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Studio: Maverick Men
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Run Time: 100
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Cole Maverick, Hunter Maverick
Cast: Ash, Derek, Cole & Hunter Maverick
Year Produced: 2013
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Region 5: Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, North Korea.
Region 6: China.
UPC: 847046008276

Episode 9: Raw in Reno: While life on the road can be fun, sometimes it's torture! Cole and I were on a road trip with 8 friends but hadn't been able to be alone in 5 days and our cocks were literally bursting at the seams of our pants! Watch as we finally "unpack" from our long trip! ~Hunter Episode 10: We love Derek: Chicago is an amazing city and we were so glad to meet up with the beautiful ebony masterpiece named Derek. Hot, hung and handsome, Derek only wanted to top but quickly changed his mind when he realized he wasn't getting any lovin' unless he was the bottom! We showed him just how much fun he could have! ~Cole

Product Scenes

Maverick Men VOL 5: RAW IN RENO & WE LOVE DEREK, Cole Maverick, Hunter Maverick, Ash, Derek, Cole & Hunter Maverick
Maverick Men VOL 5: RAW IN RENO & WE LOVE DEREK, Cole Maverick, Hunter Maverick, Ash, Derek, Cole & Hunter Maverick
Episode 9: Raw In Reno (Double Feature)

Hey guys, this is a very special Double Bubble Butt Feature, our very fist here on the site! I decided to have some fun with the teaser and I hope you like the added funny footage. The first part of this double bubble butt feature is me and Hunter, we were on a road trip with some friends we had ZERO privacy from the 8 guys that we were sharing the RV with so the moment we had the place to ourselves, we got right to sex had a seriously hot steamy fuck session. It had been 5 days without sex for us so when we got to it, it was HOT. Hunter was so excited that he actually shot his load while he was sucking my cock without even touching himself, lol, now that's a horny boy! The second video is probably one of the hottest hard core rough hot fuck videos we have EVER done. I mean this is seriously HARD fucking aggressive man sex at its best! Our tall lean handsome sexy buddy Ash wanted it HARD and unforgiving and because we aim to please that's exactly what we gave him. It was easy to show him a good time since he is so so sexy, with his deep voice and take no prisoners attitude in bed. I have to re-state: I believe this is one of the hottest videos we have ever shot. Check it out and please tell us what you think about it. Thanks for stroking with us.

Maverick Men VOL 5: RAW IN RENO & WE LOVE DEREK, Cole Maverick, Hunter Maverick, Ash, Derek, Cole & Hunter Maverick
Maverick Men VOL 5: RAW IN RENO & WE LOVE DEREK, Cole Maverick, Hunter Maverick, Ash, Derek, Cole & Hunter Maverick
Episode 10: We Love Derek

Hot Hung 10" Chicago Derek is a MAN'S MAN all the way! As you know we ended up doing a video with this amazingly hot HOT 10"³ huge HUNG lean 6"²5"³ tall handsome super masculine ebony masterpiece named, Derek. We had been chatting on-line with him for a few months in anticipation of our Chicago trip, I have to be honest I had my doubts that this guy was for real because we didn't get the chance to cam with him, as that's our usual rule, it's the best and only way to rule out flakes and fakes. So when this guy agreed to meet us, I wasn't even sure he would show up, he ended up meeting us outside at the Chicago river walk, when I walked up to him and he stood up he towered over me, lol. He looked so straight and had such a deep voice that I thought we had the wrong guy lol, much to my relief we had the right guy, he had his 2 forms of ID and testing paperwork all set and was eager to get back to our hotel room with us after talking to him for a long while, we quickly realized that he was a top and was not into us fucking him, so I said SORRY man, we are not bottoms so no ass no play, lol. I want to make it a point to tell you that this guy had a HUGE hard BIG FUCKING Black Cherry MAN ASS! I mean it was BIG and when I say big I don't mean fat lol, I mean hard MUSCLE! So when he told us he was not bottoming we almost cried"¦he tried to convince us, but when we insisted and we were escorting him to the door of our hotel room with great regret. Then, he had a change of heart, lol! It was a beautiful moment, he said and I quote, "Man I only been fucked once before and didn't much like it, so ya'll better be as good as it looks in ya'lls videos." I quickly reassured him that it would be the very best fucking he had ever had, and we delivered. We fucked this super hot man all over the place. He was a hard-core man during sex and took the pounding Hunter and I gave him like a man. This video is very very very very raw and hard-core HOT with beautifully clear ass penetration and cum shots that have to be seen to be believed. The grand finally 3 way cum shot where Big Derek is riding my cock on the sofa as Hunter stands way above us on the top of the sofa filming with 1 hand and stroking with the other and shoots a huge load, squirting it all over the both of us, is shockingly hot, it caused Derek to blow his load all over me at the exact same time WOW yes it has to be one of my favorite scenes in any of our videos. Truly as MUST watch video. XO Thanks for stroking with us"

