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Daddy's Asians 4



Studio: Fitch Media
Product Code  
Run Time: 65
Audio: Live Sound
Director: Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods
Cast: Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Year Produced: 2006
Shipping Time: 24 hours
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Region 6: China.
UPC: 847046001253
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Another Exclusive Release with XXX action with twice the satisfaction! International sensations Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods are back and ready for action! Watch Pierre and ravenous Ralph together like never before! Featuring Pierre and Ralph’s first 3-some and Ralph’s first double penetration, Back Together will leave you out of breath and begging for more!

Product Scenes

Fitch Media BACK TOGETHER , Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods, Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Fitch Media BACK TOGETHER , Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods, Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Jamie Donovan's Blowjob

It’s a special treat for horny twink Jamie Donovan as he worships two of the biggest dicks he's ever seen! That boy just can’t seem to get enough as Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods fill his mouth with their thick baseball bats and give Jamie one of the hottest workouts he's ever had. Not to be outdone, insatiable Ralph delivers deep-throating skills that leave Jamie cumming harder and faster than ever before!

Fitch Media BACK TOGETHER , Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods, Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Fitch Media BACK TOGETHER , Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods, Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Ralph and Pierre Fuck Jordan Michaels

When Ralph Woods wants to try fucking Jordan Michaels with his giant cock, experienced plow-master Pierre Fitch joins in and turns the encounter into a super hot Double Penetration! You’ll be amazed as these phenomenal fuck machines assault Jordan's ass, and even with this experienced bottom boy these two big dicks were hard to fit - but Jordan manages to take it all! Eager faces, fat cocks and loads of cum make for a perfect storm!

Fitch Media BACK TOGETHER , Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods, Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Fitch Media BACK TOGETHER , Pierre Fitch & Ralph Woods, Jamie Donovan, Pierre Fitch, Jordan Michaels, Ralph Woods, David Young
Ralph’s Double Penetration

Watch as Ralph Woods gets his tight ass filled with two of the biggest cocks in the industry! Gorgeous jock Pierre Fitch and hottie hunk David Young in his exclusive first appearance double fuck Ralph with their big fat dicks in a blistering encounter that will leave you totally spent. Hot sizzling action and three hot porn stars blowing their loads – what more could you want?! Stroke your cock and enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: One Word = WOW
    Look out Big Studios and MegaSites, FitchWoods has done an amazing premier film, top quality non stop action and fun. How cute is Ralph?? Very :)
    Although Pierre and Ralph obviously luv getting down n dirty with other guys, when they look at each other you can see they're in luv. (I'm kinda jealous!!!). A FUCKING GREAT MOVIE TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION.
  • Author: A GOOD START...
    Hopefully these boys will make big $$$ from this first title so they can improve on the audio & lighting of their future ones. But I guess who cares if you can't hear what they're saying when they look that good!!!
  • Author: A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )
    Presented with the spontaneous attitude of amateur porn, "Back Together" is a self-made valentine by Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods, a happy exploration of their sense of sexual fun. I think it's supposed to be something of a reality shoot, though their playmates are given standard porn reasons for being there. However, the intensity Pierre and Ralph share is evident throughout, and chemistry that easy is rare.

    It's a windy day on the terrace when lean twinky Jamie Donovan helps decorate the shrubbery for Ralph Woods and Pierre Fitch, boyfriends kissing while he works. Ralph is the taller of the two, a spikey-haired handsome guy, while Pierre has the aura of more danger, with his shorter hair and tattooed body. A tour of their pad naturally ends in the bedroom where all three know exactly what is going to happen. Pierre goes for Jamie's mouth first, but Ralph is right behind him and it's clear Jamie fits in very comfortably with this loving couple. Pierre hardens Jamie's cock orally while Jamie does the same to Ralph. Pierre does splendid work, but Jamie has the tougher suck since Ralph is amazingly well hung. But, things move fleetly here so that Jamie also gets to blow Pierre and Ralph sucks Jamie. The boyfriends then cuddle up together so Jamie can work on them, going back and forth like a pro. Ralph and Jamie share Pierre momentarily and then the three launch into a circle-suck that finds everyone equally hungry for dick. There are a lot of position changes, but the sweetest finds Pierre and Ralph gobbling Jamie together, interspersing kisses with their volatile tongues. All of this oral action leads to three loads of cum dumped on Jamie.

    Pierre and Ralph can then be found on their boat, which is in need of repairs. Right on cue, Jorden Michaels, a good-looking lad with an armband tattoo, arrives to help. The camera zooms in on his ass, looking hot in tight jeans. Jorden can fix the boat for $2000, but when Pierre says that what is in their pants is worth $1000 each, Jorden is willing to accept that payment instead. Once again, Pierre and Ralph launch into expert touching and kissing with their new partner, no sign of jealousy or awkwardness present at all. Jorden starts the real action by sucking them, going for Ralph first, which makes sucking Pierre (who isn't small) easy by comparison. Unafraid, Jorden even takes them together. Jorden isn't left out of the oral fun. When he gets Pierre solo, Ralph works on hardening him up. Jorden returns to Ralph, working damn hard, while Pierre pokes around at Jorden's ass. However, it's Ralph who shoves his cock in there, stretching Jorden wide with a nasty insertion shot and then staying fairly punishing on Jorden, who enjoys Pierre's dick in his mouth. Pierre tops Jorden too, slamming him with a fast-paced fuck while workaholic Jorden returns to sucking Ralph. If Jorden hasn't proven how much he wants this couple, he sure as hell does when he takes a double-fuck from them. Riding on Pierre, Jorden somehow has room for Ralph as well, and having Ralph solo is a feat in itself. But, they find space in there and Jorden flits in and out as if there wasn't another cock lodged up in there. Jorden wears a look of pride, understandably. Even better, the double-penetration is given a long time on film, so Jorden really earns his stripes. Jorden ends up as the cum receptacle for the trio.

    Their third playmate is a gorgeous lean slightly bearded David Young. He's even taller than Ralph. After posing for some stills, the blowing starts, with Ralph on his knees, very eagerly gorging himself on the other two. David has a nice fat dick to complement Ralph's massive member. Pierre has an opportunity to double-suck, following his boyfriend before they head to the bed. Here, David is worshipped by Pierre and Ralph together. There is no fighting for cock. They just seem to know when to pass it off between their mouths. The mouths and cocks sucked change quickly, but David spends a lot of time relaxing and being adored. Not that he doesn't give damn good head. He's as good as the stars in that department. Pierre looks ready to explode into a million pieces when Ralph and David double-team his cock. Rimming makes a welcome appearance when Pierre licks Ralph's hole, the latter still chowing down on David's pecker. The anal lubricating is happily delivered with a penetrating tongue. Since Ralph is moistened up, Pierre slides on a condom and fucks him very comfortably. The fuck isn't about depth, but instead the same sense of passionate fun that has resonated through the movie. Ralph takes it up the ass from David as well, and David has the mood of the scene well in hand. His thick cock stays pretty much parked up inside Ralph as he goes. There is more double-penetration, but this time it's Ralph on the receiving end. He's atop David, facing away from him, David's cock inside him, when Pierre slips in as well. Pierre gets to do the active work, and he's not playing nice. He's fucking with meaning, and Ralph seems to be thrilled, his cock remaining rock-hard. Having played bottom expertly, Ralph takes all three loads to his torso.

    Working on their own, for themselves, Ralph Woods and Pierre Fitch are quite uninhibited. Dispensing with all of the slickness that has been a hallmark of their careers before "Back Together," they just go for fun no-frills sex, and their work is full of surprises.

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