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    This film is a real treat for lovers of vintage gay films. Filmed in 1985, Jean-Daniel Cadinot is trying out a new style, more direct and more trash. He set aside sophisticated scenarios and chiselled dialogues that made his fame and presents under the nickname Tony Dark, a series of steamy scenes, including one in a city cave that is reminiscent of the world of Citebeur which emerged at the time. The master of French porn brought together for the occasion a glittering cast: David Di Lorenzo, who does not hesitate to show his dick outdoors in the middle of public housing; Piotr Polanski in small Pasolini strikes, makes us discover the legendary French Art shop in the streets of Rome and it's cabins... All actors are sublime and mate in the heat, vice and passion as always with Cadinot. A c...
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    a pre-condom classic!...
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    My friend, my lovers...
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    Sans Limite follows the sexual adventures of 14 men who either live, work in or visit a Paris apartment building. An amazing twelve sex scenes keep the action moving at a franctic pace, starting with a horny real estate agent who seduces his young client while showing him around a flat. A psychiatrist based in the building has a habit of examining far more than his patient's minds. A crop-haired tattooed mechanic has several heated encounters, including one with a biker and his friend. Passion, vigour and ardour dominate the non-stop sexual antics in another winner from the Master from the year 2000....
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    A 20-year-old student refuses to accept his homosexual longings despite the continued efforts of his friends. In the cellar of an abandoned château, he witnesses a fisting scene that troubles him so much it haunts him in his dreams. A mysterious person takes on his secrets in exchange for a strange map of the château....
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    L'Avarice is the first episode of the Algocep series, and deals with avaerice - the first of the seven capital sins. At the end of the 19th century, a young village priest in deepest France, driven by wine, gold and boys, abuses his position to exploit the poor and steal from them in the name of God, promising to save their souls with penance in kind. Its 1878 in Périgord, and Julot - a young beggar - is robbed by the lewd and greedy village priest. To recover his full purse, Julot must pay with his soul at the presbytery at sunset. The pious deacon, the groom from the chateau and the Sri Lankan servant all contribute to him getting justice when an accident happens. Under the heaving heat of a country summer, the physical vigour of these blossoming young men shines through, no holds barred...
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    One of Cadinot's most famous features, Harem, is now available for the first time on dvd. Although shot in 1984, this film clearly shows why Cadinot is a living legend! Harem was filmed in Casablanca with a mixed-race cast, great anal scenes and unbelievably beautiful men. A young Frenchman visits the City, eager to mix with the locals. Sexual opportunity lurks around every corner and down every alley as robed Arab and Indian merchants can't resist a taste and feel of the young man, who's ass gets buggered again and again. Several well-hung black men round out the cast. One memorable scene features the hero in the middle of a multiracial circle jerk, receiving the cum of the men simultaneously climaxing over his face. The dvd also includes a bonus thirty minute film, Garcons de Plage, as w...
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    Cadinot Classics 5 contains two classic Cadinot films from the 1980s: Crash Toujours - The men in white coats of a military infirmery carry out incredibly thorough checks on seven bronzed stallions. La Maison Bleue: In every room of the Maison Bleue, nine customers pay to spend a great time with the five resident boys, experts in virile and refined pleasures.

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    The star of La Main au Feu is sexy French thief Danny Brown, who steals men's hearts as well as their transportation. Driving along a forested mountain road, Danny is stopped by blond policeman Frederic LaRoche. Soon the two men are trading blowjobs and fucking each other in the woods. More couplings occur in the rocky setting as Danny encounters two willing Latin and Arab youths. After mutual cocksucking and fucking, Danny steals Angelo Despaz's bike, then Driss Rachid's jeep after being plowed by Rachid's dark cock. Danny stumbles upon Kemal Rais and Assan Ariana making out in a tent, and joins them for a buttfucking with a thick dildo and stiff dicks. After getting their own rocks off, Angelo and Rachid and catch up with Danny and capture him. Along with Rais and Ariana the five men plu...
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    Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and join these sexy young studs as they fuck their way through a variety of guys to explosive climaxes. Despite being only 20 years old, Slim has lots of experience with tourists and is the guide for our discovery of his country's hidden treasures. In discreet places his friends and cousins - some really well-hung guys - fuck the curious. Trésors Secrets (Nomades 6) is reality reportage about the art and erotic practices of the south. Live the 11 new actors' clandestine adventures and submit to the thrills of the desert.

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  • STOLEN DESIRES (Desirs Voles)

    Adrian provides little precarious jobs for young guys who crave to live. Despite and uncertain and gloomy future, the studs are always keen to party. On the occasion of an anniversary, Adrian offers Karl as a gift to six young hungry wolves, that will satisfy him. Unbridled sexuality. Boundless vitality. An incisive and unforgettable "cinema verite".

    A pre-condom classic....
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    Special Sessions!...
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    Cadinot presents Floor Boys 2...
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    Julien, an early-thirties Parisian businessman, lives in the 16th arrondissement with his young boyfriend, Giacomo, in Anges Et Demons (Angels & Demons). The couple live in perfect harmony until the summer evening when Julien, leaving the office, decides to go cruising through the Bois de Boulogne before going home. After choosing his desired partner, everything goes wrong when he gets attacked and robbed by the person he met. Julien's lover for the night then goes to rob his house but ends up getting locked in the apartment by Julien's boyfriend, Giacomo, who's getting ready to go out and meet him - or so he thinks! Giacomo ends up finding himself drugged and caught up in an unpleasant story of small-town dealers and rackets. Once the two friends are finally reunited after the plot unfold...
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    YES!! You get all FOUR of full length sexually sizzling classic movies from the master all-male erotica!! Beautiful, desirable men with nothing on their minds but stroking throbbing hard, cum pumping dicks and probing the tight, aching anal depths of some of the hottest guys on the planet! And you'll get the four separate features PLUS a 20 minute special bonus included with the four movies. It's Cadinot at his hottest!!...
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    The plot of Cadinot's The Ski Lodge (aka Classe De Neige) is pretty straight-forward but certainly one most of us wouldn't mind finding ourselves sucked into in real life: A bevy of French teens go off to a cabin in the Alps with a few "older" men (the instructors are in their twenties; that's older for a Cadinot film shot back in the day) to learn to ski. In between lessons, they covert sexually with each other and their well hung teachers. While all of this sexual activity goes on, a bespectacled blond youth just wants to read his philosophy books and be left alone, that is until the others have a gangbangish way with him. Shot on location, this glorious early Cadinot pre-condom era flick features some rather wayward subtitling along with some scenes that are now true classics, including...
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    Julien, a 30-year-old Parisian businessman, lives in the 16th arrondissement with his young boyfriend, Giacomo in Anges et Démons (Angels and Demons). The couple live in perfect harmony until one summer evening when Julien, leaving the office, decides to take a quick detour through the Bois de Boulogne and cruise before going home where Giacomo is waiting for him. A sudden series of unanticipated events is set in motion, which turns the next twenty-four hours of the young couple's life upside-down....
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    Under a grey sky lies a remand centre for young offenders. In this closed world, eight wild youths with troubled pasts attract, confront and provoke each other. Eight young wild cats with violent sexual needs set up their own rule of law. The clan boss home in without pity on the new arrival and submits him to his rule. The dormitory, the boiler room, the workshop are all settings for punishments meted out to this easy prey. Jealousies, tensions and desires all explode with the arrival of a young lone-wolf. With an accomplice, he takes the young victim into his protection and puts and end to the reign of terror. But the chief warden, what is his part in this downfall? With Minets Sauvages, Cadinot succeeds in making a difficult study of morality and raises the flag of his work above all th...
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