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    A myriad of handsome faces awaits you in volume 11 of this prestigious series of four disc box sets from Diamond Pictures, and every one of these sculptured men harbour a ravenous appetite for rampant sex! Watch as these hot pilots put a new twist on joining the mile high club whilst the stable boys go for an afternoon of riding – but without the horses! Every minute is taken up with no end of hung studs drinking cock, tongue fucking hot ass and burying their prime beef sticks into a lubed up ass. From back yard fucking to bedroom loving, you get much more than just some double and triple decker action, it's all going on as these butt pounding horn-balls immerse themselves in an avalanche of hedonistic pleasure!...
    $ 39.95 

    A weekend away with the lads is a date on the calendar that most guys look forward to. With no women around, the boys are up for raising a storm as they head to the great outdoors to hang-out with their mates – laughing, drinking and of course fucking each other senseless! Five minutes in the fresh air and these guys are ripping off their clothes and putting their mouths and tongues where the sun rarely shines. Horse riding takes a back seat as these boys don their boots for an entirely different ride. A hike sees five friends traversing their own trail – with their tongues and making their own way up a very personal track and a poolside tryst sees three friends taking their bromance to the next level. The summer sun beats down on this collection of chiselled and hung hunks enjoying a lot ...
    $ 39.95 

    These blue collar workers are used to getting dirty, and when it comes to getting physical, they're the right men for the job. These hard-bodied colleagues work up a sweat as they work hard and play even harder! The construction workers have cocks harder than their regulation hard-hats and the boys at the garage know how to handle some very special bodywork! Even when these guys have to go back to the classroom for retraining, the instructor is on hand to give them some intimate one-on-one coaching. When it comes to getting the job done, these working men have the right tools for the job. This mega four disc set is a sweat-flying, eye-popping, all male sexual inferno that you can't afford to pass up!...
    $ 39.95 

    There's a whole new game waiting to be played once these sporting giants are off the field or out of the ring. They bring new meaning to tag-teaming outside the wresting ring and getting into a scrum off the football field sees these athletes going after more than just the balls! They're even at it in the locker room and the sweat pours off their toned bodies as the action heats up. Watch as these sparring partners are ready to trade more than just blows whilst they use the equipment between their legs to score the winning goals - and when they cum, it's one victory you don't want to miss!...
    $ 39.95 

    Leather chaps, a studded harness and not much else seem to be the favoured dress code in this four disc box set. These are hard studs in every sense of the word and they can't wait to stick it to each other in every possible position. A snooker hall is the venue that sees six studs potting more than just the balls on the green baize,whilst the dungeon is the perfect fuck-venue that sees these cum-hungry studs getting the most out of the sex-swing and indulging their fantasies of a fiveway tag teaming suck and fuckfest. Even the guys in the work place have more on their mind than the drudgery of work. There's is a labour of love and they don't mind putting in the overtime when they get payment in the form of a dick-slapping blowjob and a busted ass that is licked, probed and creamed! Over s...
    $ 39.95 

    Welcome to paradise! Cool, clear water and hard bodied sexpots collide in over six hours of perfect fuck action. From remote waterfalls, to private beaches and luxury yachts, temptation is at every turn and these guys are only too willing to give in to the allure of a big dicked Adonis – or two! This four disc set indulges your every whim with an epic cast of gorgeous studs looking to devour some man-gristle before plowing some tight muscle ass and unloading a wad of creamy man-juice....
    $ 39.95 

    Fantasies are a potent aphrodisiac, as you can go and 'do' anyone you so desire - and some fantasies really do cum true! Whether you're engaging in a threeway chain suck on board a luxury yacht, you know it won't stop at a little cock sucking; you know that your ass will be devoured by a beautifully sculptured and hung hunk whilst another uses your mouth as his very own cock washer. What about a Roman orgy where anything goes and all the 'hos' are 'bros'. Scene after scene in seven hours of non-stop dreamy action that will fulfill all your fantasies when you see these hot, ripped guys going at it!...
    $ 39.95 

