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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 123
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Year Produced: 2013
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UPC: 847046009082
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It usually takes a wad of cash to get a str8 guy naked on camera for the first time. Getting them to come back is a totally different story! These six new converts were practically breaking down the front door to get their cocks serviced a second time. From the massage table to the bedroom sometimes there isn't enough time in a day to satisfy these boys' burning desire for a firm grip and supple lips wrapped around their shafts.

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Blowing Brody

It took Brody a while to finally decide to go for a blowjob. Time and quite a stack of cash. He was nervous enough getting his first handjob from a guy; getting his cock sucked was a whole new level he never imagined doing. And judging from his facial expressions, he wasn't any less nervous than last time.

I asked him if he liked getting head. He smiled slightly and admitted that he did. As I pulled his jeans down and wrapped my mouth around his shaft, it grew so fast that it didn't seem that getting head from a guy was going to be as awkward as he thought.

I took him by surprise and pushed his legs back to start licking his hole. When I got him up on all fours to rim his ass, Brody didn't make much noise, but it was clear from his hard cock that he liked that, too!

I had Brody stand up, and instinctively he grabbed my head and started pushing it down on his cock. That seemed to be the switch 'cos he took complete control at that point, using both hands to position my head and fuck my mouth like crazy.

Brody lay back on the bed and slowly grew more and more intense as I worked him closer to the edge. His facial expressions were priceless. Out of nowhere, Brody grabbed my shoulder telling me, "You better pull out!" And with a few more strokes he shot a rope of cum that landed 4 feet off the side of the bed!

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan

Pocket-sized hottie, Noah, is back! He enjoyed his "surprise handjob" so much that he thought he'd be up for a little more attention. And I, for one, couldn't wait to give his tight, furry bod a rub down.

Noah had only gotten a massage once before from a friend who wanted some practice for massage school. "It was just a regular one, though" he said with a shrug.

He lay on the table and I oiled him up, working on his back, legs, feet. By the time I started rubbing his hot bubble butt, Noah's cock was already swollen and poking between his legs. As I spread his cheeks and gave his tight hole some special attention, he let out a quiet moan.
Noah flipped over and was throbbing hard. I teased him a bit, just grazing his shaft with my hands and softly rubbing his balls. This only got him harder.

Once I started stroking him, big beads of pre-cum started flowing out. Noah said he could feel that he was leaking and that he was getting close. I leaned down to give it a taste, licking some off the head of his cock. This sent a shudder through Noah's body and left him gape-mouthed at how good it felt.

I could tell that having his cock sucked was going to push him over the edge, so I teased him by licking his balls and slowly working the head in my mouth. Noah opened his eyes and said he was getting close. With a few more strokes, Noah panted as a warm load shot onto his stomach and ran down my fingers.

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Blowing Noah

I'm not sure who was more excited about this shoot: me or Noah. After he got a little taste of how us guys suck cock during his massage scene, Noah was quickly on board for the full dick-sucking treatment. And, needless to say, I was ready to oblige in about 2 seconds flat.

Noah was fully charged by the time the cameras started rolling and, when I pulled down his shorts, out popped his raging hardon. The moment my mouth was wrapped around it, his head rolled back as if it was the blowjob he'd been waiting for all year!

You all know I'm an ass lover, right? Well, Noah's firm, muscular butt was all *I* had been waiting for. And, clearly, Noah was liking the attention as I pushed back his legs and stuck my tongue between his cheeks.

"... feels really good," he barely was able to say between gasping breaths.

After getting Noah on all fours to give his ass a more thorough rimming, he stood up and started taking control of the situation. Noah grabbed the back of my head and, at first, slowly thrusted his hips toward my mouth, then progressed into full face-fuck mode. From the look on Noah's face, it was evident that he'd never gotten sucked like this before.

