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Studio: Spunk Worthy
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Run Time: 123
Audio: Live Sound
Cast: Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Year Produced: 2013
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UPC: 847046008931
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Bros and boners go hand in hand… literally! Five straight studs stop by to stroke and get stroked on camera for some quick cash. Whether flying solo, jerking side-by-side or getting surprised with a helping hand from the sidelines, these guys can't help but form a bromance with their lil' buddy below the belt.

Product Scenes

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah

Wes is a 21y/o college student who's been thinking about doing porn for a while. Not just for the money, but the whole idea of being watched is a bit of a turn on for him.

"Yeah, it's a big adrenaline rush," he said with a smile.

Apparently so! He stood up to drop his shorts and his dick was already standing at full mast.

The guys who like to show off are always great to work with. Wes played to the camera perfectly. Especially considering it was his first time.

I told Wes that a lot SW members like the hairy guys, so he took it upon himself to grow out his chest hair and pubes just for us! But a nice surprise was when he bent over, spread his ass cheeks and revealed one of the hottest hairy holes I've seen in a while.

Wes normally jacks off 2 or 3 times a day. So saving up a 24-hour load, I knew we would be in for a treat. And WOW! After shooting 8 powerful squirts, Wes was dripping from the neck down in cum.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah

Chance is a 19 y/o straight guy who just finished up his freshman year in college and came out to San Diego to blow off some steam. A mutual friend suggested he get in touch while out here and, boy, am I glad he did!

When he's not studying, Chance likes spending time at the gym and playing a few different sports.

"My favorites are a toss-up between soccer and football," he told me, "but probably more football."

Chance has full lips and dark brown bedroom eyes which he said girls notice about him. They were definitely two of the things that caught my attention.

He admitted that knowing people would be watching him was "kind of exciting." Sure enough, once his pants hit the floor, Chance's dick was already standing at half-mast.

He has thick cock surrounded by a patch of dark, almost black pubes. It was refreshing to see a young guy who hadn't shaved them off.

It was also hot that Chance didn't seem to mind spreading his ass show it off. His body hair extended down there, too, so when he bent over he revealed a furry crack between his muscly cheeks.

Chance said he normally jacks off at least once a day, but had saved up for a few days. It seemed to have paid off for both him and us! Chance's eyes squeezed shut and he moaned as he worked himself up to an intense cumshot that covered his stomach and dripped down his side.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Wes' Helping Hand

When Wes heard about getting a handjob he was rarin' to go, ready to take the next step in his porn venture.

And I do mean READY! Wes' cock was pitching a tent in his shorts even before the cameras were turned on. I'd swear he must have a permanent hardon.

If there were any doubts, the precum leaking from the tip of his cock when I pulled it out was clearly an indication that Wes was turned on by the idea of getting jerked off. When I rubbed the precum onto the head of his dick, he quivered and let out a gasp.

I flipped Wes over to play with his ass. As I started rubbing his furry crack, his breathing got heavier which I took as a green light to go further. I lubed up a finger, slid it inside his hole and asked if it felt good.

"Yeah," he said, nearly out of breath. "It feels really tight."

I knew from Wes' throbbing cock that it wasn't going to take much to make him cum. I asked him if he was ready.

"I can keep going, but if you're ready for a cumshot just do whatever you want."

And with a few more strokes, just a few seconds later a stream of jizz was running down my hand and splattered onto Wes' stomach.

To top it all off, I stuck a finger in Wes' mouth which he licked off a glob of cum to get a taste.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah

Brody is a 20 y/o straight guy who has been dabbling in porn recently. When he emailed to ask about showing up on the site, I couldn't wait to get him in front of my cameras!

Standing at 6'3", Brody commands some attention when he walks in the room. He was an all-State wrestling champion 2 years in a row in high school and has the thick build that would certainly lend itself to grappling on the mat.

"I used to be a little guy back in the day," he jokes, referring to his 135 lb. weight class his sophomore year wrestling.

These days, Brody hits the gym almost every day and has been bulking up.

Although a tad nervous starting out, Brody seemed to like being in front of the camera. His thick cock was hard in no time at all.

Brody's cumshot was super intense! As he jerked himself off, his whole body twitched for more than a minute as he stroked out a stream of cum that ran down his hand.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah

I met Colin nearly a year ago and immediately handed him a card, asking if he'd ever thought about being in porn. The glimmer in his eyes was saying "Yes," but he said he needed to think about it. Well, flash forward to a few weeks ago and he finally decided to take the plunge!

Colin was a big jock through high school and, although he identifies as straight, I think there's a little curiosity in there. Apparently, once after a basketball game he and his teammates all decided to jerk off together in the shower. Talk about a bonding moment!

I figured Colin was going to be shy one. And, boy, was I ever wrong. When he unzipped his jeans to pull out his dick and it was already getting hard, I could tell we were going to be in for a treat.

