back up. But let's be honest, it didn't take long to move to his ass. Those of you who have seen Dean's other two videos know that this guy's ass is a thing of beauty: smooth, muscular cheeks with a deliciously hairy crack. Who wouldn't want to oil that thing up, spread it, and rub his tight hole?

When I stroked his cock from between his legs, Dean lifted his ass up in the air, giving me better access to his cock and showing off his hairy crack at the same time. Talk about a win-win situation.

I flipped him over and oiled up his torso. This guy is a machine. Every time he shows up, he's leaner and more defined. It was hot enough just rubbing down his tight abs and chest, but the throbbing cock standing at full mast just could not be ignored.

As I slowly teased the head of his cock, Dean got so turned on at one point, he told me to stop stroking for a little bit so he didn't cum too soon. As if his hot cock spewing jizz could be a bad thing.

I teased the head of his shaft after a short break, pushing out some precum. When he finally did shoot, I was glad he held off, because he had worked up a big load that spurted out of his cock like a geyser.

Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Spunk Worthy RANDY RECRUITS, , Nicholas, Sean, Eli, Dean, Ty, Randy
Blowing Nicholas

Anyone who has seen Nicholas' videos knows this guy is a prime piece of beef. 5'9. 220 pounds. Big cock. Former football player. The guy is a walking fantasy. So imagine my excitement when he agreed to come back over and let me blow him (for the right price, of course).

I laid the stud on my bed and got him naked. He was getting stiff before I even got my lips around his cock. He took one of his giant hands and pressed my head further down on his rock hard shaft.

"You should start on my balls and lick all the way up," he suggested.

When I did, Nicholas had a big grin on his face. I took my time with him: using my hand to stroke him, rubbing his thick legs and chest, taking him deep into my throat, slipping a finger in his tight ass.

When I needed a break from choking on his pole, I threw his legs up in the air and started rimming his sweet hairy hole. Then, wanting an even better view, I got Nicholas on all fours. I spread his beefy cheeks apart so I could really invade his straight hole with my tongue. He moaned with pleasure as I tongue fucked and then finger fucked him.

For the grand finale, I leaned him back, sped up my strokes, and fingered him some more. Nicholas closed his eyes and moaned until a thick load of syrupy cum spewed out into my hand, my reward for a (blow) job well done.

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  • Author:
    EVIEW – DVD: “Randy Recruits” (SpunkWorthy) – REVIEW
    A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

    *** Recommended ***

    “Randy Recruits” (SpunkWorthy)




    Why are military men so horny? Why is it so easy to talk them into getting massaged with happy endings? Why ask why?

    First up is beefy Marine Nicholas, who talks about building a bomb before he lies back to have his hot body massaged everywhere, including the crack of his hairy ass. The hand work does its job well, and when Nicholas flips over he’s hard as a rock. He gets a helping mouth and hand to take care of his boner, not to mention a finger up the ass, just before he erupts with a huge load.

    Blond Sean is in it for the money, which is totally cool, but he seems pretty comforatble with getting naked for a quick hand job that also includes a finger in the ass. These straight boys are learning, one at a time.

    Handsome, sexy Eli gives it easily, spreading his legs wide and getting felt up through his jeans. Eli has a massive dick, and it’s a real beauty, too, perfectly shaped and veiny. He gets a Fleshjack jerk-off, a hand jerk-off, and when he shoots, his big, low-hanging balls produce a river of cum.

    Dean goes one step further than the others, using a dildo to fuck his ass while he strokes his own cock. Dean’s tightly built body and cute little ass are great to watch as he pleases himself, and he’s no stranger to dildo action (and maybe other action) in his ass. In the end, he’s working the dildo in and stroking his cock at the same time, while his cute face gets red with excitement. And when he blows his load, he keeps that dildo shoved inside himself, too.

    Blue-eyed Ty does a massage scene, and he also gets the whole ass treatment. The best part of this scene is just how how lies back and lets himself be stroked, from fast to slow, and then also sucked and fingered, all the way to a big explosion of jizz at the end.

    Cutie pie dude Randy is definintely a bit shy at the beginning of his scene, and he’s only 19 (awwww), and quite honestly, sexy as hell with his crew cut haircut and southern good old boy accent. His creamy, hairless skin and perfect pink nipples are really delicious, and although he does all the work himself, it’s still a great jerkoff scene.

    Dean comes back for a massage scene, and he once again shows off the glorious ass by spreading his legs wide apart while he’s being treated to the rubdown. The rubbing also includes teasing a big load out of his dick, which is done with agonizing slowness until he shoots.

    DVD includes behind-the-scenes bonus footage with Dean and Nicholas, and scene selection.
    DVD features: Chapters; and no regional coding.

    A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

    *** Recommended ***

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