Noah lay back on the bed, grabbed my head again and started working toward his grand finale. The intensity was building like crazy! Noah made one final gasp, letting me know he was about to cum, and shot a stream of thick jizz that landed almost off the side of the bed.

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Blowing Wes

Wes, the hairy, horny college dude is back and this time taking things up a notch, getting his cock sucked by a guy for the first time.

One of the things I love about Wes is that his dick is ready to go as soon as the cameras start rolling. This time is no exception. After barely starting to rub his crotch I could feel him getting stiff. By the time his zipper came down out popped his already rigid cock.

As soon as my lips were wrapped around it, Wes started moaning and grabbing my head to push it down balls deep. My guess is that his girlfriends probably aren't able to take it all the way down.

I got Wes up on his knees to lick his furry hole and that's when he nearly crawled off the back of the couch in ecstasy.

"Fuck, yeah!" he kept repeating. Wes was clearly in heaven.

He stood up, grabbed my head again and started fucking my mouth. Eventually letting go to throw his arms up over his head and plunging his cock down my throat.

Back on the couch, Wes was getting really close to busting. He suddenly got a surprised look on his face, as if the cumshot had snuck up on him. He pushed me back and let loose a dripping mess of cum onto his stomach and pubes.

And just wait to see his face as I went back down to suck on him after he cums!

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Cody's Helping Hand

Cody must have enjoyed his handjob from last time; he called up asking about doing another one. Of course there was no argument coming from me. And I had a couple ideas of my own this time around!

When the cameras starting rolling, Cody gave a nervous laugh and suddenly turned serious when I reached under his shirt to rub his hairy chest. The reality of what was about to happen may have hit him. Once his pants were off and his dick was getting hard, though, he started to relax and enjoy the ride.

He looked slightly surprised when I pushed his legs apart and ran my fingers up his ass crack. I had Cody get on all fours so I could have better access to his furry hole. His cock got even harder so he seemed to like the ass-play.

When he turned back over, I pulled out a Fleshlight and teased the head of his shaft with it. Cody's eyes widened when I slid it all the way down. I started stroking him with the Fleshlight, then surprised him once more when I pulled it off to use my mouth instead, going back and forth between sucking him and jerking him off.

I asked Cody if he wanted me to use my mouth to finish him off. The way he responded made me think he already had thought of that before I even asked the question. As I started blowing him faster, Cody's eyes squeezed shut with building intensity. He finally let out a moan saying he was getting close and unleashed a load that ran down my hand and onto his balls.

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Wes & Evan

Double score! Wes and Evan had gotten in touch around the same time, asking about opportunities to make some more cash. So, this week I thought I'd try something new and got them both on camera for a side-by-side blow job.

Neither of them had met, and knowing that getting their dicks sucked together would be a new thing for them, we took a little field trip down to the nude beach here in San Diego to break the ice and take some pics. By the time we ended up ready to shoot the video, the guys were both pretty horned up. To the point that things went beyond what I expected.

As what seems to be normal for him, Wes was ready to go with a hard-on before his shorts dropped. As I started working on Evan's shaft, he gave Wes a "Why not?" look and reached over to give him a hand.

When I switched to Wes, he returned the favor, stroking Evan's cock while his was getting sucked.

A lot of the interaction between them went unnoticed until I was editing the video. It was especially hot to see the unspoken things going on: they seemed to get off by watching each other while their cocks were being serviced. At one point, Wes said I needed to stop cos he saw himself on the camera and was going to cum too soon!

Wes was the first to blow his wad with Evan watching on with curious eyes. Wes was so horned up that it took just a few strokes to get him to the edge.

Next, it was Evan's turn. He gasped as he was getting ready to cum, and spilled his creamy load onto his pubes. I scooped some up and, without hesitating, he licked a glob of his spunk off of my hand.

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan

Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan
Spunk Worthy SO MUCH STR8 COCK, SO LITTLE TIME!, ,  Noah, Brody, Cody, Wes, Jon, Evan

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