Clearly, Colin was enjoying exploring his exhibitionist side. He played to camera perfectly. He definitely wasn't shy about flipping over to spread his cheeks and show off his meaty ass.

As Colin worked himself up to cumming, he kept looking into the camera lens as if knowing he was being watched was getting him off. He even had a little dialogue going, letting us know that he was getting close.

"Almost there...," he said with exasperated breath. "Almost..."

He let out one final gasp, "Oh, I'm gonna cum," and shot a creamy load halfway up his chest and all over his stomach.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Brody's Helping Hand

Brody said he was going to have to think about taking the next step and getting a handjob. It wasn't easy talking him into it, but when the call came saying he was ready to give it a shot, I didn't waste a minute getting the cameras ready to roll.

Brody was NERVOUS. His legs were twitching as he was wringing his hands in anticipation for what was about to happen. Like your straight boys a little edgy? This is definitely one for you.
Much to his surprise, Brody's cock quickly rose to the occasion. And even though he was fairly quiet during the shoot, getting stroked by a guy for the first time seemed to be better than he expected.

Even when it came time to flip him over and play with his ass, Brody must have been enjoying the attention. He was rock hard the whole time.

Getting Brody to the finish line took some work, but he was determined to get there and even coached me on what he liked: fast jerking the shaft and playing with his balls.

As I started stroking him faster, Brody nearly jumped off the couch as a stream of jizz exploded from his cock, covering his stomach.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Noah's Surprise Handjob

Noah is a 20 y/o str8 guy who was pretty enthusiastic about making his porn debut. "Nervous and excited," as he put it. He's been thinking about it for a while, admitting to being a big porn fan himself. Probably needless to say, I was pretty enthusiastic about getting him in front of the cameras, too!

Even at 5' 5" Noah has quite a presence. Both in personality and looks. He has the compact build of a wrestler, and when he took his shirt off I nearly fell over seeing his muscular chest blanketed with hair that followed all the way down his stomach.

Noah normally jacks off 2-3 times a day. When he said that he had held off for 2 days before his shoot I knew we were going to be in for a treat. Not only was he primed and ready to go from just about the moment his pants came off, the pent up tension gave me the feeling about halfway through that he might be up for some help.

I reached out and gave him a grab. His cock immediately swelled in my hand. He let out a little chuckle, not really sure how to react. Obviously turned on, but never having a guy touch him before.

When Noah bent over to show off his ass, I couldn't resist rubbing on his furry hole. If you listen carefully, you'll hear his breathing get deeper as my hand moved from his ass down to stroking his throbbing shaft.

Time to flip Noah and finish this horny str8 boy off! And with 2 days worth of cum backed up in his balls, you know it was gonna be a good one. Noah began moaning as dollops of jizz landed on his hairy stomach and ran down my hand.

Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Spunk Worthy BONER STROKIN' BROS, , Wes, Chance, Brody, Colin, Noah
Brody & Chance

It's been a while since a side-by-side jerk-off has shown up on the site. Too long. When I asked Brody and Chance about doing one, they seemed a little hesitant at first, but decided to go for it after giving it some thought, along with being offered some extra cash incentive.

It turned out that the guys had never even tag-teamed a girl with a buddy before, let alone whack off next to another guy. I asked how they were feeling about the new experience. With a little chuckle, Chance simply replied, "There's a first time for everything."

Chance's cock was hard as soon as he started stroking it. Brody's dick took a minute, but in the mean time he kept sneaking peeks over at Chance's rock hard shaft and sizing himself up. Chance caught on to that and started checking out Brody as he was working himself up to a hard-on.

Both of the guys have great asses so I had them flip over onto all fours to show them off. Brody's is lightly dusted with hair; Chance's is perfectly smooth with a hairy crack. I have a feeling neither thought they'd ever be in this situation-- naked on the bed with another guy, ass up in the air.

The guys turned back around and got the go-ahead to bust a load. Brody was jacking frantically and was covered in sweat. He asked Chance if he was getting close and before long dumped dollops of cum onto the bed while his whole body went into twitches.

Chance lay back on the bed and started stroking faster. "You want me to shoot it on myself?" he asked with a gasp. Even Brody was intrigued by the intensity and watched curiously as Chance gasped one more time, "About to cum..." and spilled a huge pool of jizz onto his stomach.

After they had nutted next to each other, Brody and Chance were fairly quiet and seemed a little beside themselves. I thought maybe an after-the-shoot shower might help lighten the mood. So, camera in hand we headed to the bathroom.

Both said that the very next thing they were going to do was search out some girls to, in Brody's words, "Knock the bottom out of."

Among the shower banter topics: left-over cum stuck in Chance's pubes, comparison of dick sizes, and their experience hitting the gym together the night before.

By the end, the guys were back in happy mode and flexing nude for the camera.

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