    These smiling coverboys are only a tiny titbit of the sumptuous eye candy that await you in this four disc box set! With their handsome faces, toned bodies and giant dicks, these guys are ready to rock your world with an abundance of sexually charged pals who are primed to suck and fuck until they can suck and fuck no more! Pairing up or inviting a hot pal to their private party, pheromones hang heavy in the air as these sculptured athletes get caught up in the seduction of the moment and nothing else matters except getting it on with each other. Hard torsos are stroked and kissed, love wands are worshipped and licked, and supple tailpipes tongued and eaten as asses are tweaked and primed. For over seven magnificent hours, these pretty boys feed deeply before coaxing a huge load out of eac...
    $ 39.95 

    When you're planning your next holiday you're hoping for the perfect mix of warm sunshine, beach time and of course lots of eye candy strolling along the surf line, well this unique four disc box set gives you all of that – and much more! It's not just the island of Mykonos that gets all the hot guys, it's all going on in these exotic locations that sees toned, beautiful men coming together for some dirty fun in the sun! Whether it's getting saucy in the sand dunes, a hot threeway on the high seas or some spit-roasting fun back at the villa, these smooth, muscled studs are hornier than ever and the heat is on for some butt-busting man sex! See the passion overflow on these holiday isles in over six hours of non-stop man-cruising!...
    $ 39.95 

    Stand to attention 'cos these commandos are gonna whip you into shape! The drill sergeant will have you doing more than just pounding the parade ground, field ops will take on new meaning with sexy maneuvers in the woods and your comrades will show you how to execute the perfect push up – over your face. It takes a lot of rigorous physical training to be this good and these sexual soldiers want to show you what military infiltration really means! In the barracks or out in the field, these tough men are properly drilled and the safety is definitely off as their weapons are locked, loaded and ready to fire. This epic box set that gives you seven hours of hardcore hand to cock combat with a whole squad of hot military men who are itching to shoot their guns! Can you resist a man in uniform? E...
    $ 39.95 

    From a cozy duet to a full-on tag teaming five-way, this four disc box set is crammed to the rafters with nothing but good-looking guys getting their rocks off. Anything goes in over six hours of non-stop action as dicks are devoured, ass clefts are licked, balls are sucked and hard bodies are worshiped. Hot mechanics get their tools greased and holes bored whilst horny lovers get down and dirty in the lounge and spend the entire afternoon sofa surfing and plugging each other in every position they can think of. There is a lot of cock to go around with over six hours of hard men and even harder action!...
    $ 39.95 

    Stocking Stuffers 1-2-3 {3 Disc Set}: This 3 disc set includes: Stocking Stuffers 1 Jingle Balls, Stocking Stuffers 2 Here Cums Santa Claus, and Stocking Stuffers 3 Deck The Balls....

    Hard workers, hard hats, hard muscles and hard-ons! These guys are working overtime and getting busy, pounding away on ass.


    Hungarian director Csaba Borbely's "Temptation at the Beach: Secrets of Super Paradise" features a cast of Eastern European hotties -- an eclectic mix of early-to-mid-20s types -- set in and around modern-day Athens, Greece. Along with the steamy sexual exploits, we're taken on a grand tour of the beaches, museums and monuments that have made Greece a tourist attraction for centuries. It's all very picture-postcard beautiful (especially the cast). ...

    The horses aren’t the only “studs” in the stable in this action-packed cum-fest from Csaba Borbely. When the winner of the big race isn’t the predicted favorite, all bets…and all clothes are off!! Payback involves some hard-riding, muscle pounding sex, with a cast that gives new meaning to the term “HORSE-HUNG”! These Euro-studs get ridden hard and put away wet with cum in the most sizzling 3 and 4-way action Borbely has ever filmed. ...


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