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  • Author: A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )
    Theres a reason dudes all over the world are lining up to play with this hot, real-life porn couple, and the first scene, which is just them, shows exactly why.

    Episode 9: Raw In Reno

    The unbounded lust they have for each other, and their willingness to show it to us, is pretty much unequaled in the porn universe. In the first scene here (Raw in Reno), Cole feeds his thick meat to his sexy partner Hunter, eats and fucks Hunters stupendous ass, and the action goes back and forth between sucking and sucking so fast that its pretty breathtaking. Hunter is sucking Coles cock when his cock just unexpectedly erupts with a load, and Cole licks up his partners cum right before he jerks himself off. In the end, the two are sweaty, sticky and sexy as hell.

    One of the most entertaining parts of any Maverick Men production is Coles narration this dude is wryly funny in addition to being a sexy beast, and his narration continues throughout. They hook up with Ash next, a handsome, sexy dude they mess around with after attending Burning Man. Ash drops his shorts and goes down on Cole while Hunter shoots it, and quite honestly Ash is aces as a cocksucker. Hunter then eats out Ashs insanely hot ass, while Ash continues to suck Cole, and then they switch and Ash sucks Hunter while Cole gets a taste of his hole. Watching Cole and Hunter fuck Ash is also insanely hot, because both of them are so hung and so ready for that smooth ass. They even double-penetrate him more than once, to Ashs great delight. Cole and Hunter switch of shooting the action, just as they switch off fucking Ash, and Cash is riding Coles cock when Hunter un loads on Ashs ass. With Coles thick meat in his hole, Ash jerks out his load, and its a gusher that hits Cole in the face. Cole flips him over and fucks him again, pulling out to spray on Ashs ass.

    Episode 10: We Love Derek

    The second part of this release, We Love Derek, Hunter and Cole play with a tall, sexy black dude named Derek, who thinks hes not a bottom (yeah, right) in the beginning. He may not be, but he sucks Cole right off the bat, and then he drops his shorts to feed Hunter his cock. Derek has a very hot ass, a true bubble butt, and Cole plays with it a little before sucking Derek and getting sucked in return. While Derek is down on Coles meat, Hunter is eating out Dereks ass, and then Derek does the same to Hunters furry butt, pulling his cock back for a suck as well.

    Derek goes ass-up for Cole first, getting his hole thoroughly lubed before Cole slides inside it. Its a tight fit, but it works, with effort and positive thoughts (well, I assume). After Cole fucks Derek for a while, its Hunters turn, and Hunter is really turned on by the dude, just fucking him like a madman while Cole strokes his cock and shoots the video.

    When Hunter shoots, Derek is riding Cole again, stroking his cock while hes sitting on Coles huge meat. This seems to ignite Derek, who loses it just after. Showers all around, and then the scene ends with Derek sucking Cole again and Cole sitting on Dereks face while Cole jerks out his load, letting it fall on Dereks face.

    DVD features: Chapters; and no regional coding.

    A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

    *** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

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