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Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Product Code  
Run Time: 180
Director: Steven Scarborough
Cast: Alex LeMonde, Arpad Miklos, Carlos Morales, Chad Thomas, Corbin Michaels, Fredrick Ford, Josh Kole, Kent Larson, Marco Paris, Marcus Allen
Year Produced: 2007
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UPC: 0828872000178
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Hot House Video brings you the sexiest, sweatiest outdoor porn event of the year with The Road To Temptation, the third title in the critically acclaimed Road Trilogy. This sweeping country epic stars Corbin Michaels as Kenny, a young gay orphan trying to hide his sexuality from the homophobic uncle he lives with. Caught jacking off with a stack of gay porn magazines, Kenny gets tossed out of the house and hits the road - uncertain about both himself and his future. Lucky for Kenny, he hitches a ride from Big Jim who takes him to Temptation Ranch where he learns about life from a host of big-dicked sweaty country boys. Shot in the rolling foothills of the California Gold Coast, this double-disc 3-hour epic features 15 gorgeous studs humpin', pumpin', grindin', and gropin' through six full-length scenes that are guaranteed to have you crowin' by dawn. As always, The Hot House Crew delivers the highest production values in the business with crystal-clear cinematography, translucent lighting, and expert camera work under the masterful direction of AVN Hall of Famer Steven Scarborough. So thumb a ride and join Kenny on his road to self-discovery at Temptation Ranch!

Product Scenes

After Big Jim delivers Kenny to Temptation Ranch, we spy on Ricky Martinez alone on the back porch. After some stroking, Ricky leans down and manages to maneuver his fat uncut 10' dick into his own mouth! His big juicy lips wrap around his pole - but he's soon caught in the act by the voracious Tag Adams, who never seems to be able to get enough Latin dick in his hot little boy-butt. Martinez rolls back on his neck with his meat in his mouth and offers his hole up to Adams for some rimming. Ever the obedient bottom feeder, Tag eagerly laps out his hole before choking - literally - on Ricky's beefsteak. Before you know it Tag straddles that mammoth cock and rides it, pushing his sweet hole down on the trophy-cock with all the force he can muster. This horse-hung stallion then bends him over and nails his tight little country butt so hard the camera could barely keep up with the action. You won't believe the ferocity of the action here - Martinez and Adams deliver the performance of their careers!

Kenny heads to the bunkhouse bathroom to soap up and rinse away the sweat of the day and gets cornered by horndogs Kent and Marco. The bashful guy runs out of the gang-style showers with his butt intact - but his curiosity aroused. Meanwhile, the two muscle-studs make the most of their time alone. Marco drops to his knees and worships the beautiful tanned butt Larson bends over to display. The water glides down Kent's back and into his crack where Marco's waiting hot tongue catches the salty run-off. The duo make out under the moonlight of the bunkhouse skylights, writhing on the moistened mounds of muscles between them. Kent drops to his knees and begins to work on Marco's hot uncut dick to get it good n' hard for the fucking he so desperately craves. Marco bends his buddy over and obliges, pumping the butch stud with his big throbbing dick. Then he rolls Kent on his back with his big thighs in the air and screws him good as he courtesy strokes his good friend. The white-hot chemistry between these two men quietly builds as they continue fucking and sucking, spit-swapping and load-dropping until the wee hours of the morning. One thing's for sure at the ranch - there's not much rest happening during the night.

Fredrick Ford's hike through the hills at high noon leaves him drenched with perspiration. He comes upon Arpad Miklos at work on his pumphouse who offers him his shirt to dry the sweat running down his face. The two start to suck face and then the clothes start to fly. Fredrick immediately falls to his knees and face fucks Arpad's 10' uncut cock as it's beaten across his face before having the entire piece of meat rammed straight back into his tonsils. Fredrick's big dick throbs up and down and Arpad takes notice, dropping to his knees to return the service. Fredrick rolls back and points his open hole straight up for some rimming. Arpad primes his hole with his hot spit and readies it for action. He shoves Fredrick over and none to gently splits his hole with his rock hard dick. The two studs grunt and groan in the sizzling heat while Arpad uses the man's hole to his satisfaction until they both get off in a jet of hot molten man-jizz.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Marcus, Alex, and Sebastian begin a torrid sex scene under the trees of the backyard. Sebastian sports one of the sexiest round butts we've seen all year; in no time at all, he's bent over the picnic table to show it off to Alex while he lunches on Marcus' big dick. Alex eats out the pretty hole, spits on it, and then teases it with his huge dick. He mounts the boy and slides his big prick up his butt for some good old-fashioned pounding. The three are having the time of their life and it shows. Corbin Michaels peeks over the fence and begins to watch the three-way in action. The boys notice him and try to get the shy but curious young man to come and join them. Marcus finally goes over, grabs the boy, and brings him into the mix. He has the newcomer suck his dick while they watch Alex resume screwing Sebastian. Corbin becomes too curious about what it must feel like to have a dick up his butt so he hops on Alex for a ride; at the same time, Marcus pulls up to screw Tauza's prize hole. The men start to shoot their loads in unison and Alex uses Corbin's fresh face as a landing pad. It's no wonder Corbin breathlessly admits he's 'really gonna like it here on the ranch.

Next morning, Corbin steps out to the pool for a swim but he stumbles on Zackary, Chad and Joshua already there skinny-dipping. The four boys pile up on an air mattress and begin munching on the closest dick or big round butt they can get their tongue on. They move up onto the deck and continue the wet oral action with Joshua servicing Corbin's fat dick and Zackary devouring Chad's big prick. Thomas and Adams both lie down and watch as Pierce and Michaels sit down on their open mouths, sticking their big dicks down their throats for some side-by-side 69'ing. Thomas and Adams move back and forth between sucking their buddies dicks, balls, and buttholes. Next Joshua and Chad stand and bend over facing each other with their hungry butts stuck up in the air ready to fuck. Corbin pulls up behind Chad and parks his dick inside while Zackary mounts Joshua. The two begin to screw Chad and Joshua who suck face while their greedy buttholes get worked over under the blazing hot sun. The cumshots are big and heavy and are guaranteed to leave you spent and satisfied.

This extra hour of non-stop sizzling action features a full-length bonus scene with the insatiable bubble butt of Carlos Morales versus the huge donkey-dicked Josh Kole.

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